Joan of Arc, Pleiadians, Mary & Jesus, Multiverse & Lots More | The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 3

Back in July 2013 I had the opportunity to conduct two QHHT (past life regression) sessions with Lai. Within the sessions I facilitated the healing of a number of health issues he had and assisted him with finding the answers to a series of questions Lai brought along with him to the sessions.

Lai had a number of very interesting and unique experiences shown to him. He found out where he was originally from, how his consciousness was created, where he resides outside of the Earth experience and what his tasks and purpose are while there. He was also given information on his purpose in this life now. The information showed he is a volunteer based soul.

Information also came through relating to; how karma works with regards to life on Earth; the creation of multiple realities based upon our desires and emotions which later influence us energetically; a future experience of Lai’s on Earth after a disaster and the healing and regrowth of the Earth based environment; where souls go after a physical life in the Universe; the role that the collective consciousness, or ‘gardeners of the universe’, play in the maintenance of the Universe on so many different levels.

The specific topics covered in this session, which is the third session now, are,

  • Joan of Arc and the task Lai had with helping her believe messages she was to be given.
  • The role the Pleiadians play with not only their interaction with Joan, but with many other interactions on Earth as well as with the shift in consciousness going on. The Sirian’s are also named as a primary group taking part.
  • The interaction and assistance Lai gave Mary while she was pregnant, and some very detailed information around Jesus’s birth and conception, as well as why he was sent to Earth in the first place.
  • Where Lai resides when he is not performing his tasks and roles.
  • Information on the status of the shift in consciousness/the event/GCE/the gathering, specifically around the timing of it and ongoing delays as well as detailed information on what the cabal/dark forces/pirates are doing in relation to stopping specific events from occurring, to cause delays.
  • Information surrounding the earth changes relating to the shift.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a past life regression technique, which I learnt from Dolores Cannon back in 2011. There are many forms taught out there in relation to past life regression, the difference with this method is that the higher self is called in around half way through the session with most clients, and speaks through them in a trance type of state. Where other methods usually just stick with past lives directly, and don’t venture out very far beyond the experience after a life on Earth, this method is very different.

The hypnosis process also takes the client deeper than traditional methods. This in turn improves the connection vibrationally speaking. This also enables the client to meet the requirements of a trance like state for the higher self, or other higher dimensionally based beings and collective consciousnesses.

The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 3
Image Credit: NASA

Lai and I both had made a list of questions we wanted to cover and we had agreed for me to take turns swapping between my questions and then his.

One of the main areas we both wanted to cover was the vibrational shift going on right now, however, where we were lead during the session was in a totally different direction to what was expected. What this means is that I was very conscious of the time as I wanted to reserve some time for our questions, so at certain stages I had to move the session along, while in the back of my mind I ideally would have spent more time on the situations that were being experienced if there was no time constraint. But when saying this, I am very happy with the outcome and I don’t feel anything important was missed.

My understanding is that what the client experiences during a session is actually guided by their higher self, with some input from guides where appropriate. It’s not random. They are shown specific experiences and lives, and are provided with specific information at that time, based upon many different factors. While both the practitioner and the client can come into the session with certain intentions and expectations, it’s not always going to work out like they have planned it to.

Note that while this has been transcribed by me from recording of the actual session, I have changed the syntax in certain places so that explanations, and what is said, makes more sense and is easier to understand, but very infrequently did I have to do this.


Laron – “I want you to tell me the very first thing that you see down there below you, or the very first impressions that you have as you come back down to the surface.”
Lai – “I see what looks like a farm and a lot of sheep. There is a girl, who first I thought was a boy, but it’s a girl. She looks after the sheep.”

Laron – “Are you on the ground? Where are you?”
Lai – “A bit above the ground. Higher than the ground. The ground is green. There is grass and behind her there is farming lands. She is here with the sheep. She has orange hair. She looks 16 or 17. ”

Laron – “Can you see what she is wearing?”
Lai – “She is wearing brown shoes made of leather, maybe. They are like boots that go up past her ankles. She is wearing a dress with pants underneath. Her pants are a brown color, like a sack. She has a hat. Her hat has a brim all the way around it. It’s made out of straw. (Does her dress have a pattern?) Yes, a square pattern. (What color is it?) It’s normally grey and the patterns are dark blue. ”

Laron – “Is she carrying anything?”
Lai – “Yes. It’s a long stick. It’s almost as high as her face and is just in front of her face. It looks like a handle at the top, which is projected outwards to the left. The top of it goes out to the side and projects up a bit. She uses it to control her sheep. (Does she have any jewellery?) No.

 – “How many sheep are there?”
Lai – “Seventy or more. Less than 80. (Are there any buildings nearby?) No, not right here. I know there are houses more than 1 km away, less than 2 km’s. She’s here with the sheep and I have to tell her something.”

Laron – “So you don’t feel it’s you, but you’re nearby? Is that right?”
Lai – “Yes.”

Laron – “Are you near the ground now, or still above the ground?”
Lai – “Still above the ground.”

Laron – “Do you get a sense or a feeling of what you are, what you look like?”
Lai – “I think I have to take a shape now so that she can see me.”

Laron – “Does she know you’re there?”
Lai – “She has seen beings like me before, those who come to talk to her. Today it’s me.”

Laron – “Do you know how many times she has had that experience before?”
Lai – “Until today, four times, including today. That is why she came here, to this place.”

Laron – “Do you know how old she was when she had her first experience?”
Lai – “For the first time, a few days ago.”

Laron – “Do you now take a form?”
Lai – “Yes. I can see that I have to take a form that is also still light. But, I don’t need a body to stand. I just have to appear as light because she is used to it.”

Laron – “Do you know this is Earth?”
Lai – “Yes. (Do you know what the general time period might be? What year?) No.”

Laron – “Do you know where that is? Do you get the name of the country?”
Lai – “Yes, it seems to be France.”

Laron – “Do you know the girls name?”
Lai – “Yes. So it’s Joan.”

Laron – “Have you taken on a form now?”
Lai – “Yes. (Is it a physical form?) Yes, it’s transparent. It’s like a human head and hands, but I can’t see the legs. (So it’s like an energy form?) Yes.”

Laron – “Can she see you now?”
Lai – “Yes. (What is her reaction?) Because she is waiting for this, so, she just wants… she is willing to receive anything that I put in her mind. I know what I have to do. I have to tell her to believe this feeling and use it later. That’s what I have to do today.”

Laron – “How do you communicate that to her?”
Lai – “I think I can talk if she really needs to hear something. (A sound?) Yeah. But I don’t talk. Normally it’s just in her mind. (Can you explain how it appears in her mind? The details of that? If you know.) Yes. But it’s funny to me, I will tell you. So she thinks I’m somebody, some saint, some name. (You don’t know the name?) I don’t know, I don’t want to know. But she chose the name by herself.”

Laron – “Do you think she picked that name based upon a religion or a belief?”
Lai – “Yes. Yes, she chose the name.”

Laron – “Do you know what religion she follows?”
Lai – “Yes. Christian. Their very strict. So she has doubts. Today I am here to help her believe in this more, because of her doubts, because of what she learned. She thinks maybe it’s a bad thing to see this. Today is the fourth day, because I see four. (The fourth time?) Yes. I have to give the energy… I don’t have to make her believe. I think I am giving her the energy so that she will believe from now on. Because it was a bit less.

Laron – “So there is more than just her having multiple experiences to help her believe, there is also energy, or… can you explain that another way, so how the energy goes to helps her believe?”
Lai – “So it’s going in her head and I see a kind of patterns and diagrams. So I am just putting some light there. So it changes as soon as I put it. Now she will believe more.”

Laron – “Is it like a symbol or an exact pattern that you impose on her mind? Like a thought form, or… would that make sense? (Yes) So is there a certain design?”
Lai – “Yes, there is a certain design. I am putting something like a rectangle, if I describe… I am putting a very small rectangle there and then she will believe this for a long time now. Because… we need her later. Because there will be more people giving… (There is a purpose for?…) Yes. Because she wasn’t believing, today I had to do this for her to believe so that she will get more information.”

Slots - The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 3
Lai’s drawing of the object after the session. He explained that there were 23 ‘slots’ on each hemisphere. Placing this inside her head helped her to believe more he said.

