Talking to Dolores Cannon, Simultaneous Timelines, New Earth & Source | Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 7

Talking to Dolores Cannon made this a special session for us. While a number of intriguing topics came up, Dolores Cannon had recently passed and I felt it was important that we make contact, not just on a personal level as she taught me level 1 & 2 QHHT, but for the readers out there who follow these sessions and some who have read Dolores’ many books.

This is the seventh Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) session that I have transcribed and released. I facilitated this one back in January, 2015.

Here are the primary topics covered in this session:

  • A new location on the New Earth is described, along with a new method of travel to and from the New Earth. .
  • More New Earth based information around how existence and life functions there, such as climate, communications and who will inhabit it
  • Lai visits the planet from where his individual consciousness was first created and finds something very important which is said to help him in the future here on Earth
  • More information about the grid consciousness, from what it looks like, to what Lai appears as there. The GC explain where they originate from before working in the grid and how they were first created.
  • Source and its connection to the grid consciousness (Very interesting and unique info).
  • A new definition of what love means and how souls can reach a level of development on Earth and use the ability of love to move beyond the laws of the Earth experience.
  • How healing takes place from the GC for Earth based individuals, in relation to earth’s laws. (This is based on the situation of why people don’t remain healed after they get healing)
  • The number of planets in the universe which have similar conditions to the planet Earth and how lower dimensional life based planets channel humans on Earth.
  • Time and the cycle of earth years that make up the period of time which grid consciousness has existed, since separating from source.
  • How our simultaneous existences in multiple timelines function, and what happens to each one upon their individual death and how all this fits into the New Earth shifting (A long section).
  • A small section covering an answer to who the ‘big cheese’ is, which Tom Campbell talks about within his By Big Toe trilogy.
  • GC answers questions about Dolores Cannon and then sends Lai to her. We ask her a number of questions such as where she is, what she is doing, what she has done since arriving, the exact process she went through after her death on Earth and more. The process of what happened after her departure from Earth was a very interesting. One other important things she explained was how it’s not good to hold onto attachments and memories from Earth, as it can cause the consciousness/soul pain afterwards and she explains how she had to let go. (A long section)

For those unaware of what QHHT is, it’s a past life / in-between life hypnosis based regression method, previously created and taught by Dolores Cannon. This is the method she used to obtain all the information for her many published books. While there are multiple forms of past life regression, this method is unique because it calls in the higher self aspect of the spirit, once they have been through a number of past or in-between experiences. Healing can then take place as well as finding the answers to the many questions a person may have. Another unique part of this process is that the client goes into a trance based state where the higher self speaks through them, using their vocabulary to communicate with.

Talking to Dolores Cannon – QHHT

The beginning of this session starts straight away, once I get to the stage of the QHHT process where I ask Lai to find his beautiful place, which he does with ease. Similar to the last session, his beautiful place is not a manifestation from his mind, which is usually what happens and which the client is instructed to do with the QHHT process.

* * *

I first ask him to tell me about it.

Lai: “It’s a high mountain. It’s snowing a lot. It’s very beautiful. It’s a high house. I’m looking through the window. From here, I can see trees that are covered with snow. It’s snowing a lot right now and it’s very beautiful and feels relaxing.”

Laron: “What do the trees look like?”
Lai: “The trees look like Christmas trees, very long and very tall. Dark green leaves. There is a lot of snow on the trees. It’s snowing right now and the snow is very deep. The ground is covered with knee high snow.”

Laron: “What do you see around you inside?”
Lai: “I see like a kitchen bench or bar… I’m not sure what to call it. There are some objects made of wood. There is a round pot made of wood and on the wall there is something hanging made of wood or bamboo. It’s for decoration I think. It looks similar to me now, because I am not familiar with this, but I think it’s similar to the tree of life. It’s made out of wood. It could be the flower or tree of life, I have seen something like that before. This one is probably the tree of life.”

Laron: “Is it very detailed?” 
Lai: “Yes, very detailed with wood carvings. It’s made of thin wood. At first I thought it was made of bamboo because the wood has been cut and made into very thin sheets, so it’s not thick. (Does it look carved?) Yeah, it looked like it’s stretched, as if the wood was… you know how we make things with plastic, where it’s melted and becomes a certain shape. The wood is like this. It’s very flexible so it’s not really a carving. Its size is shorter than me. It’s hanging from my… the top is near my forehead and the bottom is half way between my knees and my waist.”

I ask Lai if he can remember the design so he can draw it later, but he says it is far too detailed. He also mentions the design has spheres within.

Laron: “Is there anything else on the bench?”
Lai: “Yes, a flower vase made of wood. There are some very small flowers in it. I don’t know the names in English, it’s not like something I have seen before. They are violet and very small.”

Talking to Dolores Cannon – QHHT

Laron: “Is that like a kitchen area?”
Lai: “Yes, but there is no cooking appliances. It resembles a kitchen though.”

Laron: “What else is in the room?”
Lai: “A chimney… there is no fireplace. A chimney or a tunnel, I am not sure. It goes upward. It’s above to the side of the middle of the roof. When I am under it, it looks like it’s a way to go somewhere. There is energy moving in there. (How big is it?) I could fit in there if I wanted to. It looks like there are waves of energy inside, blurry waves. This chimney thing in the house, the place to enter is black. Its shape is sort of like a square and inside there is white and grey energy moving, and it looks like sparks sometimes.”

Laron: “Do you know what its purpose is?”
Lai: “Yes, to go somewhere. I feel like it’s a wormhole or something like that.”

Laron: “What is illuminating the room? How can you see?”
Lai: “From the light outside, reflecting off the snow. But… there is light here also, like a crystal that looks like glass. It’s yellowish, it could be citrine, but… more… orange. It’s up on the roof. There are two parallel to each other. They are probably more than five feet in length, under six feet.”

Laron: “What is the shape of the room?”
Lai: “It’s kind of a hexagon shape. The floor has… it’s not carpet. Its like made out of some kind of plants. (Like a plant fibre?) Yeah. It’s white. (What does it feel like under you?) I didn’t feel it, but I can feel it now. It’s very warm. It’s very nice, but it’s living, not dead. It’s alive.”

Laron: “Is there just one room or is there another room?”
Lai: “There is a cupboard with a door. The door is like the shape of a trapezium. It’s made out of something similar to glass but the color is green. (Does it have hinges?) Yes. The door is like two parts. One opens to the left side and one to the right.”

Laron: “What’s inside?”
Lai: “Inside is a very big crystal. It looks like a rose quartz. It’s so big, bigger than me, taller than me and wider. I cannot reach my arms around it, so it’s bigger than that. I think someone left it here, from a very long time ago, a woman. It feels like it used to be like a tower, but since it’s grown it’s out of shape. (Because it’s been growing for so long?) Yes. I see 10,000 BC.  ”

Laron: “What do the walls look like they are made out of?”
Lai: “To me, it looks like wood. (Typical wood?) Yes. (One solid piece of wood?) Yes, continuing. But when you asked me about this place, from the outside it seemed like it was made of stone, but the inside is made of wood.”

Laron: “Is there anything else inside the room?”
Lai: “On the wall I see a diagram made of fabric like cloth. It’s very dark red. It’s hanging up there. It’s not that large, shorter than my height. It has many points on it, like if it was a map and someone was placing pins on a map. There are no pins, but it’s like diagrams sewn onto it. (Like a tapestry) Yeah. (But you can’t understand any pattern?) No. It’s so hard to explain. It’s dark red and on there is some golden colors of thread and on there again, some places are blue and some places are red. I know these are actual locations, as if someone used it as a map.”

Laron: “Do you think it might have a connection to the object in the roof?”
Lai: “Yes, the thing in the roof. Whoever travelled through that chimney came here and placed marks on this.”

Laron: “So there is nothing else in the room?”
Lai: “There are lamps but they are not lamps as we know them. There are two. They are long like telescopes, like that kind of shape, but they have crystals that supply the light. (They are pointing directly up?) Yeah. These are used for carrying them portable. I think these are used when traveling through the chimney thing in the roof. They also look like citrine.”

Laron: “How many windows are there?”
Lai: “Two. (Is there a door to the outside?) Yes. This one is just one piece. The shape on top is rounded, with a circular edge. So it’s like a rectangle but the top part is round. It also has hinges.”

Laron: “Do you want to go outside?”
Lai: “Ok. It’s snowing very much. It’s beautiful. Outside I can only see those trees before, nothing else. (What about in the distance?) Trees and mountains.”

Laron: “When you look back at the house, what does the shape look like?”
Lai: “From here it looks… you know it’s a house, the roof is slanted and has more proportions than the rest of the house. (It takes up more space outside of the walls you mean?) Yeah. Two sides are slanted down. I can see the chimney on top of the roof. The house is dark red. The roof and the bottom part is light brown.”

Laron: “What is the house made out of?”
Lai: “The house is made out of stones. It looks like the stones are glued together. The stones are big, so each is like the size of a football. But they are somehow… as if they were melted and then reshaped. The shape is like spheres and they are red. {That is the roof Lai just explained} The walls are stones but they are not shaped like spheres, they are squares and uneven. They are grey and brown.”

Laron: “Do you get a sense of where you are?”
Lai: “No, I don’t. (No idea?) No idea. I thought it was Earth but I don’t think it is.”

Laron: “Go back inside. Do you want to enter through the portal in the roof?”
Lai: “Yes. (Just do that in your own way and with your own pace) I want to take those lamp torches with me. Before going in there, I have to know where I want to go because it will take me there.”

Laron: “What happens if you don’t know?”
Lai: “I don’t know. (Do you want to try that without a destination in mind?) Ok. {30+ second pause} So without a destination, when I went through I started floating in there. Inside I see lots of sparks. I see many, many small spheres in here. ”

Laron: “Are they clear? See through?”
Lai: “I feel that these are planets. If I choose I can go to one, but inside here they are floating. There is this energy and then there are these lights sparkling.”

Laron: “How far away are the sparkles?”
Lai: “They are here and there and all over. Sometimes here, sometimes there. They are moving around like lightning every few seconds.”

Laron: “What do you feel you exist as now? Do you have a form?”
Lai: “Yes, I think I have a form, but not a solid form. I can manifest hands if I need to.”

Laron: “I want you to put in the intention of asking someone or something to come and guide or assist you just now. See if anything happens.”
Lai: {20 second pause} “I didn’t see anyone, but I feel I have to go out and look at that map and that will help. (Do you want to do that?) Yes.”

Laron: “Just do that now and return to the map.”

You might wonder why I asked Lai to enter this ‘portal’, without selecting a destination. One of the reasons was that I wanted to see if what he was saying was accurate, and not something he may have got wrong, based on possible mind interference. I do this sometimes in a session to try and make sure the information is as accurate as possible. I had no concern at all, that he would get stuck or lost by going through without selecting a destination, as I feel full confidence that if he couldn’t go anywhere, I would be able to direct him back to where he was previously, or even another location if required.

Lai: “I now see a cursor on this now. (On what?) The tapestry map on the wall. (So you’re back inside the house?) Yes. ”

Laron: “So there is now a cursor, has the tapestry gone away?”
Lai: “No, it’s still below, the cursor is above. The cursor is red. It’s part of the tapestry on the wall.”

Laron: “Ask what it is.”
Lai: “It says, ‘To help‘.”

Laron: “Ask who created it.”
Lai: “It says ‘others‘. I asked it who are the others. ‘Other beings created it for us‘. When I asked it what it meant by us, it said volunteers.”

Laron: “Ask if the other beings have a name.”
Lai: “It says ‘Angels at your service‘.”

At this stage I feel like we are communicating with something very limited and basic, so the answers are not going to be very detailed. With the above answer, Lai and I both smile and have a quiet laugh together. The fact that Lai laughs at things he sees from time to time, is another indicator for me, going towards increasing the validity that the information coming through is authentic, and not made up by him. Lai and I are good friends now, so we are more open with our emotions in these session.

Laron: “Ask where the angels come from.”
Lai: “Ok. ‘From GodWe are here to help youWe were created to help you.'”

Laron: “Ask what is god.”
Lai: “‘God is everything.’ and then it says ‘We don’t know‘. I am seeing everything written at the moment.”

Laron: “Ask where you are.”
Lai: “‘Everywhere whenever neededRight here.'”

Laron: “Ask where that house is.”
Lai: “‘On New Earth‘. (Did that come up straight away did it?) Yes.”

Laron: “Ask who you are, as in the part of you inside the house.”
Lai: “So it says, ‘you are so much. You are created to be one kind of angel and then you know the story’. (As in your history?) Yeah. The beings on the water planet are one kind of angel, one kind of worker and one of them was me, and they also created me.”

The information which just came up covered in the first couple of QHHT sessions I conducted with Lai, which I have linked to at the bottom of this article. You can find detailed information around the creation of Lai’s individual consciousness within them.

Laron: “That civilisation created you right?”
Lai: “Yes. (The beings in that civilisation were one kind of worker?) Yes, worker or angels. I know that this here is another location on the New Earth. I also asked why there was snow here and I found this is a different location to last time.”

Laron: “Ask why you saw a different location the last time you were here.”
Lai: “‘The New Earth has many, many places that are constructions going on. Constructions of the New Earth. These are two of them. Why was I shown this new location? It was to show a new climate on the New Earth. The climate doesn’t change, as all around there are different locations and climates and people can choose to visit these locations. The place that snows will snow all the time. ”

Laron: “Ask who will be living there when the New Earth is ready. Would it only be beings related to Earth or also other locations as well?”
Lai: “There will be beings related to Earth, and they will be able to communicate much more easily with other beings from other planets and other dimensions.”

Laron: “Are the inhabitants of the New Earth directly related to those who have lived on the old Earth and Earth based volunteers?”
Lai: “Yes and volunteers may leave later. Volunteers are helping to bring the people from the old Earth to this New Earth, but they don’t have to stay afterwards. ”

Laron: “Ask what that chimney thing is on the roof”
Lai: “‘The chimney is a way to travel’. I am reading it. ‘We are giving you free choices to choose from travelling because you like travelling‘. ”

Laron: “Does that house belong to you?”
Lai: “No, this is a traveling center. (Who uses it?) Angels and other volunteers can use it. Other beings from higher dimensions.”

Laron: “Have you got any questions you want to ask?”
Lai: “Yes, why do we get free choices to travel now? It says, ‘Because you have upgraded.’ Now I don’t see any more typing but I feel that in the past we were guided to go somewhere, but now we have reached another level. We are now allowed to see more things by ourselves. We may not go to everywhere, but there are many options. I just asked if we can we go to Mars, and it said if it’s not important, it won’t be there. ”

Laron: “Ask if there is anywhere you should travel to now that they recommend.”
Lai: “They say, ‘If I want to know about my planet then I can go there. If I want to know questions like before, you can try the grid.’

The Red Book

Laron: “Do you want to go to your planet? Is it important to you?”
Lai: “Ok, yes. (Do you want to go there now?) Yes, I am going there now. (Do you have to select a destination? {On that tapestry} No, I just have to set the intention and go in. It’s like a tunnel. I am out now floating up high. It’s calm. ”

Laron: “Where are you floating?”
Lai: “I am in a cloud. (Is it like a thick cloud?) Yes. (Can you see through it?) Yes I can see through it, down below. I see beautiful water shining. It’s very calm and it was not like this from when I remember it before. (What color is the water?) It’s greenish blue and very clear. It’s so shiny.”

Laron: “Can you see anything under the water?”
Lai: “Yes it’s rocky. It’s not soil, just rocky. There are lots of cracks. In this area the depth is very low. If I had an ankle and stood in it, it would be up to there in some places. {We both laugh a bit when he first says ‘If I had an ankle’}

Laron: “Do you want to go anywhere?”
Lai: “I see a high rock so I am going there. (Is it sticking out of the water?) Yes. It’s quite high. It’s grey. I know that there used to be rituals here. They would gather here and I was born here. (On the rock?) Yes.”

Laron: “Was there a rock there when you were born or was it different?”
Lai: “I was born on this rock. There are caves here. This is a mountain. I was born outdoors, not in the cave. There is a drawing on the outside of the cave. It’s golden. It’s a drawing of a planet, but I am not sure what it means. Right now my left hand is tingling very much, physically, in the palm of my left hand.”

Laron: “Do you want to go in the cave?”
Lai: “Yes. (Have you got those lights with you?) Yes.”

Laron: “What do you see when you first go in?”
Lai: “Oh, I was looking at the drawing on the left. (Did you see anything important within the drawing?) Stars. There are many star based drawings inside the cave, on the left side.”

Laron: “How wide is the cave?”
Lai: “Like ten body lengths. I don’t want to… I don’t know what to….  I see a red book here. (In the cave?) Yes, on the ground. I didn’t look at all the drawings anymore as there are too many. I feel like I have to take this red book with me. (Then take it.) Ok. ”

Laron: “Is there any drawing on the cover of the book?”
Lai: “The cover? (Yes) Yes, another drawing of a planet which is similar to the planet Saturn with rings. It’s drawn with black, the book is red. It’s drawn with dots. I think I just have to grab it and that’s it, there is nothing more to do here.”

Talking to Dolores Cannon – QHHT
Saturn’s rings. Photo taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft in 2013. Planet Earth and its moon is in the same frame.

Laron: “You don’t need to enter into the cave?”
Lai: “Well I see things like gold coins, but they are very big. They are like the size of a plate that we might eat off of.”

Laron: “Do you want to open the book?”
Lai: “Yes. There was, when I opened, many, many concentric circles but they disappeared when I looked just now. (What else do you see on the pages? Does it have writing or is it different?) Different. No writing, no English, only pictures. (How many pages do you think there are?) Two hundred. (Does it have pages numbers?) No.”

Laron: “What are the other pictures?”
Lai: “I am not going page by page, suddenly I just opened to this page and I see a picture of what looks a craft. But when I am looking at it, it’s disappearing. On another page… this looks like a traveling craft, it has a circle, but it has a tree inside. So I don’t know. Maybe I will take the book with me and that’s it.”

Laron: “Yes, that seems to be how you feel, and I think that is right.”
Lai: “I feel that maybe I will be able to see it later.”

Laron: “Do you want to go now?”
Lai: “Yes.”

Laron: “Just leave that area and return. Are you able to return from where you came in up in the sky?”
Lai: “Yes. (What does it look like from down there?) Up above there are so many clouds. It looks like how somebody is hanging a rope from the sky, but it’s like hanging a tunnel from the sky which is moving with the wind, like a rope would. It spins and wobbles.”

Laron: “Do you go back inside?”
Lai: “Yes, I go back. Now I am in the grid.”

Laron: “How did it feel when you went through it?”
Lai: “So quick. (Very instant?) Yes, as if the grid was waiting here. I didn’t feel it… while coming, it felt like that movie, where Jodie Foster went in the worm hole. (Like in Contact?) Yes, it felt like that, very fast. But in didn’t feel anything in my body. ”

Back to the Grid

Laron: “Explain what you see now.”
Lai: “Today the color is golden. Today the grid looks so much bigger. I have never seen it this big before.”

Laron: “One time you described it as the size of a big stadium and that it was spherical. (Yes) What does it look like now?”
Lai: “Still it’s spherical. I am inside this sphere, and the top and bottom have a concave, so it’s not a perfect sphere. (Is it bigger than what it was before?) The other day, it looked cloudy and misty, so I could not see the ends. Today there is no clouds. {Lai means the previous session in article 6} ”

Laron: “It’s very clear? (Yes) And it’s golden light? (Yes) But you don’t see any other colors around the sides do you? How does that look like?”
Lai: “Always moving. The colors keep moving. (So it’s kind of hard to explain is it?) Yes, yes. (If you look down, what does the surface look like?) I wanted to tell you that I can see my own reflection, but then… when I look I see that I am like a gaseous bubble. My shape is like an elongated sphere. ”

Laron: “What color are you?”
Lai: “I think that normally when I am here I am white, but because of the golden surface I am looking browner. (The color is changed because of the golden influencing your natural color?) Yes.”

Laron: “What do you see around you now?”
Lai: “Nothing except light in the center on a kind of a round table. I don’t know if it’s a table or what…  (So it’s a surface above the ground?) Yes, but it’s connected to the ground. It’s very similar to a round table. (But it doesn’t have legs?) No. (How does it connect to the ground?) It’s like an extension, only one with the ground. There is space underneath the sides. In the middle there is like a wide pole going down. (How wide does it come out?) When it comes out from the top it gets thinner and thinner. The top is thicker. It’s like a mushroom and it’s white. On top there is like light. I was thinking it was a crystal but it’s like liquidy light. It’s separate to the table. It’s like liquid… it’s not taking the whole surface, just the center. It’s very important for today.”

Laron: “Can you describe it more? So it’s a liquid?”
Lai: “Yes. (Is it flat?) It’s spherical but flatter. Like a sphere that you suddenly flatten out, but not completely flat. (So it’s got a height to it in the middle?) Yes. (And you said it’s white?) Yes. (Is it still that color?) The surface is white, this is golden, this liquid sphere.”

Laron: “And there is nothing else around?”
Lai: “Beings are working. (Have they got their own form today?) No, it’s only because you asked, and I could then feel. They appeared for a while and disappeared.”

Laron: “What’s going on now?”
Lai: “They can talk I think.”

Laron: “Have you got all their attention or only some?”
Lai: “Some.”

Laron: “Can you ask them why we had all their attention last time?”
Lai: {10 second pause} “They only smile, no answer.” {Lai and I have a small laugh}

Laron: “Are you happy for them to talk through you now?”
Lai: “Yes (Do they want to do that?) Yes. (Did you ask?) I didn’t ask, it feels like that. So I feel now… I feel now, because you asked why we had more attention last time, that now we have more attention, because you asked. I feel that we don’t have as much attention as that day. That day they were waiting and ready, where it’s different today.”

Laron: “Let them communicate through you like usual. {15 seconds pass} Are you ready for me to ask questions?”
Lai: “Not yet, I am still here in-between. I want to tell you that they said ‘We like to play with your thoughts‘. ”

Laron: “In what way?”
Lai: “To expand your thoughts. It’s like provoking more thoughts than you already have done.”

Laron: “When do they like to do this?”
Lai: “Within the last session they did this.”

As I write this up, I feel some information coming to me. I think what they mean here, may just relate to a new style I have found myself using, with asking questions. You may have noticed in the last session I started being more… aggressive with my questioning. Only at some points, not all the time. I found myself doing the same thing in this session. So they may mean here that they provoked my thoughts into doing this.

Laron: “In what way did they do that, as an example?”
Lai: “They won’t tell. I think they are now getting ready… they want me to relax a bit more. If I focus on the other light, I will be relaxed more. I think it’s time to talk with them now.”

Grid Consciousness: “We are here”

With the below question, I ask it knowing that they don’t have names there, going by an answer I received in a previous session. I do this on purpose so that I can get a confirmation that that is still accurate and to see what will happen this time around when I touch on that subject of individuality and how they identify each other. You could say I was playing with them in a way.

Laron: “Can I ask who I am talking to now?”
GC: “We are here for you to talk. (What is your name?) We have three names for you now, Abraham, Adam and Alex.”

Laron: “So there are three of you?”
GC: “Everyone is here but we like these names today.”

Laron: “I remember you said that you don’t use names.”
GC: “Yes. Today you asked about our names so we thought of using names today.”

Laron: “Can you explain what that is on the table, the liquid light.”
GC: “We put energy for the universe to…  our work is the maintenance of many, many planets and galaxies, so we send energy to the universe and the light then looks different. This was here every time that you visited, with different colors, but maybe Lai did not notice it before. So these colors change. Our work defines the color of the liquid sphere. (Based upon the type of work you’re doing?) Yes. And you perceive it as a different color.”

Laron: “But don’t each of you do different work?”
GC: “Together we do very similar work. We think together. (You make decisions together?) Yes, always. Every decision is known by everyone at the same time. (And agreed upon?) There is never a disagreement because we are all part of one purpose. It’s not possible to have conflicting ideas.”

Laron: “Where did you all come from, before being in the grid?”
GC: “We… this is hard to explain. We didn’t come from different sources, we were always together. All of us. So we had been in existence, since when you count time, even before you had time and we were created by source.”

Laron: “Directly created by source?”
GC: “Yes.”

Laron: “Was that because source chose to create the Universe and source needed maintenance? What was the reason for your creation?”
GC: “Yes, we are still very much connected to source, unlike humans. There is a big separation there. Every thought we think, source has access to instantly.”

Laron: “When you just said yes, do you mean you were in agreement to what I just asked about the reason you were created?”
GC: “Yes, it was for the maintenance. We are in a way still source, but we are extensions focused on more specifics. (So you’re very close to source?) Yes.”

Laron: “Last time you said you were eight dimensional. (Yes) Is that correct?”
GC: “Yes.”

Laron: “How many dimensions are there in the system that you use, when you say eight?”
GC: “We believe there are nine dimensions, but there are eleven dimensions, nine, ten and eleven we believe all contain source, but we don’t know the variations in those.”

Laron: “So you would say 9, 10 and eleven would be where source exists?”
GC: “Yes.”

Laron: “So when you say believe, do you mean you understand?”
GC: “We know. (Believe was not the right word was it?) No, not the right word. (So it’s know?) We always… we do not use language, it’s always… this time we are using Lai’s vocabulary. That’s it.”

As you can see with the above answer, and just like in any QHHT session performed, we cannot always take each and every single word so literally. In this case, they said they believed, so our interpretation of that may be that they are not one hundred percent certain and that it may just be a belief to them, not a fact. But as I followed up, I was able to clarify that one single word and then the whole situation changed to being a fact that they were telling us.

It is therefore very easy for possible mistakes or misinterpretations to come through in any session for the reader, because something may not have been properly followed up, or clarified completely. Or it could just be a language barrier and a lost in translation type situation. The questions asked are crucial to finding the most accurate information as possible. But, as you can imagine, I cannot be perfect here or there would be no time to fit everything in!

Laron: “Do you ever get any messages from source, or are you on your own? When I say messages, I mean communication.”
GC: “We are always connected so we don’t know very much – the differences between us and source. Source knows, source understands the difference between us and there. It’s so instant that we don’t feel that it came from something outside of us.”

Laron: “Would you say that with some of your decisions that you make for maintenance, source is involved?”
GC: “Yes. (Because of how connected you are?) Yes.”

Laron: “If source did not exist, there would be nothing?”
GC: “If source did not exist, there would be nothing. (So you mean that is true?) Yes.”

These sessions have been an ongoing journey for Lai, but from time to time I have slipped in a few questions for myself, and in a way, it’s been a shared journey. I wanted to clarify something with the next question. Earlier on in the session, it was said that because of our current state, our current progress on Earth, we were allowed to know more things. So I think it’s important to revisit some questions and situations from time to time, to get further clarity about them. Every time I end up asking about myself, the information that comes through ends up being very educational for others, and usually lead to important topics afterwards, so I continue to include the info relating to me within these sessions.

Laron: “Am I from your collective consciousness?”
GC: “You worked here. Now you don’t.”

Laron: “You explained where I was in the last session?”
GC: “Yes. You were here because of some training, it’s like training, like quickly processing you… giving you… what you do to your machines… programming you! (Experience and knowledge by working there?) Yes to download. So you were here, you received knowledge. You were here by your own choice from your existence in another dimension, which is higher than Earths. Only sometimes do we make decisions that source directly does not, one of them is to let which individuals can come here.”

Laron: “That is not a decision from source that is your decision?”
GC: “Yes, but it’s also not separated from source, it’s just… (You have more of a choice?) Yes. So if we chose, we know that source is in harmony with that. What we mean is that only those who are not our functions… we were created to do other functions, but that function came as something that evolved over time, for a special… we are also very kind, that word that you use, kind and love… so with those, we choose sometimes. One reason is like how Lai is here from his planet, because that wasn’t a part of the work. (Your work on the grid?) Yeah. If you remember, he believed and managed to send his request that came to the grid, so some of us sent other higher dimensional beings to make an exception to bring him out.”

Laron: “From the water world?”
GC: “Yes. So there are always changes, those that use the power that we said. We sent a message like this to Lai also, a message that was also our message that love… that’s the word you know it by. On Earth the definition has been changed. {It’s different} If it was explained on Earth, love, peace and blessings is it. (The combination of the three is the meaning?) Yes, that’s the meaning. If you have it, anything can be changed.”

Laron: “How do you mean anything?”
GC: “It might be something that wasn’t… because universe goes through laws, planets have laws. (Individual laws per planet you mean?) Yes, every planet has laws. Those things that can be known as plans, the plans can be escaped when people reach that state. The state of love. Because he had reached that state, we heard his request for his rescue. (So that’s why he was allowed to leave in that way?) Yes.”

