Healing a Healer & Returning to Source | A Regression Summary

Healing a Healer & Returning to Source | A Regression Summary

Yesterday my regression client in Australia, a new student of Dolores Cannon’s QHHT training, had her second online session with me. Originally from Poland, in her 40s, she’d included questions on her health, her purpose, family issues, how to know for sure when she’s getting messages from her guides and spirit, and her focus for the future in relation to helping others.

At first she found herself in a space where she felt a calmness and peace. After seeing images, similar to those a kaleidoscope would produce, she found that she was in source. Some of her impressions included:  “Everything connected.” “Engulfed.” “We are all one. “A part of me.” She attempted to explain in as much detail as she could, which isn’t easy as I know from first-hand experience.

While in trance, her higher self said, ‘She needed to remember she’s part of one, part of everything. She is everything. She keeps forgetting it and keeps disconnecting. She needs to know she’s loved, she’s love and will always be love, no matter what point she is in existence. She’s always one with everything.’

Afterwards she was in a past life, running through a desolate desert setting, as a male in his 40’s. He carried scrolls in both a bag and hands, which contained precious information in relation to people being able to heal themselves. He was one of others who looked after this information, but they’d been found out. After running out of water and tiring, he fell to the ground, eventually passing on and return back to source.

Those that found his body were of his people, so the information was kept safe. ‘My spirit is floating up through my heart space. I’ve done the best I could.’ While in spirit she found herself trying to catch her breath even though she no longer needed to breath, because of the traumatic moments leading up to his death.

This life related to keeping the people safe, trying to help others but knowing that we all have everything we need. Higher self said, ‘She needs to remember she’s a healer and protector, she needs to remember what a strong spirit she is and she needs to know the wealth of knowledge she has within. She contains so much that she doesn’t realise. She just needs to reach and tap into it and everything will be produced when she helps others. She’s very, very rich within her soul and needs to remember she’s always been like that.

After this she found herself in a dense black space. After exploring, I found that she was receiving a healing from her team of guides, a very important one. She described the process as it took place, like bars of light and energy coming down from her crown into her, helping her energy to open up, become less dense and bring her back to a lighter state, to assist her on her path.

Next she was in her late 20s, a female living alone in a cottage, likely within the early 19th century. This was a happy place. There was a black cat (her ‘best friend’), goats and chickens. Amelia was self-sufficient, able to grow and find her own food, but also collected healing herbs and plants which she used to create homeopathic remedies (back then it wasn’t known as that). Because of her giving nature and not requiring anything to survive from others, she was able to give her remedies away for free to the people that came to her requiring help.

A few years later she was tied up, in the centre of the local town, being called a ‘witch’. Men in suits had imprisoned her. The authorities did not approve of her natural and holistic ways, and had sentenced her to death. Their plan was to throw her in a pool of water while tied up, and if she sank she would be innocent, but would die, and if she floated to the top, she would be a witch, and  would also die.

And they did just that: she sank and drown.

Higher self said it was important she revisit this life to remind her that she’s a natural healer on the soul level and it’s not something she’s making up. ‘She just needs to follow her spirit, listen to it, connect to it. She needs to remember she is a healer.’

Normally as a result of these past lives we tend to have emotional energy built up, creating fears, stopping us from moving ahead with the natural ways of healing in today’s world, but in this instance she was told she didn’t have anything to heal and at the time was very accepting and understanding, forgiving of those that did her wrong back in that life. I also asked higher self if there was any gifts (abilities) it could bring forth and enhance existing ones, from that life, and others. It did just that.

After drowning, she passed through a portal of light which was quite close above her body, and went to a healing space to focus on the imprisonment and drowning trauma. However, she didn’t stay there long. She met with guides, where discussions took place, then had a life review with elders.

I then intentionally took her to the memory of when she planned her current life back in the room. After looking at what took place back then, the guidance and questions also addressed specific areas of her current life to help her in multiple ways. This was quite interesting, but I feel I’ve included the most important parts of this session above.

Since 2011 I’ve been helping people heal a wide range of health issues, experience major breakthroughs, find answers to important questions like their life purpose, contact loved ones, and expand their consciousness for spiritual growth using Dolores Cannon’s QHHT method. I’ve also learnt other methods such as Michael Newton’s LBL and studied different types of hypnosis, including clinical hypnotherapy. I’m in Nelson, New Zealand. Most of my sessions are done online now and for these I use a combination of past life regression techniques, which can include soul retrieval, spirit release, entity clearing, and a lot more depending on the circumstances. For more info and to book head here, https://laron.nz/past-life-regression-qhht/