Cloud Cities and the Energetic Punctures of War | A QHHT Session By Laron

In May 2016 I visited my friend Linda in Texas — one of my global moderators and administrators over on my forum, The Roundtable. I conducted this Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (past life regression) session with her back then. I have transcribed the entire session below.

Main topics covered:

  • A glimpse of a life in the early 1900’s, beginning at a beach — Aphrodite’s birthplace in Cyprus. Surprising detail shows Linda this was a past incarnation. Later in that life she’s living near a vineyard, taking in the homeless as WW2 rages on in Europe; here she experiences much trauma, which creates physical and energetic punctures in the lives of many.
  • Cloud Cities: What holds you down on Earth no longer applies; they exist to give people a chance; people cultivate the land, working without stress or hardship; earth friendly architecture; crystal quartz spires — organic energy — that complete a circuit between source and those within cloud cities; how people can learn and do the things they always wanted to, but couldn’t because of their life circumstances on earth.
  • Linda is presented with an important choice and ends up being reunited with her ‘brothers & sisters’ in the stars, which brings much comfort. Their origin is explained.
  • Higher self answers: Why her life in connection to WW2 was shown, including more information on energetic punctures and how to heal them; healing is provided for punctures that Linda has; putting herself first to be able to help others more effectively; the reason why cloud cities are important to be aware of now and a lot more detail as to why they are here (A lot of fascinating deep info); more info around what the crystal towers are in the cloud cities, including what created them.

What is QHHT? This style of past life regression is unique as the hypnosis techniques and induction can guide the client deep enough to bring forth their higher self, as well as other collective consciousness’s that sometimes come in. Extremely accurate answers and information can then be accessible. Such higher vibrational conscious energy has the ability to basically heal a person on the spot, or very soon after, as well perform other actions that people might think of as miracles. You can learn more about this past life regression method on the late Dolores Cannon’s website, There are also online classes for learning this method.

Linda was born in Roswell, New Mexico and grew up in Dallas, Texas. All her life she’s known and sensed things. Fortunately, her parents did not squelch her abilities. Professionally, she started as a Special Ed teacher, which prepared her for her second career in finance and commercial real estate. Even in the second career, she always was a teacher. Linda is married and has three grown children. In 2010, life as she knew it came to a spectacular and painful halt. In a matter of weeks, her career, income, and friends were gone. Yet, this new phase of her life is far richer and more rewarding. Now she leads a quiet life doing her work.

* * *

We begin below with Linda’s beautiful place, which is an early stage in the induction process. On occasion a client will jump straight into an experience instead of going through the visualisation process of creating one for themselves.

Linda: “It’s in Cyprus. Island of Cyprus. It’s actually the birthplace of Aphrodite. It’s a beautiful beach. It’s very peaceful. It’s quiet. There’s a breeze. It feels whole, like all the pieces are right there. There is salt from the ocean spray. I feel the warm sun and pebbles under my feet. I hear the wind and the water, and notice the waves coming up against the shore. There are other people around but I am not listening to them.”

Laron: “How do you feel now?”
Linda: “Well there is a rock out there. It would be nice to swim out there.”

Laron: “Have you been to this place before?”
Linda: “Yes, as a matter of fact I have. I didn’t go out to the rock though. (Do you want to swim out to the rock?) When looking at it I can see why people don’t, as the edges are kind of sharp — you cut your feet. I’m going to swim closer to it. It’s kind of like a flame… a flame shape.”

Laron: “How far out from the shore is it?”
Linda: “I don’t know. I’m not very good at distances. It’s further than most people would swim. There’s deep water around it.”

Laron: “Can you see what you are wearing?”
Linda: “Well, actually, it’s an old style swimsuit. I didn’t really notice that before, I mean like the old, old times. It’s a women’s… that’s interesting. It’s kind of grey. They are like dresses, it’s like bloomers with a top… it’s like a dress shorts, shorts and dress. It’s got piping around the edges.”

Laron: “How old do you feel?”
Linda: “I feel pretty young. Maybe twenties or early thirties. I’m in the water and I only swam out a part of the way so that I could swim back. I’m mostly just surprised. The water feels very clean, so it kind of has a sharp, but not painful… it’s like when water is sort of dirty, it’s kind of soft. But this is clean. It’s really nice. I like that. The water is a little cool, closer to shore it would be warmer. It’s very pleasant.”

Laron: “Is the sky all blue or are there clouds up there?”
Linda: “No clouds, it’s a deep blue. It’s kind of a strong, vibrant blue.”

Laron: “Can you see the colour of your hair?”
Linda: “It’s dark and curly. It’s down around my shoulders. ”

Laron: “Do you feel healthy?”
Linda: “Yes, I feel healthy. My skin is very pale under the dark hair. I really could swim out to the rock if I wanted to — I do feel that strong. It’s sort of… it’s a hidden strength, as woman aren’t supposed to be strong athletically. (Do you feel you have to hide it?) Yeah, I can’t do this all the time. This is not lady like.”

