September Frequency Peak, Wave X, New Earth and the Shift in Consciousness | The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 9

(2016) It’s been a year since I posted this QHHT session I had with my past life regression client Lai which had a strong focus on the September Frequency Peak energies coming through to the Earth last year, as well as a few other fascinating topics which are listed below.

If you have read this particular session before, I highly suggest you read it again.

What I have found based on the experience of closely monitoring activities and people’s emotions around the world, especially the webbot, is that certain future forecasts — psychic predictions — that have a specific month mentioned, can occur partly in that month but not complete fully. In these situations I see the same month come along again and the same prediction come into play which may or may not fully transpire.

Earlier in the month I intuitively felt that this was the case for the information that came through in this Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session. I feel it’s still very pertinent.

Note that the quality of most of the info which has come through in these sessions with Lai is worth combining and eventually publishing. I have plans to do another ten or so sessions, at least, with Lai, and put out a book eventually.

QHHT Lai | Past Life Regression | September Frequency Shift

As part of the process of migrating the old site to this new version, which is what you see now, I am re-posting all the QHHT articles from that site, onto this one. Note these articles can always be found again through the menu under Focal Points-Past Life Regression Articles. For Lai’s sessions I am going to go backwards, for the rest I will go in order of when I posted them.

This QHHT session below was conducted on the 15th of September, 2015. Back then it was time sensitive information and related to a window of time from the 2nd of September to about the 28th of September, 2015.

From the energies incoming which were said to be reaching a peak, that period of time was meant to be a key period that would assist us to manifest what we want in our lives, but also to help us positively influence others out there in the world who are in situations of power, such as political leaders.

I do think it’s important to mention, and for the reader to understand, that this situation is all linked into the shift in consciousness and a period of time where we — as energetic beings in a physical body — are progressing spiritually at a faster rate, and this progress is not just limited to our consciousness, as what makes us who we are is so much greater. This is why many are experiencing physical and spiritual ‘symptoms’, as well as major events and changes occurring in personal lives.

In my opinion the important message within this session is all about showing us that we each contribute to the varying situations existing in our present day and age, and that this is through our beliefs, thoughts and intentions. We can each make a difference as we are each what makes up the global consciousness as a whole.

We can intentionally take part in making a difference through setting strong intentions and creating what we each want for our health, our lives, our family and friends, our futures and also what we want to see occur in the world in terms of great changes within society, such as government, education, health, military conflicts, earth changes, suppressed technologies, ET contact, and so on.

Topics discussed:

  • Lai is taken to a broadcasting centre in the sixth dimension operated by energy beings. This place sends gamma-ray energy to the Earth for a number of different reasons. Detailed info explains what is going on this month with the energies, as well as mention of info packets being sent to Earth that contain new ways of doing things, such as new healing modalities — created by varying races of ETs.
  • A number of key sources sending energies our way, from asteroids, comets, Nibiru, the Sun, an alignment and the Galactic Center. This relates to the shift in consciousness which ties into Dr. Simon Atkins’ ‘Wave X’ situation
  • The way ego impacts our thoughts in relation to the varying races of ETs that exist
  • The healing & manifestational power of trees, especially when used in connection so spinal related issues. Info also explains that the trees are receiving more energies than humans are right now and are very important to use as part of our lives
  • Entities riding ‘wave x’ and how fear can create problems for people based on manifesting their own issues
  • How our thoughts, as a global civilisation, are controlling many aspects of the earth from earth changes, climate, to many other areas
  • An update on the ‘New Earth’ situation and how things are going very slowly
  • A technique for those wishing to positively influence change within individuals, specifically useful for those people out there in leadership positions around the world (Now is a VERY good time to do this within a meditation based focus)

For those unaware of what QHHT is, it’s a past life / in-between life hypnosis based regression method, created and taught by the late Dolores Cannon. I am a level 2 practitioner, trained by Dolores Cannon in person. This is the method she used to obtain all the information for her many published books. While there are multiple forms of past life regression, this method is unique because it calls in the higher self aspect of the soul, once they have been through a number of past lives or in-between experiences. Healing can then take place as well as finding the answers to the many questions a person may have. Another unique part of this process is that the client goes into a trance based state where the higher self speaks through them, using their vocabulary to communicate. With some clients, especially volunteer souls, they can come into contact with other collective consciousnesses who can also communicate through them.

