Psychic Surgery: The Entities, Curses, Cords and Earthbound Spirits Influencing Us

Psychic Surgery: The Entities, Curses, Cords and Earthbound Spirits Influencing Us

When you find your purpose, it always relates to helping others. Over time you become more self-aware of your strengths and weaknesses, your abilities and skills, and you also run into people who may do a better job than you in a certain area — they basically master their craft.

While one of my skills is as an energy healer, with a lot of experience with distant healing and clearing spaces, I don’t specialise in clearing people. I do specialise in healing them by working with their energy and helping them identify the emotional reason for the disease. I also have a strong ability with clearing the energies that don’t belong in the locations/spaces.

A few years back I came across someone that specialise in clearing away all that within the energy field of a person, wherever they go — Andrew Porter is a Psychic Surgeon in the UK and works with his guide Chen.

I’ve had four sessions with him over a period of two years and often recommend him to my clients, friends and family. I get a clearing with Andy every six months.

On the very rare occasion, there’s a block so that my clients won’t be able to get information in their past life regression sessions. And also on rare occasions, there’s an illness in the body, which still has an emotional connection of course, but an entity won’t leave and is blocking its healing — I’ve seen entities within my distant healing sessions with clients, including people with cancer.

There’s a large variety of situations that come up here, and having energies which are not benefiting us and are actually influencing us in negative ways, is much, much more common that people realise.

Here’s an example of what Andrew clears away:

  • Earthbound spirits (people once alive, now deceased)
  • Negative cords (emotional connections between people)
  • Portals in your aura and property (doorways)
  • Entities (he classifies them into 3 types, gargoyle, demons and ETs)
  • Negative emotional thought forms
  • Curses (either occult magic/spells or people often thinking negatively about you)

In addition to the clearing, he also resolves the following:

  • Chakras (open, active and aligned)
  • Soul fragmentation (from past lives)
  • Grounding & OBE checks (make sure you’re properly back in your body)
  • Psychic protection
  • Property clearing

So, why get a clearing? These things that hang around us, and influence us, can not only be part of an unresolved health issue that just won’t go away, but can be responsible for:

  • serious fatigue and energy drainage
  • bad habits and negative thoughts
  • depression and suicidal thoughts
  • unhealthy decision making
  • accidents and ‘bad luck’
  • unhealthy and toxic relationships
  • sleep problems
  • certain psychological disorders which may include schizophrenia, disassociate disorder, and bipolar disorder

I highly recommend you get a session with him, even if you feel that you’re fully clear and healthy, as you may be surprised at what’s hanging around you. He provides a lot of information, and a free e-book, after a session to empower you and help you protect yourself, but, you’ll probably want to get a few more sessions with him in the future!

At the top of the article is artwork by Anna Trew, a spirit artist in the UK who intuitively sees guides, and characters you’ve played in past lives, then sketches their appearance and can include some information about them in a reading. I’ve had three sketches done by her. Note she’s quite popular and you may have to wait 3-6 months for your sketch.

You can find Andrew Porter’s website here,, Anna Trew’s site here,, and if you ever need an energy healing I’m always available: