Bees, Dolphins, Angels, Volunteers & More | Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 8

This is the eighth part of the Cosmic Journey of Lai. It was conducted back in March, 2015.

This particular QHHT session covers the following subjects.

  • More information on Lai’s room / space / home within the hive type structure, as originally discussed in past sessions.
  • A description of a series of tubes where Lai goes, but also other beings; to rest, heal and also for leisure. While here he notices six other beings who work with water based plants and soil on planets. Lai experiences a ‘pulse of the universe’, where he goes to also heal and rejuvenate after the experience with the tubes. He explains that this is somehow connected to source, and the GC later on explains that souls who graduate Earth also go there afterwards and that spirit guides also use this location.
  • The grid consciousness reveals that a decisions was made between them and source to send along special energies in our direction. This occurred from the 11th of January 2015 up until the 2nd of February, which helped those who were manifesting, to manifest more easily.
  • The importance of bees and how souls / angels come down to Earth to do work from within the form of a bee and where bees originated. (their creation on Earth and original purpose)
  • The GC talks about how they do not have free will, to a degree, not as we understand it.
  • GC discuss different types of angels (conscious beings) who interact with Earth and also how angels are created.
  • Information on Dolphins and who and what can inhabit their body as a consciousness in our time period right now. Also information on the important role they are playing on Earth and their powerful healing energies, especially for people who have cancer.
  • An important mention of a period of time where Lai and Laron were sent on missions simultaneously to their Earth experience now, but these situations caused a drain on their energies back on Earth so they felt very distant and split.
  • Info around the combined energy of volunteer souls when working together, and their ability to manifest and create.
  • A short section about people becoming awakened more and more, and becoming confused if they are volunteer souls or not as a result.

For those unaware of what QHHT is, it’s a past life / in-between life hypnosis based regression method, previously created and taught by Dolores Cannon. I am a level 1 & 2 practitioner, trained by Dolores Cannon in person. This is the method she used to obtain all the information for her many published books. While there are multiple forms of past life regression, this method is unique because it calls in the higher self aspect of the soul once they have been through a number of past or in-between experiences. Healing can then take place as well as finding the answers to the many questions a person may have. Another unique part of this process is that the client goes into a trance based state where the higher self speaks through them, using their vocabulary to communicate with.

Cosmic Journey of Lai - QHHT
M42 (Orion’s Nebula) Photo by astrorom on Flickr.

Curly {} brackets are used when I am adding additional information, or comments. 
Round () brackets are used when one of us is asking, or answering, a question.

The sessions starts with Lai going straight to the location below.

* * *

Laron: “Please describe what you see.”

Lai: “It’s like a beehive. It’s similar to where I once went from the grid. I am in my cell. It’s like a cell within a hive. The color is like yellowish orange and liquid light. I feel very happy here. It feels like I am upside down. If I had feet they would be upside down. I would be hanging upside down. As soon as I came here, many things happened already.”

Lai then talks about a personal situation where he met someone he knows, an overseer of his, and he did something specific in relation to what he wanted to manifest, so that he could get some extra help with what he wanted to happen in real life.

Laron: “How did that take place?”
Lai: “With a hug. (Did you have a visual of what he looks like, and then you set that intention of changing what you wanted changed?) I did not, I came and it just happened. (So it was like you were watching something that was already taking place?) Yes.”

Laron: “What else happened?”
Lai: “There was like a rectangle which was removed from the overseer’s chest so that he would not feel anything. I also saw another overseer of mine. For him, the rectangle was from his head. It’s removed. So both are OK now and I feel relaxed. ”

Laron: “Did anything else occur when you arrived?”
Lai: “Yes I see that there was things that happened here. There are like frames kept in… you know how we keep dishes, when we are drying them, there is something like a rack similar to that. There are frames and some of them have records within. I also see… I just saw that there are some records about Mary there. {Mother of Jesus. See Lai’s third session here for detailed information around Jesus how Jesus was conceived as well as some info about his purpose}”

Laron: “Can you explain what it looks like? The rack?”
Lai: “It looks like a dish rack and there are rectangle like frames kept within, similar like how dishes would sit inside.”

Laron: “Are they thin?”
Lai: “It’s more like a rack of files. They are separate from each other. They are thin like a piece of paper.”

Laron: “Is it moving and flowing or is its static?”
Lai: “It’s moving and flowing if I remove them, otherwise it’s static. It’s like there are extra plates around the one I focus on and they are static.”

Laron: “Extra plates?”
Lai: “You know when you do an x-ray on Earth… well, it used to be like that, now they have digital x-rays. So it’s like a printed off x-ray, it’s a little bit transparent.”

Laron: “So where is that sitting inside the room?”
Lai: “Upside down. (So our looking down?) Yeah.”