Laron: “Are you there in the water with anyone?”
Linda: “No, I am by myself. (It must be nice in such clean water?) It is. It just feels good just to be out by myself.”

Laron: “Is the sea rough, or calm, now?”
Linda: “It’s a little choppy but it’s okay.”

Laron: “Do you get a feeling of what the year might be?”
Linda: “We are talking the early 1900’s. This is a real surprise. I’m British. I can see the whole picture now. The British had a base there in Cyprus. It’s where a lot of upper class would go for a little retreat, to go to Cyprus. It’s maybe why I like Cyprus so much now.” {Linda means back in the room/current life}

Laron: “Do you get the name of the beach or location?”
Linda: “Well the beach is called the birthplace of Aphrodite. That rock there is supposed to be the clamshell she came in on… I think Venus, or one of them.”

Laron: “Do you know why you are there at the moment?”
Linda: “I think I just came to get away. I don’t know if I came to Cyprus by myself or not. I just needed to get away.”

Laron: “Are you still swimming in the water there?”
Linda: “No I started coming back. I was getting tired treading water. I come back up on the beach. I just sit there and watch. I have a cover up — I’m under an umbrella. I just sit here and watch the birds. I just sit there for a long time and do nothing.”

I decide it’s time to move Linda onto another moment in that experience, since she got to a point where time really needed to be shifted.

Linda: “This is World War 2 in Europe. I’m not there but I see the one who is most important to me. Oh god, this is… there something. It’s not in a city but…”

Laron: “What perspective are you viewing it from?”
Linda: “I think I’m the same person, but older. (Are you on the ground looking around?) Yeah. It’s like a vineyard. I can see the vines. The vineyard is right in front of me. I’m standing up above. It’s about to get over run. (Is it like hilly?) Yeah. It’s like the fighting just moves through. (The soldiers?) Yeah. (Are there any vehicles?) There’re jeeps. This is not a big battle. I can see an American helmet and their uniforms. It’s like they are chasing some German… it’s not a big battle, it’s like they found them and they are chasing them through our area, our place.”

Vineyard - Cloud Cities and the Energetic Punctures of War
A vineyard in Côte de Nuits, Burgundy, France. (Wikipedia: CC BY-SA 2.5)

A vineyard in Côte de Nuits, Burgundy, France. (Wikipedia: CC BY-SA 2.5)

Laron: “Do you live there?”
Linda: “I live there. There’s not many of us. The only men here are very old, and the children. The rest of them are either gone or killed.”

Laron: “How old do you feel?”
Linda: “I don’t know. It’s like fifties. (Do you have a husband or a partner there?) They are all gone. All of the men who are… able to fight, or… they are not there. I guess they are either killed or they are fighting. They are not there. It’s just… I feel a lot like a teacher. I feel like I have rounded up… just people who didn’t have any place to go and they are living here at our place, getting by. We are okay. We must be out of the way somewhere.”

Laron: “So where are you standing? How far away is your house?”
Linda: “It’s like there is a court yard. There’s the house and some other buildings. I’m outside the courtyard and looking out. It’s up higher than what I … {She sighs}”

Laron: “How is the battle progressing?”
Linda: “The thing about living some place like that is that it is constant, constant fear. It is constant peril. It is always there. It can pop up, go away, then come back, it is always… {She sighs again} people don’t understand that part. It changes everyone. They will move on through. The Germans just want to get away. I don’t know if the Americans will stop. I don’t have much to offer them.”

Laron: “Are there any places?”
Linda: “No. It’s like a little edge of something. (Can you see a coastline anywhere?) No.”

Laron: “Do you get a feeling of what country it is?”
Linda: “It could be Greece, Italy, France, it’s that area. It’s definitely kind of like the southern part of France or the Northern part of Greece or Italy. It’s like everyone I love is gone. They are not coming back. I have gathered up people like me and we have just made our own little family. It’s such a waste. This whole war is such a waste. {More sighing} No one even knows what they are fighting for or fighting about.”

Laron: “So you get a sense of what you are thinking about while you are standing there?”
Linda: “It’s ridiculous. It is totally pointless. (You don’t understand why it’s happening?) It benefits some others, but it just… it’s like it punctures the lives of the people who are close to the earth. It punctures the Earth. It punctures the people. There are others who are off some place who don’t feel it, don’t experience it. But for most of the people it’s just… the word is puncture. It’s not only physical, but spiritual. It’s a tear. (It’s a scar?) Yeah, it’s a scar, but sometimes they don’t heal.”

I decide to move Linda ahead again. Instead of continuing on with this life, she leapfrogs away.

Cloud Cities

What I find is that sometimes I will revisit a question, or situation, to gain more detail and information later on as a past life or experience progresses. The person will tend to go deeper as time passes within a session, so information is more easily accessible. As you will see, Linda starts off a bit slowly here with what she experiences, but that changes.

Linda: “I see cloud cities. The thing people have seen, and something I saw a little while ago. They are fully formed now. They are not that far off the ground. You could step up into them, but I don’t think people… you have to know they are there. I don’t think everyone knows they are there. They are very accessible. They have never been accessible before.”

