poetry v2 - laron nz


Here’s a selection of poems I’ve composed in more recent years. They provide some insight into not just me, but my thoughts about life, through direct experiences and intuitive insight.

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Life to Death
Back to the real world
At the rivers edge
Blue Lightning
The Brewing Storm
From Krakatoa, to a New Earth
Full Circle
Through light and dark, we roam in time and space
The Song of Mother Earth
Is Love Near?


Life to Death

Individual consciousness, lighter than a leaf,
enters into physical form from spirit.
Much time is spent in the womb, so dark,
whilst the sapling grows into a young tree.
Unbeknown, is a world so thick with fears
as the journey begins into the light.

Laughter and joy at the arrival of a light
life is to be had, as the sprouting of a leaf
reveals itself. Released are the many fears
built up from the long wait, as the spirit
of the moment is set free, like a tree.
The first birthday ends with night’s dark.

A word is slowly uttered in the dark
of the evening. The shining of the sunlight
brings the first steps towards a tree.
Wide eyes observe the falling of a leaf,
as the beginning of life brightens the spirit
of the guardians who are manifesting new fears.

With the first kiss brings along fears,
as a growing body hides away in the dark.
Hormones bring turmoil that interfere with spirit,
as built up anger and hate shades the light.
Confusion through curiosity flattens a leaf
with tears, which fall from under a tree.

A ring slips on a finger beneath a tree,
with it comes a smile in addition to a few fears —
their first coupling, both as green as a leaf.
An opportunity for life is created in the dark.
Within the excitement of the moment, light
shines inside two hearts that connect to spirit.

With the loss of a parent to spirit,
buried beneath the shade of a tree,
thoughts turn towards the light.
Aging sets in that brings lingering fears,
fears about the inevitable dark.
The body deteriorating like an old leaf.

Guides from spirit help to ease any fears,
as memories under a tree are recalled in the dark.
The light of the soul departs — lifted like a leaf.

(The above poem is in the form of a Sestina)

~ Laron G. S.


Back to the real world

It was the music from whence I came —
the songs of many birds.
Their memory sat and remained with me,
while I walked out of that forest
and returned to what some may call
‘the real world’, which contained its own jungle —
but that of concrete.

My best choice in that moment
was to look back and recall the memories,
which so easily and so peacefully
held the space for me. That was nature.
That was where I wanted to exist permanently,
but with this world, with this society,
my choices were limited.

Walking barefoot through the trees
brought me down to Earth with such grounding —
those stones, those sticks and that layer of dirt.
My fingertips would brush the sides
of jagged trunks, as I stepped between them.
The feeling beneath me,
through the souls of my feet,
was all the magic that I required.

Could I sit so still for so long?
For centuries?
I would hold the memories of time,
like a vault under some prestigious bank.

I must now leave all that and move on,
back to what I continue to do in this world.
However, perhaps one day
I will return to that solitude,
whether that be in nature,
or beyond physicality.

~ Laron G. S.


At the rivers edge

The flow of this river is apparent,
as I hear the crunch
of little grey stone pebbles
beneath my dirt stained sneakers

Gently, but swiftly, I walk alongside
this dark green mass of water,
that which the depths cannot be judged,
since the belly is unable to be seen

A bird sings — one which I will likely never see,
but I can still listen
A jogger appears out in front of me,
like a ship slipping into view
from within a mornings mist

My mind is elsewhere,
as I take in the moment
of natures beauty
The jogger is now gone —
what did he experience upon his encounter
alongside this watery passage?

The pebbles change to a rich brown dirt
as I keep placing one foot after another,
along this path that leads me deeper
into my absent mind

~ Laron G. S.


Blue Lightning

Standing beneath the reflective blue surface,
with memories of conflict echoing inward,
I feel consuming thoughts being ripped away

I wish so exuberantly to venture out and beyond
Can I be that stream which will take me from here?

Departing, I left behind all that mattered,
like a rock falling from a precipice, never to return
I became the flow that also granted me such mindfulness

With a renewal of energy, I felt stronger than ever
The potential of lightning, fuelled from within my soul

~ Laron G. S.


The Brewing Storm

After Charles Simic

We finally obtained the life so desired.
Fresh berries and fried eggs for breakfast.
Hope of a bright future, with sunlight in every room.
Hand in hand, we strolled joyfully by the sea.

Some days, things were not so ideal.
We began to have our doubts —
like actors of a play gone wrong,
while the audience laughed and hackled
and the critics left with mouths wide open.
We became acrobats balancing on ropes edge.

Our days ended with cigarettes in our hands.
What did we always try to ignore?
A storm brewed on the horizon,
but so far away from the wishful serenity.

Lightning suddenly above, with such a roar.
The power cuts out leaving just darkness.
We hold hands to find familiar comfort,
but decide to let go one last time.

~ Laron G. S.



The only person who wanted me alive,
washed his hands of me
as I am gently pushed up a sloped drive,
the truth relinquished any further fight.

A cheerful woman breaches the doorway.
I almost smile to my self —
my frightening thoughts are interrupted.
I try to ignore the prodding sunlight.

With hunger gnawing at my insides,
the nurse coaxes me from the bed.
Forbidden bread that triggers trepidation.
My stomach wonders what that does.

‘Rest now you must be tired,’ she says.
I’ve nowhere to go, nowhere to run.
With a heavy head,
my eyelids win the battle of consciousness.

~ Laron G. S.


From Krakatoa, to a New Earth

With skies a vivid red hue, the eruption left its scar
An archipelago once ringed an island of magma,
while towering oceans fled to form far-off lakes

A wave of pressure circumvented the globe —
society noting down multiple passings
Both beast and man were left to their fates

Mother earth screamed her song ferociously,
as the climate later took part in the chorus
The ‘water year’ became well known in the states

One tends to weigh the unspoken question,
‘Will the earth ever chant one more time?’
as the planet starts to again grumble,
deep down, beneath the feet of mankind

We populate many corners of the lands
and dwell on a living, rocky surface
While consciousness shifts further forward,
we await change, at times feeling nervous

Our impact on nature has taken its toll —
great advances bring much responsibility
From within we can find our own solutions
and forge a new world, with ample stability

~ Laron G. S.


Full Circle

And it sounded like a place I could call home.
The sounds came forth, as the thin branches
of the many trees, moved gently,
with a slight quiver from the breeze.

It was a place I could go when I needed that respite.
I did go there, and I went there as many times as I could,
as I lived out a long life up into old age —
upon which the red blood of my heart
would eventually stop flowing.

I now look back at a life once lived,
and I consider the many choices
which were presented to me —
and the decisions I fruitfully took.

Like one keenly browsing a market stall,
I examined very closely my experiences,
within the time that I had.

But now I hold no regrets,
no remorse and no judgement,
as I come to comprehend
why I was there,
and why I no longer need to return.

~ Laron G. S.


Through light and dark, we roam in time and space

Through light and dark, we roam in time and space.
Before we were complete, from source we came —
fearless, compassionate, with love and grace.

‘Why?’ one may ask, while they try to retrace
those hidden memories that form their frame.
Through light and dark, we roam in time and space.

The choice was made to pick this earthly place,
as life hands down experience, to aim —
fearless, compassionate, with love and grace.

Hardship pulls us closer, while we chase
life’s grand purpose (with or without our blame).
Through light and dark, we roam in time and space.

Wisdom brings progress, within souls pace,
as a teacher hints words, who once became
fearless, compassionate, with love and grace.

With great perseverance we will embrace
our planned lives, often relit like a flame.
Through light and dark, we roam in time and space —
fearless, compassionate, with love and grace.

(The above poem is in the form of a ‘Villanelle’)

~ Laron G. S.


The Song of Mother Earth

And in her song the winds blow broadly,
whistling across trunks and limbs
The force of nature, pushed forever forward,
through many a gully and recess —
far from the awareness of city folk

Raging rivers gush beneath the air,
which laughs a sweet lullaby,
and sings into a long dark night

A final song will one day play,
from within her deep blue sphere,
as mother earth takes a journey,
and explores a new frontier

~ Laron G. S.



Blatant bars of sharp light
hinder the journey.
These feet scream,
needing repose.
Here was a group,
but my heart now beats alone.

Like a meteor burning up,
I can’t last; nothing in sight —
just a rolling caramel dune.
She’s waiting back home.
‘I’m sorry,’ I whisper,
‘we will be together again.’
The light quits,
alongside consciousness.

There’s a crisp rattling ahead
and a loud clip-clop behind.
The brown animal whinnies.
Its rider yells.
I’m too tiny.

Streaks of white in a blue hue —
so pretty.
Mud covers my white dress.
Mother will be enraged.
Wooden rings are looming.
Why are the clouds so close?

It’s just like a stone sinking
into a watery abyss.
Everything dims;
it’s all so obscure,
but something familiar nears.
White feathers fall
as all attachments shed.

A spherical essence
massed before me,
teeming with infinite love, and life.
A shift.


~ Laron G. S.


Is Love Near?

Sometimes similarities can soften the space
when two souls meet for the very first time.
But with too much common ground turmoil ensues,
and just like stepping into the shadows of a cave,
when we’re worlds apart passion can begin to fade.

While sitting on a seesaw balance may be found
as eyes stare across like glinting marbles
waiting to be cast out towards one another.

Within our energy rests the damage done
from a past once lived that pokes its head up
at unexpected times to hinder life’s bonds.
Saying “hello” is the first step of a route
leading back along a path to the absolute.

We can journey together by choice
to a destination of healing and purity
so that what previously lies is let go.

Our days are yet to come as the sun falls and rises
and the plants seasonally shed their leaves
with the flowers ascending to bloom,
where two arrive in a space of palpable love.

~ Laron G. S.