Sekhmet, Volunteer Classes, Imprint Lives and More | The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 5

A detailed section on Sekhmet; who constructed the Great Sphinx; Lai experiences a starseed and volunteer soul group class before arriving on Earth; spirit guides who leave once a human has developed to a higher spiritual level, expanded information on Dolores’ imprint past lives, and much more.

This is the fifth Cosmic Journey of Lai article, transcribed from the past life regression sessions I have conducted with my QHHT client Lai. The session below was conducted back on the 5th of August, 2014. I conducted two sessions with Lai that day.

The main areas discussed within this session.

  • Information on Sekhmet, an Egyptian goddess and deity in history. Something important here is that info came in explaining that based on spiritual / vibrational progression over time since then, the ET groups involved with decisions way back then no longer function in the same way they do now. (The reason why this info came up is discussed by the Grid Consciousness later on in the article)
  • Those possibly involved with the construction of the Great Sphinx of Giza. (brief)
  • Classes experienced by Lai and other Volunteer souls, including star seeds, before coming into the Earth experience and the importance of volunteers choosing from the events from multiple soul’s former lives who have committed suicide. (Very interesting and detailed info in this longer section — highly recommended. The info on memories coming back is very important to understand)
  • Information around spirit guides and how they no longer assist people who have reached a certain spiritual / vibrational stage, along with information on consciousness’s artificially placed to assist souls who do reach that stage.
  • How the illusion that we experience as real life here functions from the perspective of the grid consciousness in connection to the passing of time.
  • Information around the assistance that I was told I had provided the Pleiadians along with explanations of various parts of what is said to make up components of my existence.
  • New information on where past lives come from when a volunteer has never had a past life, and the lives they have come up are also not soul imprints. (Expands on Dolores Cannon’s Soul Imprint info)
  • Answers to questions that some folk have sent in, varying in topic.

For those unaware of what QHHT is, it’s a past life / in-between life hypnosis based regression method, originally taught and created by Dolores Cannon. (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) I am a level 1 & 2 practitioner, trained by Dolores. This is the method she used to obtain all the information for her many published books. While there are multiple forms of past life regression, this method is unique because the higher self / over-soul aspect of the spirit here on Earth is called in. Another unique part of this process is that the client goes into a trance based state where the higher self / over-soul speaks through them, using their vocabulary to communicate with.

Note that round brackets ( ) below contain questions or answers. Italic text is additional information from me that I have added while writing this up. Inside the curly {} brackets are details about that point in time in relation to the session. Note that within this article I do modify some information so that it’s easier to understand, as sometimes the language is a bit confusing since English is not Lai’s first language.

* * *


Laron: “What do you see down there below you?”

Lai: “I see three things. First it looks like a painting of a place. But I can go within the picture I see, so it’s not literally a painting. It looks like I am looking at an old hand drawn map with structures. (Do you see this in front of you? Or below you? Whereabouts is it?) I am zooming in, so now I can… it was at the front before. (Is this taking up all your vision now?) Yes. I am going in there. It is like civilisation. There are structures beside a river. These are huts which are round shaped.”

Laron: “Is this on the map, or can you see this in real life.”
Lai: “It is on the map but I can see it in real now. Their women have black hair. (How many are there?) Nine. (Are they all women?) No, there are some men somewhere, but I can see the Woman right now. (Are you there yourself, or are you just watching?) Just watching.

Laron: “What are the huts made out of?”
Lai: “Straw. The roofs are straw. (What about the walls?) The walls are something else. (Does it look like bricks or is it flat?) They look like bricks but the pillars are made of wood. They are red bricks, the pillars are brown. The ground looks like as if somebody… it’s woven with something and then placed on the floor of the hut.”

Laron: “What are the people doing?”
Lai: “I can see the women again. They are happy, they are doing something. They used something. Some kind of bluish stone that was crushed. They used stones to crush and make some kind of bluish powder which they put around their eyes like women do now with makeup, eye shadow. (What are they using to crush the blue stones?) They are using another stone. (A larger one?) Yeah, but not a blue one, maybe an ordinary rock.”

Laron: “Do you know where they got the blue stones from?”
Lai: “The blue stones are very special to them. The blue stone is very valuable to them for important events that happen. They are doing that today, it is night almost. It seems like someone else found it before, perhaps another generation. {Long pause} They found them in some kind of mine. (A cave?) Yes, a cave. Exactly. It was high in a mountain. There was an old man who found them originally and he brought them back.”

Laron: “How many buildings do you see in the village?”
Lai: “It could be 36.”

Laron: “So they put the powder on their faces?”
Lai: “Yes, around their eyes like eye shadow. They put it around their cheeks as well but they are trying to highlight the eyes. Their skin color is dark brown. Their hair is like the typical Chinese haircut, like of a girl. It’s strait in the front and cut. (A fringe?) Yes, like that. (What are they wearing?) They are wearing clothes with the color of turquoise. They are wearing two pieces of clothing. The clothes look shiny. The bottom part is black and white, like locks of white and black. The chest is covered with golden laces, like golden linings. It’s bluish, kind of like silk.”

Laron: “Do you get a sense if this is Earth?”
Lai: “Yes, this feels like Earth. (What time period might it be?) I don’t know but I sense it’s in Africa, near Egypt. It was near Egypt.”

Laron: “What do the people do after they cover their eyes with the makeup?”
Lai: “They are doing this so that somebody will visit them, which they think is kind of like
a goddess. They do this every month. This time it’s a more important one, it’s special. (Do you know why?) Because of the moon. (What about it?) It’s a new moon. It looks like a boat. (So it’s very thin?) Yes.”

Laron: “What happens next?”
Lai: “I don’t know, it seems like I am going away from here now.”

Laron: “Do you know who comes to visit them?”
Lai: “Yes. Another woman figure. She is not from Earth. She is like a cat… her face is like a cat but then her body is like a human. It looks like how we see them as mutants. She has a lot of power and these are her followers. Not followers I mean, but they think that by worshiping her, she will keep them safe.”

Laron: “What is her purpose of coming there?”
Lai: “She might not come at all, but they are expecting her to come. They think by doing what they are doing, she will come. (Has she come in the past?) Yes, she passed through but not the way that they think she will come. She came from far away.”

Laron: “What did she do last time she came?”
Lai: “They were doing this last time, and she made a sound and they could see her far away on a high hill. So she didn’t come close, but made the sound. The sound was like a Lion. Like roaring. When they heard that last time, they felt better and she left.”

Laron: “Do you know where she comes from?”
Lai: “Now I know that she lives here, around these lands. There are many different villages around this area and she protects these people from other tribes. (So she lives on Earth?) Yes, she lives on Earth but she’s not from Earth originally. It was a test for her, to be on Earth. It is a little bit like a punishment in a way. So she has to be on Earth, but then she wants to be here. There are many of them on Earth, not exactly like her though.”

Laron: “How many of them are there on Earth? Thousands or more?”
Lai: “It could be thousands but not all in the same place on Earth. Not all of them are from the same place, outside of Earth. So what happened is that this is like a job… it’s like sending you to work in a very remote place. (So she was sent there?) Yes. But then she knows after doing a certain number of years, like more than a hundred years, they will pick her up one day. She came there from a space ship. She is good. She is wild by nature. To people on Earth, she may look scary, but she is actually good.”

Laron: “You said that her physical appearance has a human body, it’s that right? (Yes) But her face looks like a cat’s face? (Yes) And her head as well?”
Lai: “Her head is like a cat as well. (With cat whiskers?) Yes. (And cat hairs?) Yes. She walks like a human, there is no hair on the body. So it’s like a human, no fur like an animal may have. Her head and face are like a cat.”

Laron: “When you said there was thousands, do you mean thousands of her species?”
Lai: “No, different. (Do you think it could be hundreds or perhaps thousands?) At that point, several hundred, but at other points in time, several thousand.”

Laron: “At that point in time, are all of them known or some of them hidden?”
Lai: “Hidden as they don’t communicate with each other. People don’t know about all of them. There are some bad ones also that take advantage of the weak people, because humans are weaker. She knows she has to go back, so she does her work very well and she protects them. But she also wants to be distant from humans because she doesn’t want to show her… all the things she does. Like she eats raw meat. (Animals?) Yes. (Do you know her name?) No. (Do you know what the people call her?) I don’t know.

Laron: “Where she comes from, does she have a name there?”
Lai “Yes, it starts with L. (Any other letters?) La… I don’t know the order because I see other letters. A, e. First I saw L, then A, but now I see L, E, O. It’s three letters I think. But then I saw four.”

Laron: “So you said her purpose was like a test or a job, and part of that was helping people, to protect the people from other tribes?”
Lai: “Yes. Nobody taught her how to help. It was not even that she had to help. Her and some others were sent there in that time and some of them were bad, some were good. She chose to be good. (From her race of people there were good and bad you mean?) Yes, well… (Or was her race only good?) Maybe her race… I am not sure she has a race. In that time there were many others sent. Not all of them were like cats, there were others. She was wise. She was powerful because she was like a lion, like a cat. She was very fast.”

Laron: “Where she comes from, did she look the same there or was she different?”
Lai: “Now I think she was different. It was a challenge.”

Laron: “What she looks like on Earth, was that her choice? (No) Who decided she would look like this?”
Lai: “The others. When I say the others, to me it felt like there was some kind of council.”

Laron: “So a group decided that she would look like that to interact with the people? (Yeah) Her experience there, was it part of her lessons and growth as a being, or was there another reason?”
Lai: “Yes. (As an individual, was it part of her spiritual growth to have that experience?) Yes, it was. (You mentioned a council, were they part of deciding and being part of that?) Yes. So this is what I feel, I feel that whoever sent… not the same people sent this kind of mutant. Her being sent her like this, it was a challenge also for her. I feel it was not fair that they sent her like this. (Why?) Because they gave her aggressiveness, but she was not aggressive. (Where she comes from?) Yeah… in her heart, she didn’t want to be aggressive, but then they gave her… (Personality?) Yes. And the physical powers so that she can travel very fast, very quick, from one place to another. And then when she wants to make a sound, she could talk also I think, but when a little bit of emotion comes along, she roars. This sound is scary for humans. So it was hard for her to live like that.”

Laron: “She wasn’t born there was she?”
Lai: “On Earth? No. She was suddenly sent.”

Laron: “How did she end up in that body? How does that process work?”
Lai: “I am looking. So where she was, before coming to Earth, I see no body. It’s like a bubble. (Like a sphere?) Yeah. She was so kind, that she didn’t want to grow. She didn’t want to know other parts. (Experience other parts?) Yeah. The importance of power and force. To me it felt unfair that they forced her to get in that body, to experience power. And she looked sad on Earth.”

Bust Sekhmet - Volunteer Classes - Imprint Lives and More - The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 5
Bust of the Goddess Sekhmet, ca. 1390-1352 B.C.E. Granodiorite, Brooklyn Museum – Wikipedia

Laron: “Did you see how the body was manifested? How did the body get created if it was not born?”
Lai: “The last time I told you about the bubble, after that she was living with her body. Not on Earth. Beautiful, thin, feminine body. Female probably. (Was this another planet?) Yes. (Did she look exactly the same?) No, no, she looked like a thin girl. (Like a human?) Yeah. And then they did this thing… so it was done by somebody else.”

Laron: “Did she finish that experience in that body?”
Lai: “No, she didn’t finish. (So it wasn’t her choice, or did she volunteer?) She volunteered, but it wasn’t her choice fully in relation to choosing the body. (In regards to the personality and her strength?) Right. (So she was a bit sad about that?) Yes. Because she’s so loving, but then they gave her that face, exactly opposite.”

Laron: “The place she came from, did it have a lot of technology?”
Lai: “Yes, the place she came from, to them, it’s very normal, like her. But then there are some people above them, like the ones that decided (The council?), yes the Council. They decided for her to be like that. So they have a lot of technology. She doesn’t really think much of those technologies.”

Laron: “The place she was from before, was that a higher vibrational existence to being on Earth? More spiritually advanced?”
Lai: “It’s a bit easier than Earth. A lot easier than Earth. I don’t know how to answer this, but I will tell you this. In that case, why did they come to Earth to get more experience, to rise higher. The place she was from… you decide. From there, she had to come to Earth to go to a higher vibration. (As an individual, to grow spiritually, she had to have that experience on Earth?) Yes, she had to do that by coming to Earth, then she went to a higher vibration.

Laron: “It’s just that the council interacting with her, seems to be an easier process with how they interact with people on Earth. So I was thinking that they may all be having a different experience in a higher vibration. Can you explain where that council is? Do you see more information about that?”
Lai: “I don’t like the council. {Small laugh} I mean… (How do you feel about that?) Oh sorry, I don’t like means that I have never seen them before. This is the first time I know about them because of the Lion woman. So I don’t like their interference. It’s not very high to me. I mean… they, because there are many of them.”

Laron: “How many?”
Lai: “Well, I don’t know. To me the Council looks… what I mean I don’t like is that it’s not part of my being, (It’s separate?) Yes, so I don’t know about that kind of energy, because I don’t make decisions. (You feel that they might not be as high as what we might be expecting?) Yeah. (But they still make decisions like that?) Yeah. I feel there are higher… higher beings than them. (Than the physical beings?) Yeah. Okay, so maybe the Council that I call the Council, these seem to me now like a Council of many kinds of different beings, together. Different species. There are some from lower vibrations. (Is Council still the right word or should we use a different word?) Yeah, maybe we should use a different word. To me, these look like aliens, physical beings that have physical bodies, and these were the group which made her do that.”

Laron: “So they have physical bodies and they also exist elsewhere where they have more power to make decisions for others? (Yes) We could call them groups of alien species that come together and then decide on how individuals have experiences within their groups, is that right?”
Lai: “Yes.”

Laron: “So the cat lady comes from one of those groups, is that right?)
Lai: “Yes. (Do you get any names of these species of Aliens that appear to you?) Some name with A… I just see letters so I don’t know. A… N… Y.. S.. R.. and then…”

Laron: “On Earth we use star constellations to name the groups of ET’s. Do you get anything around that?”
Lai: “I think that this group of people that I saw, the Council, I think I saw the old version who decided her experience. (The exact groups of people?) Yes. (Was it one group or multiple species?) Multiple. I think that they do not exist now. Because that Council did not look so… high as they do today.”

Laron: “So in the past there were these groups that made such decisions, but today you think that may not be going on in the same way?”
Lai: “Yes, not going on in the same way. (Any sense around why that change came in?) Yes, because everything has evolved also. (On all those different levels?) Yes.”

Something to think about here is that this occurred thousands of years ago and things may have worked a little bit differently to what goes on these days. Think about that time period that has passed, up until this day and age right now, and how much spirituality and progression in general would have taken place over that period of time, applying to other life in the Galaxy and Universe. This thought process should also include any rules or laws that govern the interaction of other species in relation to Earth. (I.e. prime directive in star trek as one example)

Laron: “Okay, let’s return to the cat lady and her experience on Earth. Does the sphinx have anything to do with her?”
Lai: “Okay, so… I get this again that the Council that I meant, I think it’s not the universe Council, it was just a planetary Council of Aliens. (On a physical level?) Yes. (Not on a spiritual level?) No. Not spiritual level. Because she was really good, they tried to teach her also, but it was sort of to her, it felt like a punishment but then she agreed to go through it. But she was always waiting for them to return so she could go back. (For them to come and get her?) Yes. I don’t know for how long she stayed… more than 200 years perhaps.”

Laron: “They had the ability and power to manifest a physical form? Is that right?”
Lai: “Yes. (When they came to get her, did she return to her old form?) Yes. (As the female, from the other planet?) Yes. Even more beautiful. To me it felt like she returned and became … actually it seems like to me now that they came to take her, but maybe she died. She died on Earth when they came. (Her physical body died?) Yes. (But they were able to capture her consciousness?) Yes. (And return her to her former body?) No, she didn’t take any more bodies after that. She didn’t go back. The whole thing feels sad to me. (Because she stayed for so long waiting for them?) Yes. (And because she wasn’t happy in that body?) Yes. And to give the power to the one that doesn’t want the power, to dominate humans, this was another reason she was not happy.”

Great Sphinx Sekhmet - Volunteer Classes - Imprint Lives and More - The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 5
The Great Sphinx of Giza, with the Pyramid of Khufu in the background – Wikipedia

Laron: “What else in relation to the sphinx do you see?”
Lai: “It seems like the humans didn’t build that by themselves. There were others. I am now seeing the sphinx being built and I am trying to find out if she has any relation to it. It was not an attempt to make it by her. There are some others. (What do they look like?) These are workers. (Human?) There are human workers on the ground, but these are floating on something… It looks something like a motorbike but they are flying, many of them. The humans are on the ground. There are other beings who are not humans, they are instructing, ordering the humans. They are flying on these things. They look like green and… I don’t like them. They look quite thick… and like a reptile. (What does the face look like, what animal would the face be similar to?) Like a crocodile, or a lizard. (A shorter snout do you think?) Shorter, yes. Its round, flat… crocodile or lizard face. Who are they? I don’t know.”

Laron: “Do you know the reason why it was built?”
Lai: “Yes, it is pointing towards a star. (What star?) I’m not sure.”

At this stage I feel we should continue on with the session as we have now gained a lot of information about this feline female. I also felt that it was not important to venture into the information surrounding the sphinx. We were already an hour into the session at this stage and I wanted to cover more areas.

Lai said he felt very dense in relation to his energy, going through the previous experience. I had to use a process to clear and move him on from there. He said while transitioning from the above scene/area to another experience, that he thought it was very good for him to go through that experience of seeing the information around the feline woman. He said that he resists being powerful in this life now, and that he could relate because of that situation the feline woman experienced. He said he accepts what happened to her now (over a week later), in relation to his own life.

Lai felt strongly after the session that this female was Sekhmet and that the face was more like that of a Lioness, not a cat. There is more information about this further on in this article.

In relation to Lai feeling the dense energy, if you think about how long ago this was, and the level of vibration and density that the Earth and those on it would have been functioning in back then, then this gives us a clue to how different life here is now. What I mean here is that this year and last year, there has been so much information around how the changes are going on in relation to the vibrations rising, with assistance from energy coming down into Earth. Especially now that we are moving through the shift in consciousness. This density that he felt back then could therefore be connected up to the differences of vibration and state of existence, then, and now.

Volunteer Classes before the Earth Experience

Laron: “What do you see?”
Lai: “I am with a few others. I feel I am little also, like very young. I feel similar to being on Earth such as when I went to school. Kindergarten. But this is not Earth. There are some teachers here but I have not seen them yet. Near me is another soul and we are trying to… we have something like a canvas. It feels like we are very happy because we are going to go somewhere.”

Laron: “How many of you are there?”
Lai: “There are about twenty two of us. Now there is one teacher but there are more. The teacher is like energy, kind of like the form of a triangle floating above us. The color of the teacher is mostly blue but there is white also. Not dark blue, in between dark blue and light blue.”

Laron: “What do those around you look like?”
Lai: “Like cartoon figures. They are not physical. We have structure. (Do you look like energy?) Yes, I think so, but maybe because of this class we have hands and legs. In this class everybody has to have hands and legs like a human. (Is that what the teacher said?) Yes. But we are small, like children. On the canvas we are deciding… what we will be when we are on Earth. We are choosing a body. Choosing… it’s like a canvas. (In front of you?) Yes, but it’s more than just a canvas. We choose, we are choosing the body… no… there are hands…. what I am looking at in the canvas is, is that we can actually choose every part of the body that we will have.”

I know a lot about this process in relation to planning lives, so I know that the situation may not be as simple as being able to choose every single aspect of how you are going to look like when you appear on Earth. I want to get to the bottom of this, hence the following questions I ask to try to do just that.

Laron: “Do each of you have your own body that you are working with?”
Lai: “Yes, each of us has one canvas each. All twenty two of us. We are looking at it.”

Laron: “What does the space you are in look like? What surrounds you?”
Lai: “First it looked like a garden, but when you asked me, it then seemed like a hologram, not a real Garden. (Any walls or a surface below?) Well, it’s like a garden, but it’s not a real garden. It’s just turned into a garden now for this class. (You know it’s not real?) Yeah. So on the canvas we can choose the skin color, the hair, the eye colors, the teeth, but… this is not… I mean the choice of the body… I think we have had many classes before this, but today is choosing the body that fits our purpose. So we found out what our purpose was before this class.”

Garden - Sekhmet - Volunteer Classes - Imprint Lives and More - The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 5
Chanticleer – An American “Pleasure Garden” near Philadelphia – Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Laron: “Do you know what your purpose is?”
Lai: “I think we had kind of a life proposal beforehand, on Earth. So based on that, today is like a later class like we are choosing and getting ready to go. Other things have been done before so in this class we are choosing the body that will suit us. So it’s not really like choice, though it feels like we have chosen anything that we wanted. But here we are so… mindful of what we have to do. That is how we are choosing the body, so we don’t have much choice.”

Laron: “What body do you choose?”
Lai: “I choose a light one. White. It looks like who I am now but I was supposed to be taller, as I was taller there. (What are the main differences to what you see now?) Now we are choosing, but then it’s just like a blueprint, but it may change when we grow on Earth depending on many factors.”

Laron: “Why would it change?”
Lai: “Because coming to Earth, it was all in our minds that we would do this and that, but then after coming we do not know anymore. So it will react. (Because you lose your memory when you come?) Yes. So we are choosing the best possible one here to suit the one… (To suit your purpose?) Yes. In real life on Earth when we will be physical, it will be so different. There are so many things such as gravity. There are so many things. We never know how it turns out in the end, but that was the initial planning.”

Laron: “Do you have a feeling that you created that body, or were you simply being shown what you were going to look like on that canvas?”
Lai: “Showing. We are choosing, but not creating. (Choosing as in different bodies, or the details of one?) First we chose different bodies. (So you had a choice between different ones?) Yes, no… not different bodies. We start with the skin color. (So you get to choose?) Yes. The hair color, the eye color. We can’t do the shape of the eyes or the shape of the ears. There are priorities. First we choose the color of the skin. And then based on the color, if someone chose this color, they cannot choose a certain hair color anymore. And then goes the next choice. The initial choice was the most important and then all of us go down different paths after that. We are already limited then by the previous constraints.”

Laron: “Wouldn’t those sort of things be worked out when you are born into the body though? How come you get the choice? How does that work?”
Lai: “We are choosing the body after we are assigned parents. After that we choose the body.”

Laron: “So based on your choices, that is going to impact what you are going to look like. Is that right?”
Lai: “Yeah, so the body is the last thing actually. Because we did the other things before. (As in you had to pick the parents based on your role?) Yeah. And the place… first was the situations. First we were shown some cases. (You mean to be born into, you had different ones to choose from?) Yeah. Before that… we were shown many cases on Earth. We choose from those cases. That was a long time ago. I mean… we considered those cases and then we said how we are going to do something new about those cases, that no one has done before. (What do you mean by ‘cases’?) Cases like a case study. So like with somebodies life, this happened and that happened. Most of the time the cases presented to us are people who committed suicide and killed themselves. But we don’t know those people. (You’re not looking at a future experience, but existing ones in the past that have happened?) Yes, a collection of life experiences from the ones that killed themselves. We are given choices, based on what we would do better when experiencing the same existing situations. (This is part of your classes?) Yes. So, what we would do better, but it’s not only to change those situations of doing it better as we have other purposes as well. We are volunteers, all twenty two of us.”

Laron: “When you say volunteers, do you mean you’re not part of the regular…”
Lai: “Yeah. We are not supposed to be on Earth. We’re supposed to go to Earth after this.”

Laron: “Is this just a unique class for volunteer souls? (Yes) It’s different to the standard process for the regular incarnated souls on Earth?”
Lai: “Yes. Right. All of us, we have never met a regular soul here. But then to go, we need to consider these things. Mostly it’s the suicide cases. But that doesn’t define our real purpose to go. The purposes are for other reasons. Mostly to raise the vibrations. (Why raise vibrations?) To change the Earth because it’s not changing… (It needs help?) Yes. Volunteers also have to choose these difficult lives.”

Laron: “So volunteers have to choose a life which is similar to those lives of souls who have made the conscious choice to end their lives?”
Lai: “Yes. If they are just {15 second pause} I am trying to look at many other classes that I have experienced. I choose the cases for my life, the ones we look at. ”

Laron: “So there was a class where you were being shown these really hard lives that these people had that decided to end their life, and you learnt because of the situations they went through?”
Lai: “Yes. There is a class that shows many, many difficult… we didn’t see their lives, but, when those that killed themselves died, they said that these were the conditions and reasons for them to decide of taking their own lives. So all of those are counted. I can see sequences. One, two three… (Events inside an individual’s life?) Yes. But then I don’t know the person. In our class they didn’t show just one life sequence, they mixed them all and then we chose. Because to us, it looks funny to why they killed themselves. (You mean you don’t understand why?) Yes.”

Laron: “When you say you chose, what do you mean?”
Lai: “We say that we can do that, and this and that. (So you pick out certain situations from multiple lives, or just one?) There is a collection. (And you bring that into your planned life, which you had the canvas for?) Yes. Right. Exactly.”

Laron: “Why have you all chosen those events, inside those people’s lives?”
Lai: “The teacher said we have to do this, or else… there are two reasons I think. One is that we have to show the ones who committed suicide… I think that when we complete our lives successfully, they are shown this again. So they… the ones who commit suicide, they are waiting somewhere. (Because time works a bit differently there right?) Yes.”

Laron: “So when you return from successfully completing the life, they can see it’s possible that they could have done it themselves?”
Lai: “Yes. But then they don’t know we are volunteers, they will just know that somebody else successfully did it because we also had other purposes. It’s like we are doing two things, one is raising the vibration but we also chose those…. we have to choose those.”

Laron: “So it’s quite complicated the reasons why you are here?”
Lai: “Yes.

Laron: “What other information do you have about the class?”
Lai: “I know there is somebody near my right. She will be born as a girl. We are getting close. We are… it’s like fun. This class is fun. All twenty two of us are not from the same place. This is the first time I have actually met others. They all come from other star systems. (What about you? Where do you come from?) {5-10 seconds pass} I still remember the old stories from the planet, from where I was taken to the grid. So I think after the grid I lived a lot in the beehive based location. From there I came. They came from other stars.”

Laron: “Can you find out more information from one other, such as the person next to you perhaps?”
Lai: “Yes. Right now… I am confused okay. I was just going to ask, her star is with S. As we know, it could be Sirius. Somebody else is from Pleiadian. Six or seven are from the Pleiades. A… one two… (Can you ask anyone to tell you the names? You could ask the teacher or a student?) Okay. Is there something A.. N… D… (Andromeda?) Yes. The girl is from Sirius. There is A… B…something… capital B… A….. There is one starting with G and V.”

Laron: “So there are quite a few different ones? (Yes) Can you get the girl next to you to explain her experience of where she comes from? What does she exist as there?”
Lai: “I just see that there is water. Water based creatures. Her existence there is very happy. (What form does she take there?) To me it looks like the form changes. Sometimes I see her as a little girl, but not like a human, but like it was drawn with a pencil. I don’t think that’s a solid physical form. She looks very happy there. It’s so colourful. (Is there land there as well?) Yes, land. (Colourful as in the colors are different?) Yes, they are very pink. Normally I don’t like pink, but this color looks very good. The sky is also pink at this moment.”

Laron: “Just return to the class now and see what else you can learn about what goes on in the class.”
Lai: “I just suddenly feel it all makes sense. Suddenly I feel ‘oh’. (Like an understanding?) Yes, like ‘oh’ that’s the reason my body is like this today on Earth.”

In relation to past life / in-between life therapy, the above moment is really important as the client has not just had these memories come back through this session, but they had the feeling come to them, a strong feeling this time within the session, providing them with a ‘knowing’ of why they are the way they are today on Earth, in this experience / life.

Laron: “Do you know how much choice non-volunteer souls have?”
Lai: “Yes, they also have choice. (The same choices around physical appearance?) I feel that their lives are easier as they have less things to do. Only a few things to do often. They have less choices than us but things are easier, they don’t have to take special cases. I don’t have any other information about this now. ”

Laron: “That’s alright, just return to the class and see what you can tell me.”
Lai: “The Pleiadian’s, they look a bit more serious. {Laughter} (Do you know why they are serious?) I think that is just the nature of all of them. More serious means they don’t laugh so much. (Not as much fun?) Yeah {laughter} It looks like we are choosing, but we don’t have much choice. (Not as much choice as you thought?) No. Based on the things I wanted to do, because the more we do, those difficult cases… there is a compilation of the difficult things, that the suicide souls went through, from that list of events the more we choose, the more powerful we are supposed to be on Earth. Now I understand that.”

This all ties into ‘soul contracts’ and the paths we take throughout our life. While we have freewill, we will have planned our experience every time we come. While volunteer souls function a little bit differently, they still come under the same system that all life is under, while on Earth.

I just want to mention that I think it is hilarious having the information come up about the Pleidians seeming more serious in that class. I have a few friends which have a strong Pleiadian connection, and I find them a tad more serious than other volunteers I know. In other words, that makes sense to me.

Laron: “How does that work?”
Lai: “More powerful, by that I mean that… because we are supposed to forget everything, if we choose more difficulty then we are supposed to get more memory. Like the more memory will come back from outside of Earth… the more difficult items we choose from the list, the more pieces of memory we will get.”

Laron: “What you are learning now in this session, is that a piece of memory?”
Lai: “Yes, like this. If you want, we can look at a previous class but this class is funny… fun. So it seems like we didn’t pick a boring class like I told you when I first came here to the class. It seems like it was already done, I only had this and that left. (So you were more of an observer in this class, you were not so much manipulating, you were being shown things?) Yes.”

Laron: “Back to what you said about power, so you said volunteer souls can get more memory back. Are there any other benefits from choosing a difficult life?”
Lai: “Yes. All the benefit comes in terms of… since being born on Earth we have to forget all the memories. The most valuable thing on Earth would be for us to remember those as soon as possible, right? Because often we don’t want to live on Earth. The sooner… you know. (The more memories we have, the more help this will be to us on Earth?) Yes. Faster we will… so we can finish our mission faster. (And make the mission easier?) Yes, faster is easier. Because as it goes late… we may create you know, nothing is written as a destiny, as we hear when people say there is destiny. It’s not written, each day is variable. Every day we are doing something and things just keep changing and changing. So if there are millions of possibilities that we face, there is a possibility of being delayed. So that is why sooner… that is where the hard thing comes in. The harder choices we pick, the faster we get our memories back. Because the memories will remind us of what we are meant to do.”

Laron: “In relation to your soul contract and path, are there certain things that are meant to happen?”
Lai: “Yes. (Because you could call that destiny, there is destiny I think, but there is also a lot of free will and unknowns) Yes. (And that can change the destiny, can’t it?) Yes. There are three teachers. I see one today. I think they are the same ones that taught me to heal, remember I had three on a planet that taught me how to grow plants. (The same ones?) Yes, I think. I just see like a triangle, but… as if it’s a piece of cloth… no it’s like a tent {laughter}, the teacher is like a tent, but… it’s floating. (On purpose?) Yes, I think so. {Laughter} It keeps moving but I don’t see the face, like somebody being under a cloak but you don’t see any physical body parts.”

At this point I ask Lai to move from that experience to the grid consciousness which he is familiar with from his past sessions. A discussion starts up once he is there again, after about 30 seconds of silence. The discussion related to a private matter so I am continuing on from the end of that discussion below.

Don’t get caught up on the word ‘destiny’ above. There was some confusion there around the definition and meaning of it. Basically, my take on that is that while our lives are planned by each of us, consciously before we come, and certain things are meant to happen, there is free will so in relation to ‘destiny’, meaning something is going to happen 100%… because of the free will, it may not be 100% for sure. But, some events that are likely to happen are going to have a higher percentage to happen, than others. 

Returning to the Grid

Laron: “Just explain your surroundings again?”
Lai: “I am inside this round place. As if I am inside a round ball. A bit flat on the top and the bottom. Not a bit, a lot. As if it’s going in and out. I am inside there. It is very large. I don’t know the size limits, it’s like a big stadium at the moment but I cannot see all of it. I think I don’t see more of it because I am shown white, and … smaller. I mean… I am in the center where there is a white round table, but it’s not a table, it’s not for sitting, it’s for standing, but its round. They come, as I told you before, they are floating in there. They appear when I want to talk to them. Three or four of them have appeared but I can now see many more.”

Soul - Sekhmet - Volunteer Classes - Imprint Lives and More - The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 5
Painting by Sabine Wurz ©

Laron: “What colors do you see? You said you saw white before?”
Lai: “Yes, again white. They are white, like clouds. They are not piece by piece, as if they are part of the same thing. They extend and take a figure. (So you get a sense that they are part of the same thing?) Yeah, as if there is one huge cloud, but they can separate or extend, like extending fingers and hands. (While they have separated, they are still attached?) Yeah. (At which point are they attached?) Some underneath, some of them from the back.”

Laron: “So it’s like a part of them is coming out of their back joining them into this collective consciousness?”
Lai: “Yeah, but I see right now space around me, not huge, but I think it’s like this right now so that I feel easy. If it was huge, I would start to worry. (You would be overwhelmed?) Yeah. So I am not seeing everything right now, I am only seeing that it’s white. (Do you see your own body?) Yes, like energy. (Is it the same as them? Or is it different?) Same as them but it’s not attached with them.”

Laron: “Have they taken a physical shape? How would you describe what they look like?”
Lai: “Well, sometimes they look very tall. Today, because you asked me, they took form with hands and legs also. But before you asked me, they were like pieces of cloud. (Shapeless?) Yes. (Were they still tall before?) No. Round. They changed because you asked. (Are they glowing?) Yes, they are glowing. (A white glow? What sort?) Light blue. (What is the center color, before and now, if it’s changed?) Blue. A light blue.”

Laron: “Are you able to ask them questions now?”
Lai: “Yes. I think it’s good that you directly ask them now.”

What Lai means is that he is happy to go into trance now and have them speak through him.

Laron: “Why was Lai shown the experience of the feline lady?”
Grid Consciousness: “Hello. {There is some laughter from both of us at this moment, as the voice has changed, it’s deeper and… for some reason, it’s funny for both of us} (You understand my question?) Yes. He was shown this because he tries to resist power also. It’s a reminder that many years ago, somebody resisted power and had to stay over 100 years to live with power and responsibility.”

Laron: “Was that the reason why she ended up staying so long, because she wouldn’t accept the power?”
Grid Consciousness: “She had a lioness face. You can search for her in your history. She had so many things going on, she was from a different planet. The experiences for her was different.”

Laron: “So the main answer to the question was that Lai could see that experience so that he could accept his own power. What power are you referring to?”
Grid Consciousness: “The power to live on Earth and change Earth. He is always afraid of humans, but then he has the power to change other humans. He turns off his power and then he keeps doing the same thing, he turns off the power so somebody gets a chance to do something on him, so that over the next several weeks he overcomes that. This is an old lesson and he keeps repeating the situation. He doesn’t need to do that anymore.”

Laron: “By overcoming his difficult tasks, does that increase his vibration here on Earth? (Yes) In relation to him impacting the Earth and others around him, does that increase his power from overcoming the tasks?”
Grid Consciousness: “Well, he asked for power so he has it. So if he’s not doing it, he will be suffering. He has the power and he is not doing it. The humans will be all over him to make him burst out one day. So sooner or later, he will do it. So it’s better if he does it soon.”

Laron: “What should he do as an example?”
Grid Consciousness: “As an example, he rejects when people call him sir or puts him in a high rank. His body instantly refuses and that is created by him because he wants to be very humble. He needs to accept, he needs to stop thinking so much. He has to stop thinking and just be with whatever is happening. It does not mean he is being proud or anything.

Before doing anything, he has the problem with doing things with other humans. To ask for even his own rights, or his own… something that he should get from another human, before he asks he already thinks multiple ways. What if the person is not nice to him and all that? But he should not think like that anymore, because once he thinks that… often its him who is attracting that experience, but then its wasting his time because then he always knows that. When somebody is rude to him, he knows very well what to do, and he does it very well without creating any karma. But he is repeating that over and over, it’s time now that he no longer cares about that.”

Laron: “Am I speaking to an individual right now or a collective?”
Grid Consciousness: “Right now, an individual, but there are more of us here too.”
Laron: “During our discussion, will you be the only individual I talk to, or will that change?”
Grid Consciousness: “No, others. But just now you asked one particular question about Lai that only I knew. (So the individual of the consciousness will change based upon the question?) Yes, right. (Do you have a name?) No. We have contacted some people in the past when there were times needed to do that. Sometimes people give new names, sometimes they thought another angel came that they already knew of. To us, it doesn’t matter. But sometimes they have called us the Archangel Gabriel.”

Laron: “Are you saying you communicate with others on Earth now and that you are commonly known as Gabriel, is that what you mean?”
Grid Consciousness: “We are together a collective. Multiple individuals of us visit Earth sometimes but not recently. We have been there in the past. We have gone there and we have been seen. (In physical form?) No, not in physical Earth form. (Is that what you mean when you referred to Archangel Gabriel?) Yes.”