Curly {} brackets are used when I am adding additional information, or comments.
Round () brackets are used when a question is asked or answered.

* * *

Lai doesn’t need to go through the usual process (cloud), like in past sessions, and is first presented with a scene which I will begin with below.

Lai: “The place is high. It has a river. There are lights moving in the water. The colour of the water is turquoise. Here it feels like day, but when I look in the sky, it looks like a night sky because there are lots of stars. But it is daylight where I am standing. I feel like something is open above. It is very relaxing. The sky is open to explore, with so many stars. There are many flowers. I am standing on sand that’s very bright and glowing. (Sand of the river?) Yes. It is part of the river.”

Laron: “When you said there was something above you, did you mean the stars?”
Lai: “Yes. It felt different to me. It feels its day, but the sky is dark. So it seems I am not seeing a sky, like on Earth, as we would then see blue, but here I can see directly into space above. It’s so relaxing. (Can you smell anything?) Yes. I can smell roses. (Can you hear anything?) I can hear sounds of the river water, but the sound is not like water on Earth; it’s like a guitar and when you hit one string, it keeps going, that kind of sound. ”

Laron: “Reverberating?”
Lai: “Yes, right. And I think it’s a wave sound. (You would say it’s very different to what you would normally experience?) It’s more like a keyboard or digital type of sound.”

Laron: “Are the colours a bit different, those of everything around you?”
Lai: “Yes, everything is shinier. The water is so clear. I can see right through the water. When I put my hand in the water to take some in my palms, I don’t only get a palm full of water, but I get a whole wave of water coming up into my hands. The water falls back down slowly, like it was a very slow gravity. (Would you say it’s the way the water is interacting with you, or is it related to the gravity?) It’s like the water is attaching itself to my hand, but then everything is slow here as nothing falls down fast.”

Laron: “Can you see anything in the water — through the water?”
Lai: “Yes, I see two frogs. They are golden.”

Laron: “Are you alone?”
Lai: “You asked me, and now someone has come. There is a light. It’s similar to beings appearing in the past, like we have seen. It’s appeared to my right side, near a rock. It’s like no one was there, but because you asked, someone has appeared from there. But did I do it or not? I don’t know. It is kind of paused right now. Should I let it happen?”

Laron: “Yes. Let it happen.”
Lai: “Someone came now. They are so tall. Eight and a half feet tall. The being is wearing a gown with a hood on. The gown is dark blue. (Just one person?) The more I count, the more I can see, but yes just one now because I told you this.”

Laron: “So you get a sense there is more than one, but perhaps one is representing them?”
Lai: “Yes. Now I see one in front and five more behind. Every time I describe them, they stop, and it’s like they are pausing. They don’t feel bothered when this happens. They are approaching this way, towards me.”

Laron: “Are they human shape under the robes?”
Lai: “I cannot see. The five behind are like how we would say robots, in a mechanical way. They look similar to robots in the transformer movies, but I have only seen the trailers of the movies. They are silver. I feel the robotic ones are his. They are inferior. I can go somewhere now, I think. I feel that they came to escort me to go somewhere.”

Laron: “Before you go, describe what the robed person looks like.”
Lai: “I cannot see anything under the robe. (Is there a light?) Yes. (What colour?) Sometimes I see no light, its dark underneath, but then when you ask, its silver where the face is. I can’t see the hands or legs sticking out under the robe.”

Laron: “Just quickly ask who that is, or what that is.”
Lai: “Okay. {pause} I just got the spelling — the letters. Z o l t r a n.”

Laron: “Can you ask where it comes from?”
Lai: “I was shown a faraway galaxy, but they are working… (From the physical universe?) Yes. (They are perhaps working in that dimension?) Yes. I want to ask why they came to see me (Okay). {pause} They said that they know who we are, as in they know we are here. They want to show us something.”

Laron: “If you feel ready, let them take you.”
Lai: “Ok, we are going over to the rock. I am there. They formed a circle around me. Now I know these five robotic things are actually machines which are needed to take me up. So it’s not like security guards. I was afraid at first that this robed being came with security, but they are machines to take me. (What formed the circle?) The robots did. Zoltran joined me in the circle.”

Laron: “Was the circle in front or around you?”
Lai: “Around me. The robot’s arms joined each other like Lego. They kind of restructured. (They connected with each other?) Yes, like that. (Is the circle on the ground around you?) Yes, right. (Does it go up around you, like a wall type of circle, or is it like a line on the ground?) It’s not a line. It’s like a circle with a wall around. (How high does it go up?) As tall as you {this would be six feet}.”

The Broadcasting Centre

Laron: “What happens now?”
Lai: “There is so much light. I feel we are going up. Now I feel we are somewhere else now. It’s like there are so many seats. It is circular in shape and there are screens around the edges. I perceive computers around the side with screens and buttons.”

Laron: “How large is the space?”
Lai: “The dimensions could be — the radius is five meters.”

Laron: “Who’s there with you?”
Lai: “The hooded person. (How many seats?) So many, but they are all empty… but they are now full. There are many light beings. They have shapes with feet and legs but are made of light. I can see clear white light and they are transparent.”

Laron: “Can you see how many there are? {I had the number 15 come to me}”
Lai: “There are sixteen including the robed one who came to get me. He has now taken off the robe. He is like them. They have a similar height to him.”

Laron: “Can you concentrate on one of the consoles or areas where one is sitting and explain what that area looks like, if the detail comes, of what’s in front of one of them?”
Lai: “Okay. I focused on one which seemed to attract my attention since I arrived. I went to his place. On his screen… so there are keys, buttons that he touches. If I compare myself to my size on Earth, I cannot reach those buttons because I am small. It is a huge workstation, like very, very big. There are so many buttons. (Is the screen among or above the buttons?) Above the buttons. (How is the screen designed?) It is like a flat window. (Can you see through it?) It is showing a planet. That is Earth I feel. Now I feel lots of things. I feel that this place is sending rays that can be… as soon as I mentioned the word ray, I also saw written on the screen, ‘gamma rays’, sending to the Earth. They are sending rays to the Earth from here. It’s Earth.”

Laron: “Can you focus on the one that took you there and ask where that is?”
Lai: “What I understand is that this place is far away from the Earth. On a two dimensional map, if Earth is somewhere on there, this place would be like… I want to compare this to x,y, co-ordinates — if Earth was 0.0 and in the centre, this place would be like 60 degrees above, or it’s like 60 degrees north east, on the flat. So Earth would be down and this would be in the corner. When I ask him, he said it’s far… it will be like three times the distance from Earth to Saturn. They are helping us with some rays.”

Laron: “How long have they been doing this?”
Lai: “One and a half years, our time. {March, 2014} They are sending rays because some other things are occurring naturally.”

Laron: “How frequently do they send the rays?”
Lai: “They are constantly sending them now. (So for one and a half years, they have been constantly sending gamma-rays in our direction?) Yes. (Is there a specific time period when it’s been increased, or has it been pretty constant?) From last year, there are times when they increase the rays and they pay more attention. It is kind of like they are calibrating something else… they are sending rays but they are rays coming towards Earth already, from another place. So their rays are kind of helping us. The rays are more to… help… I got it now. He is not telling me in a normal way, like back on Earth. There are some things which are naturally occurring. They are just here to send rays so that we don’t… because natural rays would come, but most people would be unable to cope with them. They are sending these rays so that they are milder for everyone.”

QHHT Lai | Past Life Regression | September Frequency Shift

I just want to jump in here and add that the below question was really important for me to ask, otherwise we would have had the impression that this is all that these beings did — countering the effects of the stronger energies heading Earth’s way. I think that many things that we come to understand, as humans on Earth, are only small parts of much larger concepts and ‘pictures’, so it’s so important to keep digging and finding out things sometimes.

Laron: “So what they are doing is lessening the energy, which is naturally coming to us. (Yes) Can you ask what else are the rays doing that they are sending? Perhaps there are other reasons?”
Lai: “The natural rays that have been coming, they are from multiple sources. There are many things happening. There are comets and many alignments occurring. Because of these situations, we are in a peak of receiving energy but not just from now, from before. ”

Laron: “How long has the peak been?”
Lai: “Since last year. Since September last year. I get there are three natural sources of energy coming towards us. One started before that.”

Laron: “Would you say three primary sources? (Yes) Are there any more sources as well in addition to those three? (Yes)”
Lai: “One is a comet. (Do you see a colour?) Orangey yellow. (Does it have a name?) Yes. He said we know the name. (Can you tell us?) L n i n … something. (Lninle?) Yeah, kind of like that. (Can he show you a picture, instead of letters, that might help you work out a name?) Lots of pieces of rocks are traveling behind a comet. It’s orangish, yellowish and white. Another source is a meteor. Something was there from 2013, that was the first, and this one was from September, 2014. Around May or June in 2013 is when the other one began having an energetic influence.”

Laron: “So, one of them is a comet? Another is a meteor? (Yes) Is the meteor from 2013? (Yes) What about the third one?”
Lai: “I see a dark… planet. I feel it is Nibiru. It is already nearby. (Did they tell you that name?) Yes, they told me. It’s here. We are seeing it, he said.”

Laron: “Can you see how close Nibiru is in relation to Earth right now?”
Lai: “It’s exactly as much distance as Saturn, but on the opposite side. I see an image which shows me that Saturn is balancing Nibiru’s… effect. If it was by itself, Nibiru, we would have a lot more force suddenly, too much force. It’s like we would turn upside down, or something, if Saturn wasn’t there to balance the energies. ”

Laron: “For these three primary sources of energetic based influences, do they each have a common influence effecting Earth?”
Lai: “Yes, because these three do not happen often like this. It never happens like this. ”

Laron: “What are the effects of those three on us?”
Lai: “Change of molecules. Changes to our atoms, to our quantum fields, to everything. (In what way?) In physical ways, but the physical way must be… this is what I see now — a candle left in the heat becomes very soft and you can reform it, but it didn’t melt yet. Have you seen wax soft like this? (Yes) We need to shape it the way we want to, so the effects are that… it’s changing us physically, actually, everyone’s molecules to the quantum level .But to shape it, we have to use our own mind.”

Laron: “Use our own mind to make use of the changes, you mean?”
Lai: “Yes, else it will be just a default shape and sometimes it will look just like a disease. Some people who hold negative thoughts may get more cancers now. While someone who is not being negative, can create miracle based shifts in their body. (By Manifesting?) Yes. Maybe bones in their body will heal in a few seconds. I see that within five seconds, healing of the bones can take place. Especially blood, it’s flowing so fast now that many people will think they have heart problems or high blood pressure — but this is not the case. I also see another source in addition to the three primary sources now. The Sun was programmed, many… there was an alarm set on the Sun, so that this time the Sun would be activated in 2014.

Laron: “It started last year?”
Lai: “Yes, so we are bombarded with all these energies. The Sun is acting different from 2013, but from 2014 the Sun has been emitting different kind of rays since then. So there are many things helping us.”

Laron: “What is causing the Sun to do that?”
Lai: “It was programmed like that.”

Laron: “Back to the gamma-rays which these beings are sending, what else are they doing — the specific rays that they send?”
Lai: “This is sad to say, but… I have a little bit of ego with me — the natural rays that were setup were meant to change Earth, but not all people were supposed to live. Only those who ‘catch’ the waves and change, are going to live. Others cannot and they will… die, but these beings here are helping those others, to give them a chance, to still stay alive, to lessen the energies only for them. But the others, the other people on Earth who can receive the strong rays, they will receive and they will be fine. But the weak ones will not be OK, so they are sending gamma-rays for the weak ones, so that they receive smaller doses of the ‘medicine’.”

Laron: “Would you say that is connected into people being unaware of what’s going on, and not manifesting or not using the energies to change?”
Lai: “Right. The natural way is setup so that only those who know, will survive. But these beings are here to help the others who don’t know — they are not interfering with those who can receive the stronger energies. It’s only to let the others survive by sending another type of gamma-ray for them.”

Laron: “Can you explain how the people will die, the ones who get too much energy or cannot handle that much and are not becoming aware and taking action?”
Lai: “So when we have all these energies coming, the first thing that changes is that even though everyone feels it physically, everyone’s mind is changing, so that the negative people will be filled with doubts and they start questioning their own belief system. So they will suddenly think, is that what they were planning to do all their lives? And they will see no hope to live. They will also think that… they will be disappointed and then they will end up committing crime, but the reason for doing crime is inside of them because they are not feeling happy. Some politicians, they will just… a few people will create a war, like a negative politician will create a situation like that.”

Laron: “So are you trying to say that situations will manifest by those people who are ‘stuck’, and this will cause the deaths of the same sort of people?”
Lai: “Yes, and one other thing is that they will be so strong in their ego. It will be like many years ago, when people were not so accepting of others, other races, other religions and other cultures like that. Because their ego will be so strong, they will keep provoking others.”

Laron: “Did you say this ties into the current state of a soul’s spiritual progression? So if they have a lower quality of progression, then that would be that sort of people?”
Lai: “Yes.”

Laron: “Back to the sources of energies coming in — so we know about four of them now. How many others are there? How many other locations? Can a number be given?”
Lai: “The nearest black hole (The galactic centre?) Yes… because of the timing, the energies were supposed to enter now. The Sun and the galactic centre, they were like they were set on an alarm and they started emitting these energies now. (When?) The Sun started in 2013. The galactic centre started in 2008. But it’s only the combination of all these sources, that now it feels like so much more.”

Laron: “Would you say the galactic centre is also a primary source?”
Lai: “Yes, this is a primary source.”

Laron: “If you had to put them in an order, which one would be the strongest?”
Lai: “The galactic centre is the strongest, but it was not activated until the comet came. (In a stronger way you mean? Because you said in started in 2008) No, the galactic centre is the basis of the… it’s like in a room, if you fill a room with gas and then you light a torch, the comet, the meteor and Nibiru are like these torches, but the galactic centre is like the gas which was there, the filter to the energy. So if the galactic centre was not part of all of this, and then the other sources came, the effect would not be the same.”

Laron: “Would you say the vicinity of the comet and the asteroid, to the Earth, triggers extra energy to come from the galactic centre?”
Lai: “Yes.”


Laron: “Are there any other important sources of energy that we should know about at this time?”
Lai: “No, but this place here, where they are sending out the energy to lessen the other energy, there are many races involved with this. I get the impression from this person, that when we say these other races on Earth, there is always competition and comparisons between different races of ET, which they don’t want us to do.”

Laron: “What would be creating the competition or comparison? Would that be humans or ET’s?”
Lai: “Humans will create it. They say here there are many races, like Pleiadians and others who come here to work, to send the rays. As an example, the Pleiadians create thoughts and transmit them through here and whoever on Earth catches the thoughts will suddenly see a beautiful vision which they didn’t create themselves. All of a sudden, the human on Earth thinks, ‘oh, such a vision I had’, and they will really know it’s a vision because it’s so vivid. So the Pleiadians do that, and other races do that, but when you say that on Earth, there are people saying who is this race and who is that, and where does that person come from, all this is not important. Earth people always compare and differentiate. There is a tendency on Earth to become a little bit better than somebody else, just to feel better. Even highly spiritual people compare visions with each other, and one person may feel better because of having a more valid or impressive vision.”

Laron: “What did those beings want to show us here?”
Lai: “There are videos, like animations that I can see. The most important thing was to show that they are sending these cosmic-rays to Earth. We can look into the details of each of them, such as how healing will change on Earth.”

Laron: “Are other places like where you are now, being used for that purpose? Or do you mean this one centre is doing it all?”
Lai: “There are planets where there are races who specialise in healing which are more suitable to Earth, those planets have sent their information to this centre already. This is like a broadcasting centre. Before we came here, it’s like others making videos and sending them here, and from this centre they are being broadcasted to Earth via gamma-rays. Whoever can catch those healing modalities, then they can start those new ways of healing or thinking. So all other races give such things and this is like a present to us — they are all uploaded here.”

Laron: “Would that be the only place or source that does that?”
Lai: “No, it’s not the only place, but this is the closest place right now and it’s like a direct connection. Like other times, far away planets do things for us. People on Earth who channel can connect into that information, but this centre is sending out information like a flood, directly targeted at us. This was planned by other races as they knew this was possible and was going to happen, so they sent their best information.”

Laron: “What dimension is this occurring in?”
Lai: “I get six. It’s more than five.”

Laron: “You said they also exist in our dimension, the third, because they are sending gamma-rays. Can you explain how they function from the sixth dimension to interact with the third? {long pause} What would it look like from our perspective?”
Lai: “We would see an energy source, a dark spot. If there was a spaceship that ran into this, it would be repelled. (There would be a barrier or something, you mean?) Yes, but if they had access to infrared they may pick it up.”

Laron: “Is there anything else that they want to tell us?”
Lai: “Yes. There are like demonstration videos, kind of thing, showing what will happen on Earth. They are related to how we can do and learn things on Earth. Each of them have information. I see them as a small cube.”

Laron: “Do you want to focus on a couple of these now?”
Lai: “Mostly it’s about manifestation techniques. Like there are demos. Let’s focus on something. There is a big tree. I hear men dug a hole at the root of the tree and meditated from that location. From doing this, their spinal degenerative condition is healed. Another one is humans in water with waves, artificial or real, it doesn’t matter — a swimming pool that creates artificial waves continually — they lay there and it vibrates their molecules and realigns their spine. This is for those who have spinal problems.”

Laron: “Can you tell us how these ideas will come to us on Earth? What are the methods that people will use to learn these things?”
Lai: “It will come through you or me or others who become curious to do this now. For example, you will write about this somewhere that these kind of healings are possible for humans, such as the tree or the wave, and a practitioner will come to learn this and try it with their clients and they will see the effects with their patients. It will then gather and become popular. ”

Laron: “How should I gather that information in the future? Through what we are doing now?”
Lai: “Yes, through what we are doing now. It’s already done… somebody has to be bold enough to open a practice and say that I do ‘wave healing’”

Laron: “Do they want to tell us anything else?”
Lai: “No, there is so much information here. I just get a feeling there is so much information here to use on Earth. They are here to take us wherever we want to go.”

Laron: “Can they tell us what race they are?”
Lai: “They are from 6D. The other races which send in their information are from 5D. I don’t know if this is a race or not.”

Grid Consciousness & The Healing Power of Trees

Laron: “Can you travel to the grid consciousness now?”
Lai: “Yes. (Use the method you feel is most appropriate for travel) The being who was in the hood, has brought me to the centre. There is like a tube that sucks in energy. {some time passes} I appear in the bottom of the grid, near the centre. The table like thing is in front of me.”

Laron: “Does the table look the same as it normally does?”
Lai: “Yes, exactly the same. Every time they have a different kind of crystal on the table. Today it’s yellow, like a citrine. (Same shape as usual?) No, it’s a new shape. It’s spherical. It’s about the size of a grapefruit. It’s a perfect sphere and so beautiful.”

Laron: “Has anyone come to greet you?”
Lai: “I see cords or cables, hanging for us. They are connected to the crystal and are hanging from above. I feel you need to accept it. It will heal and give us an energy boost. Let’s connect to that. We will receive a healing. {some time passes} Have you accepted? (Yes) They are here. They are happy that you took it. ”

Laron: “How do you know they are happy?”
Lai: “Because they appeared and they have closed in, around. I feel so welcomed. So loved. I feel more welcomed than ever before. In the past they have been busy, but today, it’s like once you received the healing, they were happy. I see you beside me and they are like going through our bodies, like we are them.”

Laron: “Can you ask them if they have a message to tell us, or any information, before we ask questions?”
Lai: “I feel the important thing today was the Zoltran experience before with the gamma-rays. I now feel I have to get out of the way for them to talk.”

For those unfamiliar with the eight previous articles of Lai’s on, the grid consciousness is a collective, one which has the role of maintaining the general running of the universe, multi-dimensionally speaking. They have told us they exist in 8D, and that source is from 9-11D. In one of the former sessions, they said that they have a very close connection to source. They are not constrained by time in the same way that we are, therefore the number of beings that are part of the collective is not really relevant.

The Grid Consciousness now talks through Lai. A good portion of the rest of the session is focused on answering some personal questions which Lai brought into the session. One of the questions mentioned the book that he had found in a cave, (written about in a previous session/article) and how it has helped him. This is described as being part of a personal assistant system that they have provided, which helps him make decisions as well as giving him glimpses of the future. He is told that he can’t see the outcome of future events, just a taste or preview.

I also ask the GC to provide each of us a message. The message that was provided to me, said that I would be changing geographical locations again. I was told when I start seeing ‘changes’, I shouldn’t get worried, and things will work out.

I then asked what the urgency was around having the session, as I was told by a few intuitive’s that it was important for us to have another QHHT session very soon.

GC: “Mainly to use the transformational methods and making use of the energies. It will be another 12 days and 19 hours and it’s crucial for you to use the energy. When you talk, we want to say that people on Earth are always looking for something new, you see, we believe meditation — the word — is taken as granted now, and that they are looking for something again, afterwards. It’s like they are looking for something more. Take every day as a new day, because each day’s meditation is going to be different. For you, think of the place before with the information. There is a lot of information there which high races of ET’s have sent, like different kinds of healing, for example. Many people already know about trees being able to heal and help people. People hug trees and see this as a new age thing, and this can become social and the value is lost because of the novelty. Right now, this incoming energy is helping as the trees receive their energies, their molecules are changing. When a human goes to seek relief with a tree, a tree can especially help with the back bone. With most people, if the spine is aligned, the rest of the body will be aligned, and healthier. Besides hugging a tree, you can also keep your back against a tree for 20 minutes and ask to be grounded through the roots of the tree. Because trees function…. if you say it’s a kingdom of trees, they work together — all the trees can work and release the physical problems that you have, very fast. With one energy healer, together with the tree, more benefits can come. The trees are receiving the most energies right now, more than humans.

QHHT Lai | Past Life Regression | September Frequency Shift
‘Tree of Life’ ©  Kristy Keller

Laron: “Can you explain what happens to the trees after they receive all this energy? What is the benefit for them?”
GC: “After they receive all these energies, they keep saving the Earth and they also restore energy for humans, as when one goes under a tree they feel happier, because of the tree storing energies from before. Happy means high frequency. So trees store their frequency there, so a human who is under a tree becomes a little bit happier with the high frequencies of a tree. Other than that, you can use the powers of the trees to manifest faster. The entire tree has a network, a common brain or neuron. They connect to each other. So if you were looking for a job and went to one tree, you could send your desire for a job with this tree, and ask help from the tree, the tree transmits your wish faster. The word wish looks like it’s a wish. When we say wish, we mean that you send an intention. When you send an intention, some particles in the universe changes, because you just created an intention. Now to make enough particles change, to make your wish come true, you have to send a stronger intention and with trees you can do that, as the trees are talking to each other. So if your job is supposed to be in another place, the employer… the tree that is nearest to the employer will send signals to help pick you, in comparison to another candidate because your intention is transmitted through the network of trees.

Wave X

Laron: “There have been a lot of hype around a coming Wave X this month, which includes a lot of theories around what this may relate to. Can you explain what this situation is about?”
GC: “We don’t know about ‘wave x’, but we know about the energies. Are these the wave x energies that you were explained earlier to Lai?”

Laron: “From my perspective, the question was answered earlier. Is there an event that is going to happen, specifically in relation to this month, in connection to the energy waves?”
GC: “Be very positive, this is the time, the next 12 days and 19 hours can make huge shifts in terms of manifestations. That means a country and their political system can turn upside down. A whole peaceful country can suddenly turn into something else, such as a war breaking out. This is really great, so ask… there are so many people that follow you, those who care about changing their world. So this is the time to set intentions. But always, we want to tell you, that while things do not work sometimes — many people do meditations but they do not get results because they don’t follow up, they don’t believe it. They live on autopilot again the next day. This is an amazing time. The things that you can change now, are what some would call miracles, and this can be done within the next 12 days and 19 hours.”

Laron: “What’s the catalyst for that time period? What is creating that situation which is helping people have the energy, to manifest?”
GC: “With the five sources of the energy waves which you were told about earlier, in addition to that you have the alignment of the moon. Beside Saturn, another three planets in your solar system are in a good alignment to make things very good or very bad, very quickly.”

Laron: “You said there are 12 days left. How long has it been going on for this to be a good period of time for manifestation?”
GC: “It’s been very intense for the last five days. It started about the 2nd of September, 2015.”

Laron: “So, basically there is a great amount of energy coming in from those sources?”
GC: “Yes, it’s like the perfect energy party.”

Laron: “What events are likely to occur this month, and next month, in the world that we may notice, as a result of these energies?”
GC: “The results will be based on the kind of thoughts that people are thinking now. All your hearts are connected to the heart of the Earth, your planet. As we said, huge changes in political systems which were unimaginable, are occurring. Mostly everybody will be very happy, because when you are looking for changes, it will normally mean warning for some disaster. There will be some disasters, only with the negative… sometimes humans are creating disasters because someone made a prediction to make it true, they give their intentions to make it true. So be careful to manifest, even though there are warnings. Ask people not to manifest disasters, even though there are warnings around wave x. What… are people interpreting them as?

Laron: “Some people think there may be a comet that will hit the Earth.”
GC: “No, that won’t occur. You are already being hit by energy.”

Entities Riding Wave X

Laron: “Are there entities that ride on the energies waves coming into us?”
GC: “Right now the energies are there, so each of you, it’s like a powerhouse. Some of you have situations in relation to soul contracts from before, even though it was hidden in the darkest part of your mind that can come up now. So they may bring their past life issues or even ‘demons’. We have talked previously about a meeting with the lady you know as Sekhmet, how she took a challenge to come here. So there are those dimensional beings, and if someone has those issues… those people who have fear, they are really in love with the fear, so they will bring them here. This is a great time to bring those unwanted entities. It depends on the people who may bring them. They can decide and control not to bring them.”

