A Slave, a Silk Road Trader and a Maori | QHHT Session Summary

A Slave, a Silk Road Trader and a Maori | QHHT Session Summary

On Saturday I visited my QHHT client at her home where I conducted past life regression session (using Dolores Cannon’s method) to provide the space and opportunity to heal a number of health issues, and find answers to some important questions pertaining to her current situation in life.

She had three detailed past lives come through related to her situation in life and intentions for the session, and also connected into her higher self where we found the answers and healing she was seeking. Being a kiwi, I was touched by her third life which was as a Maori female in New Zealand, before colonial times. Below is a summary of all three.


Her first life was as a slave in southern USA. She found herself picking cotton in a field as a female in her 30s. Her hands had callouses and scabs. The conditions were not easy. A civil war was looming as we explored that lifetime and gained insight. One of her highlights was spending time with the other slaves at night around a fire and playing music. She knew how to read and during her life she taught other slaves how to. One she called her ‘sister’ and worked together with the plants to create natural remedies. Later on, with regards to this life, higherself said it was important for her to remember knowing joy in spite of suffering and that she needed to take time to find the joy in her life just now. She also felt chastised in that life for her gifts which had been brought forth into her current life causing a block for her, which we released with help from higherself and seeing this memory.

Middle East

With her second life she arrived as a male, next to a camel, walking on the silk road. He was a trader who travelled from town to town selling his wares. At an oasis he exchanged stories, one of them was about his situation where he’d been robbed, with a number of his camels stolen, left with just the one. Up until this point he’d lived a solitary life, but felt that he was part of a larger system. He’d had a wife and child. They both had died.

Being Muslim, he prayed five times a day, kneeling down on the ground and had formed a callous on his forehead. He’d heard stories of far off lands and was tempted to leave, to go on an adventure, but feared losing his faith because of the different belief systems that existed elsewhere. In the end, he sold what he had left, and did leave by a Portuguese ship. His destination was the Himalayas. He walked towards the mountains as he felt drawn to learn more about life there.

He’d heard stories of a monastery, with a name similar to ‘White Tiger’. After arriving, they were going through a period of silence for about a month, so no one was speaking which made it difficult for him but he stayed and lived there for the rest of his life. He learnt many things, including chanting which stimulated the chakras and helped him heal a lot of trauma. He became the minder of birds, looking after chickens and others. During his time there he’d hike up into the mountains to a secluded lake and camp overnight. Many animals came to drink at the water’s edge.

Chest pain—he died all of a sudden, with his birds around him when older. Higherself said she’d learnt strength through faith during that lifetime, as the trader followed his intuition, which made him a much stronger and healthier person. She was told that this memory would help her listen to her intuition and guidance more. I also asked if she could use the lake in meditation to help her find peace and relaxation. This was confirmed and she was told she’d receive messages from the animals.

New Zealand

As a young girl, she was curled up in a ball, lying on moss. It was very dark. She noticed insects and a possum in the canopy above. She’d been told to wait there by the hunters in her tribe. It was a very visceral experience for her. I moved her ahead and she was now an adolescent collecting mussels off of rocks next to the ocean. Her people were nearby, including an older Māori woman who was weaving and two males in a canoe. I asked her if this was her work, but the way she described it was that it didn’t feel like work and that it was more organic and natural, as she also collected material for the older lady, tended to a garden and did a number of other activities to help the settlement, which wasn’t a large one. For a time out she’d visit a swimming hole on her own (with her dog). The general description of the location sounded very much like a place I know in New Zealand, at Taupo Point in Wainui, Golden Bay—I’ve been going there since I was born. There had once been a pā there, which is a Māori fortified village.

After moving her ahead she was in her early 20s getting married. It was arranged. Her future husband was the son of another tribe from far away. She held a lot of fear about leaving her family and friends. But she also felt honour and loyalty as it was very important for her people that they made this alliance. I found out a lot of detail on the ceremonial process, then they gathered around a table to eat.

“The table is kind of in a U shape. Kids and dogs are running around. There’s lots of food. There’s corn, crayfish, pāua, mussels, some big clams, red meat, green vegetables, berries and fruit.”

It was her responsibility to have babies. She’d had three girls when I moved her ahead, but her husband needed her to have a son, as it was their way. She was now giving birth to a boy. Relief came as this would help the family line. A lot of tension resulted from her husband’s family for her to have a boy. She held much anger as a result of the situation. She’d became tired and had felt she wasn’t able to give her children enough attention from having one after the other, but now she could relax and spend more time with her children. There was no connection for her to the husband. He was not around much and she never really knew him well. After her fourth child, collecting plants for medicine became part of her focus.

When she was older her son became the chief. Her brother killed her husband in a tribal war when her son was quite young, so she was able to raise him with a great influence. She now felt strong pride towards her son, and at an elderly age she’d become the wise one, often having people come to her for advice, which included helping them with the plant medicines. On her last day of life, she went off alone into the bush with her dog. She knew it was time, and passed, transitioning to the other side.

Higherself said the life gave her purpose and belonging—in a different way. I asked for healing around the anger and resentment that had built up with the husband and pressure from his family, as it had been brought forth into her current life and was impacting her. I also asked if any abilities or skills from that life could be brought forth. She was told that she’d now be better at receiving, as part of her position in the tribe involved receiving gifts from her new family after the marriage.

* * *

For those unfamiliar with this healing modality, by using hypnosis I guide clients into past lives and other memories, sometimes future, and sometimes simultaneous experiences, then shift them into a trance state from which their higher self can speak through them. In addition to the healing and releases from seeing these memories, the higher self has the ability to provide healing right there in that moment, or over a period of time, and answer any questions. Occasionally other high level beings and collectives communicate through clients, including guides, councils and source.

Dolores Cannon, a pioneer in past life regression and author of around twenty books, taught me all of her training in person, in Melbourne, Australia back in 2011 before she passed on. While I offer QHHT in person (Nelson, NZ & Melbourne, Australia from Feb, 2024) I also offer past life regression online which is a combination of methods, from QHHT, to Michael Newton’s LBL (life between lives) and more. I’m also trained in clinical hypnotherapy. For a free Zoom consult and/or to schedule a session, head here: https://laron.nz/past-life-regression-qhht/