Laron – “So is this the final time you have to try and make her believe and then you can use her for another purpose?”
Lai – “Yes. So the last few times, somebody else came… or maybe three different beings came and gave her information and she didn’t take that. So I am not giving her information, only giving her the belief… creating a belief and then those who give information will come again.

Laron – “When you say ‘those’ can you explain more about who they are?”
Lai – “Right now I… I don’t know where to start from. Where to look for them.”

Laron – “Does it relate to where you come from? Or would it be another group or consciousness?”
Lai – “Yes… I think another group. I think I was somewhere, but then they sent me to help this other group to do this. To assist.”

Laron – “So you’re not from the group that want to use her for a purpose, but you have come to help that group to convince her, so that they can then come and use her once she is convinced?”
Lai – “Yes. They will give information. I don’t give information. I only came to put that piece in her head.”

Laron – “Do you know if that group asked for help from where you’re from?”
Lai – “Yes, they didn’t ask me, but asked from where I came from.”

Laron – “Do you get a name of what that group, or species… of who they are?”
Lai – “The ones that want to give information? (Yes, the ones that want to use her for a purpose.) I don’t know but… but because…I know some words, it feels familiar with one word. The Pleiadians. It’s because I know the word, it felt to me like that. I would say that they are tall and blue. (You can see what they look like?) Yes. I don’t know them very well, well I know… I can see now, because I wanted to know from you asking. They are tall and bluish, lights. (The blue light?) Yes, blue white, blue white, like that. And very peaceful, very wise.”

Laron – “Do they take on a physical form?”
Lai – “Yes they can. (What do they look like in a physical form?) The easiest for them when taking a form, they are very tall. But sometimes when they want to… when they don’t want to be odd, they have to try hard to make a shorter form. So all of them don’t do that. But often… when they come, they are so loving, to give the information, they are unaware that they may look so tall. So their focus is so much on giving the information, that they may come as very tall.”

Laron – “Is that the form that they take when they come to visit the girl, is that right? (Yes) Where they come from, do they still use that same form?”
Lai – “They came and tried to be in a form that she understands. (Similar to what you’re doing?) No, I think they are taller. I am smaller. I didn’t take as good shape as they took. (You didn’t take more of a physical shape you mean?) Yes, not as much. They were more of a solid form than me. (Can you see the color of their skin when they do that?) I see them as bluish but I don’t know how she sees but they appear with clothes in front of her.”

Information added by Lai after the session. ‘Here I saw that Pleiadian’s can take the form of humans too.’

Laron – “Do you have to do anything else now with her, or is your task done?”
Lai – “It’s done and she’s asleep. She will think it’s a dream. (Is she now back in a… house?) No, she is still here in the field. (She’s sleeping now?) Yes, she’s fallen asleep. When I put that small rectangle… she became unconscious. But now she will think it’s a dream, but then it will also be real because she will remember very clearly. ”

Laron – “Was that your purpose, to make it like a dream? Was that part of the process?”
Lai – “So when I tried to appear it really hurt her eyes. It made her very dizzy. ”

Laron – “Do you know what the group is going to use her for later on?”
Lai – “Information… to… help. Information to help, not for herself but for the country. For the… whatever this is, is it a country? For… when I look at it, it’s chaotic. Something was happening. It’s guidance. It’s about… so actually I know the purpose is more than one. Because the woman have less value right now, so it’s to show that. But also, more. For their… for where she lives. Maybe some war, or… some help. So they are interfering to help the group of people that she belongs to with some guidance about some strategy and she will have a really difficult time.”

Laron – “Do you know who she’s going to talk to about the information that she is going to receive?”
Lai – “Yes. She got already three times… and they will come again after today. So it’s about how to win something. So she will go to somebody, like a religious leader in her place. They will give her such information, but first they will ignore her. Okay, so I feel sorry for her. So the information, she will say… when they hear it, they will know it’s very important and the humans will take her to a higher leader. A king… something. (So her religious leader will take that information to the king possibly?) Yeah. Because the information the Pleiadians will give her will be so special that they will get shocked to hear it from her. ”

Note that strait after the session, Lai told me that this girl was Joan of Arc. I just never asked that specific question during the actual session. After researching Joan of Arc after the session, this information within the session seems to closely match up with what has been recorded about her history.

Lai supplied the information below after the session which relates to his experience with Joan.

“About Joan, I remember that I met her again later, when some religious person forced her to admit she is possessed or she saw the devil. They screwed up her head and belief system. Because of the doubts that then manifested as a result, she made some mistakes in one part of the war. I saw her in a cell, but she was too lost mentally. Either way, she didn´t want to live also, so she died the way they made her die and blamed her.”

The Pleiadians and the Shift

Laron – “Do you know if this is frequently done throughout Earth’s history? Is this common?”
Lai – “Yes.”

Laron – “Do you know if it’s still done now?”
Lai – “Now, yes, now also. Now a lot more. Now… well, I just saw now. So for the last sixty years there is more, but the last ten or twelve years a lot, but with different ways. In the last fifty years there were… as if a signal was given all around the Earth and now, now also not only a signal, I feel like there is small electric pulses which are bursting like bombs, but in a good way. They are exploding with splashes of energy.”

Laron – “Do you know where they come from? {Pauses} Or what causes them?”
Lai – “I can only describe them, what I see. (That’s alright) There is something… on this side, on my right I see the Earth like that and then I see smoke or a cloud, or a fog… yeah, like that. And I cannot see left any more, where the source is. Oh and some more. I see these clouds and small waves, not watery waves but… yeah literally they are waves, like white waves and they are going towards Earth. How fast it is, I don’t know. But from here it looks very normal. But maybe they are very fast.”

Laron – “Do you know how that group communicates with people right now, in our timeline now? What method do they use?”
Lai – “They don’t appear. They don’t appear because they are already in everyone’s mind. They don’t appear because there will be the wrong interpretation if they appear. So now it can be in a lot of ways. They often like to do… things with machines. Electronics. Because, see the… the world or frequency, or vibration, its easiest, ok, I will try to explain. They say that this is a physical world where we can touch and do things, but behind these are the frequencies or vibrations that make these. Some part of them are physical and the rest are still… vibrational, they are moving, only some are solid and the rest are… not solid.

The internet and the computer games and everything that humans do now, they are very virtual. They are the closest thing to the vibrational things that humans can think of. So that is why they don’t need to appear now because people are more imaginative now, because they don’t know they are. When they are using all the applications, all the virtual moneys, all the banks are virtual, there is no solid money. Literally everything on Earth is moving towards a virtual way… which will open up their {human} minds to understand vibrations more in the future. Because virtual money is also something that doesn’t exist but the humans believe it exists. And vibrations do exist but the humans don’t believe the vibrations exist.”

Laron – “So the method they now communicate with, how do they do that?”
Lai – “So they come through to some people, they just put thoughts in their head. For some people they put dreams in their head. If they put thoughts into someone today, that person tomorrow may still be in a different frequency and not feel, or lose confidence, so it’s not permanent. So those who believed a lot in their powers and later, giving up, that time they show them some dreams or signs to come back again, else they don’t.”

Laron – “When you said thoughts in the head, would that be channelling?”
Lai – “Well, I would mean people who can’t channel. Those who just meditate. Those that meditate are getting faster. Those that are meditating or trying to do something… they are getting the thoughts faster than others. Everyone is being washed with the energy. ”

Laron – “Do you know what they are trying to tell us right now? What thoughts or what messages they are trying to tell people? Is there a general theme or something specific?”
Lai – “In general it’s to believe that everything is vibrational. That we are creating everything. Humans have forgot this for so long. This is a time to make a shift. That is why they are giving it so freely now, as in the past it was only a few people that were given… now it’s for everyone. A huge change and a huge shift is going to happen so everybody is given a choice… it’s for free now.”

Laron – “Are they the only group helping or are there other groups?”
Lai – “There are other groups. (Do you know the name of the other groups?) One with an S. Maybe based on some star. (Do you see any other letters?) I… n. Its maybe serius. (Sirian?) Yes.”