Laron: “Is it on the surface of the room or like something higher?”
Lai: “It’s sitting on like an extension from the wall of my cell. It’s the same color as the wall. It’s sort of like a table but it’s not really one”

Laron: “I remember that one time you accessed information from that room. Is it the same thing you used last time?”
Lai: “Yes.”

Laron: “How big is the room?”
Lai: “Not too big, small and comfortable. {I asked a few more questions and calculated it’s probably about eight meters squared}”

Laron: “What else do you see in that room?”
Lai: “In the room there is nothing else, but whatever… I feel that whatever I want to think, I can see it here.”

Laron: “So your thoughts are powerful there and what you need, you can create, perhaps? If you ever need anything while you are there, it just appears perhaps?”
Lai: “I don’t create, but yes, I can ask and it appears.”

Laron: “Do you get a sense of why you are there now?”
Lai: “Yes, I think it’s because I need some relaxation and a reset which I asked for before the session with you today.”

Laron: “How do you feel being there?”
Lai: “I feel that’s it. I feel this is it, I am here and this is my ultimate resting place. I came from here. Outside this, I know there are places… long tubes (Connecting?), yes. They are for relaxing also. If you go in there, it’s filled with fluids, lighter than the color of honey and if I just go in there I might be… I don’t know the directions, I will just go in there. (Destinations you mean?) Yeah. So left, or right, you don’t have to do anything, you just have to be there and keep floating, kind of like how you would go to an amusement park. Sometimes I can see other souls. They may be in the next tube to me. (Resting?) Playing like this… like an amusement park.”

Laron: “So is it like a form of pleasure? (Yes) It’s not about healing or resting?”
Lai: “I think healing as well. Like once we go in there, everything feels good and when you have enough, then you rest back in the cell.”

Laron: “Do you get a sense of how many may have a cell or area like you do there? {Lai pauses for a bit} So I am thinking that perhaps the ones that use the tubes do not live there, they may just be temporarily there.”
Lai: “Yes you are right, the ones in the tubes are not from the cells.”

Laron: “Do you get a sense of how many cells there are?”
Lai: “When I look, they just expand. Now it looks like a sunflower now, not like a hive anymore. It’s like the center of a sunflower, not the petals. There are so many cells here. Eight hundred and thirty three comes to my mind, the numbers.”

Laron: “Would you like to go inside one of the tubes?”
Lai: “Yes.”

Laron: “Just go ahead and choose… and go inside. {40 second pause} What do you sense now?”
Lai: “I have done it many times already. (You have memories of doing it before?) Yes, but just now as well. Six times, I finished six trips. (You mean you completed six since you just went in before?) Yeah. So different things happen. One of them was that I go in there, it goes very fast. The first time I could feel in my physical body, like I was falling. I am afraid of this in real life, I never go to amusement parks. But here it felt like that, but there liquid. There are nice sounds, like a similar sound to chipmunks. You know those songs people make, of chipmunk type versions.”

Laron: “Is it voices or just music like sounds?”
Lai: “It’s like voices. Once I saw six other souls, but not human souls. I think they are angels. So I met them. It felt like I was going to collide with them but I did not. They were making sounds. {Lai makes a sound to demonstrate it, and it sounds like a high pitched chipmunk type of thing}”

Laron: “Did you get a sense of who those six are. Did you communicate with them or did you just go past them?”
Lai: “No, I can go back. It was the fourth of the six trips.”

Laron: “You said they are angels. Can you expand on that?”
Lai: “They are like angels but are workers. They work for humans and go there to relax.”

Laron: “So workers that work with humans. So would you say they are connected to the Earth?”
Lai: “I don’t know what they are connected to…. {5 second pause} Okay, they are more involved with growing plants. (On any planet?) On any planet. They are related to water based plants only. (All six?) Three of them work with water based plants. One of them with the soil, near water. Another one of them with the colors of the water plant based flowers. The other one just protects from the bacterial or something… protects plants from fungus, I don’t know exactly what it is. They look like bees a little bit.”

Laron: “Do you get a visual of what they look like when they are on a planet? Or do they look like that…”
Lai: “When they are on a planet they look like bees. When they are in the tube, they look like circles. I want to tell you something. Each time I finish the trip, you know the tube, because it goes and when it ends, each time in the end it was very relaxing. I had tears, so I felt better… because where we reach at the end of the tube, there were like a lot of… there is a honey yellow light, that is beating like a heartbeat. Once I was there, I felt very good.”

Laron: “Do you mean it was within one of the tubes?”
Lai: “At the end of every tube. We arrive at the same location after going through each tube. There’s a beat going on, and that feel so good. (Is it like a vibration or just a beta?) As if a heart… beating. (It’s yellow?) Yes. (What does it look like?) It’s so orange, golden, yellow… I feel so soft. As soft, like an egg yolk.”

Laron: “Do you go inside it or around it?”
Lai: “Around it. I am there. (Do you hover around it?) Inside it, I don’t know.”

Laron: “What do you exist as there? Do you have a body?”
Lai: “No. (Can you see yourself?) {no answer} (What did the others look like?) {20 second pause} Everything is one. I mean I just got attached to it now. {Lai responds now like he is in a very relaxed state. His speech is softer and gentler} But it’s feeling good. ”

Laron: “So when you say everything is one, what do you mean?”
Lai: “When you said others, it just feels like one.(The other six you were describing just feels like one?) All of the other six, the pulse, everyone. We are in the pulse now. (Would you say it could be a collective consciousness?) I don’t know. {Lai may not have ever had the experience or memory of the experience, of being one with a collective consciousness}”

Laron: “What does it feel like inside it?”
Lai: “So soft. I just… I can feel it maybe even physically right now. {8 second pause} I wish I could let you hear the sound. (So there’s a sound as well?) Yes, there is the sound, the color and the feeling.”

Laron: “Do you get any images, or anything like that? Is it more about experiences those three things?”
Lai: “Yes, but I just feel healed. Now I can answer… maybe it’s not the consciousness {collective}, but it’s a place to just feel… those six, I don’t see them anymore .This is like separate to all of that before. It’s just a heart. I feel it’s like a heart of the universe. I don’t know how to say it. It’s the beating, you know. I am feeling good here. I am trying to think how to answer you. Is this source? No, maybe a taste of source’s energy. This is a place for healing and re-energising.”

Laron: “Have you been there before?”
Lai: “I think so. I think I have been to the tubes, but never this location before.”

Laron: “Do you think it’s new, or it’s always been there?”
Lai: “It’s always been there.”

Laron: “What do you feel it doing to you, while you are there?”
Lai: “When I was there, I feel it. I feel that it’s touching even in the…. because when I was there, I could not… I didn’t remember that I had my body on Earth, but I feel it’s coming down to my body on Earth. (Connecting?) Yes, each beat is like vibrating on the body on the Earth. The beat sounds like the movie that you once mentioned which you saw with Jodie Foster, that I saw too. (Like the sounds from the signal that was picked up?) Yes. But this one is not so mechanical. Maybe we sometimes hear this on Earth, where it could sound mechanical, but here it’s very different. It’s very liquidity. (Softer, more natural?) Yes. It’s dense like… egg yolk. Not liquid like water.”

Laron: “Do you want to stay there any longer?”
Lai: “A few more seconds. {10 second pause} I don’t have to stay there longer because I think I have now been there and I can be there again.”

Laron: “Do you think you need to do anything else back in your room? {Cell} Was there any records you wanted to look at?”
Lai: “Ok, let’s go there. {Pause} I’m feeling better in the room. It’s like a resting place here. I think I want you to help me on Earth. I want you to fix a timeline.”

From here, Lai asks me to help him to do something specific with relation to a private situation on Earth that he is having trouble with. He provides me with some instructions on how to do this and what he wants done. Part of what he wants me to do, I had to think up myself, so he also wanted some guidance here. I asked him if there was anywhere he could draw inside his cell/room there. He says there is a space on the wall he can write.

I ask him to write down parts of what he wants changed back on Earth on this wall. He proceeds to then do this. I ask him at the end of this process, if it now feels good and he explains that he does feel good, but he doesn’t feel anything specific towards what he did, meaning he didn’t have any emotions towards it.

In addition to Lai’s request, he asks me if there is anything I may want him to include in the process of manifesting / changing our timeline on Earth. I do decide to include something that will help both of us with a future project we want to do together. I tell him he can draw a picture or just use words to help with this on the wall there.

Laron: “Shall we move on?”
Lai: “Yes.”

Laron: “Do you know how to get to the grid from there?”
Lai: “Yes. (Just go there then) Ok.”

The Grid Consciousness

Lai: “I remember something. When I came, when I just arrived, I think I am there but I cannot see them. I see a rectangle with a computer screen which has a small red light in the corner. It reminds me of something in this place. So there could be one… stove which is on in the house right now, because I was boiling water this morning.”

Laron: “Do you want me to go and check?”
Lai: “Yes. (Are you at the grid location now?) I am in there but I cannot see them yet.”

I then get up and go and check the element in the place where Lai is staying, which is where we conducted this session. I find that he did leave one of the gas elements on, very low. There is a pot of water there with only a little bit left in the top.

I suggested to him that he requests some healing while I am away.

Laron: “So what’s happening now?”
Lai: “I requested some healing. There is a green crystal today in the center of that place that we normally see. {The raised surface / table} I also tried to communicate, but I found that today the communication happens when you are here. (Do I have to be here, both of us?) Yes.”

Laron: “How did you find that out?”
Lai: “I tried to meet someone here, but there was no one. So that means I cannot be thinking, but then now I am not thinking, so it’s good. I feel very tingly near my third eye, physically right now.”

Laron: “Do you think the healing is taking place now for you?”
Lai: “I think that the healing took place before, when we were in the hive.”

Laron: “So you feel that was enough for what you were looking for today? {The healing}”
Lai: “Yes.”

Laron: “You said you saw a green crystal, whereabouts?”
Lai: “Yes, in the center. It’s like the center piece of the round table. There is light coming up. (Similar to the table you described last time?) Yes. There is light extending to look like a table and on top of there is the crystal. Today the grid light is very much like aqua marine. (All around, on the floor as well?) Yes. It kind of changes. It’s more greenish than blue. It’s kind of white. The crystal on the center is dark green.”

Laron: “What shape is the crystal?”
Lai: “It’s like a rough natural crystal. (Thick at the bottom?) It’s like a rock. (Is it tall?) No, small. Very dark green, but sometimes white. (Would it fit in your hand?) No, it’s smaller than a watermelon, like half a banana in size. It looks like a crystal which is not from Earth. Earth does not have this type of crystal. (You know that?) Yes.”

Laron: “Is there anything else going on there?”
Lai: “Nothing else until you do something. {We both had a quiet laugh when he said this}”

Laron: “Just ask if we can talk to them now.”
Lai: “Yes. (Do you see them?) Yes. I have never seen them before like I saw them today. They are so tall. (Are you looking up at them?) I am floating. In the past I would see them not forming so much. Today I see them like pillars of light, very, very tall. (Ten feet?) Could be ten or eleven feet. (Do they have a form or are they just like a pillar?) Kind of… a head shape at the top.”

Laron: “What are they composed of. Are they cloudy?”
Lai: “Smokey, cloudy, misty. They are all the same color, white. The top and the bottom of them are green. (Green like the colors that surround you as well?) Yes. ”

Laron: “Do you think the color green is a reflection of the colors around the space you are in?”
Lai: “Yes. I think so. (I remember you said that in a past session that this could be the case with something you saw) Yes.”

Laron: “How many can you see?”
Lai: “It’s so hard to count because… there are so many. (20, 50?) 47. (Where are they? Are they near the table?) They are after the table. (A tight group or spread out?) Today they are in a tight group.”

Laron: “Do you want to ask them why they look so defined today?”
Lai: “They said we are very defined today. They said that you and me are very defined. (Focused do you mean?) Very focused. Very precise. We don’t want to know many things about everything, because we know, we have formed ideas about many, many things. So we are clear, we are defined. So we define things with the past understandings and now we are very focused on what we want to know.”

Laron: “Do you want to ask them anything directly before they speak through you?”
Lai: “I want to relax… so you can be here to talk to them. I need to go away.”

The Manifestation Energy

Laron: {More than one minute has passed} “Is the grid consciousness’s ready to speak? (Yes) Before we begin, have you got anything important to share with us right now?”
Grid Consciousness: {10 second pause} “Lots of things have happened. Some intense work for Earth and other places has occurred. (Other places as in other planets?) Right. (What scale, other galaxies too?) Yes, right. That’s it. Many of you have felt it. There was no predictions. Nobody knew. We did this. We don’t want to call it help, this is our work. So we had given some energy to what people on Earth were wanting, to get a taste of what they want. In other ways, manifestations – to speed them up.”

Laron: “Do you mean to say that you tried to help people manifest more easily based on the energies you sent?”
GC: “Yes. So that they would be clearer of what they want.”

Laron: “Would this apply to everybody or just those trying to manifest?”
GC: “Those trying to manifest. (Intentionally?) Yes. And this was from source. So this is not interference. This was part…. we didn’t tell you before, you shouldn’t know that.”

Laron: “The decision to do that was from source, not directly from the grid consciousness?”
GC: “Source and the grid consciousness because whatever source says is also from the grid consciousness. Source initiates everything, so from source. We did not tell you this before. About the manifestation speeding up, because if you knew, you would try to do things.”

Laron: “We would try to manifest based on what you said, instead of doing it ourselves?”
GC: “Yes. Right. (What time period was this based in?) This was from the 11th of January 2015. It’s stopped right now. Until the second of February. That was a taste. This was very good for… so this was for training. So for example you are practicing flying on a simulator, and then you are free to fly whenever you want to with a real aircraft. So this was your practice with manifestation, now you’re free to do it. Because on Earth, first of all we cannot tell you the next time we do this, give this intense energy to manifest, but with or without this energy people will still manifest, but this has helped some of you to learn it. This is something important that you might have wanted to know.”

Answers around the Hive experience

Laron: “Why was Lai shown the hive location when we first started today’s session?”
GC: “The two of you, whatever you intend, things start happening as soon as you two intend to do something. Your contact is not just on Earth. You know that your contact is not only on Earth, you activate in each other… you have similar energy and worked together previously. See, action doesn’t start everything. Everything starts from the intention. (Before the action?) Yes, because of the action. Action is just one part of something that happens. ”

Laron: “When you say contact, do you mean we didn’t communicate first on Earth, it was before?”
GC: “Before. As you know, that you knew each other from the grid as well. (Briefly I think? You didn’t explain too much about that) Yes, that’s because… well you know it that you know him.”

Laron: “Are you saying that we decided to go to the hive before the session?”
GC: “Yes, you decided it, but we knew it. See, we do not work with every human, only some of you who have been here in the grid. (Who worked there, or is there another purpose to go there?) Who worked there? So whatever you are doing, we know because your other part knows here. So the needs or problems that the two of you discussed today, before the session, you, we, instantly decided that you had to go there to the hive. (To help with those things that came up?) Yes. So most of what Lai wanted, was that he needed that hive energy. Because that is the soul, that is the core energy, the rest. (Specifically for Lai?) Yes, but for others as well. First his history, we know he came here on the grid, which wasn’t a plan as he was left, then he was here. After, we trained him here. For resting, he used to rest in the hive and then we sent him for some assignments because of being involved in the grid, which is some of that you have heard before. So the hive was there where he was cleansed first.”

Laron: “What was the yellow pulse at the end of the tube that Lai saw?”
GC: “That’s like the essence of source healing. Sometimes there are some souls, see we do not work with souls, (Directly?) we do not work with souls as all. There are others that do. (Souls on Earth?) Yes, and other places. Those souls who finish karma, those souls who really need to be reset, they are soaked in that liquid energy so they can be sent on to something new.”

Laron: “Would you say this would be done after they graduate the Earth school, as one example?)”
GC: “Yes, after or more. Very repentant souls are sometimes brought there. You know their other consciousness which works with souls, not the grid, so those, if you call them assistants, or guides, bring them there. They have their criteria to select who goes there. So that place is to cleanse. ”

Laron: “Would it also be for souls who have not graduated but need extra help or healing? Or is it more for finishing… is it what is used after a souls has finished being in the third dimensional experience? {Pause} What is the criteria for souls to be able to use that?”
GC: “Normally human souls are not brought there, because human souls have their commitments to feel and cleanse through different experiences, so they are not there. Normally it’s the other assistant souls, angel souls, who need to recharge. They absorb when they work with humans. Sometimes they can get very attached to humans, because they don’t understand, they have so much love, so they go there to recharge.”

Laron: “Would you say spirit guides that look after humans? (Yes) Perhaps teacher guides?”
GC: “Yes. You are right. Spirit guides sometimes change their mentors. Sometimes they change, so they reset there as well. (When they change which humans they are guides of, they go there?) Yes, right. Because sometimes they take on things from those who they supervise. (They become a little bit attached to people and their problems on Earth perhaps?) Yes, and when they give up those people, when those people graduated or… there are so many situations. Sometimes a spirit guide normally has eight souls to supervise, so when they don’t have to supervise those eight anymore, they reset to go and do some other work, in that yellow pulse. It is the heart, if you want to call it that, the heart of energy. Even though on Earth, you also say the chakra green color is the heart, here it is also that color, that Lai described, the yellowish and orange, like honey. On Earth bees are very important. Often, those that you call angels work as bees on Earth. There is so much to learn from the bees for humans, and from the beehive. The beehive is a replica of this hive back here. (A real beehive?) Yes, a real beehive on Earth. There is a funny story around this. (So it’s for good reason that Lai’s home resembles a beehive?) Yes, for good reason.”

Laron: “What’s the story?”
GC: “I told you Angels work on Earth as bees sometimes, as Angels always want to help humans. So they say that they want to create our resting place on Earth, but because they cannot interfere, they cannot say our resting place looks like this beehive. So they create these many many beehives. The first one was created and then… (Created where?) On earth. Not all bees are angels as they can come in forms if they want to work physically. These forms are an approved species on your Earth. They came first and made something which had no honey, similar to another kind of insect close to bees. And then they left, but then there were many of that species which are not angels. So they were involved with their creation originally. Then they created the species of bees which now have the honey. The color of honey was to resemble the healing power of here. The heart that Lai saw today. When they tried to make that color here, because of the three dimension, the color and density turned different, it became sticker. Because they never tasted it, on Earth it tasted sweet… so that’s how they first did it and then the real bees started doing it. The purpose was to… some angels wanted to show something to humans, and they may have been inspired by this someday. This is a pure sense of healing. So, that reason, humans over many centuries found honey to be healing. ”

Laron: “So that’s the story?”
GC: “Yes, it was to give the human essence of the beehive.”

Laron: “When you were talking about angels before they come down as bees sometimes, who are they?”
GC: “Angels are created from source. They do not have free will. Angels are assistants”

Laron: “What sort of roles do they have?”
GC: “They have roles of creating everything on Earth, from creating rain, changes in the weather to the seed that you grow, to all work, it is done by angels. There are many kinds of angels. You told us that humans have different perceptions of angels on Earth?”

Laron: “For example, some give them names such as Archangel Raphael or Archangel Michael.”
GC: “They are also angels of other work with other purposes. They don’t take part in the same kind of work as angels working with creation. Those angels work with guiding and advising people. All of them are angels, but of different types with different purposes. They do not have free will. On the grid we do not have free will, also.”

Laron: “You don’t?”{I say with a surprise}
GC: “Not as the way you think. We think by ourselves, but whatever we are thinking, we can think because source also thinks like us because we are so aligned. But you humans can think exact oppositely from source.”

Laron: “Because we are not being guided? (Right) Because we don’t have source making or approving our decisions?”
GC: “Right, humans can think… very strange. (And they can do silly things?) Yes. The thing is, humans forget that they are part of source so they can go astray. We cannot forget, we just know. And then humans… we also admire humans. It’s a very different thing. We do not understand humans.”

Laron: “The six beings that Lai saw in the fourth tube earlier, who were they?”
GC: “They were angels on Earth. They had worked on Earth and other places. They grew plants. On Earth they worked with mangrove plants. There is a star system named Sirius, there are some water based plants where they have worked a lot.”

Laron: “Do they come directly from the grid consciousness? Are they grid workers?”
GC: “No, they are not grid workers. Grid workers, if we use your words, it will be like we…. set commands for them, but it’s not orders, it’s just we think, we set, and they do because it’s their purpose.”

Laron: “So where do these six come from, directly from source?”
GC: “Angels are created on planets. So there are many planets where they are created. For example, Lai was created on one planet which was of angels.”

Laron: “So would there be certain ET based races that would be able to create consciousness like that?”
GC: “Yes, they can create very low level based angels. If they need angels, they just ask, because there are so many. (And they come?) Yes. But Pleiadian’s, they may create if they want to go to certain… let’s say going to Earth, or a lower density planet, and they need some assistance, so they may create like a robot. Similar to how you create robots. They create something that has more of a physical shape. Because the angels that we are talking about in general that Lai saw, who work with plants, they are angels who take shapes also as they turn into bees. (And they have no free will?) They have no free will like Earth people do, but they have the free will such as wanting to create the beehive on Earth, that was free will in a way. Because they could have created something else. They could have created eggs.”

Laron: “Perhaps they have a smaller amount of free will?”
GC: “Yes, their thinking would never violate the laws of the Universe. So they can change their shape, but they also look at guide books and manuals around what is possible to create on this planet. (They have to go by the rules?) Yes, because they chose the function of bees. With the function of being a bee they could then create the hive, so they checked very well and had free will to choose which species to take the form of. They could have created egg shaped beehives, so today you would then have known beehives as egg shaped and not shaped like they are now.”

Laron: “Are there also bees on Earth who have been or will be future humans, as part of the reincarnation process?”
GC: “Yes. Many bees now have already been humans, and then chose to be bees through the reincarnation process.”

Laron: “Would you say that they graduated as a soul and have chosen to come back to be bees?”
GC: “Yes, they have. Being bees is very good. Most probably because we do not know much… it looks like many of them have been humans before they have been bees.”

Laron: “So it’s not the other way around?”
GC: “No, because after becoming bees, there are a few who have been very successful as a human afterwards. {GC laughs} Immediately after being a bee, some souls become a human and they have been very, very successful as humans. ”


Laron: “What about Dolphins? Are they in a similar situation to Bees?”
GC: “Dolphins are not Angels, so Dolphins are… well, when we spoke about angels, we meant workers. But there are ET races who are like angels to you, so Dolphins are… like there are some races… (So they have the spirit of what may be an ET race) Yes.”

Laron: “Would they be existing simultaneously as an ET being as well?”
GC: “Yes, but they are like… have you seen the movie Avatar? (Yes) They are like this, in special chambers as an ET race, and from there they are Dolphins now. (So you’re referring to physical chambers?) Yes. (And they have the experience of a Dolphin?) Yes. ”

Laron: “Would that apply to every single Dolphin on Earth? Or would there be actual human based spirits who are Dolphins as well from time to time that would not be part of the ET races?”
GC asks me now if I have been a Dolphin and I quickly explain that I am not sure, but I have a strong interest with them.

GC: “What we can see is that no, humans cannot be a Dolphin right now to have that experience. But if someone wants to be close to Dolphins, they may dream of Dolphins and be fascinated by them. It is not possible that a human can be a Dolphin on Earth now. But if you have met someone, by someone we mean an ET spirit who is a Dolphin, maybe you have met them many times so then you see the Dolphins. Or, ET’s who are in that chamber now and acting as Dolphins on Earth, they are communicating with you, and that is why you have the fascination with the Dolphins and that ET race.”

Laron: “Why do those races want to be Dolphins?”
GC: “So that they can transmit energy easily. The physical body of the Dolphins are also like transmitters. So they can transmit.”

