Multiverse, Grid Consciousness, In-Between, Karma & More | The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 2

This is part two of the Cosmic Journey of Lai series, based on information obtained through the Quantum Healing Hypnosis past life regression method originally taught by Dolores Cannon. I conducted this session with Lai back in early 2013.

Main Topics Covered

  • The creation of multiple realities based upon our desires and emotions which later influence us energetically.
  • Additional detailed information on the Grid including the role that the beings on the grid play with catastrophic events on planets.
  • A future experience on Earth after a disaster and the regrowth of life and consciousness.
    Touching on where souls go after a physical life in the Universe.
  • Karma as explained by the grid consciousness.

We decided that it would be beneficial to have a second session as Lai had forgotten one health issue he wanted to be addressed, and also had more questions to ask. We both had a strong interest in ‘The Grid’ and wanted to learn more about it.

While I have been able to help Lai in a number of ways, from his health to answering some very important questions about his life, some of which I have not made public, I feel that one of the important reasons he came to me was so that we both could learn about the grid, see how it functions and understand its importance in relation to our system of life and existence.

Those of you that have been following here, you would have come to understand my fascination and my heavy research into the cycles within the Mayan Calendar and the Astrological Age which relate directly to the 2012 phenomenon. Part of that investigation was finding out about the earth changes which occur during the turn of these cycles.

Lai is shown a number of experiences which relate to such situations in Earth’s past and one experience is shown for a future time period around the year 2022. This is really fascinating because the information coming up reminds me of certain aspects of the webbot’s Global Coastal Event prediction, which are yet to occur.

Don’t miss the notes section at the end which has a relation to this as well.

There is some higher level information coming through within this session, especially when Lai starts communicating with the consciousness of the beings in the grid, and also when they start talking through him, as you will find out below.

This is the longest continuous session I have done. The general rule is not to go over an hour and a half. I think this ended up being about two and a half hours. I felt that it was acceptable to continue on and finish what we had started and I was being very mindful of the time. I checked in with Lai after the session and directly asked him if he was feeling OK because of the length of the session. He said he was fine and that it was similar to the first session, which was around an hour and a half.

He also said he didn’t remember much, which is what is to be expected when the trance state comes up. He did say that he was surprised of how much time had passed as he had little recollection of most of the movement of time within the session.

He was off having many experiences and I believe he was actually visiting specific locations, in a practical sense, not just seeing images, but actually a part of him being in those locations during certain parts of this session.

* * *

The Tsunami and the Craft

Laron – “What’s the first thing you see?”
Lai – “I see water and a bridge. I am looking at the bridge from far away. The bridge is made with stone. I see a boy, but I don’t know if I am that boy or not because I see from the outside. (What is he wearing?) He is wearing a cap… clothes for winter. Boots. (How old do you think he is?) He is seven years old. He is curious to look at the water. I think he spoke with his father earlier today.”

Laron – “Do you know what they spoke about?”
Lai – “He didn’t go to school, so his father spoke to him and tried to make him feel guilty that he didn’t go to school. I think that later the… the people are all dead now. There is a village nearby and water, and a flood… killed all the people. There was a storm also. The night before the storm there was a full moon. It looked so peaceful and the next day there was a huge flood. (Was it caused by the ocean?) No, they are far away from the ocean, a bit higher, the land. (Is it rain that caused the flood?) There were tides… from the ocean. It was like a tsunami that came. This looked natural, and suddenly in a few hours everything happened. There were more tides but it increased so quickly… this was planned, so it looks like a natural thing.”

Laron – “Do you know what year it might be?”
Lai – “I saw 1873. (Do you know the name of the place or the country?) Near England. Now I know that I came here to watch this. I know it was going to be destroyed so I came here… I came with others. (Now many?) Five, so there were six of us. I think I was watching it, now I know as I am in a vehicle. The others know that this was going to happen. I don’t know the difference… did we cause it or are we just watching it.

Laron – “What do the others look like? Can you see them?”
Lai – “Right now I cannot see them. After I look at them they disappeared. They vanished because I wanted to look at them. (Are you able to ask them why it occurred?) I know that we did this… that it had to happen. We came to do this. It’s part of a plan, but I don’t know exactly why. It looks… it was all planned in this vehicle, in this ship.”

Laron – “Do you get a sense of what the vehicle looks like?”
Lai – “I see many controls, many screens. (Are you in like a control room?) Yes. I saw in the top view here, where the water would come from. (Are you looking at a screen or an image or out a window?) I am looking at an image. The size of the screen is about sixty inches in length and twenty four inches in height. (Are the controls physical buttons) Yes. One is like a gear in a car, and on the top it’s like a snooker ball, red. Then there are some buttons… nothing written on the buttons but there was lights inside them. Some are pink. There are a lot. (How large is the room?) It’s so large. About four times the size of a standard bedroom.”

Laron – “What happens next after the water took the lives of the people? What do you do?”
Lai – “I have to go now. The next plan is to go. That’s what I know. (Do you know the shape of the craft?) No as I am inside. On the wall there are extensions, like shelves. There are angles… also windows. Inside it’s like a hexagon, as in the shape as the room. (Is there a door there?) Yes, I see a door, it’s closed. (What about the floor?) It looks like tiles. There is a design on the floor. White and blue. It reminds me of a church that I have seen before in Barcelona… similar designs. On the roof of the Church there. There are small stones that look like tiles… this reminds me of that. There are so many things to look at. There’s a new moon. (So it’s all part of the floor?) Yes.”

Gaudi Blue Tile - Multiverse, Grid Consciousness, In-Between, Karma & More
Lai supplied this image as examples of what the floor of the craft was similar to. See inside the red square.

Laron – “How are you feeling after that event?”
Lai – “I was wondering why this was going to happen… but then I know it was the plan so it’s OK.”

I move him ahead.

A Home Lost

Lai – “I don’t know where I am now, but there are very high waves. I am in the vehicle above the ocean. I am looking through an opening, like a balcony on the craft. The vehicle is hovering and there are huge waves. (Can you see a coast?) Only the water. (Are they the biggest waves you have seen?) Yes, the biggest ever. For a while I didn’t realise they were waves… because they were so big. The waves are moving fast. I see four waves. They are moving from right to left in front of mine. This is a different location to before.”

Laron – “Is anyone with you or are you by yourself?”
Lai – “There was, but now I can’t see them. (What happens now?) Sometimes the waves are moving through my body… I am not in the water or on the water, because I am not moving with the waves. But sometimes the waves are going so high that part of them are going through my body. {Hard for him to explain} (Are they touching the vehicle?) Yes. (Do you think you may be experiencing what it is like to be the wave?) Yes.”

Laron – “Do you know why you are there?”
Lai – “I used to live here on the land. Now the land is gone. (Did the waves come and cover the land?) Yes. I used to live here.

Moving ahead.

Regrowth on a Future Earth

Lai – “I see a very quiet place. It’s very beautiful. It’s a beach. Now on my left up in the sky, I see a round energy… like a circle, but its moving. I think I came through there. It’s still there. Its blue and white and golden. It’s like electricity moving. There is a round circle moving from the right to the left, there are lights coming out of it, like lightning around it. I can hear it as well. I came through there. When I’m looking at it I know I came through there but I don’t remember coming through. (Is there a beach) Yes, this is a beach where I am. The sand is brownish, not white. It’s still beautiful. I know I have to grow things here. (Did you just arrive?) Yes.

Laron – “When you say grow things, do you mean creating using energy?”
Lai – “Yes. Anything. But plants… now there is only grass nearby. Its flat land here. Far away there the landscape is rocky. It looks like nothing was here. Towards the ocean there is nothing to see. Even the clouds are strange here. (Are they a long way up?) The clouds are very far up… they are in strait lines. They are strange, like pieces of paper. Like the trails of planes. They are not dense. So I have to grow life here. There used to be life here before.

Laron – “What happened?”
Lai – “There was a disaster of something. This was Earth and then there were disasters that occurred… why everything that is gone is because of the disaster. We didn’t choose to do this… there is a program and conditions, that after people do certain things and then… there were… {Trouble explaining} now I know there is a long list of things that people do, and after these events past, such as pollution, the state of the environment, certain experiments, there was a threshold. ”

Laron – “So the civilisation that was there, they did many things that were on the list and they progressed to a certain level based upon events, possibly around technological advancement or miss use and then the disasters occurred?”
Lai – “Yes. Certain technological levels. They didn’t use technology in the right ways, to destroy… they also lied to the people so they were not aware. So in the end it caused problems. (Do you know who this is?) This is us… I feel… the ocean when I came here, and everything it’s… {Trouble explaining} It’s in our future. I can see important dates but I don’t know the date now. 2022 I see. Now is 2022 where I am. August the 19th. The people are dead now. Not everyone on the Earth is dead, there are survivors. I know I have to grow plants with energy. I have to check the water.”

Laron – “Do you test the water to make sure it’s healthy?
Lai – “Yes. (How?) I touch the water… I put it on my face. I taste it with my tongue. And I… I have to… {Amusement} tell the water to be… (To change to the right way?) Yes. Just tell the water… I have to tell the water. This won’t change all the water, only the water in this area. I have to do this because there are survivors and they will come out. Right now the state of the water is not good for them. So maybe there is radiation… I don’t know where they are now. I know there are survivors but before we bring them out, we have to fix this.”

Laron – “What do you do next?”
Lai – “What I have to do is remind the Earth… I mean the ground… the land here, I have to remind the land that it used to be how before. Like it has no memory and if I remind it, if I give it to it, it will start acting like that. (Does it have a consciousness?) Yes. The land and the water have a separate… memory, like a consciousness. Another way to explain it is that I remind it. I have a square box with me. I open the box. It’s a perfect square like a cube. It’s brown. (How do you open it Do you just tell it to open?) Yes. When I want to open it, it opens. There are memories inside, these are only for the Earth. The land is so big… to do things quickly, I am using this box because the consciousness of the land is far away now. I have to go very far because it’s in another place. Before that, I wanted to start doing some work here so that is why I am here.”

Laron – “Do you know why it is in another place? Did it leave?”
Lai – “Yes. It is in an off mode. (Did it try and save itself) It’s like… the consciousness is far away inland, and now there is only a rocky area there, like a desert. (Is it like an energy centre there?) Yes, it’s like a light that is spinning. (You can sense it?) Yes. I can see it also. (Is it above the ground?) Yes, it touches the ground too, there is something connected to the ground. (Does it go inside?) Yes. It’s like a spinning top that children play with. It’s like a round thing on a pole and the pole is connected to the Earth, but the pole is light. It’s spinning from my left to the right. There are different lights coming off of it, yellow, green, red. Its spinning so fast that it’s transparent because of the speed.”

Laron – “Do you think the energy pulled back in on itself to that far away location? (Yes)
Lai – “I have to tell the energy that it’s safe now, the energy of the land. The energy is masculine. In the location before, the land near the water, I reminded it but didn’t give the box to the land. In this larger energy centre, I give the box to the land. It took it all. There are commands in the box.”

Laron – “What did the energy of the water feel like? Was is feminine?”
Lai – “The water energy was very sensitive. The Earth was very defensive. The land got hurt… it was waiting to be activated. (How long was it waiting?) Two years. (Do you feel the land was more impacted and damaged?) The land was more damaged. Things changed. Even after this it still… me and others have to grow everywhere, now the land has its consciousness back, the land will respond everywhere and people have to activate it.”

Laron – “So because you worked with the energies there, does it also have to be done in other places?”
Lai – “No more places, this is the only one. (What about the other continents?) Yes, those places someone else has to work with. (It may relate to the energy centres of the Earth) Now that it’s activated, many people came, like me to help with the land. Survivors can be trained to grow things. I have to train them.”

Laron – “What do the survivors look like?”
Lai – “They are like humans. (Do they look healthy?) No. Some are now near me. There is a man with a grey beard. They are afraid to come out in the light. They can see me now. I told them to come out. There is a little girl. Their hair is very messy. The girl has skin disease near her lips. (Maybe its radiation?) Yes. Even her fingers look sick. They are shading their eyes from the Sun. It’s too sunny now, I didn’t realise it before. Now I am healing the girl. There are others. The girl is very curious and eager. (Not so afraid?) Yes. She knew that someday everything would be good.”

Laron – “Did she know you were coming?”
Lai – “She believed something good was going to happen. She is about six years old I think. She had heard stories of the Earth, of how it was before. She was born before the disaster but grew up like this so she didn’t see outside much. She heard stories… she saw pictures, I’m not sure. She’s heard stories from a woman. Her Mum died. That woman told them stories about how the Earth used to look like. How people played. What trees were? She loves trees. She can be a healer if I teach her. She has the same abilities… I can teach her how to grow plants and heal. After the land gained back consciousness, we have to go to many places. I have something similar to seeds with me and we go to those places and we place the seeds there. With intention we wish from the hart and request that the land grows those seeds and things will start growing. People have to do this and they grow quickly in this manner.”

Laron – “So you plant them and they grow very fast?”
Lai – “Yes. There are many children here now. They came from underground. On the side of a hill… they used to be here. Like a tunnel. (Like a bunker perhaps?) I didn’t see… I don’t want to go in. Yes, so they are growing now. I heal more people now.”

Laron – “What happens next?”
Lai – “The girl is already grown up. She is about 14 now. I really like her as she has had the most desire and intention to see…. even before when she was in the caves. She’s accepting to me and she teaches the others. She comes to me to ask lots of questions. She is even… she is always finding something happy to do. She is even making plans of where to grow each plant. She wants to make it beautiful… not to just grow them. She also goes to the water…. I think I did come back after a period of time now. When I was not there, she would communicate with me in her mind. Sometimes she would get frustrated with the people because they are optimistic, even the older ones and some her age. She is the special one in this community. (With her abilities?) Yes. She doesn’t play with the other kids as she is busy. People are asking her to do many things all the time. She told me that she used to come near the shore when she was feeling lonely and talk to the water. She heard the story from me the first time I came here, so got the idea from that.”

Laron – “Were you the only one who approached the people there?”
Lai – “Yes, here only me. But I think there are other locations with others who helped them. I know that I am only for this area.”

Laron – “Do you know the name of what this place was? Perhaps the people told you?”
Lai – “I know it was Mongolia. But the landscape has changed. I can recall in the vehicle this. So Asia is split. (Some land is covered with water?) Yes. It is difficult… I cannot process what I see when comparing it with the current World. Below that I can see Australia very far away. The girl looks like… her skins very dry, like peeling off. Her hair turned brown because of the Sun. The things that she learnt, she really pushed more… than other humans. (She tried hard?) Yes. She has so much good intention. She even grew new life, new creatures in the water. (She created them?) Yes. {Amusement} She created creatures who tell her that ‘you are so beautiful’ and things like ‘we love you’. They are like jellyfish, but very loving. They don’t really know how to move by themselves, they move with the current. They talk. (Telepathically?) Like whispers. Possibly telepathic, but if somebody channels … can hear the wind, like whispering softly, ‘you are so beautiful’. (Did she tell them to say that to all the people?) Yes. (So they help all the people?) Yes. She asks me about other people in other places, what they look like. ”

Laron – “What happens next after you teach them those things and spend time with them?”
Lai – “I have to watch after her, and look after her. She is our future… I mean, not the people where I am from. (Is she one of you were the grid is?) She is a human. I am not human but she is. I don’t understand the physical world as much as she does, because I only… (You just come to visit) Yes. I feel love for the physical…things, but I don’t feel any more. She feels more and knows what humans can need, but I don’t understand that. She now tells me that if I can take her for a ride and show her things… and I’m thinking should I do that. I cannot do that I think. I can… but am I allowed to? It’s not allowed I think. She is not ready yet… (Maybe when she’s older?) Yes maybe. (When she has more knowledge?) Yes.”

Time to move on…

The Return to the Grid

Laron – “Where are you now?”
Lai – “Now I am in the grid. In the sphere. I see the number 11, like a digital display. I think I put it there as a trigger. I think it was a trigger to remind me of this place. Right now I don’t have to do something specific, I am just being here.”

Laron – “Is there anyone there?”
Lai – “Yes, so many of them. The beings are made of light. They look very busy today.”

Laron – “Is there one nearby you can talk to? To answer questions?”
Lai – “Yes, there is one. I asked for one but there is now more. {Amusement} They say that I can ask questions. It’s not like humans, one and one, they are all and one. So anyone can answer. (Do you mean they are connected, all together?) Yes. So anybody will answer.

Grid - Multiverse, Grid Consciousness, In-Between, Karma & More
An image that Lai found online which is similar to what the grid is like

Laron – “Can you ask them to explain what that place is?”
Lai – “This is the workplace for the Universe. They are ‘maintenance’.

Laron – “Do they look after the whole universe?”
Lai – “Yes. Everything. Everything that you humans can think of. They maintain more than that. Everything.”

Laron – “Everything that exists?”
Lai – “Yes. Time, space.”

Just note that because of a number of factors, sometimes an explanation can be lost in translation.

What I mean here is that sometimes a word or terminology may be used which may not actually be the correct word, or term. In this line of questioning right now, I think that the knowledge and understanding of Lai, as a human, along with English not being his first language, has had an impact on some of the explanations coming through.  (I do not mean his level of intelligence as he is very intelligent) In this case, the word dimension is used, but I quickly realise that it is not the correct word, so just follow the conversation and you will see it develop and grow so that the actual explanation is better understood in the end.

Laron – “So just not physical universe, dimensions above that?”
Lai – “Yes. You have more access to dimensions than us. You asked about dimensions, this place is more for time and space, in the grid, and also dimensions. The words in my mouth are coming as ‘we’. Should I say we? (Yes. Just say what they say if you want). We don’t have to maintain dimensions much, because you create dimensions. (Humans create dimensions?) Yes, more often by thinking and they don’t realise. They have more access to dimensions than the grid. The grid is very helpful for time and space very quickly to go and comeback, but the dimensions… even you go and feel but you don’t… know.”

Laron – “How do we create these dimensions? By our decisions being made or by other means?”
Lai – “By desires and emotions. Desires and emotions, but sometimes they come from decisions. So any decisions that have desires and emotions. If a sad little girl got scolded and she cries, and then somebody shouts at her very loudly that her being automatically wants to move to another place… (Like to run away?) Yes. Sometimes when people physically run away, it doesn’t happen, but say she is in the corner of the room and someone is shouting at her, and then she exists she will be someone else, and that is the time she creates something else.”

Laron – “Is dimension the correct word? Or would it be another reality or another version of existence?”
Lai – “Another version of existence would be the correct term.”

Laron – “But within the same third dimension? So that multiple realities get created?”
Lai – “It gets created in a non-physical space, in your perspective. It then attracts and influences the current physical space. (Like a thought form?) Yes, but it really exists, only you don’t see and live it, and touch it physically. It’s like a blueprint, another blueprint. As soon as they create the blueprint it starts affecting the current physical reality. (And influences into that current reality?) Yes. ”

A few days after this session, Lai sent along this message to me – “I have to let you know that when you asked about the 4th dimension or something, they were laughing with each other about you. They showed a number 5. But I didn’t know what to answer because they weren’t answering through my speech like some other questions.”

I would take the above to mean that the decisions which get created exist in the 5th dimension which makes a lot of sense to me. I don’t take any offence at hearing they were laughing at me… it makes me laugh knowing that!

Laron – “How long does it last for? Or does that depend?”
Lai – “That depends. Many humans create these and forget, so they are always there. The affect does not come into their physical life because they are not remembering them. So they are there, every thought, everything is there… exists.”

At this point Lai consciously asks me if he should give control to them to speak and I tell him that if he is comfortable with that then he can do that. He has been aware that he has been saying what they have wanted him to say and that sometimes he can get in the way of the information, but knows that they can take control and speak without him having to do anything, like he would be stepping aside.

I feel that the connection is very strong now with the beings interacting with us. You may be thinking that this is an important responsibility to facilitate such a connection and that is true, but it feels very comfortable and safe to me. It seems to come naturally and what is occurring is not unusual, strange or weird. I accept what it is in the moment and greatly enjoy the experience and opportunity.

Laron – “Can you ask if the grid is where Lai comes from?”
Lai – “Lai was saved from a different planet. (Like in the other session? The memory of the event?) Yes. That was an exception. He was created to be on that planet. On that planet he had no family. They had physical forms. They didn’t have sexual… or breeding. They are people, but they would grow others if they needed to or had the intention.

At this stage I notice the physical reactions of Lai’s body and in combination with what he is saying, I can determine that the group consciousness on the grid is talking through him directly.

Laron – “They would create themselves through energy?”
Lai – “Yes. They would choose their creation and everyone would gather and send the intention together. It takes time. They don’t have the power like us on the grid, to create instantly, so they need to send like an application and we then assist. So they wanted someone that was better than then .They only create someone that is better than then. So he was there before the destruction. He was always more connected. (During that life?) Yes. He knew that someone was going to come to save him. He just knew it, and demanded it so much. So the others on the planet were not destroyed… they had no more work to do. So the others… it’s like they were deleted and everything was deleted as well, from the water and storms so that no trace of their activities existed anymore.”

As you will see if you continue reading, the word deleted is not the correct word that should be used as they still exist in the end after I clear that up. But it goes to show you that we shouldn’t take language so literally when examining and being presented with such information as this. Its best to have an open mind and accept that there may be other possibilities to explanations, if certain explanations don’t sit well with us by contradicting other information or simply by not making any sense.

Laron – “Who’s’ decision was it to bring the water?”
Lai – “Partially there’s. But actually it was ours. We give them options. They can think only in those options but they are not aware of that. They did not have free will.”

Laron – “Was the purpose of their existence on that planet for them to grow spiritually? To grow? (Yes) Is that how it works? {Long pause} There must be a purpose as I am sure they would not like to be ‘deleted’.”
Lai – “They had physical existence at that time, to grow. They had the opportunity to go to a different experience after that world. Lai was safe from the death process. Lai has very strong faith. When he asks for help, he was saved and then he brought to the grid. In the grid everybody has a role and a purpose.

Laron – “Lai was shown his experiences beforehand such as being taught and growing plants.”
Lai – “Yes he was sent to different places, but he had never actually had a life, a full life with a birth. The first time is now on Earth. This is the first time that he came naturally. Everyone else before now that he was sent to was visitations and he was trained to do certain things.”

Laron – “Would Lai be called an advanced soul?”
Lai – “He is different. This is his first full life. He was different, he was a better version on that planet. But they made him like that intentionally. He did not have the choice when that occurred on that planet. Because he didn’t die and join a soul group, he is kept here because he wants to. We sent him to do work and which was easier because he had that physical experience before. He chose to go to the various visitations. Every time was a visit to those places.”

Laron – “How many has he had?”
Lai – “He has had hundreds of visits. Then he choose, and we told him that he has the choice to go to Earth, which is hard and a very long assignment. All the visitations are very short, such as a few days. He wanted a challenge and chose to come to Earth. (Was it so that he could grow?) Actually, he never wanted to grow. We offered him and expected him to grow. (The group consciousness there on the grid?) Yes. So on the grid we work like mechanics for the Universe. There are different levels to this.”

The Place For Returning Souls

Laron – “Can you explain the next level above the grid?”
Lai – “There are other centres. There is one centre which is not within the grid such as the centre where returning souls come. (From Earth or from anywhere?) From anywhere in the universe.”

Laron – “What is it like in the centre for the returning souls?”
Lai – “We only with in the grid. The souls that are returning from difference experiences go there. Maintenance for the returning souls is done in this place is done by other beings. They don’t look after universe or time space.”

Laron – “Would this be classified as above the grid or below the grid?”
Lai – “It’s above the grid if you wish it to be termed like that. There is a pipe like line which goes to there. Inside there are resting places. The shape of this place is similar to a beehive which has a light coming out of it. There is an aura around it. It is transparent. If one goes to one cell, inside it is all connected with many ways… like each way as hundreds of ways connected. So one soul goes there. They float there. If they don’t wish to move, they move slowly, if they want to go quickly they can move quickly from place to place through the pipelines. They are like glass tubes.”

Laron – “So depending on how rested they feel, that would impact their decision to move on through there?”
Lai – “Yes. Right.

Laron – “Where do they go when they are ready to leave there?”
Lai – “Normally they don’t go back… the ones that are here don’t want to go back again. (Inside the beehive?) Yes. The ones who just returned, if you want to know about that… I don’t want to go there. (That’s alright) After that they come here in here to rest. Here they feel very rested and energised. If humans meditate and visualise this place, they will feel energised to. The colors here are blue and white and silver. Once you come here it is very beautiful. It feels like liquid sometimes. There are bubbles inside. Sometimes the colours are purple and pink. Sometimes you move slowly… if you have seen a shampoo bottle, a shampoo that is transparent that you see through and if you shake the bottle the bubbles move very slowly, and they are shining, it feels like that.”

After this I realise that Lai was actually visiting this location as he took some time to return to the grid and answer my next questions. In the first session we learnt about some of Lai’s purpose for coming here, which was related to his Mother in this life. His purpose is expanded on below.

Lai’s Life Purpose

Laron – “What other purpose was Lai here for in this life? Why did he come to Earth?”
Lai – “Everything cannot be said. He has to find out. He is on that path though.”

Laron – “Will he have his answers soon?”
Lai – “Not soon, he has to experiment with his thoughts. To change the Earth there are many souls already born. He will be the one that activates others but will not lead. When the others rise and lead, he will decode them. Because everybody has the programs, they have their purpose and they forgot when they were born. He will meet those people by chance. He is just an activator so they will remember. There will be many people. There are many. (That he still has to meet?) Yes. He doesn’t have to meet all of them, just some. So the other souls are special… through their meetings, somehow they will be activated in his presence. So everyone is different and unique, some of them will have very good skills on Earth because they chose, prepared and came. Lai is one of the important ones but not a special one. The other volunteer souls will do more work on Earth and Lai won’t be leading, he will just be there. In his company, the others will get many things… he is a sort of energy vessel for the others.”

One of Lai’s questions was that he finds it hard to communicate with other humans. One example of what this means is that he may not know exactly what he should be saying in a social situation. I am sure a number of you may be able to relate to this question so I think it’s important to include it.

Laron – “He has a lot of trouble communicating with others sometimes. What is the reason for that?”
Lai – “Because he never had a life before as a Human. All the work he had done was short term. He wants this life now to finish quickly as he has never done such a long assignment before. The problem with his communication is because when he is around other people, he often knows what they are thinking and feeling. So he hesitates as he knows multiple alternatives and possibilities that are going to happen within the conversation and interaction at that time. So he gets confused. He has the fear that he was told not to show the skills and most of the time he hides that part of himself, because he doesn’t want to be criticised or laughed at. If he has a full flowing conversation those things will come out, so he keeps hiding and that is what blocks his communications.”

Laron – “What can he do to help with this situation and to improve on his communication?”
Lai – “He can still speak and not hesitate. But there is danger in speaking to everyone about everything. He has to be careful when speaking with new people and at work. It’s important for him to find other souls, other volunteers that came. If he is near them he doesn’t have to be careful. That also solves his purpose. (So he should know who they are? Naturally?) He expects everyone to be that, he is searching all the time. But he has to find out and try meet many people to see who the correct souls are. It’s his nature to expect everyone to be a volunteer so, as that’s his purpose, to go and search who is the volunteer, who is the volunteer, and the volunteer activates and turns powerful. That is why he is searching and searching. But because of his physical Earth life he has to do other work, so it is difficult for him. He wants to keep meeting others as that was his purpose. His task is similar to a dog who smells out the volunteers. He feels happiest in the presence of the volunteers. He feels like this because he was designed like this.

Healing of the Back

The remaining health issue is address with an interesting cause behind it explained.

Laron – “Since Lai was young, he has had a sore upper back right on his spine. This has also caused breathing problems sometimes. What is the source of this? Why does he have it?”
Lai – “A long time ago in the grid, he had to carry a lot of energy and love. The work that he did with the water and the plants, to do that he had to train and carry a lot of love that was plugged in through the back bone near the heart. (The energy centre?) Yes.

Laron – “So when he was working with the growth of the plants and the water, that was where it was directed?”
Lai – “Yes. When he was feeling the love he was lost in the love, so while taking it out… it felt so bad and he got hurt. But the hurt manifested from his mind. When the energy was unplugged suddenly the love supply stopped and he got hurt. So this was the cause.”

Laron – “Does he need to continue feeling this pain? (No) So are you able to take the pain away?
Lai – “Yes. (Can you do that right now?) The hole can be filled with some more energy. (Is that occurring right now?) Yes. (How long will that take?) It’s gone now and he has to delete it from his memory. If he remembers its presence, it can come back. But it won’t be as bad. If he gets it again, it will only be because he thought of it.”

Laron – “If it comes back, should he simply forget? Is there a process he can do to help then?”
Lai – “You can heal him. (How can I?) The way you heal with energy. With energy, with thoughts. You don’t have to be specific, you only need the intention. You know how to do it. (Proximity doesn’t matter does it?) No. But if the people know the time you are healing the person, it is good for them. You can heal.”

Even though I know the answers too many questions I ask, I still need to ask those questions so that the client can have the confirmation of the answer coming through. For example, I asked how I could heal above while already knowing what the answer would be.

The Dream and Karma

Lai told me about a dream he had, the night after the first QHHT session with me. I appeared in the dream while he dreamed about the grid. I thought it would be beneficial for both of us to ask about that dream.

I will also add that I have shown up in a lot of people’s dreams. Sometimes I put in the intention to do just that, to come in for a reason to help, but most of the time its unconscious and not something I have planned or been aware of here on Earth.

The answers that come are not what I was expecting.

– “The dream that Lai had after his last session, I was in it. Can you explain if that was really me?”
Lai – “That was really you. You should know that you are special. That you are another volunteer soul. When we know something, you know it also. Normally you know everything that we know, if you channel, because you are in the physical body… everything is there if you need something. Normally you know many things when you want to know them, because it’s all here. (Because I access that location? The consciousness there?) Yes. So it was you.”

Laron – “Do I exist there simultaneously as I do here?”
Lai – “Yes, simultaneously. You were there, you were always there, and you are only now here. Before this life you were there, you were always many places {trouble explaining…} and now … so you are there, that’s you, that’s the true you and you are just now here.”

Laron – “Am I there right now as well as here right now?”
Lai – “Yes. You are inside the sphere in the bottom right and you are working now. You are different from Lai, you are… more than… your case is an exception. You work, you are like us but we never go to Earth. You chose to work on Earth also, but you are also working here. No one that works here goes there. Only if a soul sometimes volunteers, they come to the grid sometimes and choose, and go through preparation to go. Lai doesn’t do the same work as you, you are exactly like us and you went to Earth which doesn’t happen.”

Lai sent this along a few days after – “When you asked if you were there and then I saw you were there and then you took a form and you were controlling something. So you smiled once and then you went back to the corner of a grid that you were busy with at that moment as if you were not really interested to answer. So I didn’t see you anymore and the others were answering about you. Different of them were answering at different times.

Laron – “Is Lai also working there now doing important things?”
Lai – “No, he is not doing work like you do. He was not like us, you are like us or better. (I was there longer perhaps?) Yes. You are also doing the maintenance work but Lai is not a maintenance worker of the grid. After we choose something and he chooses something, he goes to deliver something sometimes. This is his biggest assignment, his longest.”

At this point, as any of us humans would, I become fascinated to learn more about myself. But I am very conscious of the time as the session is running overtime and that I also feel I need to not put the intention of this session onto me. Because we both are being told we came from there, it can also be beneficial for Lai to hear more information about that location around the answers coming out about me too.

Laron – “Can you give me one example of work I do that Lai does not do on the grid?”
Lai – “You do work like us that goes from the spinning of the planets, the orbits, the proximity of planets and time and space, locations, looking at certain things. Lai is here because he was saved, and that so he didn’t die and go to the other centre. Lai is not like us or you, as he was not created the same. He had to train. But it is good, to go to planets that we don’t go, which you did though, it has been good to have someone like Lai to go and grow life there and perform those activities.”

Laron – “Would I be part of a soul group then, if I am from here? A group of souls that stay together life after life?”
Lai – “You are a volunteer.”

Laron – “How does Karma work for Lai and myself? Do we produce karma?”
Lai – “You do. You have the perfect choice to produce Karma. But then both of you are very aware of it. It is not happening much.”

Laron – “Can it trap us here? (It can) What can we do to not be trapped with Karma?”
Lai – “Detach. Whenever you have a very strong emotional attachment, detach from those. And for physical actions, you are already aware of. The difficult Karma is the emotional attachments. So detach from those people easily with forgiveness. Ask forgiveness even though they don’t know why you ask and that would at least clear the Karma. Be careful of love and selflessness. If there is love, control and ownership then it’s Karma through love. That is difficult. If you have a really bad memory, even after forgiving and clearing the memory in your mind, even though there are some memories left you can choose to delete and remove the memory. You can choose to think that it didn’t happen and that you went down a different path. Like if you met a person on the street and then you had a conversation and something bothered you. Imagine that scene again, after forgiving or clearing, that you did not take that same turn on the street and that the conversation never occurred. This will help you, as if you didn’t meet the person. The rest you know.”

Laron – “Does this apply just for volunteers or for others here on Earth?”
Lai – “It can work for everyone, but the others just do not believe it. They don’t feel it. They speak only, they don’t feel.”

The final question I ask is ‘Is it OK if I ask what my purpose is?‘ It’s the first time I have asked this within a session. I felt confident at this stage that what was coming through was trust worthy enough for me to consider asking that. I also felt it was the right moment for me to finally find out such information. I received a detailed answer which resonated with me greatly and then I brought Lai out.

Just think that if these individual energetic beings who can function in a group consciousness on the grid and who can restore and grow life so easily, whether that is conscious life or plant based life, that they must be equally able to heal existing life and nature itself. They have proven it to me through the results of this session, but as I tell people that each of us needs to have our own experiences so that we can learn our own truths. Only then do we know what is real and what is not real.

* * *

Additional Notes

Karma - Multiverse, Grid Consciousness, In-Between, Karma & More
Lai’s depiction of his understanding of Karma through the session. Note that he had little to no understanding of it before the sessions. (Click to enlarge)

Lai said it would be fine to include the following additional information from him.

I forgot to mention that if a human needed to be healed they can be healed by them. Some light came from them and when they invoked, more light came from high above, but I didn´t look up I was just busy training with the ball.

‘Things were happening too fast in the place with the grid and I was seeing only light, and with each of your questions I could see things depending on your question. When you were asking, things were seen sometimes and when I was slow it was because I was seeing so much that I couldn´t say or didn´t know how to say and they were not helping with words in my mouth always. But other times they were speaking so those times I was out of the way.’

‘Often I knew that I was carrying orders, I wasn´t the decision maker. I wasn´t responsible or feeling bad. I was wondering and looking before. I always felt I was on a mission and I never questioned because I am part of the work and just know I have to do those.’

‘The third place or earth where the disaster happened, you wanted to know why the disaster happened. The disaster was there to happen since the beginning of time. Multiple possibilities are written and when those conditions were met the earth had the disaster. Also all those are sort of vibrational or non-physical or virtual (I don’t know what would be the most suitable word). How exactly it would turn out in physical form is not known even to the beings in the grid. For example if there is an earthquake they don´t know how much exactly the destruction will occur, whether less or more because it depends on many physical variables. That´s why they (grid beings) keep watching how it happens when it happens. May be that´s why I went to see in the first scene the tsunami or flood because we (grid beings) are still curious how it manifests in the physical earth; we only know the plan or the virtual version or the vibrational existence of it. We (grid beings) are curious to see the physical manifestation because we are not physical. I can only compare it to a programming language, like there were multiple if statements and when those satisfied a certain outcome happened… and there could be more outcomes. And funny thing is those if statements are not all by grid beings but also by earth humans. They can postpone or delay things with their thoughts. So it is a cumulative programming language that is running and ever expanding. Grid beings are looking after it, but it will destroy or change for sure, that I felt. How depends on how humans are doing it and that’s why grid beings are so curious and watching each moment. Any codes they wrote came from someone higher than them. They don´t make decisions. They are only maintenance people and they are always watching our thoughts and actions too. Everything we are thinking is there. I am a maintenance one too, I don´t decide, I just do. In every visit I feel that. ‘


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