Laron – “Do you see the names of any other groups?”
Lai – “There are eight groups but these two are dominant. (Are you certain there is only 8) Yes, right now I can see it in front of me.”

Laron – “So you mentioned the first two are the primary groups, the prominent ones?”
Lai – “I know only these two, but there are eight. Each of their ways of helping is different.”

Laron – “Do you know if there is a higher power, or council that tells them to help. Do you know how that works. What gives them direction to help?”
Lai – “There is. There is a higher power. (Are you able to explain what that is?) Will you take me to somewhere… right now I feel I am nowhere. (That’s alright. We can revisit that.)”

Laron – “Just return back to where that girl was where she was sleeping, after you finished your task. Just return to there. {I give him some time} What do you do next after you finish your task?”
Lai – “I have to go to another place on Earth.”

The information below was supplied from Lai in relation to the above, after the session.

“When I asked you to take me back, because suddenly I didn´t know where I was, I lost the reference of the place and my mind was limited with maybe 3D beliefs, that I need a platform to stand on, because I was seeing Earth from outside and also saw energy waves coming and also saw 8 groups or 8 planets below who are helping in the Earth´s Ascension process. I suddenly thought where am I looking from, so I was getting nervous and asked you to take me somewhere.”

Mary & Jesus

Laron – “How do you go there?”
Lai – “So I got on a vehicle. Round. After I left her. (What does it look like?) Its round. So it’s dark blue. Round, and there are glasses… (Windows?) Yes, windows all around. We go quickly from there to the next place.”

Laron – “Is anyone else with you?”
Lai – “Yes. (How many?) Six others inside. (What do they look like?) They look like very dark blue greyish, smaller than me. (Are they in a physical form?) Yes, physical. I feel they are like robots. They are to arrange my next… (They are helping you travel?) Yes. ”

Laron – “You said they were a bluish grey, is that their skin color, or is that their energy?”
Lai – “I don’t know. Its maybe energy but… very physically formed. (The ship must be physical) Yes. ”

Craft - The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 3
Lai’s drawing of this craft after the session, along with his description

Laron – “Just continue on your journey. Tell me when you get there.”
Lai – “So I am here. I am a bit higher. (What do you see below?) So there’s a woman. She is pregnant. ”

Laron – “How old is she?”

Lai – “So young. Thirteen or fourteen. She is alone right now, hiding from somewhere.”

Laron – “Where is she hiding?”
Lai – “So this is a forest… a secluded place. She came walking from a faraway place, from her home. She is just hiding. She left her… village. She has gone far away because her life is in danger. There will be people looking for her, to kill her, because she will have a special child. (Do they know she has a special child?) Yes.”

Laron – “What is your task?”

Lai – “I have to give her fruits because she has nothing to eat.”

Laron – “How long has she been hiding?”
Lai – “Maybe 22 days already.”

Laron – “Is this the same time period as the other person before?”

Lai – “No. (Is it before or after?) Earlier. (Do you know how many years earlier?) I see the numbers… it must be at least 1,650 years earlier, at least.”

Laron – “Can you explain what she is wearing?”
Lai – “She is wearing a long dress. Very long. It goes down to her feet. (What color?) I am confused. I saw two colors, but now I see its red and a dull color, but as if she used to wear white before. But then she changed it to hide. She used to wear white, like a robe, and something on top of it but she threw that away so people can’t recognise her. Clothes mean something important here in this place, so she did this so people don’t recognise where she comes from. ”

Laron – “Do you know the country or the area?”

Lai – “It’s near the Mediterranean. (The coast?) It’s far from the coast but that is the area around there. There is lots of sand and desert. ”

Laron – “Where is she hiding?”
Lai – “There is a tree. What I meant before was that she was not really hiding as of this moment, but that she has run away. (What is she doing now?) She had a lot of pain and there is no food.”

Laron – “What form did you take when you helped her?”

Lai – “A light form. Because she cannot get up… (Because she was in pain?) Yes, she was tired. She knows there is light but she is in too much pain to pay attention.”

Laron – “Where did you get the food from?”
Lai – “It was here. I didn’t bring it. So, I think I made it here… from a tree. (Did you take it from a tree or…?) I think I made the tree have the fruit, and then… (Did you manifest or manipulate the energies, sort of thing, to create the fruit?) Yes. And then I pulled the branch down lower so she can reach. (She got the food herself, but you helped her?) Yes. But I think she knows something else is going on.”

Laron – “So she can’t see you yet?”

Lai – “She sees light. So my form is of light. ”

Laron – “Has she seen such things before? As you?”
Lai – “Yes, but not me. (How many times in the past?) She has been seeing this for the past two or three years, but only sometimes.”

Laron – “So after you help her to have some food, what do you do?”

Lai – “I check if her health is ok. It seems ok. (She’s not in pain anymore?) No, she fell asleep.”

Laron – “What else is your purpose with her?”
Lai – “So, I really feel sympathy for her. But this is not part of the work. Then I know that… I don’t know how this happened, I know that I visited her when the baby was born. (After?) Yes.”

Laron – “Can you explain what the baby is? What does it look like?”

Lai – “So I go to the part where the babies born. So the babies advanced and can talk. I feel… that they are Mary and Jesus, that people call.”

I was not familiar with the story of Mary before the birth of Jesus, or the exact details surrounding the birth. While I would call myself a very spiritual person, I am not a religious person. So I was taken aback after this was announced. I had the intuitive feeling that this was a very important baby in these moments leading up to this announcement, but I had not realised or connected up the dots that this was going to be Jesus. I remained quite calm (going by the recording) and continued on trying to get as much information as possible.

Laron – “Is that her name? Mary?”
Lai – “Yes. (Is the baby called Jesus?) Yes.”

Laron – “Where was she when she had the baby?”

Lai – “In here. There is lots of hay. It is a shelter. When I came to her here, I came to see her again because I really liked her, when I gave her the fruit. So I wanted to see her again once more. So this time I don’t have to do anything. So I came again and I have seen the birth, and probably others did, others took care of her.”

Laron – “So you have no specific purpose there but you wanted to watch the birth?”
Lai – “Yes. I think she knew me when I gave her the fruit, so she asked me again to come. (So she called you?) Yes. (Did she need help, or did she just want you for comfort?) She wanted… yeah, only for comfort. She wanted to feel that. (Is that the reason you came?) Yes, I think so. (So you’re just an observer?) Yes, so I came later, but she knows this is me. ”

Laron – “Do you have any information about the baby, about Jesus’s conception?”

Lai – “I know it was not normal.”

Laron – “Is his father anywhere around?”
Lai – “Now, no. ”

Laron – “Was his father different, or just a normal human?”
Lai – “He was also different. (Different in what way?) Oh, they were higher. They always focused on more than life on Earth, trying to find out the truth of what is the afterlife. But she had more. (She had a stronger interest?) Yes. And he didn’t have as much as her because of his job or… some things, the way he was taught. (He didn’t have the time or the opportunity?) Yeah. And, the child was again… it was again interfered by someone, so she conceived the baby.”

Laron – “How do you mean by interference?”
Lai – “So, not normal. (The conception?) Yep. (So the father was involved, but something else was also involved?) Yeah. It’s not from the father. (So the father didn’t… {here I was stumbling around how to voice this} make the baby?) Yes.”

Laron – “Do you know what did?”
Lai – “Yes. Well, somebody came and asked her if she wants to volunteer to have this baby, to help. Because she had their prayers in her… around searching on information about the afterlife, and everything. Searching for what to do. ”

Laron – “When you say volunteer, do you mean before she came to Earth or when she was still there?”
Lai – “When she came. She was asked that, but didn’t realise it was this difficult. ”

Laron – “Who asked her that? Was it a human or something else?”
Lai – “Not a human. (Can you explain what it was?) I don’t know who they are. (That’s ok) She actually chose it.”

Laron – “How did it happen? What was the process for her to get impregnated?”
Lai – “Like a device. About eight inches long inserted in her stomach. (A physical device?) Yes. But then it didn’t create any wounds in her. It went in. It looked more like a laser, so many things at the same time. It was like a laser that opened, that penetrates the skin. And then there was some semen or something.”

Jesus - The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 3
Lai’s drawing after the session. This depicts the situation as described above.

Laron – “Where did that take place? Was it on Earth? ”
Lai – “On earth, but not on the ground. A bit high. In a vehicle. (A craft?) Yes.”

Laron – “Can you see who was doing it? What did they look like?”
Lai – “Very tall and white. I see them from the back, kind of a physical body, but not really. (Do they have hair?) No. (What color are their eyes?) Blue.  ”

Laron – “What does the craft look like?”
Lai – “This is a smaller craft that came from another one, that was waiting higher. (What shape is it?) This one is also like an ellipse. Inside this is the place where… it’s like she’s on a kind of…. like how surgery is done. (A bed type thing?) Yes. ”

Laron – “Do you know how she was transported between there and the Earth?”
Lai – “Yeah, with one being who went down. That was like a… small thing, like a motor bike. (Was it a physical thing that went down to the Earth to bring her up?) It’s more than physical, physical but every high energy. Sometimes they are transparent, sometimes not. She knew them from before, over a period of three years so it was quite normal for her to have contact with them. To her, it happened very quick. She thought it was a dream again. She woke up after in her bed.”

At this stage, I still feel that I want to find more of a complete answer around my question of how she was transported from the Earth to the craft, so I continue down this line of questioning. It seems to be a really hard concept for Lai to explain.

Laron – “Was it like a transporter perhaps, perhaps, that she experienced?”
Lai – “You asked a question about physical, if it was a transporter or not, it’s very close to physical because they have to use that, because they are so close to Earth. So it’s… almost physical, but… (Do they de-materialise and then create again?) Yes, kind of. But not really. It’s more like invisible, than de-materialising. It’s always there, it came, but it can grow a bit bigger. (Was she inside a vehicle, taken away or was just her body moved up?) Inside. Well, it doesn’t have a roof. Like a motorbike. (But it had a base to it? To sit on or lay on?) Yes. She was there, and quick… it’s so fast that often human bodies get unconscious, more so from the speed.”

Mary - The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 3

Being - The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 3
As you can see, it can be hard to put a description into words sometimes. Lai drew these after the session to show what he was referring to with the transportation of Mary from the Earth to the craft.

Laron – “Do you know the name of the group that were performing that operation? The insemination?”
Lai – “There is more than one involved. (Does any names come to you about those involved?) This a… ok if I call it an operation, this was done by those higher ones. The ones that did the surgery. Nobody knows them.”

Laron – “So would these be above groups such as the Sirian’s or the Pleiadians? They are not at that level, they are above that?”
Lai – “Yes, right. (Are they where you’re from or somewhere different?) Somewhere different. I always worked for some reason, so I don’t know. ”

My feeling at the time was that perhaps we were not meant to know the specifics of who or what exactly were involved, but it certainly seemed like a higher power above the groups of ET beings that interact with Earth. So what I mean here is that the collective consciousness/beings that were more directly involved are likely existing primarily in a higher dimension in comparison to where the ET groups reside, where this decision was made.

Access to this kind of information could be restricted, or the information may simply be harder to find or locate from where Lai had his focus and connection in this moment of the session. When he brought up the topic of what he did, his purpose, while existing outside of the Earth experience, I knew that was his point of focus within that moment. If he had a higher based source to communicate with and ask, the answer probably would have been allowed and it would have come through.

Some regressionists may call in a person’s guides to help find out answers. In this situation I wouldn’t consider doing such a thing as Lai is a volunteer who comes from above/outside of the center of where guides of incarnated humans reside and work. Of course, he would have guides as we all do, but those guides may not have the answers themselves to such a question. This would also interrupt the current progression of where this was heading. This line of thought could also apply to calling in the higher self or even the grid consciousness at this point, but I simply didn’t want to derail what I had going here. I am very aware of many factors when conducting a session and I do also feel more guided each time I perform a session, intuitively.

So I continued on with the next question, even though I considered this an important question to find out more information on. I just knew that the answer would unlikely come through at this stage.

I will also be honest here and say that I started to feel a time constraint from this point forward, as I wanted to touch on a number of important questions in relation to what we brought into the session to get answered, and time was running out. I knew this may be the only session I would get with him during his stay. Even though this information surrounding Jesus would be deemed very important by a lot of people out there, I considered it not as important as what I wanted to ask and get additional information on before we ran out of time.

Laron – “Do you know the purpose of why they created Jesus? What was the reason to do that?”
Lai – “What I can see now, the purpose, is that we are more than physical. So when we are on the third dimensional Earth, we forget so much about the rest of ourselves. Because this is so realistic, the third dimension is very slow, dense and solid, everything takes a very long time to happen here.

So people are born here and they forget to use that part of the brain, to do other things… humans are born to do more, I mean… not to be absolutely focused on other dimensions, while they are living in the third dimension, no. But living in the third dimension and remembering the power of the other dimensions, and then change, and manifesting in the third dimension. So they wanted to show that if they make a pure one, that did not have thought processes changed too much with earthly belief, if that would give more of a pure message to the rest, or not.

So somebody who… so… the other group involved were the Pleiadian and this higher group. (So just one other group and the one you don’t know of, the higher one?) Yes. The Pleiadians were more in the early phases of contacting her, trying to influence her. (To make her believe? That they were real?) Yes. And they came because she was looking, not that they came to interfere suddenly, but that she was searching. When somebody searches a lot, Pleiadians come to help. ”

Laron – “What was she searching for?”
Lai – “She was confused about the religion.”

Laron – “The religion she was taught?”
Lai – “Yes.”

Laron – “Does it have a name?”
Lai – “I don’t know, but she knew about others worshipping statues. It was very… strong, that life was nothing more than that. Because life was about living, surviving, and all the time praying and trying to be good and bad, with labels good and bad. So she was feeling that there must be something more than this. She was searching and they came. (And they asked her if she wants to volunteer to have the baby?) Yes.”

Laron – “The spirit that went into Jesus. He had a big influence on the World. Was that planned and why was it planned?”
Lai – “He was born especially. Obviously they didn’t want a natural birth because they wanted to experiment with certain things. So it was an interference. Just to do something different, they made somebody pure. Pure means more powers of the higher dimensions, and who wouldn’t forget because he didn’t have all the genetic programming which would change his memory. (So he did not lose his memory?) Yeah. The genetics… because DNA carries our human others ancestors programming also. (He didn’t have that?) Yes. (What about from Mary? Didn’t she have an influence?) Yeah, so he had enough, but not complete. So one of the things, he didn’t have to learn language, he could speak.”

Laron – “So this was a test or a trial run from this higher group, who you are not sure who it is?”
Lai – “Yes. To me it looks like a test. They wanted to see how this helps. ”

Laron – “So there was no purpose about creating a religion. It was more about creating a pure channel, or a pure being who wouldn’t have that influence, who wouldn’t forget the memory, who had stronger powers.”
Lai – “Yeah, stronger powers to guide everything… to remind the people around him, at that time, to show what can be done. Because these powers are also hidden in everybody else. So he could manifest faster, others could do it if they tried.”

Laron – “If they realised and believed?”
Lai – “Yes. So he was there to show manifestation, that this can be done. That time it was so hard for people to believe something without manifestation. So he was showing lots of things. Lots of powers that are possible in higher dimensions, which are still possible here if they try. He was showing them to help everyone, also to motivate. Motivation was an important thing, to motivate the humans. So he was supposed to manifest healings.”

Laron – “He was meant to heal people and teach them how to heal?”
Lai – “Yeah. Healings, teach them how to heal. To teach them love, because love actually sends to the higher frequency. So then to also… intention and manifestation. How to forget physical possibilities. Because often if you look at physical possibilities before, we may cut down some of the ways. Because we look at possibilities and then we think some things are not possible, and stop those from our way.”

Laron – “Because we don’t believe something is possible and then we create a block for ourselves, is that what you mean?”
Lai – “Yeah, so it’s all a choice. But when we look at physical possibilities we cut off many of the things from the list. So only a few can happen later. So he was showing those also… with some things.”

Laron – “Is there any other information that you have about him that is important to talk about now?”
Lai – “Ah, no.”

Laron – “Do you know how many times you interacted with Mary? Was it only two times?”
Lai – “I think a bit more. Whenever she had pain, she … because she had a lot of pain. It wasn’t a miracle that she had a baby, she had to suffer a lot. She often… I don’t know, did she think of me or did she ask for help and I went? Something like this. But many times… I had a bond with her. She recognises my energy. That is why when the baby was born, that time she did ask for me in her mind, she asked for that energy.”

Laron – “Did she have a name for you? Did she know what you were called?”
Lai – “I don’t know. But I know she recognised the presence, so she knew I wasn’t there, so when I knew it I went to see her and the baby to make her happy.”
I have added the additional information from Lai below, in relation to the part of the session as that was covered above. Note that he went into detail with me privately about situations in his life, which he thinks connect up with the experiences that Mary and Joan went through, so I have included a paragraph in relation to what he said to me, based upon those experiences. In other words, this has been a healing process for him from having the two experiences come up and being able to acknowledge them.

Also note that this is not the first client I have had who has had a baby which has had an ET influence with its conception.

“The baby is special born because they kept the DNA more pure. Normally Earth based DNA also carries ancestors thoughts besides our own thoughts. Which can at some point of life influence us.

Towards the movement or Ascension or shift or event, certain prior things had to be done. I feel and this only because of my perception of this 3-D Earth with my own work… if the higher beings are professors and there are teaching assistants in the practical works, instructors, tutors etc. I feel the Pleiadian’s and the 7 other groups are like tutors. They are in a Higher Dimension and they themselves help humans. 

When some individual´s frequency matches enough by asking and aligning and praying or meditating— they can connect with the higher beings. Then only the higher beings (like Pleiadian’s etc.) can guide the person. Mary reached that point. I think Mary had a husband or partner (if marriage existed). 

A child´s DNA has more possibilities to be dominated by a father´s DNA than a mother´s DNA. I saw that there is a 75% chance that the DNA is to be dominated by a father. I can only relate to an analogy though as an approximate number, so to explain it’s about 75% for the father. When we plant a seed on a piece of land, the land nourishes the seed and the final plant is a result of the type of seed and the qualities of the land. We can have the best land, but if we want a perfect prototype to show, we use the pure seeds and not the seed from previous crops. To show what qualities humans can possess on Earth they thought that humans need a demonstration or model. Or in other words, humans have gone away so much into bad creation by focusing and seeing only that is visible around them and not into what they can´t see. So they thought this would help by creating a less contaminated child by using the pure seeds from the Higher Dimension to Mary, who was the best match in her frequency and also agreed to do so. This was interference, but also similar to today´s volunteers in a way. The baby had to be born. The baby must be born and take a human life on Earth, this is the rule.

So he was born advanced and had more pure memories of his birth… now what agreement the soul of Jesus did to improve the Earth and to choose to be born to Mary- I am unaware of, because I only have a connection with his mother. He was talking as soon as he was born. He is like a super volunteer, he remembered everything that he came to do and show. Also, I know he might have disappeared in some parts of his life when he needed time to focus on the connections with the Higher Dimension. He is even higher than Pleiadian’s or any other races that are helping. He is high above. His conception was how a pure form manifests in the contaminated Earth and he showed abilities that other humans can possess too. All that he did is possible today by any human if they try. That is the reason he showed those. We have to understand him to possess his healing abilities and all other miracles that he did. 

(What device was used for the conception?) It was around 4 inches solid and when it was turned on, another 4 inches of light or laser came through it. There were liquid light strands or sort of bluish light coming out of the serum or DNA that was in it… injected around the navel without causing any bleeding or without needing to cut Mary´s skin layers. It is the result of an advanced technology. Did this sort of conception happen more?

(Did this sort of conception happen more?) This is very rare indeed. After the whole confusion and trouble and interpretation of this, there was some meeting and they decided not to do this kind of conception ever. Besides Mary also stated (in forms or prayer) that this was a really hard job. She sometimes used to pray that she hopes no other woman feels the pain she felt. There were emotional and social problems. Also, there were physical pains because to live with a 3D body and carry Higher Dimensional DNA, she had to suffer physically so much more than a normal pregnant woman carrying a 3D DNA and nourishing it. She thought of quitting, but of course her strong will was to continue. She did a big favour to the human kind today. 

This kind of conception happened more, but not with Higher Dimensional DNA. It was just normal DNA, but some other women also conceived a baby like this for special personal reasons with the help of ETs. But they didn´t know it because they were also mating with their partners. If someone knew it, she didn´t say it. But those were more to answer their personal prayers, for example the women may have been unable to conceive a baby and they asked for it so much that ETs helped them. But never after this did it happen that a strong Higher Dimensional special DNA to be implanted like in Mary’s case.

Now I know why in this QHHT I was shown these 2 encounters with these 2 great women from the history. It gives me more closure on myself and some of the past events in my life that shook me to the core of my human existence.”

Lai’s Home

Laron – “So what do you see now? Where about’s are you?”
Lai – “I see nothing. I think there is nothing more to see on Earth.”

Laron – “Where did you go after your task was complete with Mary? Did you have another task?”
Lai – “Yes, I remember I went back to where I am. (Where you come from?) Yes. It’s like a cube. It’s like a small cube. Not a cube… it’s like… you know, once I told you like a beehive, like one of the cells. (Yes) So I remember after coming back I went there. ”

Laron – “How did you get to the beehive place?”
Lai – “So I went back to the ship, then back to the place that we once called the grid, and then after that to the beehive from there.”

Laron – “Why did you go there?”
Lai – “It’s my resting place. (Why did you need to rest?) I don’t know. I think that is where I live when I am not working on the grid.”

Laron – “So you said it’s like a cube?”
Lai – “Yeah it felt to me inside like a cube but I went outside of it to look and it’s like the cell of a beehive.

Laron – “Is it like an energetic area or does it have form, or a density?”
Lai – “It’s got form. It’s the form of this beehive and lots of energy also. It’s very gaseous. I feel that… there is a word coming in my head many times from my physical knowledge, but I don’t know how that relates to this. It feels like plasma, but then what is plasma? It’s a form of light that still exists, but others cannot see it. But then it’s not as solid, so there is solid, there is liquid, there is gaseous and there is plasma. And we are in the plasma. ”

Laron – “We are in the plasma? As in physical Earth?”
Lai – “Yes. As kind of physically plasma and others may think this is spiritual because they cannot see it. So it’s kind of light. I want to tell you that it’s light that we cannot see here on Earth, it’s lighter that gaseous.”

Laron – “What do you exist as in that place?”
Lai – “As light. (So you don’t take a form? How would you explain your existence there?) Like light, but when I was in my cell, the cube, I think I was sitting on a kind of a desk, because I have a small desk, like a small thing to look at. So there I can see my old records there, so that’s what I look at and saw that I used to be very sad for Mary after finishing the first task with her, because I really liked her. So I saw that I used to cry for her, because I don’t like seeing pain. So that is why I asked if I could go more, and that is why I went many times.”

Laron – “When you say records what do you mean?”
Lai – “I saw a piece of material, a rectangle. Is it like an iPad? Maybe. When I look at it I can see information, or video. I saw myself crying there. It’s mobile. {I ask quite a few questions about this device} Sometimes when I am sitting there I take a form to use it. It’s not really like a pad, when I look at it now, it’s like a cube what is endless going in. It’s like an augmented reality. (Do you sense that it’s connected in any way to the akashic records?) I think that this one is connected… I can access from this yes, but there is a bigger record in the grid and this one is more like our own personal one. ”

Laron – “Is that like a link to the grid or is it separate?”
Lai – “Yes, the one I access is a separate thing, it’s more of me, only mine. But there is a huge library there in the grid.”

Info from Lai after the session.

“Your Question what are records? Records of events. Or pieces, of memories. I wanted to tell you or I was meant to tell you that I met Mary more than once, but somehow the QHHT was guiding you and me to go to meet the Grid Beings, but also let me know that there are additional encounters with Mary which can be accessed if needed. They are there to look. I didn´t try maybe I can look also. I believe now there are another 9 more meetings with her. Only 2 we looked at. 

In the grid, there is a central round display like a table top display, which has all records and definitely Akashic records.”

Returning to the Grid

Laron – “Can you travel to the grid now and tell me when you’re there?”
Lai – “Yes. (What do you now see?) I see that we are at the center. The grid is a rounded thing inside, like a concave. In the center, I am here. This is a round table or a monitor kind of thing in the center. I then felt that everybody knows about you.”

Laron – “When you say everybody, just expand on that.”
Lai – “All the beings in the grid. They know that we are, that you are… that we are going to ask them questions. (Now?) Yeah. But me, I felt that I have to tell you that… can you say some positive affirmations about yourself, because that attracts them more, and try and feel happier. Two or three that can be beneficial for both of you.”

When Lai said both of you, I suspected that he meant Lai and myself, as they started talking through him for that moment above. We got into a conversation with the grid beings about raising the vibration of Lai and myself, to improve the connection to them. They provided some examples of how to do this, with certain thought forms, intentions and by using past memories or creating new ones, as well as connecting into a similar feeling that we may have felt as children. They also said that it would be beneficial to start using certain affirmations on a daily basis, which will help improve our general spiritual connection.

Lai explained that once we improved our vibrations within that moment in that session, through the use of happy energy, they would come closer. I asked the question if the reason they wanted us in a happier state was related to the dense physical and negative energy that directly relates to the Earth experience, and they confirmed this to be part of the reason why.

I found this fascinating as I have learnt many different methods for connecting to the other side, but I had never heard of the theory or of any information around our state of happiness being important for our connection to spirit.

I proceed to ask some personal questions that Lai came into the session with, which I won’t include. Before the information came along in answer to them, they told us to do something right then to make ourselves happy. Lai said that they were laughing and seem amused and we both started laughing as well during that moment within the session. We both proceeded to say out loud some personal experiences in our past, which have made us really happy. After we both did this, Lai said that they are coming closer but that we are still were being asked to try a few more things to make ourselves happier and to improve the connection, so we tried a few more things. In the end Lai said that they had come closer and that everything was ready for us to continue.

At this stage, we both had the giggles for a short period of time, as we started working through a couple of Lai’s personal questions.

Information from Lai that he wrote after the session in relation to this section is below. Note that the mention below of Peru and the plant medicine is in relation to one of the happy experiences I brought up for myself.

All Grid Beings knew that you and I wanted to contact them. They knew it as soon as we began the QHHT and they know we will be back to them again. But I didn´t feel it in the beginning of the QHHT but then in the grid I felt that they knew. There are so many of them, but often they are connected and only a few come out to take singular forms, while the rest are busy doing their work. It was meant to be. 

About being happy. Somehow I felt they were pushing us. They wanted us to be in better vibrations. It was not really conditional that we have to be happy to reach them but I felt they wanted to give us a drill to make ourselves a bit happier. They knew we would do it in that moment as we were waiting. I feel they want us to have more clear energy and happiness can help in that.

As soon as you said Peru and the plant medicine thing I didn´t hear at all what you said because they came towards me and my physical legs started heating up. If I compare it with something else, it felt like when I took a vaccine for hepatitis B, how the serum felt in the blood stream. A similar kind of feeling, but only then it was the 2 legs and exactly at the same time on both legs, toes till the waist and after that it went up too and also the third eye was tingling. So I didn´t hear what you said but I think this memory is very, very strong for you. The Peru experience. In fact it can be a key to reach them. Were they with you then? As I wrote the last 3 sentences my third eye is tingling now…

The New Earth and the Shift in Consciousness

I earlier said that I had more important questions to address, here is one of them. Note that Lai is in trance with the grid beings speaking through him at this stage.

Laron – “Lai wants to know about the new earth. How can we go to the New Earth?”
Lai – “The New Earth has been delayed a bit.”

Laron – “Why has it been delayed?”
Lai – “There had been many interferences. Many unpredictable things. Many unpredictable events. All the variables did not meet yet. So it was for a while, very close, and now it’s been a bit delayed. ”

Laron – “Can they explain how long the delay is?”
Lai – {I have removed this answer, continue reading to find out why}

Laron – “From today? From when?”
Lai – “The new earth is proceeding, but many happenings were changed. We don’t know yet what will happen. Many things that we thought were going to happen, did not happen. Some big things will happen after May. (How long after May?) Not in the first ten days of May, but some bigger things. (In the Month of May or after the Month of May?) Starts in the month of May, but it’s already in process. Smaller things have started happening. Always happening, but some bigger things that we saw was there, (That we expected you mean?), yes, and that humans expected and changed, might not happen at all. But some things will happen. We are waiting for how it turns out. So it depends a lot on the vibration of the humans. The new earth is planned, it’s an outside event. It’s caused by inside people. (Humans?) Yes. So the new earth is written to happen for sure. (Guaranteed?) Yes. But how it is happening depends on the humans. So some things we are also watching were delayed, stopped. But eventually, this will all happen.”

Laron – “Does it happen all at once?”
Lai – “Not at once, it happens a bit gradually. (How long is gradually in human terms?) It started happening already, so faster things are happening this year. So a new Earth can happen this year, or very early 2015.”

Laron – “Are there windows of time where it can only progress?”
Lai – “Yes. (What is that window of time?) We are in the window of time from now until February 2015. The closing time shows sometimes as July, October or January of 2015.”

After the session, I realised that the above timing was not clear in relation to July and October, but I am going to assume they mean 2014 for July and October.

Laron – “Is there a window every year?”
Lai – “Only this year. This year it is most likely.”

Laron – “How late could it be this year? How long could it get delayed?”
Lai – “The new earth process and the preparation and the raising of vibrations started a long time ago. The events, some of the physical events on physical Earth did not happen. (Why?) There are two reasons. One is the high rising humans, when they are afraid sometimes, they try to prevent it. (As in manifestation, they don’t want it to happen?) Yes. But then there is one other thing going on. We can explain a bit. There is something with some humans that you may say ‘bad’. They have an alliance with other beings which are not good for humans. ”

Laron – “What exactly did they do to stop the process?”
Lai – “They caused fear about the new earth. They knew the new earth was going to happen so they caused fear. Because even the humans with very high rising vibrations, they also deep inside get scared with global events, if there is physical events. So they create a fear among them to stop. They also did some other things so that… they set off possibilities. There is one set, if we call it set A, it may have 11 rules to happen. Eleven lines of code, or eleven conditions to satisfy, that bad group is often destroying one of these conditions. That whole set then doesn’t execute.”

Laron – “So it breaks the set, as in the new earth process?”
Lai – “Yes and then that new earth process will not happen anymore once they interfere with set A, it will not happen. But, they don’t know that 100%. (For sure you mean?) Yes, they don’t know that. Say if your Earth only had four sets of possibilities, and each set had eleven conditions that had to happen, one after the other, so if they interfere with one in set A, immediately another set is created. So they can never escape, but they don’t know that. But they are just trying to do this. (They won’t have new information about the new set?) Yes. They will keep on doing this. Let’s say that these eleven conditions, only as an example, this can be arranged in 11, if you do the permutation, you will see that there are eleven factorial time spot realities, so they cannot stop all, they will lose ultimately. This is delaying the shift.”

Laron – “Is there a point where they are no longer going to be able to delay it?”
Lai – “Yes, they will get confused soon and they cannot do anything. (And it will just happen?) Yes. (Have you got the timing for that? No. Their thinking so much about just stopping one thing. One of those items in one of the sets, it takes a lot of trouble for them just to do one that they will soon give up and go. But this may create confusions, because they are doing those… create confusions for those who are waiting for it. They are creating confusions among the strongest believers.”

Laron – “Were they also involved with any time manipulation?”
Lai – “Yes.”

Laron – “Have they got a device or technology to be able to do this?”
Lai – “Yes. They didn’t know they could manipulate time but they tried to… it started off as doing a journey. (Time travel?) Yes. Also to travel fast to different places. (As in, in a craft with an unknown technology?) Yes. It’s a device from quite a long time ago. An old device. (Where did they get it from?) Your scientists. (So it was human created?) Yes. (What time period?) All of these were created before 1970. All of these. Every special technology that is on Earth now was before 1970. (As in thousands of years ago beyond 1970?) No, just in the 20th century. ”

Laron – “They were created by scientists?”
Lai – “Yes, then there are the bad group, bad for you, not bad for us. (Is that the cabal?) You have to tell me what that word means to you. (I explain to them that it’s a label given to a negative group of people on Earth) Yes, you can use that word. Yes, so they also gave this to the powerful people. They gave them hope of certain things. A lot of the powerful people of Earth know there is no religion and that we are creating everything, they know it from years ahead of the rest of the people.

So they just want the others, the people to stay in the fear based system so others don’t think more than this. They want to keep them busy with work, to give them beliefs, like everything that you do. (Like through the control of Government, and media?) Yes, and through culture. It’s just like those who are into fashion, one item is very special, while somebody else doesn’t see the value. So they created alternate belief systems that people can choose from, to be busy with, to get pleasure.

But ultimately, nobody gets pleasure through everything they do. It just helps those who like more arts and more fashion, they ultimately push themselves to find their spiritual path, which is happening right now. It’s not in their control any more. So the device, you asked about the device. They manipulated time. They manipulated the event. They tried to stop events after they know. The bad thing about the information is that many of you predict and feel that something is going to happen and when they know it, they stop that thing. ”

Laron – “Is it based upon the predictions people are making?”
Lai – “Yes. They also search. They have tools, searching every website. And possibly all of you are there on their list, but not personally, it’s the information they get from there, they get a prediction and they try to interfere. They can only do about 1-3 a year. Sometimes if they succeed to stop one event, the new few events do not proceed to happen. So don’t get worried that they stopped all, they just stopped one.”

Laron – “Are they still doing that now?”
Lai – “They are getting frustrated and confused, day after day. They are trying to.”

Laron – “Is it important for us to know the timing of when the New Earth will occur?”
Lai – “If you tell, they will stop it.”

Laron – “Is that the main reason why we shouldn’t share that knowledge?”
Lai – “You should not share it. There could be other predictions which are wrong.”

Laron – “What about the information that the negative ones have been doing?”
Lai – “It’s ok to share because once you put this information out, a lot of you can put positive energy around, to stop them. But don’t get in a fight with them. Ignore them. Be happy and then send good energies every day. This will help. If we put that out, maybe many people will try to send the energies, opposite to what they are doing. That is good. As ultimately they will know it.”

Laron – “Do the big earth changes have to happen for the shift to happen?”
Lai – “Not in every possibility, but at least three big ones will happen. Very big. Very huge earthquakes, followed by something, as if it will feel like the Earth is ending but there is nothing to worry about.”

Laron – “Is that in May?”
Lai – “Right now we cannot tell you because the previous step did not happen.”

Laron – “What was the previous step?”
Lai – “The previous step would be smaller Earthquakes in places that not many people are effected.”

In relation to what I say below, I noticed a lot of unusual earthquakes around the middle of April in unusual locations, as well as the series of larger ones.

Laron – “There has been a lot of Earthquake activity recently. So I thought that may be…”
Lai – “So then this happened, and there will be bigger ones. And also a volcano. But in two different places.”

Laron – “Is it important for us to know where?”
Lai – “It’s not important.”

Laron – “I thought it’s probably a bad idea to share that, because if some people are listening {reading} that they may try and stop it somehow, is that true?”
Lai – “Yes.”

Laron – “Are they able to stop Earth changes? For example, can they stop a large earthquake if they know where it is going to happen?”
Lai – “No, they cannot stop a big one directly. Normally they try very early on. (With smaller ones?) Yes. If the smaller ones have already happened, they cannot stop them anymore. They can manipulate the time, but they don’t know how it works. They just try it. (Blindly?) Yeah. They are just hitting a wall… to fix a window. Like hitting a computer, to fix it. A good example is that you turn off your computer when you cannot handle a program. It’s like that, they switch on and off, (time manipulation technology?) yeah, but they cannot control it. They don’t know how to.”

Laron – “There is information that has come out saying that the technology that they are using is going to break down, is that true?”
Lai – “Yes. (When?) Already started, but by May or June. I don’t see its existence after July. Just before when we explained the analogy about the computer, we meant that they are not turning on and off the machine, it’s their approach that is like that. So it’s like you restart a computer. Their approach to an event is something like that. They don’t know how, but they are manipulating.”

Laron – “Is it important for Lai and myself to keep safe when the changes happen?”
Lai – “Please wait. {30 seconds pass} You can ask more questions, what kind of information?”

Laron – “There will be big changes that will occur on the Earth so is it important that Lai and myself know of these changes so that we do not lose our lives?”
Lai – “You’re aware of that, so you will be already taking different choices so you won’t face that.”

Laron – “So when the time comes, we will know what to do beforehand and we will be safe?”
Lai – “It’s important to keep happier because then you choose different sets of options and if you stay in the worry, and trying to prevent loss of life on certain things, don’t try and do that as then you will lose your guidance. You won’t be able to receive all the information because you will be troubled by the things that may happen.”

Laron – “Have Lai and I made up our minds to stay or to go?”
Lai – “To stay on Earth? (Yes) Lai chose to go, not stay. And you… have you chosen to stay? Because you’re supposed to go.”

Laron – “I am supposed to?”
Lai – “Did you decide to stay? It seems you decided to stay. Because at first you were supposed to go.”

The funny thing is, I had recently decided to stay and they knew this without me telling them. The reason I had decided to stay, if by chance there was actually going to be an event coming up and that I would have a choice, related to me having a belief around being available to help others who were left behind.

Laron – “So the plan is for me to go?”
Lai – “Yes. You chose the plan first to go.”

Laron – “When the shift happens?”
Lai – “Yes. (This year?) Yes. (Have I changed my mind?) You changed it seems. You changed once, and then right now. So you have two options. (So I still have the option? Is that what they are saying, I still have the option? When the time comes, will I decide then, or can I decide before?) You can decide before. It’s better to decide before so that you don’t waste energy on that. Because once you have decided, the set of options is less to consider. As every time we think, we are carrying that energy. So our energy is freer.”

Again, they were correct when they said ‘and then right now.‘ As when I heard that my actual plan was to go, all along, I didn’t feel the pressure of having to stay and I considered actually going right then. Leading up to this day in my life, I wasn’t sure if I was meant to go or stay or what… and I simply wanted to do the best thing, the right thing that would benefit other people as much as I could, if a situation came up that this choice actually related to.

Laron – “If we go, then how do we go? What is the process we experience here?”
Lai – “How do you want to go? {Again I am finding this amusing} (Are they asking?) Yes. We want to ask that the first idea that you and others, from here, pick you up. (That was the plan originally?) Yes, right. But if it feels funny, then it will be difficult to do that for us. (If we doubt it, or if we are scared?) If you doubt it. (Does that apply to both of us?) Yes. It applies to everyone. That those who chose to go… (Volunteers?) Yes. Rescue comes. But the physical environment influences you every day. Maybe some work or maybe a part of a movie or comedy changes some frequency, or some vibrations, and that thought feels not as believable as it used to be. So it will be more work again.”

Laron – “I think you have an understanding of us now, our energy now, and I think you will probably have the confidence about what we will want to do.”
Lai – “Yeah, but mostly you will want to go that way, that way in the craft. (That’s right, that’s the preferred way for me. That would also fulfil beliefs I have and it would be nice to experience that.) That is the clear way, that is what you chose. (It would be nice to have the proof finally)

I don’t specifically ask any questions for Lai at this point, as I am familiar already with what he wants to do in relation to this line of questioning. At this stage, we are running out of time so I move on to some additional questions. Some which are health related for Lai

The below information has been added by Lai, which he wrote after the session in relation to the above section.

“I saw the machine they use to do time manipulate. It is like a vehicle too. 8 people sit in the vehicle.  It is round. It uses a crystal like something too. Though a lot of outsiders help around it from the outside, just like what happens in a space station. They wanted to use it to travel vast spaces in split seconds but it can also travel time. The future is not set and is blank so what they do is look at current predictions for the future, then they create something there which contradicts the prediction. So in real life they are not changing the future because the future did not happen yet, but then they are messing up with the collective vibrations of people on Earth so that the people cannot reach to the future they were thinking of. 