Islam Gabriel Sekhmet - Volunteer Classes - Imprint Lives and More - The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 5
An Islamic depiction of archangel Gabriel from book ‘The Wonders of Creation and the Oddities of Existence’, 14th century – Wikipedia

Laron: “So when you say that now, that doesn’t mean people are channeling Archangel Gabriel and that is you?
Grid Consciousness: “No, nobody is channeling us publicly. There are many people channeling and sending messages. Until today, no one has publicly channelled us but those who are getting in contact are probably not writing about it yet.”

Laron: “Lai was shown his classes before, before coming into this life now. What was the reason for that?”
Grid Consciousness: “The last class with the body was a very happy time, just before they went to Earth. It was shown to him so that he remembers that this was supposed to be a very happy thing. That was the joy he was missing last week. There are some things we cannot help him with always. We can always reach out to help, but we don’t always as we want the individual to raise their vibration on their own.”

Laron: “You want the person to solve their own problems? (Yes) But are you allowed to reach out at any time?”
Grid Consciousness: “Yes, we can always reach out but we did not because we knew he would do it.”

Spirit Guides and Connections to the Other Side

Laron: “Does Lai have a Spirit Guide with him at all times?”
Grid Consciousness: “Yes, he does.”

Laron: “Does this guide come from where you are?”
Grid Consciousness: “No. The guide came from somewhere else. It’s another layer… we call it another chamber below us. By below, we mean we are really… there are many planes. The spirit guide is from another plane. Spirit guides have their limitations. Normal spirit guides to not provide a lot of knowledge. Often they are only guiding you to make a decision. They give you the hunch, or the sixth sense that humans have. They will not create a piece of knowledge and give it to the person. The person creates, and the spirit guide, guides, by putting a star on something. Like this one’s good for you, or this one’s happy for you.”

Laron: “So when Lai is thinking about something, the Spirit guide may put a star on a thought to help him make decisions?”
Grid Consciousness: “With him, it’s different. It seems that his spirit guide is not with him anymore, as much. Because he expressed, not now, when he was younger many years ago, probably when he was nine or ten… he already expressed curiosity for other knowledge. His spirit guide does not deal with such knowledge. So in theory, during the time Lai is searching for knowledge, his spirit guide does not provide it. His spirit guide gives more guidance in relation to Earthly things only.”

Laron: “He hasn’t been able to help him in the way Lai wanted, you mean?”
Grid Consciousness: “Yeah, but actually his spirit guide helped him, but another way to say this is that Lai evolved and transformed to a different area, beyond the limit of the spirit guide. The spirit guide doesn’t work in that area. The spirit guide is happy that very quickly, at a very early age, he could help Lai be interested in areas that other souls may not learn about until later on in life.”

Laron: “Has he got more than one?”
Grid Consciousness: “Yes. Well, he has met many other guides but those guides are not assigned to him personally. He just met them. Sometimes when people search and send out vibrations, some other guides… many people who lived on earth, special people, they are also guides still, even though they have left earth. Sometimes they can come and help anyone and he has encountered many of them. For many of them he doesn’t even know them.”

Laron: “Right now, does he have a primary spirit guide and does he have any other spirit guides with him?”
Grid Consciousness: “Right now he does not have a primary spirit guide. In his head or brain, there is another part that his primary spirit guide added when he was with him, and this is constantly on. When he evolved, his primary spirit guide could not do everything… (He could not stay with him because of the changing vibrations?) Yes. But his spirit guide helped to create another part within his brain. The other part of him relates to the difficulties he sometimes has. There are constantly two people thinking in his head.”

Laron: “So one of them would be the consciousness of Lai, what is the other?”
Grid Consciousness: “The other one was another consciousness that was artificially placed by his spirit guide. It did not grow naturally so often he won’t know why he thought something, because he cannot track those thoughts.

Laron: “Where does it come from?”
Grid Consciousness: “He may have pieces of thoughts and we actually sometimes help him to place answers within his thoughts based on his questions, but not questions specifically as he has thoughts and we solve them by placing in the pictures suddenly. This is how his primary spirit guide is helping him. (From leaving that there?) Yes, because the primary spirit guide cannot do that so he helped to make this for Lai. So then whoever can help Lai with his thoughts and questions, they can by using this to provide him with an answer.”

Laron: “So it was artificially placed there, can you explain more about the consciousness of it.”
Grid Consciousness: “It was suddenly put there. Other guides he meets sometimes, if they have answers around questions and thoughts he has asked in the past, they put it there.”

Laron: “Then the answer comes to him? (Yes) So it’s like a way for others to communicate information to him in a more effective way? (Yes) Is it also intelligent, can it think for itself?”
Grid Consciousness: “Yes.”

Laron: “What happens to it after it’s been with Lai, after this experience where does it go?”
Grid Consciousness: “It’s not new for someone to have something like this. There are storage places for these also.”

Laron: “Is this situation related to volunteer souls or for any type of soul?”
Grid Consciousness: “Any type of soul but this is very rare. It doesn’t happen very often.”

Laron: “Do I have something like that?”
Grid Consciousness: {10 second pause} “You have a more… it’s a bit different in your case. See you have something that you naturally grew. You have the same connection as he has too, but as we said, there are two parts in his mind. One part was suddenly placed there because his guide could not be with him. But for your case, you naturally developed it. You had one part and you naturally developed it and grew more over it and you’re creating connections through that one. So you will be more aware of how you are getting something, and in his case he has confusion because he doesn’t know why something suddenly comes to him. We could say that yours is stable and Lai’s one is a bit different.”

Laron: “The one you mentioned that I have grown, does it relate at all to the auric layers? For example, we have an etheric, mental, emotional and spiritual layer. Does it relate to that or is that something separate?”
Grid Consciousness: “Before it was only this, now you have grown so much more. (Would it be like having another layer on top of all these?) Yes, right.”

Laron: “What would you name it? What would be the right word for that?”
Grid Consciousness: “We depend on Lai’s vocabulary, so… {Laughter}. We… don’t exactly know. We are still trying to find an appropriate word. What does the word cosmos mean to you? (It would be similar to the Universe but much grander) Maybe, if this word is good for you, would you like it to be a cosmic layer?”

Laron: “Possibly. I was thinking that it may be called a golden layer, based on what I have learnt about this. I don’t know if that is exactly the same thing.”
Grid Consciousness: “You are growing very fast. You are having this huge connection. If you looked at your life you are going in exactly the opposite direction that you have gone before. Not in a bad way. You are going in the way that… in the past you would never have thought that you would do that. You used to do things with reason and now you… because you’re connected with this new layer, you are open to infinite… knowledge. So now it will be… it’s like that some… let’s say that people grow – there is a kind of tree that you grow for five or six years slowly and nothing much happens. Then in one month it completely transforms to something else. (It may grow flowers?) Yeah, what I mean is that not that you didn’t grow anything, it was a high curve and now there is a completely new thing that you have a connection to.”

Lai added this after the session: “Very funny thing was when Laron and one of the GC was talking, I saw a golden color when they named it cosmic layer and then Laron talked about golden too after that.”

Laron: “Have you got any advice about what I can do to keep down that path of growth, or do I already know?”
Grid Consciousness: “You already know. But you can… {10 second pause} draw sketches when you channel. You are already channeling. You had been channeling before but you didn’t want to do it. Before you used to channel parts of your higher self, but now it’s us. You know that we appear different to different people. We would say you sketch before you write, draw patterns.”

Laron: “Patterns I see coming through to me after I am connected?”
Grid Consciousness: “Yes. It could be anything, but sometimes we show patterns, if you… the pattern that you have with a very powerful message that you wrote down that pattern you can later use for doing any work. You don’t have to remember it because you keep getting new patterns.”

Laron: “When you say work, what do you mean?”
Grid Consciousness: “For any kind of work that you are doing, say when you are going outside and you have to meet some official who may be strict, so you may use the pattern. Or you’re going to do some healing, you use the pattern. It’s not that important, but, if you use a pattern, you will see another one and you can keep using the patterns. They have power. That is something extra you can do.”

The rest of the information below came from the remainder of the afternoon session, which started off covering information surrounding the shift in consciousness.

The Growth of a Flower

Laron: “I have got a question from a person back in November, 2013. I will read it out. ‘What startles me still is that seems no one in contact with ‘higher source’ was able (or had enough patience and dedication) to get exact information to obtain knowledge of our 3rd density human reality ‘time’ illusion. Mechanisms of projecting events and processed of higher densities into our time illusion. I don’t get it how it is absolutely random, i.e. I’m extremely tired of ‘soon’. ‘How does the illusion that we experience as real life here function from your perspective up there? Can you explain to us how this system works’.”
Grid Consciousness: “Well, at this moment we can say that by meaning up there, up there everything is instant. Where you are, the humans, the place where there’s… if you call them the soul, and you’re gathering experiences on Earth, before coming to Earth, nobody knew the Earth would be so difficult because things go slow there.

You go through lots of steps, it’s a very dense planet and very heavy. Those in-between steps which are never experienced up there, because when the soul is planning the experience they think and instantly see the end result without going through the transformations through the physical heavy environment down there, including the process of time.”

Laron: “When you say ‘see the end’, what do you mean”?
Grid Consciousness: “Just an example – Up there, we will say there is nothing like a flower. But then from up there, a soul can see how a flower looks like because another soul has seen a flower down there already. They can see the flower, but they don’t understand why it’s so joyful to see it.”

Sekhmet - Volunteer Classes - Imprint Lives and More - The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 5
A photo taken by Laron many years ago.

Laron: “They can manifest it you mean? And see it in front of them?”
Grid Consciousness: “They can, but they are not physical at that stage and the flower is not manifested physically. They can only see it as an energy, so they don’t know what the joy is about, having a flower, as much as a soul would experience while being on the actual Earth. From up there, people come down there and they think that they will do this event, that event and so on. (To experience that joy?) Yes, but when they start having experiences they realise that life is very slow and dense. They realise that there are many steps to the growth of that flower. The seed has to be planted and they have to wait. They have to water the flower. They cannot determine when the plant will grow out of the Earth. They have these variables. The clouds, the weather, the sunshine which that flower may need.

These steps were unimaginable there, the planting of the seed, the watering, the maintenance and care taken to look after the plant, watching the clouds, and finally seeing the flower grow after a certain period of time has passed. They know this happens but they still cannot experience this without actually going through it.

Once this process is complete, this experience is then connected into the consciousness of the one who was up there. Only then can they fully understand it and feel it. So this one experience is added to their life there on Earth, adding into their life in addition to many other experiences.

So first of all they forget everything, then they come to Earth. As you know, how many times do people give up on their plants? Many times they do. Just like a plant, there are many other situations they give up on. But they forgot that in the end they will get everything what they wanted, they will get it. It is only because they stopped at some moment, that they didn’t get it. Why humans stop is because of the physical nature of Earth. They knew before coming, that this will happen, but they give up.

Laron: “What do you mean when you say give up?”
Grid Consciousness: “That means at some point they will stop chasing that intention, or that dream. They see the only reason they don’t get something is because everything humans want on Earth, they get it. Those that don’t get it, it means they didn’t do it until they got it. The early times on Earth, when the soul was a baby, many scientists of Earth still have not found out what the baby is thinking in the first one to three years. The baby who walks and falls down, some of these babies walk quickly but others don’t. In the end, every baby ends up walking once they reach a certain age.

They are still fresh from being up there, the memories from up there, so they will know they will walk and they never give up because they fell down a hundred times. But the longer people are on Earth, they keep forgetting the power they have to do everything. So they start a task and then give up after two failures or three failures, but a baby does not decide that the baby will not walk anymore. Because the memories are still fresh within the baby, from being up there before coming.

That part of them from up there is guiding them at those times that they have to walk. So that is while everyone ends up walking and talking eventually. So that’s how it plays a part here and there. The full experience gathered from there, ends up here.”

Here being up in the spirit world. Another way to look at this is here could mean outside of the earth experience wherever the soul may be from after such an experience. But in relation to the soul planning and looking at experiences, the average Earth souls are usually in the some spiritual based space/center, which was the focus of this general answer. Thanks to Rustam for asking this question in the first place. Note that Rustam has seen this response already and it didn’t cover everything he was asking about, but to cover all of that, it would take multiple questions and a whole lot more time, as one can understand because of the depth of such an original question.

Assisting the Pleiadians

With this below question, Maryann Rada, who receives channelled messages from the Pleiadians for not only the purpose of sharing with the public, but for personal one on one readings for individuals, told me that I was doing some very important work with the Pleiadians. I wanted to find out some information about that to see if that could be confirmed and to see what I was doing. 

Note there is a lot more to this situation, including other information and totally separate sources validating elements of what is said in relation to me. The reason I include this is simply to help others understand the different aspects of what makes up one’s being, or the elements of the greater consciousness in other words.

Laron: “On the 22nd of April, 2014, Maryann Rada told me that I was helping the Pleiadians with something very important. Can you get into detail about what this was exactly about?”
Grid Consciousness: “It was about a machine. It was about time. If you remember, we talked with you about the machine that the dark forces were using. (Yes) About delaying the shift. You worked with the Pleiadians with this also.”

Laron: “Simultaneously to what I am doing here?”
Grid Consciousness: “Yes. You have a Pleiadian self. You exist there and work with them.

Laron: “Is that the part of me that has branched off from my grid self? (Yes) Or is it me as a future self, from a human perspective, based on the theory that some people on Earth are in the future, Pleiadians, after the human experience. Or is this separate to all of this?”
Grid Consciousness: “If you want to… well, is that important if that’s your future self or not? Because right now you are working in three different locations. The same you, the same being, is working in three places.”

At this stage I explain my feelings around why it’s important. 

Grid Consciousness: “See to us, the time aspect does not matter. It’s simultaneous here and there. That would be the better way for you to think. Let’s not call that other part of you a future self of you, not anymore. If you are there and here… see, space is easier than time. Time is as we said once, time doesn’t exist. But space does. Space is more reasonable. You are there and here.”

Laron: “You said there was three of me. So there’s me here, me on the grid, and the third one, where is that right now?)
Grid Consciousness: “On Earth. Alright. So, you asked about the… well, we have to give you some new information. You have moved from the grid to the Pleiadians. (As in fully) Yes, since the last time we talked. Since the last time you were here and created another part of yourself there, for easier communication with the Pleiadians and to assist them. So right now you are in two places. (I am not in the grid?) You are not in the grid.”

Laron: “Why did I move from the grid?”
Grid Consciousness: “Because the grid is not very involved in the shift. The Pleiadians are more actively involved with the Shift. You wanted to be more active and do more active work because the grid is more about maintenance and observations. Your nature suits this decision. You decided to go there. It was recent changes of your role.”

Soul Imprints

This below question needs a little bit of a background explanation to it. I have had my suspicions for a long while now that I am what may be classified as a volunteer soul based upon a long list of many different reasons. I have had past life regressions, where roughly half of the information which has come through has shown experiences outside of the Earth, and the other half I have seen experiences/lives relating to the Earth. 

Based on Dolores Cannon’s information, soul imprints are the memories lived from a soul who has been on Earth, which are placed within the memories and consciousness of volunteer souls so that they can better function in the Earth environment. Otherwise, if a volunteer soul came down to Earth with no experience from other lives, they would have a terrible amount of trouble functioning and completing their planned contract and agreed upon paths along the way within that experience. 

Earth has been said to be a very challenging and difficult location to experience a life because of the setting, the makeup of the human body, the senses we have, the emotions, the free will, etc. So past lives are crucial to function more fully, more completely, for volunteer based souls to reach their true and full potential while on Earth. 

Within previous sessions with Lai I touched on such areas which related to this, but, I believe certain information is not meant to come through to individuals until the right time. Perhaps this was the right time for me to hear this.

Laron: “Do I have any imprints of past lives on Earth?”

Grid Consciousness: “We see that you did not have a past life on Earth. Before going to Earth you can copy memories from another soul. You did this from another soul who had a past life on Earth.”

Laron: “How many past lives have I copied?”
Grid Consciousness: “Before coming, you did two. But then, sometimes people on Earth also collect memories from others while on Earth. (Memories from past lives?) Yes, memories from the past lives of others. Not everyone can do that. You can.”

Baby - Sekhmet - Volunteer Classes - Imprint Lives and More - The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 5
Painting by Sabine Wurz ©

Laron: “I have had some past life regressions in relation to experiences on Earth, and I have had more than two which have been different. So if I have only had two, like you say, where do the memories from those other past lives come from?”
Grid Consciousness: “The memories you have collected after coming to Earth were collected from other peoples past lives. It could have been unintentional. You probably picked it up from astral projection, or it can happen through meditation exercises. When you try and feel or think about past lives in relation to your own self, you may instead start accessing the library of past lives. (Like the akashic records?) Yes. You may have accessed somebodies records.

But then it doesn’t happen as random. If you get the memories from someone’s record, then that has to serve you somehow. (There is a reason?) Yes. Not everybody can do that. Yours is a special case as you moved beyond the Earth so that you could do that.”

The next question related to a primary purpose of mine, while being here on Earth. I am told that I have now accomplished that purpose. I get advice after this of what I could focus on next. 

Misc. Q&A

Laron: “On the 15th of June, 2014, Matt asked a couple of questions. This is the first one. Can soul contracts / life plans be changed or can fine print be added without the permission / awareness of the being that is about to incarnate here on Earth?”
Grid Consciousness: “The answer is no. There has to be permission.”

Laron: “The second one is – According to Tanaath of the Silver Legion and Andrew Bartzis the reincarnation grid here on the Earth plane has been hijacked/controlled by service to self-beings (archonic grid). Are you or the higher ups aware of this?
Grid Consciousness: “These are very unimportant things. This is not occurring.”


Laron: “With the CHANI Project, this is a question from me. Can you tell me if it was true what was said about this project and if the information provided was accurate?”

Grid Consciousness: “Not exactly accurate, it was exaggerated.”

Laron: “Was some of the information supplied accurate?”
Grid Consciousness: “Some yes. (So some was changed on purpose and presented to the public?) Yes, it’s again about complaining against sometime going on. Trying to show the public that there is always something going on by Governments, or the bad groups. So with that intention to make people aware, a little bit of exaggeration was done to make people scared.”

Laron: “Are we able to communicate with the same being that was in contact through the other timeline in the CHANI Project?”
Grid Consciousness: “Yes we… you are. (Was that being real? As it was specified? Did it exist on another version of Earth?) What we see is that it doesn’t exist anymore. (But if we wanted to communicate with it, we could?) Yes, but it won’t serve any purpose, it will just distract you now.”


Laron: “John has a question. When will people finally be aware of Aliens, and it not be a secret.”
Grid Consciousness: “People are aware of aliens. (I guess what he is meaning is in a public sense) Yes, saying and talking about it, the Government will never say, but there will be so many sightings that people will decide. (When will that happen most likely?) It’s not really that important, so that’s why we don’t even see it happening. But we cannot give a time line for this as it’s not going to happen that way. Each of you will already believe so much and stop caring about what others believe, that it will be like a known truth.

Nobody will ever care, nobody will… care to hide it or care to talk about it, because it will be so easily believed. (But it won’t be on TV? The Governments will never announce this? In their lifetime?) In the old Earth, no. It will be hidden.”

Laron: “But individuals could still easily have experiences with them?”
Grid Consciousness: “Yes, and more, massively. (More commonly?) Yes, it will be on YouTube and many will be having direct experiences. Once people see all this, and go through all this they will no longer care what the Government does in relation to this. They will forget that they were waiting for Governments to make an announcement about this in the past.”

Laron: “Is there a timing for all this?”
Grid Consciousness: “No timing. Because someone who does not want to see, will never see. (They will never believe it?) Yes. (Because of their vibration too? And what they are able to see?) Yeah.”


Hitler - Sekhmet - Volunteer Classes - Imprint Lives and More - The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 5
Adolf Hitler in 1937 – Wikipedia

Laron: “John had another question. Is Hitler and other mass murderer’s, are their souls still being scrubbed of pain and soul depletion, or are they reincarnated and working for greater good now?”
Grid Consciousness: “They are supposed to have lives after that. (So they are not in a resting or healing area /center now?) We did see that, they have lives but not of humans. So they went down, but they have had to experience many other experiences. Like being a tree and being cut down. (So they have more limited experiences?) Yes. It’s really up to them. (It’s a conscious choice how they proceed?) Yes, after they died and went back… you see we don’t really deal with them because they go and they have their own Councillors to discuss around what they have done on Earth, in their last lives and how they want to go back.

But what we know about Hitler is that the next several lives were not human lives. That soul had less control and he was having experiences not as a human, under a human as an example.”

* * *

While some information was not included because of privacy reasons, I now come to the end of sharing the info from the 4th and 5th Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy sessions with Lai.

Within this article I included some personal information that was directly related to me, as has been the case in previous sessions in connection to Lai. In this instance, I did this for learning purposes. As a teacher, it was important for me to include that information so that people can understand how certain things work in relation to those topics and subjects that came up.

When I was reaching the end of the first session of the day, I was deciding where to close off for that particular session. While thinking about that, the bag I had brought with me fell over on its side, making enough noise behind me for me to notice it and turn around. I took this as a sign that it was time to come to a close. The bag had been sitting there for hours at that point, but it fell over at exactly that moment, and there was no breeze or wind to knock it over, the room was completely sealed in that regard.

We also had a few other strange occurrences, probably not worth the mention because of how unbelievable each one was. One other event involved an elevator.

Dolores Cannon has explained strange events that go on in some of her sessions and these such events in my sessions always stand out to me.

Something you may have noticed, perhaps a common theme within some sections of these latest sessions, is that some explanations start off differently than what they end up as, and hence my line of questioning from time to time to try and find the real truth. What I mean here is that the information may not be clear, may not be understandable, based upon many factors, such as the scene not being as strong as it is later on, or the trouble the client may have with explaining certain details, a term, or the general situation. But over time, the picture forms more clearly, the picture of both what is seen and what we come to understand through the explanations of what is seen, and through the many questions asked. This really goes to show that while we are told something, that something may not be 100% accurate originally, but over time, we get a clearer understanding and more accuracy comes in providing the likely truth and painting a fuller picture.

This is a good way to look at life in general. You hear certain things, you learn certain things, but it’s best not to take them for fact, and perhaps just use them as guidance and knowledge do add to what you already know. Over time we grow, we change, and we understand things differently. We get new information and we may understand that information differently. That information may have also provided us with an improvement and greater understanding on top of what we had learnt in the past. This is something to think about when taking in information, as while something may not resonate, over time, a better explanation may come up from that same source, or from another, which could change the way you look at everything.

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