Distant Healing: Two Case Studies From Clients

Distant Healing: Two Case Studies From Clients

With permission to share these experiences anonymously, here’s information on two recent distant healing sessions I’ve performed, including what I experienced and the feedback from the clients in the days afterwards.

Note that I’ve been doing energy healing for about 18 years, with an emphasis on distant sessions because of my circumstances of moving and traveling a lot. I’m a Reiki Master, which I teach all levels of online via Zoom (on request), and I have a Diploma in Energetic Healing which was a full time one year course (I did part time though), designed and taught by one of Australia’s top healers and psychics, Stephen Bishop at his College in Sydney.

My first client is from Victoria, Australia. She explained that she’d lost a lot of motivation and energy as a result of people in her family requiring constant care. She also worried too much—being stuck in her head—about said people, which became detrimental to her situation, bringing on much stress.

The situation in its entirety made her wonder why she was here.

This was a non-interactive session, meaning it wasn’t a video call. I connect in distantly, in a meditative type of state, to perform the healing. I offer both interactive and non-interactive sessions. With the interactive sessions people can be present on a video call while I do the healing and talk through anything that comes up.

After first connecting in via the crown chakra, during a grounding process through the feet I saw an image of her with white flake like parts drifting away in front. It felt symbolic. An energy leak—losing a part of herself—in relation to her losing her drive and energy.

I worked on her subtle bodies: the etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual, which are layers around the physical body. The spiritual needed the least amount of attention. The etheric was very healthy when I was done. The mental layer required the most time.

I send healing into the seven primary chakras, from the base to the crown and finished by sending energy and healing into her soul star, which I feel is the pure person, as in what you are when you’re not in a human body. This can be sometimes perceived as an orb of consciousness with 360 degree sight when out of body. It’s also came up in the past life and QHHT regression sessions that I facilitate with clients. I felt by targeting the soul star, I was providing rejuvenation.

After the session I followed up with the feedback and mentioned that within 48 hour (and maybe even right away) she should feel calmer and more centered.

Two days after the session, she said, “…just letting you know l am feeling a lot better with some old energy habits coming back and my sleep is a little better. I can feel a flow, like things are unblocked and have a few projects on the go again. Thankyou.

The second distant healing, also a non-interactive session, was with a male in his 30s, with a partner and children, who’d become addicted to alcohol and cannabis to self-medicate. He constantly experienced stress and there was a lot of overthinking occurring. The healing was also for abandonment, and resentment towards his father, grief from the tragic death of a friend, and depression.

Having attempted to address his issues in the past through a lot of counselling, he felt that wasn’t really working for him.

When I first connected in I noticed an attachment, which to me was shown as a long tube like structure going from his energy body to a distant destination. It was like it was sucking the life out of him and using up his energy.

I cut that, dissolved and cleared what remained away. Then I started working on his connection to spirit. I spent a good amount of time on his third eye, then crown, and his transpersonal point energy centre above the head. I felt that it was really important for him to open up his connection to where he is from. This would help with intuition, but also getting messages which would assist him in these difficult times.

I felt it was really important that he understood that he made the choice to pick this life, to come into it while knowing that he’d go through these difficult times, and the reasons why he chose to do that. At the end of the session I did a little process and formed this supporting energetic structure that would increase the chances of him getting dreams, visions or understandings around all of this.

While the foundation of his addictions and issues are based in his younger years, and that it’s important to look into that, such as his counselling session, sometimes we need a broader perspective and understanding which can help us make the breakthroughs we need with that underlying foundation (root cause). Through doing so, it can help us be more open and accepting to the possibility that we made the choices to go through that, and we are not just a victim, we are in control of our life much more than we realise. What I also find with my past life regression clients is that a pattern is being repeated in each life as a result of not dealing with and healing a traumatic event from a past life.

I then worked on the solar plexus, sacral and heart briefly, then the root chakra.

There’s were two things that come to mind. The first is that he would benefit from a clearing focused on ridding him of anything that’s affecting his moods, feelings, energy, fatigue levels and so on. I recommended a psychic surgeon that specialises in this as there are things that can attach to us which create negative thoughts and habits and/or make existing ones much worse. Both alcohol and cannabis can attract and leave you susceptible to a lot of dark energy.

The second was that he would benefit from a past life regression to look into why he chose this life and these experiences, and of course what he can do to move ahead, as in the best methods to address his situation.

I included in the feedback that the healing should open him up more, allow him to connect to the other side overtime and help him take control of his life rather than fall prey to how difficult it is, as often we become the victim and don’t know how to escape out of that state.

Two days after the healing he informed me that he’d been able to sleep without feeling any intense stress for the first time that he could remember (it can been a long time since he had a peaceful sleep). He took the day off work as he felt that he didn’t know what to do with himself—very restless.

I followed up and talked a bit about integration and how we can expect certain things as a result of clearing away blocks and healing and that it can take some time to get back on track. He’d booked in for a psychic surgery clearing. I knew that would help him a lot.

To book a distant healing session with me, head to my website here, https://laron.nz/energy-healing/ Note that I also do distant healing for animals which is half the cost.