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Reiki Healing

Booking a Session


For distant healing I charge US $50 for a 45 minute session. For face-to face sessions I charge US $60, which is about an hour in length. Select from one of the options below to pay and book via Paypal. I will contact you to arrange at time. Feel free to contact me through the site here, or on Facebook, for more information.

I take into consideration those who are on a lower income, or under financial difficulties, if the cost is too much.

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For additional information on what Reiki Healing is and how it works, see this article here within the menu.

I am a Reiki Master teacher so have the full, 100%, attuned Reiki energy coming through when conducting a session. As you see, I offer both Reiki and Energy Healing sessions, as they are different, even though the outcome and reasons behind having a session, are one in the same.

With Reiki, specific hand positions are used, which also applies to distant Reiki. Reiki symbols are also manifested within a session, depending on the situation, to help empower the healing for different reasons.