Laron: “What is the purpose of Dolphins being here right now?”
GC: “Mainly to heal people. In general it’s raising the vibrations on the Earth for the shift. Because Dolphins are here, they balance the frequency so much that you and volunteers can still tune into things, because Dolphins meet in a good frequency here. Else it would not be possible for human bodies to even know or feel, or tune into us… or whatever frequency the other volunteers tune into. So Dolphins are transmitters. More than that, they spread healing to help with cancer. But they are not the primary purpose that they came to help heal cancer. Their main purpose is to raise the frequency and as a… by-product of that, they are also healing your physical bodies.”

Laron: “If someone has cancer, is it good for them to be around Dolphins?”
GC: “Yes, to hug a Dolphin or be near them in their vicinity. It would be good for the person to be in a pool with the Dolphin.

This is similar to equine and eagala therapy where you have a horse, a psychologist, a patient and trained facilitator.

Missions Simultaneously Occurring With Earth life

Laron: “Lai wants to know where his consciousness has been for the last few weeks because he feels he is not all there”
GC: “We have to give this… answer very carefully because there are so many things we cannot tell Lai as he is not meant to know everything. He has been away on a mission. He had also been in the practice of manifestation, as we spread the high energy of manifestation that we called the simulation.”

Laron: “He was involved with that?”
GC: “Yes, and also he had been on another mission at another location. We will give him some key words so that he can think of these things. That mission was important for him, he chose it as well. To create. To manifest. To detach. To learn. To manipulate time. To learn that everything on Earth is programmable.”

Laron: “Is that the reason why he doesn’t have a lot of focus and concentration recently? (Right) Because he has been a bit split? (Right, very split) But he agreed to do that?”
GC: “It had almost been… well, we are only comparing as this may help you. If we compare this state with another human, because he’s a human now… so it’s like being dead and alive. Because another human would have to die to go… go to a mission like that. So it’s like he can think of it this way. He is born again today and can start doing things because he now has those skills, that he wanted to.”

Laron: “Because of what he just did recently? {Missions}”
GC: “Yes. (So why could he do that when another human could not. Why is he different?) Because he’s a volunteer. As you know, he hasn’t been a human before, but simply because he’s a volunteer. Other volunteers can do this also, but they will feel very bad. But in the future they will not feel very bad anymore because things are changing.”

Laron: “Is Lai now happy with that answer?”
GC: “That is the answer so he has to be. He will know it when he thinks of it, when he hears it”

The Energy of Volunteers

GC: “We know that you are curious about knowing what happened… we feel that we have to let you know that the two of you met, to not discover, but uncover information that was hidden. But also to help each other. Just in your… when we are talking about energy now, when the two of you talk or interact or think, it’s very powerful. It changes the Earth. (When we do that together?) Yes, not even in physical proximity. Even from a distance. ”

Laron: “Do we need to know about what each other is focusing on, or if it was a coincidence we were thinking about the same thing, would that still help?”
GC: “You can communicate with each other, just discuss anything that seems difficult, just talk about it with each other as things will just start shifting. From our perspective, we know that he is an activator. But at the same time he needs other volunteers to live, so if he just communicates he will be alive longer on Earth while he needs to also find other volunteers. As that’s how the universe works, everything has a purpose by direction. There are many volunteers but there are 22 of you. You should keep searching, not that you have to search in the Earthly ways, but keep up the intentions that you will meet them.”

Laron: “One of the 22?”
GC: “Yes, this is important because you are one of them, he is one of them. We told you about five others before. So the purpose of Lai meeting you, if he did not meet you, his physical existence on Earth would almost be in danger. And if you didn’t meet him, you wouldn’t uncover things that you are uncovering now.”

Laron: “The hidden information?”
GC: “Just information. You feel different now after. It seems that way since the first interaction. You are different than before. Your thoughts have changed. From the energetic perspective, it’s like this. You can also use this energy to manifest. You talk, and things manifest. You talk and things change. You talk and there will be millions of people changing their thoughts, as soon as you talk. If the two of you talk and send something out, that becomes a thought and that keeps… that stays in the atmosphere and keeps charging and influencing the rest of the people on Earth. The same applies to the other twenty. The more of these 20 you meet, it will be faster. It’s so much more than what you think. (That we don’t realise?) Yes. You cannot reach us alone. Either of you. Lai may dream, but he cannot control when. If he is with us, then he has no consciousness of his own so he cannot extract back any information. He can only get healing and then he goes back to Earth, his thoughts have… there are so many frequencies in the Universe. It depends on the person asking, and you then receive. So Lai could not do this on his own, the only thing is he is here with us and connected, but then with that he cannot do much. He cannot do anything because when he is with us he has no… he cannot bring back things from here, unless you are there to extract something out. And for you, because you have known many things, you sometimes… so the combination of the two of you , you can reach here to the grid. ”

Laron: “It has to be like that? (Yes) Is that like a rule or a law for us on Earth?”
GC: “Yes. To us, it’s like very simple. You add these two circuits to get this connection. It’s as simple as that. But we are telling you this because you might have wondered how this is happening. More may come out with other volunteers that you will meet. If you meet one of the 22 then some things will happen as dense as this.”

