Laron G. S.

The Carer of the Deserts of Time | A QHHT Session Summary

The Carer of the Deserts of Time < That’s the working title for my upcoming audio release of a QHHT (past life regression) session I did two days back, which will be posted on my YouTube channel. Here I’ll attempt to summarise the session. I’d say it’s probably the most...

Life Review With Jesus & Bone Dancer Plant Medicine Shaman

My online regression client from Saturday, Melissa Sparrow (Winnipeg, Canada), who’s a spiritual healer, akashic record reader and who holds sacred healing ceremonies, came to me with a strong curiosity about her past lives and other aspects of what lies beyond. Her session involved a life review where Jesus was...

Nomadic Life & An Alien Presence | A Quantum Hypnosis Regression Summary

Here’s a summary of a recent regression session with an online client in the USA. She had questions around ongoing health issues with a limb, clarity on where she’s heading, fears she had when she was younger, a dental issue and back pain. She first found herself in the body...

Aquatic Life of Eons & End of Our Universe | Hypnosis Regression

My most recent online past life regression session I facilitated was with a healthcare worker in North America. I’ll be sharing this one as audio on my YouTube channel at some point. Some of her questions and intentions for the session related to her decline in health in earlier years,...

ET Earth Imprisonment & A Cowboy Encounters Alien Tech | PLR

Three days ago I facilitated an online past life regression where my 20yo client in Australia had two fascinating lives and all his questions and issues addressed by his higher self. His original reason for a session was to locate a block that he felt was keeping him back from...

The Lives We Live | Online Past Life Regression Summary

A recent online past life regression client from Australia sought healing for her eczema and answers to a number of questions, including the loss of self-confidence, her purpose in life, the cause of her anxiety and depression, and career advice. She first found herself beside a bonfire in a clearing...

ET Grey Abduction, Angelic Realm & Talking With Source

Last week I facilitated a very interesting session in an online past life regression with Monica Ramirez. Monica’s a transformational belief coach, artist, author, poet, meditation teacher, and holistic therapist. She’s also the host of Warrior of Love podcast and has interviewed me in the past. Monica’s site is here....

Reiki Level 1 Online Training

Reiki, a Japanese word that translates to spiritual, or sacred, energy, is a method of energy healing developed by Buddhist monk Mikao Usui. Its origins lie in holy writings in India, Sanskrit formulas, and Buddhist sutras. Through a hands on method, universal life force energy (aka ‘source’ energy) travels through...

Psychic Surgery: The Entities, Curses, Cords and Earthbound Spirits Influencing Us

When you find your purpose, it always relates to helping others. Over time you become more self-aware of your strengths and weaknesses, your abilities and skills, and you also run into people who may do a better job than you in a certain area — they basically master their craft.While...

Healing Eczema & Identifying its Emotional Cause

With my distant healing sessions some clients want a general healing, which helps to ground; stop health issues forming; bring stability to the emotions, feelings and mind; enable clarity; simulate intuition; and nourish the soul. But some clients do have health issues and part of the process of helping them...
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