Laron: “Where are they located?”
Linda: “I’m not sure. I saw one rising up. There are others. It sort of looks like a very architectural type of city, but it’s farther back. There are crystal spires. It’s like there is a real connection with energy from the sun.”

Laron: “Are they far off the ground?”
Linda: “The spires rise up. It’s like a steeple. They are pretty tall, but not too tall as it’s all in proportion. I am kind of curious about the… I mean they are right there. You could walk out your front door, go down the street, and step into cloud city. That is the best way to describe it, but I guess it’s another dimension. I mean it generally doesn’t look like cloud… they are just right there. You know, there are not many people there. They are walking right by. You could stand there with a sign that says, ‘this way to Cloud City’, but they are just walking on by.”

Laron: “They are not seeing it?”
Linda: “Yeah, they are not seeing it. (Can you see people in the cloud city?) Yeah, there are not too many. (What are they doing?) It looks like they are mostly walking around going, ‘what in the world is this?’ They are really curious. They are exploring. It’s very safe. You are not thirsty or hungry… it’s very, very safe. It’s interesting. I think there are some people living there, maybe working.”

Laron: “So there are those people more permanently there, and then there are visitors that see it for the first time?”
Linda: “Yeah they are just… I don’t get a sense of where they are all at, or if there’s a… you know, like some sort of physical reason why they are where they are. I don’t know. There’s just a lot of them. It seems like people are somehow getting attuned to it. So it might have been… they didn’t see it, maybe they will just see little glimmers of something, and little flashes, but the reason is they are here and so close is because it’s a constant experience for people. So it’s always there and they are going to get better at seeing it and feeling it, and be able to step into it. This is very important. This hasn’t happened before. I don’t know when this is.”

Laron: “Do you know why the cities are there?”
Linda: “To give more people a chance. It’s like they… if you think about a theme park, there are many acres. There can be several within a physical city, and they are there. It’s constant. People are walking by them and absorbing more of that energy, and it’s becoming, I guess they… it’s not like they are absorbing. It’s like sandpaper — they are brushing off the old maybe. It’s like every time they go by, there is some kind of an exchange and people are going by these all the time. It’s there… either you are brushing off some of the old stuff, that it’s keeping you from seeing it, or you’re getting a little breeze so you can see it.”

Laron: “So you said before it’s to give people a chance?”
Linda: “Yes, to give people a lot more… a chance to leave. Let’s say it’s like a drudgery, the bleakness of this life. (To permanently leave do you think? Or to experience something else temporarily, so they know something else is there?) I think this is to permanently leave. It’s not like in death, it’s like you know… we are going through this door. It’s like Chance is there, and this is why… he’s here.”

Chance is Linda’s dog that passed away a couple of months before this session. Linda felt a very strong connection to Chance, so it had been rough on her having him leave.

Pepper and Chance (right) - Cloud Cities and the Energetic Punctures of War
Pepper and Chance (right).

Laron: “And that’s why he’s not going away? He’s there, but he’s here?”
Linda: “Yeah. That’s what it is. (So he is somewhere, but he’s so close to here now, isn’t he?) Yeah. That’s why these cloud cities have come. For whenever this is, I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem too far away. But they’re here to be more accessible, to give… I feel very strongly about this. I mean, it’s like I am going to start breathing hard — this is very important. This is very important. This is going to help a lot of people. This is the walking between the worlds. {Big sigh}”

Laron: “Would you say that it relates at all to the New Earth situation?”
Linda: “I guess it does. So when you go into — I’m just going to call them cloud cities, they are not, but that is just want I am calling them — it’s like you still have a life. You still have to do things. You still have to get along with people and learn, but all the crap that has been holding you down here has gone. So now you have a chance. It’s like the unpolluted water, it’s very clear, it’s very clean, and everything is possible. ”

Laron: “Is there karma there?”Linda: “So there are people going, ‘oh you mean I can do this, I can do that?’ Do you mean karma in terms of what you brought and are stuck with, because of something from the past? (Yes) I don’t think that is there. I think this is…. I don’t know if you create any if you are there. This feels like… I don’t know.”

Laron: “How are you perceiving it now? Are you able to get closer inside the city?”
Linda: “I can’t actually walk. I am floating above it, observing. The people seem very childlike, but in a good way, in a way that… ‘I am not constrained by all the stuff people tell me I can and cannot do.’ It’s like it’s a new day. You can figure something out… you have resources. It’s like you are not hungry. You’re not thirsty. You are not physically wanting those things. It still seems human.”

Laron: “Do you see anyone manifesting in any type of way? How do you see the people existing?”
Linda: “I can see some inside shops. (Do they look physical?) Sort of. If I go a little bit farther from the buildings I see land under cultivation. So I can see some people but they are not walking, they are more like floating or gliding. They are taking care of a lot of flowers, so they are tending that and doing what needs to be done. But there’s… you know, they are not slogging through or carrying something heavy, it’s just easy. You still have stuff to do, but it’s just easier to do. There’s a lot of flowers with little petals.”