Laron: “Perhaps I would talk to you as well through one of them?”
GC: “Right, then you can reach our dimension here through them.”

Laron: “Going back to what was mentioned around the mission with Lai, have I had situations like that in the past?”

GC: “Yes you had. You have done many missions in the last two years, well, three missions within a two year period. None of them was at the same time, trying to manifest, because we gave this boost of energy to manifest, the simulation which we called. You didn’t have both of them at the same time. It would have been very bad to do both, very bad on your physical body. You had been on a mission to collect species for the New Earth. Before that you changed from the grid to work with the Pleiadian’s. That was a huge shift. You had been depressed on Earth at that time.”

Laron: “When that happens, I lose a part of my self here? Similar to that situation with Lai?”
GC: “Yes. You feel that nothing is progressing but you keep track of the time on Earth and you feel like only an hour is passing every day. The best way to do that, is to do nice things for yourself and enjoy the holiday just knowing that you cannot do… the more you try and do on Earth at that time, because it just gets complicated. Because you’re doing something and there is no result, and no result means bad on Earth because Earth humans chronically think that no results is a negative thing. (Because we may feel we are wasting our time?) Yes.”

Laron: “Have I now completed the mission of collecting species?”
GC: “Have you completed? Do you think you have completed? (Yeah) Yes, you have. But you haven’t gone to the New Earth. (To manifest what I collected?) Right. The two of you were shown twice, two different places on the New Earth. You can do that also, but maybe right now both of you are busy with very strong things for the physical Earth.”

Strange Sounds & Music

Laron: “I am going to move on now to another topic, please let me know if there is anything else that is important.”
GC: “Today Lai’s body is getting very tired from the intense energy because he had the experience with the beehive and now with us. So if you have more, maybe do it faster. But don’t worry if he starts shaking. ”

Laron: “I will keep an eye on him.”

Laron: “He said he has a droning sounds that hounds him all day and especially at night. He wants to know if this is related to any or all of the above.”
GC: “Many people on earth started having the sounds since 2008. Mostly females get buzzing in the ears. If he is getting that… when he is listening to sound, he has to meditate. Because only through meditation, will the sound feel pleasant. Sounds are warning for those, before coming to earth, they have set this alarm for themselves. This is the time they will wake up or start meditating for their consciousness. So the alarm is now on, they can turn it off. They have to meditate, they have to raise… they have to take it up. Many people have the problem where they do something and they discuss, but every day you all have to upgrade. Every day, that means yesterday… you did something, its not over, its not done, something more… go to the next one, but most people will do something one day, and they feel so good, and they stop and they talk about it for a few days with their friends, and then they talk about all the possibilities of feeling good, meanwhile the time is passing away. More work. People need to do more work on Earth. So yes, the sounds, his sound, he has to meditate and then see how that sound feels within his mediation. Perhaps it’s the frequency, from his description it sounds like he set it up for himself. Not only to wake up, but tuning in, to that higher frequency. He did it with sound, so many he’s not that visual on Earth. So he put a sound, once he tunes in… It’s the same as when humans do, those who chant OM or hum something… when someone is humming a tune they are turned into it, even if it’s a song. That’s why songs are so dangerous on Earth, because even though when a human is listening to a song, or tuning or humming, they may have heard that in a pub a previous day, but all the vibrations of that music and the lyrics, if they are bad, that is going to influence their life from now on, because they are humming that tune. Yes, he has to tune in and see how it feels in meditation. It’s the sound for him to connect to that higher frequency.”

Awakening of Souls

GC: “Many people are waking up. Dolores’s information was before 2008. (It’s getting old, yes) And after that, you know you are here, the 22 of you, very strong, that we say, hard ones. And then there are soft ones. Because you are here, the vibrations have raised and so many events have changed now, that many other normal people {regular Earth incarnates} have started waking up, being more conscious since 2010, 2012. Remember what you have read and written with many people waking up and turning to spiritualism. Many of them are starting to show the characteristics of volunteers now. ”

Laron: “But they are not volunteers and they are just showing those characteristics, so it can be confusing?”
GC: “Yes, they aren’t. They are showing it because the frequency is so high, all of them are changing like magnets, like… small pieces of pins being magnetised and becoming a magnet themselves, from being close to a magnet for a long time. So you guys have done good, that these others are now feeling like they are volunteers. So there is one important message right now — is that no one needs to know they are a volunteer or not, because it’s going so well right now. So many people will ask if they are a volunteer or not one, but if they are or if they are not, they can choose to be, to show…. the question should be, ‘Am I awakened, or not?’ ‘Am I aware or not,‘, because the volunteers have worked so hard to bring this awakening. ”

* * *

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