Laron: “Will the entities be riding the waves of gamma-ray, to get here?”
GC: “Yes, it’s an easy medium. It’s like a fast broadband, with a download in one second. Say if someone led a life as a reptilian, where vicious things occurred, and created karma, this is a great time to clear karma. This period of time. So somebody who has karma left over, may face their karma and bring it back here.”

Laron: “Is it possible that these entities merge with us, or merge into our souls?”
GC: “The connection to these entities will feel so strong now that they will feel they are possessed if they allow them to come in. But in reality they have no intention to merge with you because they don’t have that control. It’s the humans here that are allowing them, as humans love to feel weaker and love to suffer so that they are loved by others. For example, to get attention from a husband, a wife goes back to a past life to bring the demons back to make her suffer here, to get some attention from her husband.”

Global Consciousness, New Earth & an Ancient Discovery

Laron: “Will there be any major earth changes within this month, or next month, in our reality?”
GC: “Right now we want to say that people are controlling the Earth — all of you are with your thoughts. We see that some people, in the name of spirituality, are asking for disasters because they want to leave this Earth, but that is not a solution. All your thoughts are controlling the climate, for example. Right now the global consciousness is strongly involved with the changes on Earth.”

Laron: “Is that because of the incoming energies?”
GC: “Yes”

Laron: “What is the New Earth situation?”
GC: “The new earth situation is going very slowly, the situation, because not enough people are working for it. How soon it will happen depends on the intensity of the people. If you want a comparison, the current situation on the new earth is slower than before. The last time we said that new earth was coming very soon, it was very close. It seems that many people gave up on the new earth. We don’t think give up is the right words, but nobody is working for it. It’s also because of the energies that have come so everybody is working for themselves right now.”

Laron: “Do we need to do anything to help the process, or will it happen anyway?”
GC: “Remind everyone about the New Earth.”

Laron: “For those that are interested in it? Because the consciousness of the planet will move and switch anyway, won’t it?”
GC: “Yes, it will switch anyway. How soon the new earth will manifest will depend on the people. The new earth is vibrating, it exists. Based on how you would see the interior design of a house, it hasn’t been done yet. It’s not ready to go.”

Laron: “Can you see any important events on the Earth, in connection to the new earth process in the short term future?”
GC: “There are many important events happening. Many of you should see some surprising events in the sky, but not all of you can see that. The ascension is not for everyone. (In relation to the new earth situation?) Right. So there will be things in the sky, there will be vehicles in the skies, (craft?) yes, and stars moving and switching places. Stars will suddenly split into two, for a person’s eyes. No one is going to save Earth, because there are no… so many things can happen now, like earthquakes and tsunamis, or… one event is that there will be a sudden discovery of something ancient before December.”

Laron: “Where?”
GC: “In Russia. Somewhere in Russia. But that will be a problem that people know about. (Ocean or on land?) On land. A huge discovery of ancient structures underground. (How old are they?) Six thousand years old.”

A Manifestation Technique For Group Use

During the session when we were in contact with the GC, I asked a question of Lai’s which was based on an inquiry around the possibility of any techniques that we could use, to change the world politically. This is what they said in response to that.

GC: “To change political situations, do now analyse and go into details. Just put a list of a few leaders’ names, which you think are important. Have you ever seen a CT or CATscan machine? Imagine there is a chamber. This chamber also exists in the Zoltran broadcasting centre, also — imagine there are 24 of these chambers. Imagine that we have a list of people who we want to receive a change in their consciousness, as they are the ones that make decisions politically. Make a list and imagine that they are in those machines to receive the energy. Leave them in those chambers and finish your meditation. Re-visit them on another day, imagine they are constantly receiving. If you have more than 24, take some of them out and put in new ones.”

Laron: “So 24 at the one time?”
GC: “Yes 24 people at the one time you can heal. You can even do this to your bosses, or anybody that you want to. To do this, imagine that you are in a place and just think of us, believe in it. All you need is belief. You don’t have to decide how they turn out, you just set the intention. If you analyse and try to understand them, you will fall down into your own frequencies. ”

* * *

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