Laron: “Do you get a feeling if there is any kind of structure, as in a group that looks after it, or an authority, for that place?”
Linda: “There are people who… I don’t get a sense of an authority, but it’s like these are people who… this is what they want to do, this is their job, they are good at it or something… so this is what they are doing. I’m having a harder time getting a read on people who are working, like in a little shop or building. I can’t quite see in there. I can see people on the street. (Perhaps it’s not so important)”

Laron: “Is there anyone close to you, you can see, that stands out? As in some detail?”
Linda: “I can see a young lady. She has on a cap to keep her hair back. In a way it looks kind of like one of those Dutch white hats. She has a regular dress and apron. She just seems very, very happy, very peaceful. I really feel like… I can observe, but I can’t really interact and I am not sure why.”

Laron: “Can you try asking that person a question and see if they respond?”
Linda: “It’s like she hears something, as she’s looking around. You know, it’s like you hear something but you don’t know where it’s coming from.”

Laron: “What’s going on now?”
Linda: “I am resting. I could just stay there for a long time. It’s just very pleasant. (It feels safe?) Yeah, it’s safe. It’s relaxing. There are happy people around.”

Laron: “What do the buildings look like? What are they made of?”
Linda: “They actually seem more like an older style. There are a lot that are one story and I guess… I mean they are not, but they are sort of in… if you saw any of the hobbit stuff, some of their homes were built, I mean they are not like that, but it’s more along those lines. They are like earth friendly. They are made with common sense to work with the earth instead of against it.”

Laron: “So some of them have the earth over top, build into a hill sort of thing?”
Linda: “Yeah. Some of them even have a sod roof. I wasn’t getting that for a while, but that’s really what it is. That’s why I thought it was so weird. You only see one of those somewhere — this is a whole city. I mean it makes sense. It’s made with the earth. It’s part of the earth.”

Laron: “Do you get a feeling if it is the planet earth still? Or could it be somewhere else?”
Linda: “Well, I am not sure. (It doesn’t matter) I mean, it feels like it, but it doesn’t actually have to be. I sure would like it to be. I mean it’s really exciting to just see all those, I guess, homes or buildings, or whatever they are. They are very organic. It may not be the earth, I don’t know.”

Laron: “Well, wherever it is, it has a connection to us.”
Linda: “Yeah. It’s very thrilling to me. It’s definitely, even the structures, it’s very organic. I think you can even change them around just by thinking about it. (Do you see anyone doing that?) Yeah, well, now I would like this, this time of the day, maybe I would like this window to be bigger. It makes a lot of makes sense now. So I wonder if it keys into like an individual, or if anyone could walk in. I don’t know. This is a very interesting place. I can see people coming and not leaving.”

Laron: “Do you see anyone appearing and disappearing? Or are they always there?”
Linda: “I think the appearing and disappearing are the ones inside the houses. I don’t know if they went to another spot in the house or something. It’s like they have big windows and sometimes they are there and sometimes they are not. It’s like when houses are built on cliffs they will have big windows there that overlook whatever it is, so the houses have some big windows. There are people there, or beings. I can’t see them very well. So I don’t know if they come and go, if they are at the windows or not at the windows. I don’t know.”

Laron: “Can you see any large structure anywhere that stands out?”
Linda: “No, it seems more like… I will just call them houses, or shops, or whatever they are. I mean some of them are a little bit bigger than the others. It’s like they are built up, stair step, but it’s almost like when you see a big chunk of quartz, how there is kind of a rougher part at the bottom with spires coming up the top. This is like what this is, where the structures are built on the bottom part, and then the spires I saw earlier are there.”

Laron: “Are the spires part of the one story places?”
Linda: “No, they are not part of the structures, they are just there in that cloud city. (Are they coming out of the ground?) Yeah… wait, I don’t know. I just saw them from…”

Laron: “So when you first saw it, you saw it in a certain way, and now you are seeing it in a certain way. What are the differences?”
Linda: “Well, I am closer to the ground. When I first saw it, it was like they were at a distance and I didn’t know — they were just coming up. But now I am closer, I guess I am following more of the structures in, and it’s like they are built closer to it. I am kind of wondering if that’s… I think that’s what’s there… the structures aren’t built there at the base, they stop being when you get there. I’m thinking it’s like a park or like an outdoor school, or… I am looking down at it — that’s around the spires.”

The Crystal Spires

Laron: “So the buildings are kind of laid out around? (Yeah) Can you go closer to the spires?”
Linda: “Well, I mean I can glide around one and it’s… they are big. I can touch them. They are very smooth. (What colour?) It’s like they are mostly clear, but there are threads of other colours, a lot of white, maybe a little cloudy… there are other colours in there. So they are mostly clear and there is some white and yellow. (When you say clear, do you mean transparent?) Yeah. (So you can see through to the other side?) Yeah. There’s not anything inside it, there’s just the crystal quartz. It’s just solid.”

Laron: “Do you think it is some kind of mineral like that?”
Linda: “Yeah, it’s something mineral. It’s all part of this whole organic energy. Maybe kind of like Avatar? Remember the tree? (The tree of souls?) Yeah. The big giant tree that they were all connected to — it’s something along those lines.”

Laron: “When you touch it can you feel anything else?”
Linda: “No. It’s smooth. It doesn’t feel hot or cold.”

Laron: “Try asking it what it is.”
Linda: “It’s a node.”

Laron: “A node for what? {Pause} Does anything come?” 
Linda: “It does but I am having a hard time understanding the images. (Interpreting?) Yeah. It’s like healing centres… it is healing energy. It completes a circuit. That’s what it is, this from an energy standpoint.”

Laron: “A circuit to what?”
Linda: “Between the sun and the earth. (Are you sure it’s the earth or is it between the sun and that place?) Yeah, whatever that place is.”

Laron: “So you did say the sun, so that indicates it’s within the Universe.”
Linda: “Some Universe, yeah. It’s a sun.”

Laron: “When you perceive it, does it look like a real sun, or does it look similar to a sun? Because sometimes there are things that look similar.”
Linda: “I don’t know. It’s up there by itself. The idea of completing a circuit was the important part of the message. I think it’s a… oh, oh it’s people. It’s the people who complete the circuit, but they have to be a certain density or awareness. I don’t know what you want to call it, but they…  (Vibration?) vibration. The people have… oh, that was kind of a surprise. It’s like the minerals are there, everything is there, all the organic things are there and they work in harmony and they can do fine without people, but it’s when people come and when they have the wrong vibration, they screw it up. But when they are the right vibration, then there’s this… uh, my hands have energy pouring out like crazy right now… and they’re at the right… {She takes some deep breaths} when they are at the right vibration, the circuit is completed and something else happens. I don’t know… I mean it’s not like it goes away or zooms off, or something, it’s something else.”

Laron: “Would you say the circuit between the sun and the towers would be a link back to source perhaps?”
Linda: “Yeah. You could… okay, if you say… source… this gets very… we are going way into the theoretical side. So it’s actually source. Source makes more sense than the sun, although the… the sun is part of the organic whole. So if you look at the organic whole, you have the sun, you have a planet, any planet, you have whatever any kind of life on it. You have minerals. You have all the… whatever the organic soup is in that area, and it does okay. It can stay in balance. But it’s like, you know, the other beings, in this case humans, come along and muck it up. But in the cloud city, what I saw was, {deep breathe} when humans are able to get to a certain density, they complete a circuit in themselves, or they plug in. So they are part of the bigger circuit — I am not sure. I mean… the energy is like pouring out of my feet and my hands right now. (Are you comfortable still?) Yeah. (Maybe you are tapping into that circuit) Yeah. It’s okay. ”

Laron: “When you say that people mess it up, do you mean people back on earth or in the cloud city? (On earth) So there must be a connection between Cloud City and here, which is very helpful because of its existence. Do get you another sense of why people go there?”
Linda: “It’s like they are ready to learn. In a way it’s like cloud city becomes a mystery school. I wonder if I am anchoring something in right now, as it’s coming out my feet like crazy… like anchoring energy. It’s back to all things are possible. It’s a place to learn.”

Laron: “Is it a place for people to continue on with more advanced learning perhaps?”
Linda: “It is. Many of us here have just struggled through… it’s like we still have to make a living, we still have to do this and do that, even though we are also working on raising our own vibrations and learning and teaching others, there’s still a lot of stuff you have to slog through. Well, in this place you don’t have to slog through anything. It’s like not being thirsty, not being hungry. (So you’re not struggling?) Yeah. You still have free will. It’s up to you what you want to do with your opportunity. But now you have a real opportunity.”

Laron: “You have more control there of your free will and choices?”
Linda: “It’s like control is not an issue. If you just went to the most wonderful school, and all these things you ever wanted to learn — well you can learn it. Did you ever want to learn to tap dance? Well, there it is, it’s right there. You can learn to tap dance. Did you ever want to learn to levitate? Well, there you go, you can learn to levitate. It’s like it’s all… did you want to learn how to grow this? Did you want to learn how to grow orchids? All the stuff that you didn’t have time for, or wasn’t available to you, it is absolutely all right there. It’s kind of like the Library of Alexandria, sort of. It’s all right there. You can go as far as you want and it’s okay, there’s no judgement. If you just want to tap dance and grow the best flowers, that’s fine.”

Sunflowers - Cloud Cities and the Energetic Punctures of War.

Laron: “So people that are on earth now can temporarily visit, would you say, if they want to?”Linda: “It seems so. You have to be able to see it. The reason why there’s so many is so they can keep brushing up against it.”

Laron: “Would it help if people set their intentions to visit it while they sleep?”
Linda: “I suppose so. There are no barriers. It’s like no one… I don’t see anyone being kept out. But I think anyone that would not benefit from it, I think they would just not see it. They just can’t get there.”

Laron: “Would it be a place you go to after this life?”
Linda: “It might be a transitional place. I don’t get that sense of it, I get the sense of regular people doing regular things. I’m not sure.”

Laron: “Are you still close by to the tower?”
Linda: “No. I went back to that field. I just really like the flowers. (Is there a lot of grass?) I suppose there’s some. (Is it laid out in a certain way, a formation?) No, I mean not like a neighbourhood. In a way, it seems kind of like how mushrooms grow, or something. I mean some parts are sort of like stair stepping, then there are more level areas. There are no front yards or fences, or anything like that. I think if you want to go to a park or something, you can just walk over there and there’s a park. I wonder if that’s like where you can manifest… I would like to be able to walk across the street and go into the park, and there we are. You don’t have to travel, you can just go there.”

Laron: “Is there anything more about that scene you want to share?”
Linda: “I think those flowers make a really exotic nectar beverage, or something. I am really, really drawn to them. They smell yellow. It’s not a scent I am familiar with. It’s something that is sort of clear and… they just have little petals. They are sort of cream, but with more yellow towards the center and a very faint scent. They have a bushy stalk and they grow over that. Every now and then there’s some that are sort of a lavender colour, with dark purple in the middle. There are not a lot of those, but they are sort of in random places. Mostly they are yellow coloured ones.”

In a session it’s common for me to have a client that ends up experiencing something fascinating like this, so because of time I have to be careful with not lingering too long in one place so that I can cover what we had planned to cover, unless I feel a strong urge to extend a scene with more questions. I now check in with Linda to see if she is ready to move on, instead of just moving her on without asking.

Linda: “My hands and feet and legs are kind of back to a better state. I feel better breathing. Whatever the energetic exchange, whatever was going on, has lessened. So yeah, we can move on. There is still a little bit of anchoring, or something, but that’s okay.”

The Comet

After moving her on I ask what is happening.

Linda: “Well, it’s like I have a choice. It’s very much like being in that field of those flowers except I am small, flower size, I come up and I can see a bunch of different flowers and it’s like they… in terms of what’s important, or an important time, it’s like there are several that are… {Long pause} I feel like a real pull off of this earth, just in terms of going to an important time. It’s like there are several choices, but there is like a larger, what seems to be, a bigger choice off of this earth.”

Laron: “How are you perceiving that?”
Linda: “It’s like a translucent comet. You can sort of see through. It’s a comet, there’s a trail and it’s going by. It’s like it’s my comet, or it’s going to my… I mean it’s not just a random comet going by. It’s ‘a follow me here’ comet.”

Laron: “Is there just one?”
Linda: “Yeah. Just the one, going by. It’s got gold on it too.”

Laron: “Is that the bigger choice do you think?”
Linda: “Yeah. That’s the bigger choice.”

Laron: “How are the other choices shown?”
Linda: “They are the little flowers. I wonder if this is a spaceship.”

Laron: “Do you want to go with the comet?”
Linda: “It’s got gold on it. I think I can just get in it, or merge.”

Laron: “Go ahead and do that if that feels right.”
Linda: “This is from my brothers and sisters. I don’t know if this is an important date or time but this is from my brothers and sisters, the ones where we bounce ourselves around the celestial ocean. This is just… we are here… {Heavier breathing}”

In a previous QHHT session that Linda had with another practitioner, AA Michael explained that she is what they call a “little angel”. She found out that souls like her are here because they can tolerate the density on earth. She was shown an event with her family in that session. She said, “I was playing on a celestial beach with my brothers and sisters. We rolled ourselves into balls and skipped across the “waves”. It was total freedom and so much fun. Having a comet go by was funny. They knew I would not be able to resist exploring it.

Laron: “So what are you seeing now?”
Linda: “I am not seeing anything, I am just feeling. It’s just a little message from home.”

Laron: “Do you feel a connection to your other self now?”
Linda: “I get the sense that, ‘we are sorry to barge in but you were in the neighbourhood’, or something like that. I get that this is just like a little coffee break or something. This is just them dropping by, or us dropping in together. (How does it feel?) It’s great. It’s like being with your friends or your brothers and your sisters. It’s unconditional love. You don’t have to worry about acceptance. You can say and do whatever you want. It’s just great. {Big sigh} I needed that.”

Laron: “Did they give you any other messages?”
Linda: “No. You know, a hug, hi, how are you? This is kind of random, {laughing} it’s like ‘you notice we were here’. It’s kind of funny.”

Laron: “Did that happen after you merged with the comet?”
Linda: “Yeah. That’s when I realised it’s just my brothers and sisters.”

Laron: “Can you ask them where they are from?”
Linda: “It’s something kind of like the Sargasso Sea, except it’s not… it’s the energetic equivalent of the Sargasso Sea. I don’t know… I feel like there’s some constellation that they consider part of the stars, which they call it the something sea, I don’t know. If we are not from there, that is where we hang out a lot.”

The Sargasso Sea is a region in the gyre, in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. It is the only sea on Earth which has no coastline.

Sargasso - Cloud Cities and the Energetic Punctures of War
The Sargasso Sea is a region in the gyre, in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. It is the only sea on Earth which has no coastline.

