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Clearing Energy & Spaces

Booking a Session

I offer both distant and in person clearing. Because of differing circumstances and conditions, I charge a flat rate of US $70 an hour. Feel free to contact me for more information, including a quote after providing information about the situation. Feel free to contact me through the site here, or on Facebook, for more information.

I take into consideration those who are on a lower income, or under financial difficulties, if the cost is too much.


This can be challenging to understand, so I will try and cover as much as possible. When I refer to clearing energy, I mean a number of areas relating to this topic.

There are spirits / beings / loved ones / ghosts which reside in homes and areas outside of a home, which may visit on a regular basis, yet not depart permanently. Such beings can be there for a range of reasons, but more commonly the reason is that they had some form of attachment to a previous life in the physical at that spot.

I can help these beings shift and move on from that space, through using a range of techniques, including energy work based visualisations, specific intentions, and out of body work while my body sleeps. I also provide advice, from using stones, sage, and teach techniques to keep the area clear, if necessary.

Sometimes a person can have energy attach to them, but what can also happen, which I feel is quite often over looked and not fully understood, is that elements of a persons ego — fed through bad habits and the repeating of thought forms based on day to day life — begin to manifest into a form of attachment; commonly seen as an external entity or visitor, when in fact it is an aspect of the person who created it. This is another area I can help with and advise on.