Neuromyelitis Optica Healing & Questions Answered | Regression Summary

Neuromyelitis Optica Healing & Questions Answered | Regression Summary

Yesterday my online past life regression client was paralysed as a result of Neuromyelitis Optica, also known as NMO or Devic’s disease, which is a rare yet severe demyelinating autoimmune inflammatory condition affecting the central nervous system. Near the end of the session, as a result of the healing during it, she was able to move her feet and legs. She’s given me permission to share her story.

She came to me seeking answers as to why she’d developed her health problem, including the emotional connection causing energetic blocks that made it manifest in the physical, and healing for it, plus a number of other important questions, including:

  • Why is she here, her life purpose and has she fulfilled it.
  • The health of her pets and if they could be healed.
  • A reoccurring dream she had as a child.
  • An experience where she saw a being with three strange looking fingers, kneading her stomach after a medical procedure.
  • A questions in relation to her guides, and a few other personal questions.

Married with children, after a career in Government, she had to stop work because of her condition and was now in an electric wheelchair. Her family had a history of being in prominent military and police related positions, which including a NAVY seal and a General. Having escaped a religious background full of fear and control, she’d only recently started the awakening process (aka, spiritual path).

She’d already seen one QHHT practitioner, and wasn’t able to get anything to come through. This was the case to begin with, as I opened up my bag of consciousness tricks, going through many different hypnotherapy related methods to bring forth information, such as a past life.

After some time I did a clearing, and soon after managed to get her into a portal where she experienced movement, traversing from one space to another, but kept coming out of it before reaching the end. I then make the decision to bring in her higher self and was able to help her establish a connection for trance.

First I asked about this block she had, where she wasn’t been shown anything specific in relation to her intentions for the session. She was told a block had been put in place because of a past life. We cleared this.

I then found out information on her health issue, which related to childhood trauma, but she was not meant to relive the memories, and was then able to heal and release the related energetic blocks that had caused it. Higher self said she didn’t need to know as that was not important, and it was enough for her just to acknowledge the fact. She was given a technique to use in the session to release it, and higher self also provided healing. As an energy healer, I sent healing at the time too.

While the process of healing took place, she described areas of her body where she was feeling different sensation. By the end of the session, she’d felt a variety throughout her entire body.

The rest of the questions were answered. Her pets were sent healing. A guide gave her a few messages. She was told she’d fulfilled her purpose and part of that related to her health condition, which included her learning about such situations as patience and perseverance. She’d had a very positive influence over her children and family (part of her purpose), helping them make some important decisions in life, especially in relation to the goings on of the past three years. I felt she had a gift—helping others see through to the truth.

While there was a time frame set for how long it would take for her to heal fully, she was given further advice on what she could do to help with the process, but a lot had already taken place in the session.

I offered her a free follow up session in the future, as I was confident she’d be able to get some interesting lives coming through by then. She’d been given suggestions around diet changes and meditation from her higher self for her healing journey. I also recommended another effective clearing option to make sure there were no further blocks.

She was quite pleased with the session and was looking forward to a brighter future, one where she wasn’t so restricted and reliant upon others.

* * *

For those unfamiliar with this healing modality, by using hypnosis I guide clients into past lives and other memories, sometimes future, and sometimes simultaneous experiences, then shift them into a trance state from which their higher self can speak through them. The higher self hast he ability to provide healing right there in that moment, or over a short period of time depending on the circumstances, and answer any questions. From time to time, other higher level beings and collectives communicate through clients, including guides and councils.

Dolores Cannon taught me all of her training in person, in Melbourne, Australia back in 2011. While I offer QHHT in person (Nelson and Motueka, NZ) I also offer past life regression online which is a combination of methods, from QHHT, to Michael Newton’s LBL (life between lives) and more. I’m also trained in clinical hypnotherapy. For a free Zoom consult and/or to schedule a session, head here: