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Dream Interpretations

Booking a Session

For dream interpretations, I charge US $20 for a short dream, and $30 for a longer one. I currently perform dream interpretations distantly; after receiving a write up of the dream in question, I will go over it in detail, writing my interpretation and send it back. This can take me up to an hour depending on the length of the dream.

Feel free to contact me through the site here, or on Facebook for more information.

Dream Length


Dreams can provide us with much guidance and insight into our lives. We can also tap into the data stream of the future, past lives, simultaneous lives and parallel realities. On occasion we will also have a mix of a dream and unconscious out of body experience.

When it comes to this life, right now, that is where interpretation can really help us. Stronger elements of our ego will show in a dream, indicating to us what we need to focus on, work through and move past through practical changes in day to day life. The same occurs with patterns that need to be broken, and in turn energy blocks released, from understanding the situations we get ourselves into (family, friends, work colleagues, hobbies, activities, etc), which are usually  thought about over and over within our mind on a daily basis.

We may easily identify those situations, but the unconscious is what’s becoming conscious in a dream focused on the current life, through symbolism.

Dream journaling is a very powerful method for becoming more self-aware. It can take years to properly understand the unique symbolism that comes up in our dreams; there are regular archetypes which everyone has, but not everyone’s the same.

One very important component of keeping a journal is to not interpret it too soon after having the dream, but to let it sit for hours, say four or five, before focusing in on what occurred — this can make a big difference. I’ve done this for years and it’s helped me help not only myself, but others.