Laron: “Maybe it has a similar appearance or perhaps it’s just the vibration of that area, or energy of that sea? Maybe the home world looks similar?”
Linda: “Yeah. It’s something about the name Sargasso. That name invokes something inside me. I don’t know if we have a home world, or something else. It reminds me a lot of the cloud city that appeared over our woods a while back. You can see more of the coast line. There are some rocks that have art shapes to them. It’s kind of like the pebbles are stars. The waves are… I mean it all feels very cosmic, but it has… it has very much the feel of a beach on the ocean, not entirely unlike the one there in Cyprus, but it’s all… it’s gas and stars and energy waves. It’s not water and air like on earth. It’s a great place. I get the sense that it’s sort of like hidden back somewhere, some big… some other galaxy or some big constellation. It’s sort of like it’s hidden back in an area.”

Laron: “Do you need to keep merging with the comet?”
Linda: “We can go on. It’s funny. I appreciated that. Apparently we all have great senses of humour. ”

It’s now time for me to call in Linda’s higher self. I go through the process and the higher self appears.

Laron: “Why was Linda shown the life of when she was in WW2?”
HS: “That was the idea of the pricks, the punctures in people and in the earth, and that carries forward. When you understand that, you can understand people having energetic spiritual punctures — wounds — which require a special type of healing. Punctures require a totally different type of healing than any other wound.”

Laron: “How does such healing take place?”
HS: “A puncture has to heal from the very depth upward. It heals from the top, then there is damage below. There is bacteria. What illness below — it must heal all the way from the bottom from the beginning of the puncture, all the way to the top in that order. You cannot just cover up a puncture.”

Laron: “Does Linda have any such punctures in this life?”
HS: “Linda heals punctures. Although Linda did get a puncture as a reminder. (Was that why she was shown that life? Did she get a puncture in that life in WW2?) She got many punctures. Everyone had many punctures. The energy that is here now is able to heal the punctures.”

Laron: Are you able to heal Linda’s punctures right now?”
HS: “There is one already healed and one in her back that is in the healing process.”

Laron: “Are you able to help speed up that process?”
HS: “Linda can do that. (Does she know how?) She knows how, she just doesn’t do it.”

I ask her higher self to scan her body to identify any other health issues that need healing. Higher self reports that there are not any specific issues, but general flexibility problems and explains that Linda can again heal herself and that she has the ability to do so. It’s then explained that she does not put herself first.

Laron: “Does she need to put herself first more frequently?”
HS: “She needs to do that a lot. (Is there anything specific to help her do that?) In putting herself first, she blossoms. In blossoming she helps so many people.”

Laron: “As a general rule for everybody, that is a good idea, isn’t it?”
HS: “Yes.”

Laron: “Linda was shown Cloud City in this session. Why was she shown it?”
HS: “Because cloud city is around her right now. It’s around many people. Many people are anchoring cloud cities. They are not aware of this — some are becoming aware. Many people are anchoring, if not a whole city, parts of cities. (Why are they anchoring them?) To expose the rest of the people to this energy.”

Laron: “What does this energy do for the people?”
HS: “It allows them to cast off unnecessary thoughts and ideas, and feelings. Unnecessary programed dross. They can cast it off with a flick of their hand if they want to. They just haven’t figured out how.”

Dross - Cloud Cities and the Energetic Punctures of WarLaron: “What is the purpose and benefit of doing that?”HS: “So people can move forward and create, and live, in joy and love.”

Laron: “So they can then do all those things in their lifetime now?”
HS: “They can do these things if they figure it out. This is why the cloud cities have come closer. Only some were figuring it out before, now they have come closer so we hope some more can figure it out.”

Laron: “So the cloud cities exist for different reasons. Why do people go to cloud city?”
HS: “It’s to really know their heart. There’s a phrase to fulfil your heart’s desire and once you let go of the dust and dirt of this life, then your heart’s desire becomes something far greater. People can really just blossom.”

Laron: “In what ways can people go there?”
HS: “Well, lift your head up. Walk around outside. You may actually bump into it. They are there. They are anchored by so many people in so many places. Put your head up, be willing, get outside. Turn off everything. Turn off all the electrical, turn off and go outside.”

Laron: “Why are we becoming aware of this information about cloud cities now?”
HS: “People can move. People can move more quickly. They move now. Or people are going to move more slowly. People will move — this will happen. This change in awareness, density, or vibration, whatever terms you wish, this will happen. It can move at one pace or it can move at another. Cloud cities are here in an attempt to move at the first pace.”

Laron: “At the first pace or fast pace?”
HS: “Fast is not quite the word. To move at a straighter pace. To move at a more direct pace.”

