New Earth, Source, Shift in Consciousness, Volunteers | The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 6

Conducted back in January 2015, this QHHT based past life regression session has a focus on the new earth, a group of 22 volunteers, traveling in higher dimensions, suicide, ascension health issues, chemicals in our brains being released from the incoming energies, the webbot, a more positive timeline, source, and a whole lot more.

There is a section under the heading, ‘Status of the Shift in Consciousness’, which has some important information for those that have a strong interest with the New Earth and who may wish to shift there after this Earth experience. For those wishing to manifest what they want on the actual New Earth, which is said to be between the 5th and 6th dimensions, there are techniques that came up in this session that you can use. You may know others who feel very connected to the New Earth who you might want to share this information with.

A more detailed listing of the areas covered in this session are below.

  • A detailed description of the New Earth and how it’s being created for those who will go there, as well as a spot that Lai has created already.
  • Detailed info around a group of 22 volunteer souls who have used planets to practice emotions so that they can better cope on Earth, but also so that they can harness those vibrations through the connection to those Planets while having an Earth based life now.
  • A Navigational based location within a higher dimension for travel and also for finding out information.
  • Suicide and creating ties and karma to Earth. This applies to volunteer souls as well.
  • An update on the New Earth status, as well as the shift in consciousness status discussed in the previous sessions.
  • People’s health and how the ongoing changes will be impacting people — they may feel a certain way but there won’t be a known reason to why they feel like this because it’s from the changes. Being lethargic is one symptom to expect.
  • An explanation of how the energy in relation to the shift is impacting our brains and how they are releasing different chemicals during this process.
  • The webbot serving a very important purpose in regards to stopping earth changes from occurring and the reason why it hasn’t been accurate with earthquake based predictions.
  • An answer is provided on why we get sick again after being healed for a period of time. This is really important for people to understand.
  • Soul contract / soul planning based changes based upon the more positive timeline which is now occurring for the Earth.
  • Why attachments can hinder our spiritual progression.
  • The Grid Consciousness visits Source / God and explains what it is as well as new information on their dimensional location and purpose.
  • Some information on events in and around 2017.

For those unaware of what QHHT is, it’s a past life / in-between life hypnosis based regression method, previously created and taught by Dolores Cannon. I am a level 1 & 2 practitioner, trained by Dolores Cannon. This is the method she used to obtain all the information for her many published books. While there are multiple forms of past life regression, this method is unique because it calls in the higher self aspect of the soul, once they have been through a number of past or in-between experiences. Healing can then take place as well as finding the answers to the many questions a person may have. Another unique part of this process is that the client goes into a trance based state where the higher self speaks through them, using their vocabulary to communicate with.

Source - New Earth - Shift in Consciousness - Volunteers - The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 6

With the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy technique, the client is always taken to a beautiful place, a place which they are allowed to create in their mind. From time to time, a client will see a place which ends up being part of a past or another experience, and not their actual visualisation which they create themselves.

Usually in that case, that experience would be a past life, but there are exceptions. It can be tricky to realise this as a practitioner, as at some point during this part of the process the practitioner has to move the client onto the next stage, but if this part of the process ends up becoming a real experience, they need to treat it differently. Within this latest session with Lai we came to realise that Lai’s beautiful place was actually the New Earth.

Note that text within the curly {} brackets are additions from me in relation to the situation at the time or other information. Text with Round () brackets are questions being asked or answered, within questions or answers.

The New Earth

Laron: “What can you see?”
Lai: “I am high up on a plateau or tableland. There’s an ocean that I can see from here. There is snow on the ground and also green plants. The sun light is bright and feels very good. The temperature feels perfect. My face feels cold. My body is covered, so I feel good. I can see lots of clouds, they look so soft and shining like ivory. The clouds are beautiful.”

Laron: “Are you alone there?”
Lai: “Yes.”

Laron: “What can you hear?”
Lai: “The sound of the waves of the ocean and the sound of the wind. I can smell and feel the cold air and the snow.”

Laron: “Take a moment to enjoy that.”
Lai: “I am not alone there now. There are beings that can come and go. They are appearing and disappearing at one place. There is like a gate there.”

Laron: “What does the gate look like?”
Lai: “It’s covered with snow. It’s like a square. Normally it looks like a pillar, like a structure which has been left for a long time. It’s like a door, but there is no top frame. (Two pillars on each side?) Yeah. I can reach around the pillars and touch my fingers, so they are that thick. They are made of stones which are uneven. They were round stones but now they have worn down because of how old they are. If this was a door frame, the top is not there so it looks like the letter U.”

Laron: “What color are the stones?”
Lai: “A shade of brown, very light. Brown and greenish. So it’s not very beautiful. (How big are the stones?) Very big, they could be like three backpacks together in width. There are sometimes lights coming through the doorway and I could see the outline of bodies. Normally this door looks like a leftover structure. It’s like there is light there, in-between the two pillars. Beings come through when there is a light that accompanies them beforehand. The light is a light yellow color. It fills up the entire space between the pillars. (Does it shine out?) A little bit.”

Laron: “What does the ground around that look like?”
Lai: “It’s all covered with snow. (So this is on the plateau you described earlier?) Yes.”

Laron: “Can you see yourself?”
Lai: “Yes, I am wearing shoes. They are boots from Earth. The material is some kind of polymer, hydrocarbon, artificially made. They reach the top of my knees. They are the same color as the stones, light brown, greenish. (What else are you wearing?) Jeans similar to what I have on today. I have a jacket on and gloves. The jacket is similar to one I own which is for skiing. It’s yellow.”

At this stage I am a bit concerned how focused Lai is, as it is very unusual to have modern day clothes appear within an experience like this. Because the normal process was not followed, I ask a few additional questions to try and validate the experience. But as you will see eventually, after more information comes in, the outfit and form Lai is taking will make more sense.

Laron: “What age do you think you are?”
Lai: “23. (Do you think you are this person?) I think I came into someone else.”

Laron: “Do you get an insight about the time period of this, and if it’s related to Earth?”
Lai: “I don’t know. It’s not now, it’s not the past. I don’t know what time period this is. After you asked me, just now I know that this is not the Earth that we know. It’s not the planet Earth but it’s made similar to Earth, for me, perhaps.”

Laron: “Can you see anything else going on?”
Lai: “On the plateau there is the ocean which is really beautiful. A few minutes ago I saw turtles swimming in the ocean. I was underwater just then to see the turtles. It seems that this is a new place. It’s under construction… it’s still not complete. It’s not completely built.”

Laron: “So you would say that infrastructure of a civilisation is not finished?”
Lai: “It’s like a blank planet. There is the ocean, and then the turtles are there. There are the high places… I think the high place is because I like it, so I have something to do with it, but then I don’t know what the gate…. I didn’t build that gate with the pillars. I only built the house. ”

Laron: “You can see a house?”
Lai: “Yes, there is a small cottage for me. It looks like a triangle. It’s made out of something like aluminium, but it looks like wood. It appears to be wood, but it is not. It’s similar to how cottages have their pointed roofs, only in this case the whole thing is like a triangle because the roof touches the ground on all sides. It’s small and nice. (Does it have windows or doors?) Yes, on this side of the triangle are windows and a door. (Are the windows made out of glass?) No, they are parts of the same material that makes up the walls. From inside it looks like glass, because it was made to look like windows.”

Laron: “So the material of the walls is joined to the window?”
Lai: “Yes, they are not separate. Actually, it’s like the whole thing could be see through, but whoever made this… or I made this, I don’t know… we made it to look like this and we made part of it transparent, like a window. The door is also part of the whole structure.”

Laron: “Back to who you saw yourself as, do you get anything more about that. Is that how you are while you are there, or is it temporary?”
Lai: “This is how I am when I am here. I feel like I am creating parts of this place. I didn’t create the ocean, only the… cottage. I didn’t create it personally, somebody created it for me. Some things are based on what I wanted, some things were created for another reason.”

Laron: “Back to the gate, would you know where those beings came from before coming there?”
Lai: “Right now, I think we can travel through it and see where it can take us?”

Laron: “Do you want to do that?”
Lai: “Yes.”

The Navigation Space

Lai: “Was there a light in the room just now? (No, nothing has changed here.) I just walked through the two pillars. First I was going somewhere, but I stopped myself, so a light passed through me, similar to the yellow light of the sun on Earth. So now there is a spiral in front of me. I don’t know what to do.”

Laron: “What does it look like?”
Lai: “It’s moving. I felt shock before, when I walked through the gate. It was like being electrocuted. I have had this feeling many times before so I am familiar with it. ”

Laron: “Can you explain more about what the spiral looks like. Is it physical, or…”
Lai: “It’s a spiral that is moving slowly. If I go in there I can see different places, different planets. (Destinations?) Yeah, but that is why I am not going into there now. I can see stars and space around the spiral, so if I jump in perhaps I will fall… ”

Laron: “Are you floating now?”
Lai: “No, I think I am still in that place… I have a platform under me. (But you have stepped through the gate?) I just stepped through the gate and this is inside the gate, it’s like a lift or an elevator. One option is to go back to where I was before and in front of me is this spiral.”

Laron: “What colors do you see?”
Lai: “They are always changing. At first I saw a black and white spiral but now there are stars and other objects behind it.”

Laron: “Is there any other entity or being there?”
Lai: “With me, no. I think we can also go to the grid from here as well.”

With this next question I could have asked for a guide, but that word has meaning and I wanted to not influence the experience too much, so I tried to word the question as best I could when taking that into consideration. Also because of what I know of Lai, he is a bit different so guides are not always the most appropriate option to ask for.

Laron: “Can you ask if anyone can help you now and come and answer questions in that location, so that you don’t need to go anywhere right now? Just put in that intention for assistance and see if anyone appears.”
Lai: “Ok. No one appeared but to my right there is a wall with a screen. It’s to the right of the spiral. It’s answering, but it looks like a machine. So, it’s saying that we have to choose a destination and we can go there. (When you say answering, is it audio or visual?) It’s visual, typed out in green fonts. It’s a grey screen with a big picture. The cursor is still blinking. (Does it come up as English for you?) Yes. It’s like an LED digital clock, but this is a bit different as it’s not just numbers, it can spell out English words.”

Laron: “Ask it what it is.”
Lai: “It says ‘Transporter‘.”

Laron: “Ask where you are.”
Lai: “It first said ‘Earth‘, then said ‘New Earth‘.”

Laron: “Ask what dimension that location you are at is.”
Lai: “‘5D‘”

Laron: “Ask what dimension the New Earth is in, as in the location you were at before.”
Lai: “‘5-6D‘. It answered on two lines, so first it said 6D then 5 minus 6D. I think it’s a hyphen.”

Laron: “Would that mean it’s between five and six or would that be a code for inside five, do you think?”
Lai: “I think it means it’s in 6D and it’s connected with 5D. I think many things don’t make sense to me, and that it makes more sense to you. As soon as I ask, I see the answers here.”

Laron: “The dimensions are based on our Earth understanding, so it’s only going to relate to our understanding. I think it’s unlikely they are going to use the exact same system there, so the answers are going to be based upon what we know here, and what is common knowledge here. Do you have any questions you may want to ask the system?”
Lai: “I ask why am I here? It says, ‘You are here.’ The cursor is still busy, so there may be something else. It now says, ‘You wanted to be here. You asked.’ Ok, that’s it.”

Laron: “Ask what the Spiral is.”
Lai: “This time the words that I saw was ‘It is‘, and it’s now showing me what it is on the screen. Many, many places in the universe can be very, very far away, when taking into consideration space. This spiral is a system that is connecting certain places, or certain planets that we need to go to. So it’s all within this spiral so we can go. (Within our universe only, do you mean?) Yes. So even though they look so far away, if it’s connected with the spiral we can go straight there. It’s like a railway.”

Laron: “Does it connect everything, every planet in the Universe?”
Lai: “No. (Why doesn’t it?) Only the important ones. (Important to who?) Important to them. (Who are they?) Important to us. Because the grid can connect to more places, but these are for us. (Who are us?) You Laron, me, and there are others. (Would you mean volunteers?) Yes. (Or would it be others) It’s not only volunteers… well, 21 of them who made this connection. But actually the connection… they chose, they… the 21 of them wanted certain things, and the grid beings helped to provide the ability to make this.”

The Twenty Two & the Spiral

Laron: “Are the 21 from the grid consciousness, or are they from elsewhere?”
Lai: “Only you and me are. Others don’t stay on the grid, but the grid beings have met them. So they are not from there. They were trained also.”

Source - New Earth - Shift in Consciousness - Volunteers - The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 6 Hubble
A Hubble telescope image of reflection nebulosity near Barnard’s Merope nebula, in the Pleiades star cluster. – Wikipedia

Laron: “Can you give an example of where one of the 21 may come from.”
Lai: “One example is the Pleiadian star system. Five of them are from there, but from different planets.”

Laron: “How is that information coming to you right now, is it on the screen or is it coming to you in a different way?”
Lai: “It’s not on that machine on the right, it’s coming from the front where I saw the spiral. I can see it, like you’re asking it and I see the answers visually.”

Laron: “So you’re interpreting what you see visually, into words?”
Lai: “Yes, so I see five like match sticks, but lights in front of me in the shape of a match stick with a head, so for example I knew it was five individuals out of the 21.”

Laron: “I’m interested to learn more about those five. Do they exist in a physical body like we do, but in the Pleiadian system right now?”
Lai: “Two of them are on Earth, three of them are in the Pleiadian system, but they also left their own home planets and they are staying on a high like… because they need a lot of focus. It’s like an office, like a glass planet, but it’s very small. It’s because they work there, so they are not on their own planets, they are simply working from there. Two of the five are on Earth as humans. (In a human body?) Yes.”

Laron: “Within that glass office, are they physically in bodies, are they outside of the physical dimension? How would you explain that?”
Lai: “They are in their physical Pleiadian body. Their bodies look like light, but not like the grid beings. Their bodies are more like human, but with more light which has structure. They cannot shift or change shapes. Their heads are big and rounded.”

Laron: “Would you say they are existing at a higher vibrational rate, so that perhaps the density is a bit different?”
Lai: “Yes.”

Laron: “Can you explain more around what they look like?”
Lai: “They are very bluish white lights. Their heads are like… you know, like a big head as if it was a space suit. They are tall. They have legs and hands. They look like they have a type of suit to be within this glass office. It’s like an office, but its round.”

Laron: “Are they always there? Are they sometimes on their planet?”
Lai: “They used to be on their planet but they are always here. They go back sometimes. They wake up there, so they are probably sleeping on the planet and working here.”

Laron: “So right now they are not conscious on their planet?”
Lai: “Yes. They are working in the round glass office. The office is like hanging in space.”

Laron: “Can you see their planet nearby?”
Lai: “It’s quite far away. The three of them are from three separate planets.”

Laron: “Does the glass office exist within the third dimension or outside of that?”
Lai: “In the third dimension it would look like… have you ever seen carbon paper that many people use to write on years ago? (Yes) Right now it looks like something uninteresting. It’s not shiny. (Is it round?) No, it looks like… it’s like a cotton candy without the stick. It’s fluffy on top, a bit like something was burnt. (Would it look like a gas cloud?) Yeah, maybe.”

Laron: “So that’s what it looks like in the third, so they must not be in the third dimension as we saw it differently before?”
Lai: “No they are not in the third. In the third it looks like that and a bit flatter, as if it’s been pressed from above and below, so it’s not round. (How would they perceive from inside?) It’s very big inside, like the diameter of a thirty three story building. They have small types of machines and they are sitting on things that look like desks. (Are they using them to help them with their work?) Yeah.”

Laron: “Do you know what their purpose is?”
Lai: “Yes, let me ask them. I cannot go there, but I can zoom in there. (Do you mean you can just get a closer visual of that area?) Yes, as if I am there, and they are aware I am there, but we are not supposed to be interacting. (Do you get that feeling?) No, not really. I get the feeling that I can see and do things, but they are busy. They definitely know that we are observing them, and it doesn’t matter to them. I know now that it makes more sense now, in comparison to the first place I was before, from that machine that answered it’s the new earth. So they are helping the other two Pleiadian’s on Earth and they are open to help any of the other 22 volunteers. I miscalculated before, there are 22, as I wasn’t counting me. You and I are part of the 22.”

Laron: “The two volunteers you mentioned on Earth previously, does that include you and me?”
Lai: “They are separate and are from the Pleiades star system.”

Laron: “So the three of them are helping the two on earth. What are they helping them with?
Lai: “They are supporting them. It’s funny, when I focus on earth, it feels very thick and heavy, and I couldn’t see anymore. The assistance is more about helping them with their emotions. The things the volunteers need for the New Earth are all emotional based, in relation to frequency. People on Earth have defined emotions and have a lot of logic based ideas about them, which has made them sound not important, but emotions are frequencies. The transition of the New Earth is simply a change of frequency, and that comes through emotions so it has nothing to do with anything technological based.”

Laron: “Do you know what the purpose is of those two volunteers on Earth?”
Lai: “Yes. I know that one of their professions is Geology. They both volunteered to set examples. The reason the Pleiadian’s decided to be born as a human is because it’s easier for them to… one thing they are good at is love. The frequency of love, as they were so used to that. These two are very powerful in that sense. They came, and even though they all forget, by nature they are still loving, so that is part of their reason for being here. Neither of these two were born as a healer or spiritualist leader. (Would you say they are average, that they don’t stand out? But they are helping based upon their frequency and vibrations?) Yes. They also don’t want to lead, they want the spiritual based leaders to be from Earth, not from volunteers. So somehow they are inspiring someone in London, a spiritual person there. The Geologist is in Germany and the other one is from Canada. The Geologist, a male, is inspiring multiple spiritual based leaders in London. These leaders are doing very well.”

Laron: “Would you say that this is typical for a volunteer soul, not to get into a spiritual leader based position?”
Lai: “This is not typical of the 22, as some of them will lead later. It’s not time to lead yet. They want to raise others first. They will lead so quickly, they are so good. (It’s natural for them?) Yes. (Do you know what the time frame is, for say when the two on Earth may lead?) These two won’t lead much. (That’s not their purpose?) Yes, there are others, like you will. But, later. You don’t have to lead, for me, it looks like it just takes a few seconds for you to be the leader, but, for you to be the leader and be in the position to lead, they are not ready, so that’s why you cannot lead now. (Who are they?) The other volunteers or those regular souls that are healers or spiritual. Many healers are being born right now. (You mean that is becoming more popular for people to get into?) Yeah. Because it’s a soul calling. It’s also because of the volunteers who came. (They are helping the regular incarnates?) Yes. So now when the volunteers lead, there will be a huge gap in the frequency and no one can catch up at that point.”

Laron: “You can’t see timing as in Earth years, or Earth months, for when these volunteers that were meant to lead, will lead in a stronger way?”
Lai: “Already it’s happening so quickly, every day. We are moving towards there… when the volunteers lead they don’t really…. ok, I saw new things. The Earth based ones {Earth incarnates} who will lead the typical way we know as leaders, they will consult the volunteers. Those leaders will consult us. (So volunteers are like advisers?) Yeah, but in a way they are actually raising everything. They are the master minds of bringing in the new earth.”

Laron: “Would you say that it probably wouldn’t be right for the volunteers to do too much, because that is not their role and they would impact the learning experience of the regular incarnated Earth souls?”
Lai: “Yes, right.”

Laron: “Does anything else important come to you now around what you are seeing? Or should we move on.”
Lai: “We should move on. I think we should try the spiral.”

Training of Emotions on other Planets

Laron: “Are you still there at the spiral? (Yes) I want to find out some more information around this system that you are communicating with. (On my right?) Yeah. So you said that the area with the portal, the spiral and the door, was created by the 22, is that right? (Yes) Was that a group decision to create that space there?”
Lai: “Yes. (Do you know when it was created?) A few years ago… no… (Earth years?)…. there is so much work within the spiral. It was done with the help of the grid consciousness beings.”

Laron: “Are there other systems like that which exist for other beings and volunteers who are helping with the New Earth?”
Lai: “There are other systems for other alien beings, but not related to this. They used similar technology to travel, but this is more advanced. This is inferior to the navigational system of the grid because they do other work. But they helped us to make this. (So when you say inferior, you mean not as advanced and the destinations are limited?) Yes. We chose these locations.”

Laron: “Can you explain why all those locations that can be travelled to within the spiral, why they were chosen, and what makes them important?”
Lai: “I know my planet is there, where I was created. It probably has personal places in relation to each individual and where they are from. Those are connected within this. (How many destinations are there?) It could be three thousand, nine hundred something. I know that I added every place that I have ever been to, I added their location to this. But there is also another purpose for when volunteers like us are thinking of compassion, or love, or forgiveness on Earth, with one of these emotions which we thought of a lot. We then wished that you be given infinite energy of say compassion. At the same time, there are some planets out there that we can work on. So a volunteer, I don’t know if it was me, went to a physical planet and filled it with compassion to practice the vibration of compassion. As a result, the structure of that planet changed. Later on Earth, when the volunteer thinks of compassion, the energy comes from that planet.”

Laron: “So there is a connection to that planet? (Yes) So was that you, or another one of the 21 that did that for that example?”
Lai: “I think that I did at least one, but I know that many of us did.”

Laron: “So that preparation was solely for the New Earth?”
Lai: “Yes. There are planets which we are given to work on, because they are empty. Some are like gas giants. We go there to practice love, which we had already done before. We did this for many emotions like that.”

Laron: “Was one of the reasons we did that, to help us function better on Earth?”
Lai: “Yes. We prepared very well. We created things as well on those planets. We created storms. Anger can create fire which comes through caves on the planet. To understand how bad anger is, we practiced anger on one planet. Normally we wouldn’t mix extreme emotions on the same place, so with the practice, we practiced the frequency of anger and then there was fire coming through caves and the hills. (You mean you created the fire?) No, to see how anger works, as on those planets we can see physical manifestation quickly. So we saw fire. So with forgiveness, normally that related to rain and clouds.”

Laron: “So anger is related to fire?”
Lai: “Yes, anger is fire. If somebody wants to inflict the anger on someone, then it’s lightning. Forgiveness comes with rain. Perhaps this relates to why we cry. (Do you see any information around other emotions?) Compassion is wind which is not strong, like gentle wind. There were so many planets that we all worked on. To me it feels like it was practicing and learning. Sometimes we would have to go to another planet to change it and then observe. For example, if there was a planet with the frequency of anger, we would go there to practice our tolerance to anger, and then we would practice forgiving and loving until the planet was changed. So the planets are part of this spiral so we can access these emotions and download them in a way. So for the planet where we practiced love, we can draw down that energy quickly.”

Laron: “What is the element for love on a planet?”
Lai: “When there is love, there is everything. Like there are so many things. That is when life starts to grow on the planets, even though we have no seeds from plants. (So you could say it’s the growth of life, the creation of life?) Yes, I didn’t think that way before but yes. ”

Laron: “What about fear? I get the feeling that we did not work with fear.”
Lai: “We did not. Fear is something in the mind, it doesn’t have another physical element. Because of fear we have the other emotions such as anger. (It is responsible for other emotions?) Yes.”

Laron: “What about sadness?”
Lai: “Sadness is shadow, trying to cover the love. We didn’t practice this. We experienced that on Earth only.”

Returning to the New Earth

Laron: “Would you like to have a look at the New Earth again before we head to the grid?”
Lai: “Yes.”

Laron: “Step back through that portal to where you were before and tell me when you have done that.”
Lai: “I stepped out. I want to rest a bit. ”

Laron: “Where are you resting?” {Of course Laron needs some details around that…}
Lai: “On a rock wall on the plateau.”

Laron: “Did you move there instantly?”
Lai: “No, I came out of the gate slowly. I glided here. I am sitting on the rock now. I think I just created this place, but not all of it. I think that because I like high places, this area was made for me, and the house was.”

Laron: “Do you know how fast it took for the house to be constructed? Was it instant or did it take time?”
Lai: “It took time. Within my life on Earth, I didn’t make up my mind with what house I wanted to live in. It was quick for those who made it here, but it’s not instant.”

Laron: “Do you know if you can instantly manifest what you want there? Or is that a slow process? Does it take energy? How does that work”
Lai: “It’s very easy. (So if you wanted a nice big tree?…) Yes, let’s do it. So, this is tricky. I created a tree, it appeared and it disappeared. I created a tree that I saw. (You have a memory of it?) Yes. But I loved another tree, another kind of tree, but that memory is gone. Both are appearing and disappearing, like the one that I love. So this is asking me what I want. I feel like this is a game, like it’s here and there, like it’s blinking, both of the trees. There is a tree with a huge trunk, and many leaves which is in my memory. There is another tree with no bark, that is nice to hug, and this one is coming. It’s asking me to pick between these two.”

Laron: “Because you’re visiting that place now, do you think you may be creating that tree in that place now, or is it just temporary based upon what you are doing in the session here. Do you think it would work the same if you were really there, or is it just like this because of what we are doing?”
Lai: “It will stay there if I want it to. I have to choose only one. I just learnt now that the tree I remember from my memory… memories and the things we really love, I mean I still don’t know what I love, but it’s nice that the New Earth is showing me the other tree as that’s the type I love. Once I choose it, it’s there. The other one is gone, but I want to change the location now. I am moving it to the back of my cottage. It’s there now. If I look at it, I am not sure, but if I am not looking at it, it’s there.”

Laron: “In comparison to the Earth, what to the colors look like around the New Earth?”
Lai: “The water looks like turquoise. It’s more sparkly and clear. I know I didn’t create this water, someone else did, and someone who likes turtles. The turtles are very beautiful there, but I know I also didn’t create that.”

Laron: “What else do you see? Can you move up into the air so you have a better view?”
Lai: “Yes. In front of me I see ocean, land and lots of mist. I think that these areas where the mist are have not been created yet. Not created, but they are being constructed by others.”

Laron: “Do you think those areas are where people are yet to create something?”
Lai: “It’s where they are creating but the final creation process is not finalised.”

Source - New Earth - Shift in Consciousness - Volunteers - The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 6 transients butterflyLaron: “So you would say that the planet is not 100% ready yet?”
Lai: “Yes, not 100%. (Do you think there is anyone there permanently now, where they have created everything they have wanted?) Nobodies there yet. The one who created the ocean, and the other things here, they are doing it from Earth. Maybe I did this from Earth before, but it looks so beautiful here.”

Laron: “What can you see that does not have mist which you have not explained?”
Lai: “I saw the ocean, but there is… like how we see mangroves along the shore, but they are banana trees. There are lily pads, or a plant with a kind of leaf like that. There are maroon frogs. I saw two of them. I see a very beautiful twisty river. In some places the river turns into a waterfall, in some places it’s then again a river. In some places this river has water coming like a spring, or a fountain, but the rest of the river continues to flow. I see butterflies. I feel like people from Earth, are creating this new Earth, but it’s not done instantly until it’s clear. Because someone’s creation can destroy another’s creation. The laws do not match, so it’s waiting and that’s why this is happening slowly. But maybe no one has objections about rivers, so rivers are there. No one has objections with butterflies or frogs. So maybe they loved them, and this is why they are here.”

Back to the Grid Consciousness

Laron: “Can you now return through the portal to the spiral?”
Lai: “Yes. I am in front of the spiral now.”

Laron: “Just make your way to the grid consciousness and explain your experience.”
Lai: “I went into the spiral and after three and a half clockwise spirals in, that is where I went to enter the grid. I came in there and then came out of a tube, or a small pipe, like a lamp with a genie. I came out of it and I am in the grid now. I found a body, as if made of many computer pixels, but bigger.”

Laron: “So what do you see?”
Lai: “Today I see in the center, there is a beautiful… I am at the edge now, because it’s a circle. It’s a sphere. So in the center, there is something with lights rotating anti-clockwise. The lights are like small clouds, it’s so beautiful. The clouds are like smoke, turquoise and a bit greenish, and so beautiful. It’s sometimes pink and sometimes golden. It seems like they turned it on now because I came here. (What’s its purpose?) To send healing for us.”

Laron: “Do you need to take some time for that now?”
Lai: “Yes, let’s do it. It’s coming from the center and I feel it entering my third eye and my right hand.”

Earlier on, Lai had some pain in his right hand which we worked out was related to a personal situation in his life now that he needed to work on.

Lai: “I hear music, like tinkly sounds. (What instrument would it be similar to?) It would be like bells or like hitting a glass of water, like with a spoon. We can send some healing to others now also.”

At this point Lai includes some others he wants to send healing to and explains that there is like a hose which is spraying healing energy to those he had the intention of healing with. I pause to let this happen while the healing takes place.

Lai: “The whole place is filled with the color of turquoise. It’s a greenish color. Golden and white lights. They are here. They are not concerned about us at all. We are doing very well, they say.”

Laron: “Have they previously been concerned with us?”
Lai: “Yes. They were eager to see our progress and what we were doing. They say we are doing even better than we were supposed to be. You and me. They are very happy just waiting for you. It’s like a welcome home. (They are waiting for me to ask questions now?) Yeah. They are loving you. They are touching your physical body in a way right now. The colors are very turquoise today.”

Laron: “How many do you see of them there?”
Lai: “I see about one hundred and one. Today is the first day that they are giving us their full attention. At other times they have been busy and someone has come over to answer us. Now it’s like waves… they want to hear from you. (It’s time to ask questions?) Yes. I am feeling very, very good in my body now so I will relax and let you talk and for them to talk.”

Laron: “Are you ready for them to speak through you now?”
Lai: “Yes. They are touching your body all the time now I see.”

Grid Consciousness: “We are very happy to see you here. If you have a lantern with oil, light it soon. It will help another part of you to wake up. (I don’t have one at the moment) It will be within the next three months. Your home in New Zealand. A lantern that uses oil.”

I am included this because it may help me to remember to do this if I run into a lantern like this in the future, and it also provides the reader with information around how certain things we do, and certain things we see, can active a memory or another part of us. As I write this up, I have plans to move back home to New Zealand next month.

Laron: “Why was Lai shown what he was shown earlier on with the New Earth and the Portal?”
GC: “Because he has been wondering for a while now, what is happening with the New Earth. Where it is… he was trying to go there sometimes. He was meditating to find out about it but he could never see it. All the things he ever saw before was a new earth from the outside of the planet. It is time now to show that all of you are creating the New Earth. Volunteers, non-volunteers, everyone is creating the New Earth with their thoughts. Volunteers have more clarity so it’s easier for them to create and place things there. This is seen as a request being fulfilled. The people of Earth have wanted a New Earth for thousands of years. So it’s a request being fulfilled.”

Laron: “When will Lai go to the new Earth fully?”
GC: “We cannot tell you that. (Why?) It’s too hard to understand. It’s too difficult right now to understand how to go there, for him. For you.”

Laron: “Will we live out our life first before we go there? Or will we go there before…?”
GC: “You will go there before your death here.”

Laron: “By going there before, does that mean we die here?”
GC: “Yes, it could look like a death. It could look like someone who has gone missing. No one is ready yet to be missing from Earth, because there is so much there. You are so attached, you don’t know… but that also doesn’t mean that if someone chooses to die right now, that they would go there. They would have to clear other attachments on Earth first. So if someone commits suicide to go to the new Earth, even a volunteer soul could not reach the New Earth right now.”

Laron: “What would happen in that situation?”
GC: “If a volunteer killed themselves right now, this would be degrading in a way. A volunteer soul was already free from everything before when they came to Earth. So if they come here, kill themselves, they cannot return directly to where they came from. They would have to go through Earth based rules and other soul based rules first. The first thing that would occur if they did that, is that they would have to choose to reincarnate again on Earth as a human, only this time it would be different because now they would have extra work to do. (Because of the karmic aspects brought on from the suicide?) Yes. (They would have no choice?) They would first have to help themselves. Those who are volunteers, you know they are upgraded souls. That is why they are here to volunteer, but if they kill themselves they have to go through karma and the rules that are part of the Earth experience. They themselves will choose to come back to Earth as soon as they died, because they cannot go back to where they came from.”

Status of the New Earth

Laron: “What is happening with the process of the New Earth right now? What stage is it at?”
GC: “As you know the New Earth was existing before. First it was vibrating at a frequency very softly… before the New Earth now. As you know, the soul of the old Earth is separating to create the New Earth. (Has it done this yet?) No the Earth’s souls has not fully left from here {Earth} yet. But it’s very focused on it. The soul of Earth is here, it’s also there. (You mean the consciousness?) Yes.”

Laron: “When the consciousness of the Earth leaves fully, will another one replace it?”
GC: “It will leave a part of it behind, that part is fear based which will match the frequency of the people that still live there. It will leave that part which will be cut off, and then go.”

Laron: “Why is it leaving the fear based part behind?”
GC: “Because fear is the exact opposite of love and all the negative emotions and frequencies that are on Earth today came because of fear.”

Laron: “What is the time frame until the other part of the consciousness of the Earth fully moves to the new one in Earth years?”
GC: {Long pause} “Fifteen months, but it’s already started moving, the consciousness. So the other extreme one… the love… or anything, all the positive aspects are on the New Earth already and still here too. So it’s like you have a sock on your foot and you’re taking it off from your toes and stretching the sock, so that the bottom of the sock is stuck at your heal and its stretched so that the top of the sock is stuck at the New Earth, until at a point it will just tear apart. The stretching consciousness will go and jump, and cover the New Earth, warp all around it. The unwanted parts will be left behind.”

Laron: “Like the fear based parts?”
GC: “It’s not really fear… it’s a collective consciousness of the fear based people. So the Earth’s spirit had received the fear based aspect in the first part, because of the people. And the spirit of the Earth wants to move so it will jump over to the New Earth.”

As you can see, initially we had the impression that this was all about leaving the various aspects of fear behind, and what fear can generate. But as we learnt more, we came to understand it differently. So it’s always important, just like with anything, not to take words so literally.

Laron: “Can that time frame change?”
GC: “It can be faster, not slower. The moving of the entire consciousness. (So it shouldn’t take longer?) No.”

Laron: “What will we see happen differently in fifteen months time?” {April, 2016}
GC: “We cannot tell you everything. We want you to experience it. (You want it to be a surprise?) Yes, lots of surprises. Everything that you… one of the surprises is that everything that you ever imagined even when you were a four year old, that you loved for a few minutes, you will encounter that thing on the New Earth. But something that you loved for maybe four years or ten years, may not be there because you have more emotions mixed with that. So it will be very surprising. As soon as you see the things there, you will see how it worked, and you will say ‘oh, that’s how it worked!’ You will say that. If you just knew… that it was that simple, to see that thing… that thing that you try so hard to see sometimes. Anything with contradictory frequencies or emotions will be slow, or could not be shown on the New Earth. The New Earth has no contradictions. Everything is a variety of the same thing. You are so much higher than the duality there.”

Laron: “Will that also be the time period when we go there in full? Or is that separate?”
GC: “That is separate. That is longer than the fifteen months.”

Laron: “How much longer?”
GC: “A bit longer… but you will see… we will give you the good news, you will start to see glimpses of the New Earth from here, now, in dreams. (Up until fifteen months from now?) Yes. Just seeing the glimpses of being in the New Earth for say, ten or fifteen minutes, you particularly won’t talk about it, but a human will be talking or thinking about it for months. It will keep you busy, just glimpses of the New Earth. It’s not really a wait… it’s not like you are waiting at a station. It’s like you’re seeing it and feeling it, seeing it and feeling it, there is no waiting.”

As you can see, based on the language coming through, it sounded like it was directed at me, but that above can apply to anyone.

Laron: “Is it meant to be a surprise when we go there fully?”
GC: “Yes. Very much so.”

Laron: “Is it important that we do not know when?”
GC: “Yes, it’s very important that you do now know when.”

Laron: “What is the reason for that?”
GC: “Because the transition will be seen to be like a death on this Earth. (Perceived by us?) Yes. We are telling you this, so that you can discover a new process so that you can avoid the death. At the moment, the only way to go there is through a process that is almost like a death. We want to tell you, that if you can find a different process to go there, or bring it over here, if you bring it over here, still the old Earth will separate from this one. Or, you can all go there. If you can find a way to do that, it will be faster.”

Laron: “I can go there before, instead of a natural death? (Yes) For example, you are saying I do not have to die, but for those that are here would perceive me as dying? Or would they perceive me as going missing?”
GC: “Yes, going missing or dying. It would be like this. (Would my physical body still be on Earth with the new method?) No. But, if you just leave it, the normal course that is set which would involve death then yes, the physical body would remain on Earth. It would be like a photocopy of your physical body left here.”

Laron: “To go there, the spirit has to leave the physical body. That is mandatory right? The consciousness has to leave the physical body?”
GC: “That is not right, but we cannot tell you.”

Laron: “Would that be true for the normal process, if I was to wait. (Yes) But for this other ne process I might find out about, it doesn’t have to be that way, the physical can go with me?”
GC: “Yes”

Status of the Shift in Consciousness

Laron: “The last time you told us how the real shift in people’s consciousness would be completed by February 2015. How is that process going?”
GC: “That occurred before. It advanced, with the exception of a few people. It completed in November, 2014.”

Laron: “Can you tell us again what that really meant, how we could have perceived it back then. How did it change our consciousness?”
GC: “You knew about the Cloud {Cloud G2) that you asked us. The frequency was rising. That cloud was a physical indicator. It was a sort of a battery to supercharge everyone and you were bombarded with lots of rays, every day, so lots of changes happened. But, not everyone accepted those changes easily. Still they moved, but there are people like you who go so fast. ”

There are many angles to look at in relation to the Gas Cloud G2 situation. Recently I posted an article based on new information from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, which discussed two very large X-ray based flares that were observed from the Galactic Center over the past two years. One was the largest ever recorded in known history. The observation dates are included in that article, the second strongest one was observed the month before November, 2014. I personally don’t consider the dates to be too relevant, as time works differently outside of our sphere of time here, where Earth is located. But the fact that there was the largest X-ray flare ever recorded so close to what is said in this session, is rather fascinating, I find. Scientifically speaking, whatever occurred at the Galactic Center was around 25,000 years ago anyway, based upon how long light takes to travel to Earth.

Laron: “When you say that, you don’t just mean volunteers, you mean anyone here?”
GC: “Yes, anyone here {Earth}. Because a volunteer will also fail to catch the waves, if they are not aware or not trying. Everything has been done in advance, and the consciousness has upgraded, and some people have upgraded very much, which is good news. With a few of them reaching a certain level, everyone will be helped. Still things are occurring now. That is why your health can be unpredictable. You will have aches and pains. Especially nerves and bones.”

Laron: “Why is that happening?”
GC: “Your brains are now being trained to release different chemicals, where normal humans in the past may only have this occur once or twice in a life time, like extreme ecstasy, or extreme happiness of knowing all is good, and that they are not involved in anything, so they stop worrying. In real life, humans do too much, they try and think of controlling things they are not doing in that moment. Like you say about focusing on the now moment, because other than this now moment you have nothing else to do. You do not have access to change other things, except for this moment. So sometimes, for you, you are special, so for other people they have their hormones released once or twice a lifetime, sometimes just at the moment of death they let go and it happens then. For them to release, their nerves or system has to be different. So the new rays are basically cleaning… because the nerves also releases some other chemicals which make people lethargic. Many of these will be released so there will be a lot of nerve pains. Those with bones problems or arthritis, they will have it worse because of these changes. Basically, all the molecules are restructuring. (DNA?) Yes, exactly.”

Laron: “How long will this go on for?”
GC: “It will keep on going until just before you go to the New Earth, then it will stop. So it will keep changing every day, so if anybody is stuck during these times, tell them not to worry too much. Often the symptoms will look like symptoms of diseases which are very familiar before on Earth, but they are not the usual causes. It could be feeling a lack of breath, head rush, dizziness, feeling low pressures, high pressures, congestion in the ears. Different people will try and match them with their own conditions, and then they will get scared of it. Somebody with a heart disease will think they are having a heart problem, but it is not the case.”

Laron: “There will of course be situations where it’s not related to these changes, and they will actually have a real problem right? So people will have to be mindful?”
GC: “Mostly they won’t have. If they are doing work like meditation, tuning into the frequencies, believing of the good energy. (In other words, spiritually active?) Yes. They will not have a real issue behind the cause of such an illness. There are those who don’t take care of their bodies. At this moment, for good health on the planet, the only thing really needed is physical exercise and spiritually being open to the energies. (Proper diet?) That is not so important. If a person was eating too much, that would not be good for them. At this time we do not think… somebody who is spiritually minded, and who has been open to these rays, and upgraded, will eat uncontrollably. (They will know better?) Yes. There could be cases where one day they are eating a lot of sugar, and one day they are eating a lot of another thing. These could be all spiritual reasons they are choosing the food, but the choice of food will not change their spirituality, it’s from the inside. Because they are being clear of many emotions, or understanding new frequencies. They then would be attracted to certain food from those changes. If a person who has an allergy to a certain type of food, and that person is spirituality active right now and doing a bit of physical exercise and believing in the best, can take and try the food they are allergic to, they will find they will not have that allergy. It’s all about the intention. Allergy is the programming of the immune system. It’s like showing ‘okay, I don’t like this, so I will show it’. It’s not about that ingredient. Often it’s the emotional reasons. If children have an allergy, it’s because of their parents. Sometimes to keep their parents busy.”

In relation to what was said about spirituality progression leading to dietary changes, I provide a good example of my own experience with this in an article back in November last year, titled ‘Identifying ego and expanding your consciousness.’

Laron: “All this information and advice, does that apply to everybody?”
GC: “Yes, to everybody. (What about those living in fear?) Well, then they would have the allergy.”

Laron: “I am thinking that maybe this information is just for those in relation to the New Earth?”
GC: “It’s for everybody. Actually, even the ones who live in fear. That person can try the food that they were allergic to and won’t have the allergy until say a couple of hours later. So it would be a delayed reaction, when the fears reacts. And since they are living in fear, we expect they will have their reaction. It’s because they are bringing it back, they are reminding themselves.”

GC: “This is a great time for you to delete and reprogram your mind. You may have never liked cheese, you can program it to now like cheese. You may not have liked a certain musician, but you can choose to like them now. You may have never enjoyed a certain type of exercise but you can like it now. So it’s also a good time to delete your old fears. It’s a good time to delete that programming, as it also deletes it from your DNA. Everything is being reconstructed. This is the best time to simply erase what you don’t want.”

Laron: “How long will that window of time be open for us to benefit from this?”
GC: “Always open. Until the New Earth. (Not everyone is going to the New Earth.) Yes. (They would live out their lives still here on Earth and it will be like this?) Yes. You would be surprised that not everyone wants to go to the New Earth. (Is that part of the reason they won’t go, for some?) They do not want to, they don’t know it yet. They like the old system.”

Laron: “Have you got any information or advice for what we should be doing next in relation to the shift? Not just us two, but everyone. You can focus on us two first if you want.”
GC: “Today you were shown the New Earth because we want you to bring beautiful things to the New Earth. This is something new, you were not part of this before. As you figured out the New Earth is a collection of all the wanted things from the old Earth, and all the desires that humans had on the old Earth which did not exist on the old Earth. The geography of the Earth is first started, then will come the feelings. The feelings are shown through emotions. Emotions are the ways to know which frequency you are resonating in, in the moment. The frequency humans don’t see, like Lai didn’t know that his frequency was resonating with the tall tree, which was light brown with no bark, but he thought he liked the other tree with the dark brown, with the green leaves. You all collect… there’s a place where you all collect your likes and dislikes of your entire life stored in a bank. In a record, we know. And you can know it, by knowing… it’s very difficult though for you. Your mind is in the way to know what your heart wants. What we want you to do now, is to find out… you have done this before, we are not meaning the old things, to follow your heart, you all know how to follow your heart. What we mean is to fine tune it to see very clearly what you want, exactly what the heart wants. As what the heart wants may not be what you think it wants.”

Laron: “You mean for the New Earth?”
GC: “Yes. Try it with your heart first. (Because that will help to bring things into the New Earth?) Yes. The exercise would be like this – Think that you have to bring a tree. That was very good of you, when you gave Lai that exercise to manifest the tree. That was brilliant. Try that one. Start like this – What am I bringing from here to the New Earth, and then choose the object. Then meditate and see if you can see a particular type, or multiple types. If you see many types, that means that at different times in your lives you have put versions of that object in your memory bank, and then you choose one from there. Don’t worry about variety, as different people will bring things so there will be different varieties there. Bring your favourite. For example start by thinking your favourite ice cream, or topping… choose one. This is very hard, the choice. But this is going to help you to manifest.”

Laron: “Does this apply for everybody?”
GC: “Yes, but everybody will not understand it as they will think that they are already following their hearts. But what we mean is for you and others, who are well aware of what we are thinking, to pin point that.  When you are thinking of ice cream, which one is actually coming in your mind? There may be eight or nine choices, so remove some of them. If you have less choices, you will manifest faster. We don’t mean that you cannot choose many, what we mean is that in the memory bank that you have, where you store things all day, all your lives. There are many things that actually stop the current thing from happening. For that reason, that is a great time to erase some of them. Can everybody do this? We don’t know. They might not even get the…. when something is simple, humans don’t like it. When something is described too long, they say it’s too complicated, but this is very simple.”


I wanted to mention that I notice a change in the breath of Lai when I move from a major topic to another topic. There is always a deep breath, and I get the feeling like a disconnection is made and another connection is made, or like there is a preparation being made to connect to the information of a new subject.

I asked the below question because a number of sources, including the webbot, is seeing the year 2017 and 2016, as very important in relation to upcoming events that will impact the world. Back in the year 2013, I was not aware of any reliable sources that spoke of another point in time, other than 2013, which was important in connection to the shift in consciousness, so I have found it interesting that all of a sudden multiple sources agree with a time frame for this date being important.

Laron: “The year 2017 has been named as an important time from multiple sources in relation upcoming changes. Can you explain what might go on around that time and how it relates to everything?”
GC: “Yesbut we don’t want to tell you specifics. We can say that in 2017, there may be planets you can see which you have not seen before. One may be in relation to the New Earth. The New Earth could appear and disappear, and a lot of people will see. (In the sky? In space?) It depends. We cannot predict… there are many probabilities. We are just talking about some that we see, which may not happen, but they may happen. You can actually manifest them for everyone, like many of you can. If a collective group of you want to see the New Earth, you can see it at least once appearing. But that doesn’t match up with the laws… because most people live on a different frequency. So we are not sure if it will definitely appear, but it depends on the power of the groups intentions. What we can tell you is that as many of you are rising, your consciousness, your attention to one frequency will show things that the ordinary people don’t see, or don’t expect. It’s like the tug of war. Many funny things can happen, like a tug of war. Some people can be pulled on the other side, then others can be pulled on your side. Some things can happen, some things can disappear and appear. There could be a discovery, a planet or… a body, an astral body will appear which is full of precious materials. That could make some news.”

Laron: “What about Earth Changes?”
GC: “Earth Changes will keep happening. As you notice, it’s going very well. Do you agree? (Yes) It’s going very well, so there is not much you have to think about. Are you looking for any particular Earth Changes?”

Laron: “As an example the webbot is still predicting a big earthquake that will occur around the Pacific North West of the USA around 2016-2017. Is that going to occur?”
GC: “It could happen even before. We see a possibility earlier, which is this year. The webbot is actually serving a great purpose. When it predicts earthquakes or similar disasters, many of you are actually preventing these disasters from hearing about it, and that is good.”

Laron: “How are we preventing it?”
GC: “They visualise that it won’t happen. They ask for it not to happen, and their request is granted so it doesn’t happen. (What about group meditations?) Yes, of course. (Some of the bigger ones focus on this purpose) Yes, and they prevent them. Those that challenge the webbot’s for its failed predictions in this regard, is because others have prevented the events from occurring.”

Laron: “Earthquakes have always been a lower accuracy with the webbot, where most other areas are very high.”
GC: “Yes, most of the people are afraid of Earthquakes, in comparison to a global financial crisis or a storm, because there is nowhere to go with an Earthquake. People prevent that a lot.”

Laron: “Returning to what you said about a craft coming and taking us away, in connection to be taken to the New Earth, is that still an option?”
GC: “Yes, that is still an option. It’s still an outcome. Crafts are frequently coming here. Last time somebody asked you to ask us when will the collective Earth start seeing something, or when the Governments will announce the presence of UFO’s. We said that is not possible. Most of you don’t even agree on the taste of the same food, so it’s very hard to show that. Crafts are coming, not from us but from other races. Some of them you knew as angels. They so often came to Earth in the past. There is even disagreement between awakened spiritual groups. Some are very political. Some are very stubborn based on their own beliefs or their own leader’s beliefs. The spaceships are still in the plan.”

Laron: “What are the chances of that happening at the moment? As you said, even if that happens there still has to be a death to make the move. So for example, if something bad happens to the Earth, the craft comes and gets us, we still have to die anyway?”
GC: “Yes, we answered you about the crafts because of there being a global earth change event. But you have successfully been able to stop it. So there may not be a need for the crafts. The ones with the crafts think that it is not so important to come anymore. Because you are getting so good at preventing global based disasters and events. So the New Earth is ready. The New Earth is being constructed. You can all contribute to its construction. ”

Again, when the grid consciousness says ‘you’, this is not me, this is in reference to humanity as a whole. Because of the raising of the global consciousness as a whole, certain things have changed within the timeline, which were more likely going to happen, that did not.

Why do we get sick again?

With the below question, an example is used of a condition that Lai had. Lai learned earlier on, which I did not include, that the reason he was getting pain recently in his hand was because he was not moving forward in life with a few important decisions he had to make.

A person can be healed using any healing based modality, but their issue may come back in the future. There are a number of reasons why this occurs. Based on my opinion, this answer below is a good explanation of the main reason why we have a problem within our body come back to us after it’s been healed. It provides a good explanation of the functioning of this spiritual law.

Laron: “Why do people not remain healed? You can do your healing now, or the higher self can do the healing, and they can be healed. But from what I have come to understand, there is a chance medical problems come back for people. Why does that happen?”
GC: “Because they chose it. They do not know they are choosing it. The disease exists in the first place because they chose not the disease, but a thought. Let’s use the example of Lai. He is afraid to move forward, or make the next decision. But he has been thinking about it every day. Thinking about that he is afraid to make the next decision… thinking about that he is afraid to make the next decision… thinking about that he is afraid to make the next decision… and then he knows he is afraid to make the next decision but he is thinking about it, he is thinking about the fact that he is afraid to make the next decision. So he holds it dear to him, but he doesn’t know that, because he is choosing it. When he sleeps, everything is reset. When he wakes up, then he thinks ‘I am the one who is afraid of making the next decision’. Because the brain forgets it. He reminds it. So in a way it’s dear to him, and then he will meet other people who are asking him ‘what are you doing next’, and he is saying ‘oh I am so free to make the next decision’. So that is also his shield to show people so that he doesn’t have to answer people, and he chose that shield and over time, thinking that thought, manifesting the issues in his body, that he is afraid to make a decision. But he is the one who chose it. So if you heal him, and he meets someone in a social gathering and he is healed already, and it’s been a month, and someone asks him what is his plan next, he says nothing, and that person will think that he is aimless. When he goes to another social gathering in the future, where he doesn’t want to hear that, and someone calls him aimless, so instead he then says that he has many plans but he is afraid to make the next decision, so that he gets sympathy from other people, but then he chose it. And then this pain will return, even though it’s healed. So that’s how people choose to hold something dear to them.”

In other words, we may learn about the situation that caused our original disease, and once we learn about it, we then get healing for it, no matter what method we end up using, and it goes away. But because we have not resolved the actual cause, even though we are aware of it, and in this case above, Lai was told he needs to move ahead and make a decision, but he didn’t, the disease comes back.

This happens because this is a law of the system we are part of on Earth, just like there are laws that govern physics for example, such as Newton’s law of universal gravitation. This is really important for people to understand. A healer can facilitate the state of your energetic system back to its original health, but it can return to its unnatural state, that in a form of a disease, if the cause of the disease is not resolved properly. This does not apply to every single case, as by just being made aware of why you have the disease can be enough for the disease to remain healed.

Soul contract or a change of plans?

Laron: “Why did Lai and Laron meet on Earth?”
GC: “Did you and Lai think that you made a plan to meet here on Earth? That is not correct. Both of you are volunteers. It is not that all volunteers all pick lives together. They know of each other’s powers, you are all workers. So he knew of you there, he had seen you. He came from the grid to the training, he came from his planet when we saved him. As you know, there are many probabilities. The main possible probability was that no one would survive on that planet. He learnt about the other volunteers, which are you part of. He noticed something about you. Some of the volunteers planned to meet each other on Earth after certain points and that would activate each other also. He didn’t get a chance to discuss or plan that with you beforehand. He had the intention though, and you also have the intention to meet any volunteers. The way things unfolded on Earth, is why you met. One important reason is that… the New Earth, as you know, by 2011, 2012, 2013, all of you would have been on the New Earth already by that time. But, some things got delayed and it was important for the two of you two to meet.”

Laron: “After that point in time, after the delay?”
GC: “Yes, and this was in 2004 that you two in your other self, outside of the Earth, decided to meet each other. (Why?) We would say that… well, maybe its okay to say now – Let’s say that there was a plan A, where something was going to happen and multiple plans failed. So you and his meeting is the 11th plan that was supposed to happen. There were ten higher probabilities.”

Laron: “Is that number accurate?”
GC: “Yes. So we are living on the 11th option, as the first ten failed to happen. {In a thinking type voice} That is why we may be able to answer everything about 11. One is the one that would not fail, so that is also why 11 is there. Once it’s there, you will know that anything you do is successful. In the other probabilities, you would all go to the New Earth but none of you would learn to manifest. But now you are very powerful creators. This is that plan. We didn’t look at the other possibilities very deeply. So that after the two of you met you found new things. You knew that the two of you would meet, but this was not a priority. So it was not in the top plans, you two did not have to meet to make the New Earth happen.”

When it is said, ‘you will all go to the new earth’, I believe this means not everybody on Earth of course, just those wanting to go and who are able to go, as per what has been previously said in relation to this in past sessions.

Laron: “Do you know when the decision was made by the other parts of us, for us to meet in this timeline?”
GC: “2004. (So all the way back then, it was known there would be a delay?) Yes. It was in July, 2004.”

The next question is more of a personal related question, but I am including it as it goes towards supporting the theory and idea that some of us, or a lot of us, depending on the audience of this article, had primary plans to go through this life with, based on their soul contract, but because certain things did not occur, and certain things did, there is more free will and choice now, not so much of a plan we have to follow. I have talked with a few people about this who have also felt this way over the last 3 months or so.

Laron: “My decision to go to New Zealand, is that a good idea?”
GC: “You have decided already. It will be good. As you know, you are very powerful, everything is upon you now to create your own life. Make it good. Create it. You haven’t done it before. Your decision to go back to New Zealand. So it’s something new. In another outcome, your decision was to be in the USA — that was very likely. Another location was South America.”

Laron: “Do you know why I was going to end up in the USA?”
GC: “Yes, you would still do the similar kind of work with your blog. Somebody would sponsor you to do some research to blend in the spiritual aspect with something else. In the United States it would have been a technological situation, in South America it would have been a naturalistic way, very much like a medical, herbal or doctor type situation. In the US it would be related to machines. New Zealand is something new.”

Laron: “So New Zealand would not be something I had planned?”
GC: “It’s a new creation.”

Laron: “Is that good or bad?”
GC: “It’s a new creation. You will make it good.”

Laron: “It sounds like I may be deviating from my plans though?”
GC: “No, it’s a demand of this time space that you created a new plan. This is good, as when you are creating… you may have noticed that these days it feels very quiet and calm. Last year it was very tense, and everybody, and I mean everybody as in you, volunteers and spiritual people would feel the energies every day, feel the stress, feel the ecstasy, and these days it feels more neutral and easy to be happy. But you don’t need the happiness, like ecstasy these days, it’s very constant. This is not because there are no events coming, it’s because you have raised higher, you have upgraded so much that you have a lot less attachments now. That is why you have the power to create now. ”

With the below question, I already understand about the spiritual nature of attachment and how important it is to detach yourself while on the spiritual path. But I ask the question anyway, as I do this frequently in QHHT sessions for a number of reasons, such as to make sure the information coming through is accurate, and to help the client, or anyone I share the information with understand why something is important.

If I just went and said that something was a certain way to someone within a conversation, it would not have as much of an impact as having the information come through within a session like this for the client when they listened to the recording, for example.

Laron: “Less attachments, is that important?”
GC: “Less attachments to the things on Earth. So that is why you can create better. People with attachments, when they create, they keep destroying. {I had to laugh when this was said as that is one way of putting it, which I agree with} So this is just increasing for you, keep flowing with it… you are very powerful just now. But the power doesn’t come like when you go through a stressful situation. For example, when you and Lai felt very powerful last year, that was more a feeling of the energy of the power, the shift, and the Cloud G2 influence. Now the power is yours, you have got that already. It’s so inside you that it feels calm. So you don’t need events to happen and lightning to strike to show that you are creating, because you are creating so fast. Very gentle… real creation is gentle. When there are Aliens or angels that create, they also create very secretly. It’s very harmonic, very organic. It moves. It moves all around. It doesn’t jump, leap and dive into…”

Grid Consciousness, Source and the parts that make up Laron

Understanding the various aspects that make up the identity of the spirit on Earth can be a challenge. For example, I call the aspect of the average soul that incarnates on Earth which resides in the spiritual center, the ‘over-soul’ and I think of this separate to the higher self which is likely a large collection of individual consciousness based beings / spirits. Another way to look at the higher self is to consider that it may be composed of many over-souls.

The spiritual center is my term for the location we head back to for life review, planning, classes, soul group meetups and so on.

The over-soul is said to be able to split itself into three, so that one part resides in the spiritual center, and two parts can have simultaneous lives on Earth. This is said to not occur that often as most over-souls like to have their attention just on the one life. Michael Newton talks about this and is a reliable source for such information.

I have come to the conclusion that there is that higher aspect of ourselves which is much higher up vibrationally speaking, in comparison to the over-soul in the 5th dimension where the spiritual center is located. This higher self is what most QHHT clients connect to within sessions, and based on their experiences and how the QHHT process works, it does seem clear that this higher self has a lot of power over the life of the client, from healing that can take place within the session to answering any questions asked very accurately and very reliably.

If you have followed the previous Cosmic Journey of Lai sessions, you would have learnt that volunteer based souls are a little different to the regular incarnates on Earth. You would have read a little bit about where I may be from and what I have been up to. In this section, that information is expanded upon and updated based on the moment I asked the questions. I include this information about me within all these sessions because it helps people expand their awareness around what makes us, us. And I think that it is important to remain with an open mind and consider such concepts. As you will see, the line of questioning takes me down a road I wasn’t expecting at all, where the topic of Source comes up.

Laron: “I’m interested to know if there is another part of me that exists above what I exist as in the grid consciousness. Is there more to me outside of that?”
GC: “Last time we told you that you left the grid. You have access to it, but you are not working here at the moment. You worked with the Pleiadian’s and that work is completed. You also sometimes work in the glass office that Lai told you about, that place is for meetings as well. You are also exploring life on another planet right now. So your New Earth related work with the Pleiadian’s is done, and that may manifest later on Earth, but there it’s done. The volunteer work in relation to raising the Earth’s vibration is done, the aspect of you now on Earth, but you may still get involved from time to time. You can be involved in the New Earth, that part of you on Earth now. You can meditate and you can set the intention to bring it in faster. Meanwhile, you are exploring another star system where you have visited some planets which have water and dolphins. You are there to catch the frequencies and copy them. It’s not collecting DNA, you touch it then you record the Dolphins for example, and you bring back the data. You are doing this right now, sifting through many planets collecting samples for the New Earth from these other places. So there you are right now.”

You will notice that I have to really dig here to find the answers I am searching for. As you can see, as a practitioner of past life regression, it can be important to keep digging and to keep asking the hard questions and not give up, otherwise you may fail to obtain information which can be very valuable to you and your client.

Laron: “Where is my higher self?”
GC: “Your higher self is above the grid. Above there is another place, it’s physically exactly above but there is no work of maintenance there. Your higher self where it is now, the work it involves a lot about moving between lives and astral traveling. Part of your work there is creating ways of travel from being on Earth and also transitioning between lives for other souls. Your higher self works there in a very high position to guide Councillors who guide souls who have passed on. ”

Laron: “Is my higher self a collective consciousness or is it a single individual?”
GC: “Above that is a collective but right there {within the spiritual center}, is an individual.”

Laron: “So when you are talking about souls who have passed on and helping the ones that help them, are you talking about souls from Earth or from other places?”
GC: “Everywhere.”

Laron: “You said above that, there is a collective. Is that also where I am from?”
GC: “Yes. At the moment, yes.”

Laron: “Going back to the grid, there was not just me there, there are other entities. (Yes) they are not part of my collective higher self are they? They have their own higher self?”
GC: “Within the grid, we are a collective consciousness who are interested in the universe and planetary maintenance. You are here, you are a part of this, you had interest in that, so you are there. You are not in the grid at the moment, you just come sometimes.”

Laron: “You just explained that I am exploring other planets and taking samples.”
GC: “Yes, that is a very strong thing right now which you are doing. You are collecting many things.”