The device became functional in the early 20th century but has been rapidly used after 1955. Here I saw that lots of discoveries has been suppressed after 1970 by intentionally pushing academia in the wrong way and controlling it also. So we don´t see many great discoveries after 1970’s other than the computer and technology. Biology, physics and chemistry have been suppressed so that we get stuck in the same ideas and keep analysing and be stuck in the same circle. This is intentional by some people but there are now already 2 generations absolutely being trained and believed to do that so with the lack of new knowledge in biology, physics and chemistry, not much development will happen in engineering or medical science. However they don´t know that developments in the IT field due to the similarities of virtual worlds and vibrational worlds, will create more spiritual beings. 

(In relation to the populace being controlled through various means) I meant that they created details about different practices which humans adopt in their belief systems. Like the fashion industry… where only a follower understands it more and has more meanings of fashion with seasons, gourmet industry etc. As each of these generates creativity these also can limit people in being so busy of having a life and surviving or striving that they are kept busy and don´t think about life or the purpose of life. People adopt these belief systems and lots of these industries are created by those bad people to give something for everyone to be busy with. 

The Back Pain

I wanted to include this information as it shows that even if an issue is said to be healed in an earlier session, it’s not always as simple as that. Lai came to me originally with a number of health issues, one of them concerned pain he was receiving from time to time, in the center area of his back opposite his heart. Some detailed information came through explaining what was the cause of that that within the second session.

Originally the pain had gone after the second session last year, but the pain has since returned and we wanted to revisit why it was still there so we could try and heal in again.

Laron – “Lai still has that pain and coldness in his back, can you make that go away now? Go away forever?”
Lai – “He chose that he will work it out and make it go away. (How?) He has to discover new techniques with you or by himself. Because he has put it on his work list, that he wants to figure it out. By doing that he will understand healing more. But when he has bad pain he can talk to you and it will go away fast, if he wants instant relief. He wants to overcome it finding his own way and techniques so that he can help other people in the future as well.”

Lai has plans to learn Reiki from me in the future.

A Grand Meeting – Confirmation

The below question I asked is related to a friend’s dream from back in August 2013, which you may have seen included in my Article, ‘The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift‘. I wanted some confirmation around it being a valid experience as I consider it important information that came to me and which I have referred to a number of times before via my blog.

The actual article describing this dream is, ‘A Grand Meeting‘.  I have always believed the dream to be an astral based experience.

 – “A friend of mine had a dream in Melbourne last year, in August. It was about a meeting, a gathering of various beings, volunteers, ascended masters and so on. I want to know if that was a real experience. The meeting was based around a discussion about the time of the shift being moved and what they could do to make it happen sooner.”
Lai – “Yes it was a real meeting.”

Laron – “Was it accurately described within the experience?”
Lai – “She was in a real meeting. That meeting was more with the… not here. (I think it was an astral experience) Yes. It is not with us, it is with the other beings. See we are more the maintenance of not only your planet but everyone’s, but that meeting was not with us, or anybody higher. It was with other beings who are higher vibrational which can help Earth. It included the Pleiadians and other groups. One thing would be to not interpret dreams right away, but to write them down and then interpret them after.”

Laron – “As in advice for everybody?”
Lai – “Yes. And interpret it after four or five hours. That really helps as in the early stages, sometimes past experiences and feelings can interfere. It’s good to let somebody else interpret it as well, and then come back to it. Together you can interpret it with the friend after they have interpreted it. It will then be very useful. Compare and then come to a conclusion together. If one of you has a negative vibration about it, and the other positive, this dream will not come true easily. So both of you will be swinging in-between, the energies, so later in the end, even though the person who feels negative can add up all the positive integration from the other person and agree to do that, then its closed so it can be very good for everyone.

The Pleiadian Connection

I wanted to ask this question as a month or so ago, I ran into two sources who told me I have a connection to the Pleiadian’s. One of these two sources is someone I have a lot of trust in now. I also intuitively felt there was some truth to this, but I never felt that I was actually a Pleiadian.

I have also never felt that I was a ‘starseed’ and I have never resonated with using that word. So I have had some confusion around this and wanted a clarification. Note that in part one and two of Lai’s session, there is more information that comes up around my possible existence in the grid.

 – “Do I have a connection to the Pleiadians?”
Lai – “Yes.”

Laron – “Do I have a simultaneous existence there?”
Lai – “Please wait. We see something. We are looking for words. Are you a Pleiadian? No. Are you there? Yes.  You are there to exchange knowledge. You know they are interacting with humans here, but then the being you send your information to, the other you here in the grid, and that information is given there {Pleiadians}so a part of you is there now to represent a lot of humans. And you also understand them so you took a form like them. ”

Laron – “When you say a part of me, do you mean a part of me from the grid?”
Lai – “Yes.”

Laron – “So a part of my energy has separated or moved from there, like I am here on Earth, is that the same situation?”
Lai – “Yes.”

Laron – “How much energy in comparison to the amount of energy I have here is over there? {With the Pleiadians}”
Lai – “A lot.”

Laron – “So I would have more with the Pleiadians than I do have here? More energy and consciousness?”
Lai – “Right now, yes. But previously it was not so much. But you always knew that. Because now you have work to do there, you took a form like them.”

Laron – “Do they understand what I am?”
Lai – “Yes. Because you were invited. (Did they invite me?) Yes. Another way, from here you can contact them if you want to. Here, do a meditation, ask for them. Be general as you already know you are there. ”

Laron – “Would I be connecting to them or would I be connecting to myself?”
Lai – “Connecting to them. Because now you’re here. So they will need the perspectives of here. See the part in Pleiades, the one you are, they will not interact with that and give you information about that to this you. (They need to interact with me here?) Yeah, so if they give you, to this you, it would only be this you and them. But you can get more about them from the other you who is there. (Can I connect with the other me if I want to?) Yes. I mean sometimes that you will see you already know something about them. (Because the other I knows it?) Yes. Because you asked a question and the other you knew it.”

That was complicated. Below is some additional information Lai provided me after the session in relation to this.

Laron has been there for 5 months in Pleiades or 17 months. I don´t know why I get confused with 12 months addition here. First felt 5 then felt 17. 


Laron – “I am going to ask for them to recede now.”
Lai – “Don’t forget us.”

Laron – “Do they have a message for us before they go?”
Lai – “Remember and think. Think and connect. We can be reached by you. Everybody can be reached by anyone, because there are those like the Pleiadians and others. Everyone will have someone to guide them all the time. If you want the grid, since you know us, you can ask especially. That is all.”

In relation to what was said above, everyone has guides that assist them. Volunteers also have guides but sometimes their guides are actually more directly connected with the Pleiadians or the other groups of beings, in addition to the standard guides from the spirit world that have the role of being with us during our Earth incarnations. If we ask for assistance, assistance will be there in some form, depending on who we are and where we come from.

After this session, Lai came out of it experiencing a loss of time. He felt that only about half the time had passed in comparison to the total amount of time he had his eyes closed for. He also explained the energetic sensations he had within his legs that moved up his body. During the session I sensed that he had a great connection going on with the collective consciousness and also before that when he was on his own, discussing the various experiences. He told me that he was not tired, just a little bit stiff from laying there for so long. He seemed very energised.

I was tired, as it takes a lot of focus and concentration I find, to direct the flow of the session in certain ways through the questions asked and the instructions given. I do rely on my intuition a lot during that process. I also perform some energy work (similar to healing) and really focus in from time to time during the session to assist with the connection of the client and with any blocks they may run into. I have certain images and thoughts come to me during the client’s experience, and this can relate to the questions I ask sometimes.

During the session I would monitor his body for reactions to make sure he is not only physically comfortable, but also so that can I determine the state of consciousness he is in. His breathing changes when he is connected to the grid consciousness and also when he moves between experiences. It can be an indicator to me so that I know when he has left a scene or strong experience.

I could discuss and go over the finer details of a number of topics and things that were said during this session. But I am not going to do that. This is the information that came through and I wanted to share it with everyone. Some of this information is what you may expect to find in a published book, but I did not want to keep it to myself and sit on it for years for when I may possibly write one. I believe it’s crucial to release now because of its contents. I could have broken it up and kept parts of it for another article, or book at a future date but I think that having it all together gives it a lot of perspective, as I believe it flows together quite well. If you have not read the first two sessions, I recommend you do check them out.

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