Laron: “What are the crystal towers in the city?”
HS: “They are an antenna. (An antenna for what?) They are an antenna for the nodes. They are multi-use antennas. They can moderate sun energy. They can moderate source energy. They are bringing energy in at needed rates, types…”

Laron: “What is that energy used for?”
HS: “If you think of a terrarium, under perfect conditions it grows very, very well. Too much of this, not enough of that, it doesn’t grow so well. The antenna are like this, in this node, in this cloud city. As people get to one situation, people reach a certain understanding and vibration, then they are able to take in more. It moderates a cycle — the circuit — it’s able to keep it going with what is, for growth, for optimum growth. There will be a time when growth will not be the goal, but it is now.”

Laron: “What created the cloud cities?”
HS: “Ultimately source created the cloud cities. Source created the conditions for the cloud cities. There are people who have been able to join together to modulate the energies to bring them in closer. It’s part of a larger cycle where it works together organically.”

Laron: “Do the cloud cities have any other purposes in addition to what has been said today?”
HS: “Not at this time. Cloud cities exist like a stair, like a step, so people move on with their energy signatures, with their vibrations. They have not been used like this before. It is unknown about what will happen in the long term. They are part of a grand experiment. ”

Laron: “Are they used on other worlds in the universe as well, for a similar purpose?”
HS: “Other places have used them in a similar way, more like a bulkhead, more like a support, but not so much as a hands on integration, as these are.”

At this stage I decide to move on to some of the questions that Linda came into the session with.

Laron: “Linda wants to know about ‘walking between worlds’. She has had a number of experiences to show her that that is going on. What does that mean to her?”
HS: “Well that experience between, means walking between the worlds and cloud city. She now has a term for it. She now understands what it is she’s walking between. And yes, Chance is there. More people will be doing this. She may need to explain this to more people. People can be very confused. Linda will need to explain this.”

Laron: “So Chance’s essence or soul exists in Cloud City?”
HS: “It does. Because he’s been so connected and so much a part of Linda’s work, and with Pepper, he was given the opportunity to move over into Cloud City.”

Pepper is Linda’s other dog, who came into the room not long before this part of the session.

Laron: “What is he doing there?”
HS: “Chance is happy. He is healthy. He is his friendly vibrant self. He also serves as a welcomer to people. He helps people feel happy and feel safe.”

Laron: “So Chance’s energy being around Linda is not so much on purpose, it’s because he’s in that location and that’s closer now?”
HS: “Chance and Linda have an agreement to go through this work. Chance is doing it next to Linda. Chance is doing it in Cloud City.”

At this stage higher self explained that we needed to come to a close, as Pepper had been taking on some of the energy that was part of the session, and was requiring Linda’s direct attention.

Laron: “Are there any parting messages that higher self wants to share with us right now?”
HS: “Relax. Enjoy the little happiness, the little things you see and feel around you. Just as in doing big energetic work, this is equally important. The little energies are much like the little flowers and they smooth out, they smooth out the energies that we see through the earth. People don’t know it, but they feel better just by walking through an area, enjoying it and feeling it, having a nice time — you have helped many, many people. ”

*  * *

After the session Linda explained that she had visited the same beach — Aphrodite’s birthplace in Cyprus — about twenty years earlier because she had family living in the area; she said that she felt at home. She was surprised to start off there as she had not thought about that place in a long time. When she was there in her current life, she only stood on the shoreline and didn’t go swimming. Flabbergasted was the word used by Linda because of the detail that came up in the session, especially the 1920’s swimsuit. She said that by going through that experience it helped her make sense of some other things.

Before Linda had the QHHT session, a WWII American soldier appeared in one of her dreams, and in a meditation. She didn’t know why. Linda explained that she once had a psychic reading where she asked a question about a former partner, and it was said the two of them had met briefly in WWII, in France. He was a soldier at that time and they fell in love. Sadly, the psychic said he was killed. In this past life regression session she recalled feeling very anxious during that part of it — “As if I knew what was coming.”

In connection to Chance, Linda’s dog, I wanted to include something Linda said: “We’ve taken several older dogs that no one wanted over the years. I understand the feelings of their spirits lingering a bit after they pass. However, with Chance it is different. It feels as though there is another world right next to this one, and he is there. I often feel his presence and expect to see him. He, along with Pepper, as well as the others who have passed on, were true healers. I saw it happen many times.”

Lind has seen a cloud city near her home. She said she watched it for a while and decided to go up and look around — she sat down, closed her eyes, and drifted up. As she glided around, she was overcome with feelings of love and peace.

Just over a month after the above session, Linda told me that she found further clarification around the cloud cities. She said that she caught a program on PBS, an American television channel. They were running a series about the parks in the US, and she watched the episode for about an hour. It was focused on how and why city parks were established in the early 1900s. One of the reasons was to make a place where people from all walks of life could enjoy the natural world together. Chicago took it a step further by establishing smaller parks around the city in many neighbourhoods and provided facilities for hot showers, medical care, and classes, in addition to the great outdoors. The main idea was to make a place where immigrants and the very poor could assimilate into the culture. I thought it would be good to mention this, as Linda felt this provided some further content for the cloud cities.

We go through life having little bits of information come to us, whether it’s from a dream, a vision in a meditation, from a psychic reading, or even an out of body experience. Regression sessions like this can help to answer questions and fill in the missing details.

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