Laron: “So is that part of me the grid part of me? And I am also on Earth right now as well, is that right?”
GC: “Yes, so I am seeing that your higher self is in the grid.”

Laron: “I don’t exist outside of there, higher up?”
GC: “Higher up, yes you do. The place where people come right after death where you manage the Councillors, you are there. You advise the Councillors. ”

Laron: “Is that simultaneous?”
GC: “Yes.”

Laron: “How much of my energy is there? {Spiritual center} Is it more than what was in the grid?”
GC: “More of your energy is in the grid, there is less there. Very less there. Most of your energy is part of the part of you which is collecting samples on the other planets.”

Laron: “Is there another higher self above all of that? Perhaps closer to source?”
GC: “Well, we are all… even every one of us in the grid, we have a connection to source always. Source is… we are more focused on our functions here, but source is everywhere, all the time. We are in multiple time and spaces, in multiple times, multiple existences. On Earth, you are only one, at one plane and one time. But in minds, you can go to other times which humans don’t believe. There are other lower planes where beings exist two places at the same time. Only two. But in the grid, we exist in multiple places but we have to focus on the one. Source is everywhere, all the time. There is no focus needed. Sources focus created us.”

Laron: “So there is no higher self that is separate to all of that, that belongs to source? Is that everything that makes up me for example, as an individual and collective, or is there something else? My understanding is that there is something else above those parts we have discussed, in a higher dimension which is probably closer to Source. Perhaps you don’t have access to that information.”
GC: “We do not. The soul place {spiritual center} that we said is physically above us is in a lower dimension. We are in the eighth dimension, 8D, the soul place is in 5D. Your existence, if you have existence above 8D, we are unaware of that. We know only until 8D.”

Laron: “Do you strive to grow spiritually where you are, or are you only there for maintenance. Are you growing from doing maintenance?”
GC: “We are growing from performing maintenance. It is best to do this from the eighth dimension. So we may go… we were unaware until you focused with this question, we all do have even higher selves. This grid consciousness is connected to something high, but it’s like we are so focused here, we were unaware of it.”

Laron: “When you finish your experiences there, when you decide to do something else, where do you go? What is above there?”
GC: “We believe we came from the above. When the experience finishes here with the maintenance, we may go below to explore. But not to grow, just to help.”

Laron: “So where you are is pretty high up. You don’t need to learn too much more. Is that how it would work?”
GC: “Well, still we are learning all the time from the lower dimensions. So what’s next? We do not know, higher above that. As in, is there a goal to reach a certain part, we do not know. But we are down here and learning from the lower dimensions to grow… grow with no directions.”

Laron: “So you are growing spiritually, but you don’t know where you are going to end up? (Yes) You know you have the option to explore and exist in the places we have discussed. (Yes) Do you have something higher than you which you communicate with which is more advanced. Who would you talk to if you needed help, who was more advanced than you?”
GC: “The grid consciousness does not need help. We can only stop being here, or keep being here. And we are there higher already. So if we stop being here, we will be there and then… we might decide to do something else which is needed. All the needs come from the lower dimensions.”

Laron: “And the lower dimensions are all connected to the physical universe?”
GC: “Yes.”

Laron: “How do you explain what Source is? What is Source, what is God from your perspective?”
GC: “God is… Source is… when we connect to God, we will forget about the grid because it’s so good being there that we don’t need to think of anything. It’s all white. White and silver light. Everywhere… there is no escape. You cannot go far, you cannot go near. We don’t want to… just now we accessed God. If we are there, the memory would be erased soon of this grid consciousness and because we have more functions to do, we came back quickly. It’s so loving that being there, you know everything is there and then you come down. But it still feels a bit separated, even within there.”

Laron: “Separation from what?”
GC: “From God. Because it’s like a center of that place that we just described you, so you don’t know what… it’s like a pulsing, something that is sending a pulse every second. (Is the pulse like energy?) Yes. You know that at first, there was something very curious. Curiosity created this universe. Because of curiosity and going down… creating slower dimensions, dense dimensions, to see how physical things manifest, how thoughts turn into… thoughts, today’s planet Earth or any planet, there are all thoughts. Different thoughts create different physical manifestation with different colors. It’s a variation of thoughts and that is why the universe is so huge and expanding because God is restlessly putting energy… (Like the pulse?)… yes. It is so good there and if we are there longer we will erase this memory, and the grid consciousness will be deleted right now.”

Laron: “What would happen to everyone and everything else if that happened?”
GC: “As we go away, there will be no more maintenance. Volunteers won’t have easy access… unless the two of you went to the doorway and the spiral, where the machine is, there would be no help for other volunteers. Lots of planets would go on the same courses which they were setup with before. Nothing would be changeable with thoughts anymore. Everything would follow its course. Our being there allowed human thoughts to change the universe. Even a painter on earth, a painters thoughts is considered by us to create an effect on the Universe. You would be stranded and left alone.”

 “That is an interesting answer.”
GC: “There are others who are there, the ones that travel to planets, the ones that rescued Lai and brought him to the grid, they will still be there so there will be help to help in other forms, but not from this place. From the grid you can go anywhere anytime, and all times and space.”

Laron: “So you have access and the ability to go to Source at any time? (Yes) When you go there, do you go as an individual or as a collective?”
GC: “We go as a collective, but once we go, even this collective memory would be deleted.”

Laron: “Is that what you just did?”
GC: “Yes. (And you quickly came back?) Yes, to then describe it to you.”

Laron: “How often do you do that? Have you done that before?”
GC: “We have never done that before. (Why not?) Because we are focused here. Because we know that high up there, there is no focus until God decides something. We are parts of God, we may not exist here anymore, so if we were there we may then become part of God so we would no longer be communicating with you at that time.”

Laron: “Are you worried about that?”
GC: “No. Not worried, but from here we have been so busy working here that we have not thought what would happen there. We would stop existing here and the grid would be left like this. Some body could come here and without us, interpret it as something else. In our absence, this place could look like a control center with alien beings monitoring, watching over… {That could be a mistaken interpretation by someone that visited} but it was not to control, but to take thoughts from everyone and be here for the volunteers.”

With this below question, while we are all an aspect of source which can be explained in many different ways, I think that there is still more to each individual soul than just what is explained. I think the terminology and labelling can cause blocks for not only us humans, but for those above us, such as this grid consciousness who explained a number of times during this session how they are so focused on their work. Because of this focus, accessing certain information can require specific questions from me, and also many follow up questions to locate the information I am looking for. Those questions may be questions I ask at another point in the future. So it also may not be the right timing to learn certain things. If you have read all of these sessions up until this point, you will see that from time to time, new information just suddenly appears and becomes available. Information which could easily have been revealed at any point based on my questions asked. There can be good reason why we are not told things, why certain things are held back, such as the time not being appropriate and the audience of the information not being ready for it.

This explanation below is a very good explanation to describe my personal definition of the ‘over-soul’, but not the higher self. I do feel and think that there is more to this over-soul, for every single individual consciousness / spirit on Earth, and I will continue to search for answers around this in the future. Why would the information not come through so easily right now? One reasons may be because each person needs to have direct experience. They cannot properly grow and develop their consciousness while traveling the spiritual path, simply from information, information such as this. If information is withheld, or, if something is said that is not complete, it may just be because the individual needs to experience an element in relation to their growth, directly.

For example, I have had direct experience with being part of a collective consciousness outside of Earth before this session, as well as many other direct experiences. This may just be one of the reasons why information, such as this, has become available to me through Lai.

If you look at this question below about the higher self from this following viewpoint, it may make more sense. The person is existing in a conscious state on Earth. I ask the question where is their higher self, which could easily mean the next part above them in the order of their existence from the viewpoint of being on Earth. The correct answer to that would be exactly what is described below, and because we are so fixated on labels and terminology, the answer provided while true, does not fulfil my original intention. I however did not follow up with more questions at the time as I decided to move on and return to this as a later date.

 “For the regular incarnates on Earth, where is their higher self?”
GC: “Their higher self is in-between the 3D and the 5D. One side has the gate to the 3D and the other side has the gate to the 5D.”

Laron: “Is it the part of them left behind on Earth within the spiritual center, where the Earth soul returns to? Or is it above that somewhere else?”
GC: “Most peoples higher self are there. So their higher selves are normally there and sometimes come down close to Earth. In your case, yours left from there. It was there in the beginning, when you volunteered, so it’s like you are playing in the playground where your Mum is watching from the gallery for a while. Soon, when she knows that you are ok, she then goes home and watches you from a video camera. For a while your higher self was there to, in this spirit center, and then left because you have other purposes. But those who have no other purposes, their higher self waits there and keeps cheering them on in a way and helping them. They sometimes go down to help the people, but they don’t listen. It’s like what parents would do, go as close to the playground as they can get and start screaming at their children to play a certain way. They would try to get as close as possible. ”

* * *

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