Laron: “So for example, there are laws on Earth around karma and suicide and everything, but if you reach a state where you have the love, the blessings…”
GC: “Yes that’s right… and when somebody does it for someone else, though it’s difficult to do for someone else, but when they do it… like sometimes a mother can do. Mothers can do it easily, that is the most common ones where that happens. If they do that, then sometimes their children are put out of karma cycles.”

Laron: “What did the experience with the red book Lai found in the cave mean?”
GC: “Recently he had been looking for something outside of himself, to help him. So finding this book will help him now, if he meditates. In a meditative state he can choose to look at it. He can only look at the pages that he can see in that moment. (Which are most appropriate?) Yes, which are most appropriate and most helpful to him, and that will inspire him. It will give him everything that he wants to become. A powerful volunteer to help others and himself. He does not need to analyse and understand, but he will eventually understand. Sometimes he will look at some of those pictures and also remember… because his ancestors who are angels or assistants, their purpose was done. They are like programs. They are created and then they are uncreated, which can look like an erase. So their memories, everything they stored are… nothing is lost. All the knowledge is there, all the knowledge and experience that Lai needs to feel good on Earth, it’s there, all accessible through meditation. That book is one representation, that from now on he knows he will have it. But its energy, so if he did not see it as a book, he may only feel good for a few days and after not access it. But because he sees it as a book, he knows it’s always there.”

Laron: “Does he need to know anything else about the book?”
GC: “He will have a lot of fun with that book. It will make him very happy.”

The Healing and Earth Law

Some personal questions are covered within the next part of this session as well as some healing that is requested by Lai. I am offered to add anyone else that may need healing so I add myself as well. I ask a few questions during the healing to find out why the issues that Lai and I have, had manifested.

After those questions are answered, I ask for a description of what exactly is taking place during the healing, but what comes up is some very interesting information about how healing takes place from that dimensional space, when a request is made from Earth. I thought this was worth including because it is unique information.

Laron: “Can you describe what you are doing to perform the healing?”
GC: “We have plugged in a wire. It’s better described as a sort of energetic tentacle in your neck and Lai’s upper back. The bone T6. In your case, it’s between C5 and C6, so we are giving you pure higher dimensional energy, but we do not recognise your problems here. To us there are no problems, we are only giving you the energy.”

Laron: “What would the reason be why you don’t recognise the problems from there?”
GC: “Because we do not see any problems from here, because many of the problems exist in the lower dimensions, they do not exist here.”

Laron: “So it’s very hard for you to connect or access the information, or reasons here? Because it’s so low down?”
GC: “We know, and we believe everything. If we ever hear from humans, we believe everything they say. It’s like yes, we know, but we believe that no problems exist in this higher dimensions, so we do not acknowledge or recognise that you still have it. So we don’t try to fix your neck, but we know that with this energy, it will be gone. Because a physical body and the pain is a law of the Earth that you live on, so we cannot break the law.”

Laron: “Are they the same laws you were referring to before, about the planets having laws?”
GC: “Yes, different planets and different places have different laws.”

Other Earth Based Planets in the Universe

Laron: “How many planets in the known Universe would have life like Earth?”
GC: “None. Do you mean life exactly like Earth, or life style?”

Laron: “Where there are beings that go through karma, have to breathe air, similar laws, and similar conditions such as gravity…”
GC: “So gravity, breathing requirements, body, karma, reincarnation… we would say that there are six other planets like this.”

With the below question, I wasn’t sure how many stars scientists believe exist in the Universe, so I just chose to say billions, but the actual answer is this, “The best estimates suggest that there are at least 70 thousand million million million (70 sextillion or 7 × 1022) stars in the Universe. The Universe probably contains more than 100 thousand million (100 billion or 1011) galaxies.” (Google is the source of that info)

Laron: “We know that there are billions of stars, so we would expect lots and lots.”
GC: “There are six others. One of the planets was where you and Lai got to know Sekhmet. They have gone higher now. ”

Laron: “Would their planet be similar to the ‘New Earth’ situation here?”
GC: “Similar in the sense that that planet is higher than Earth now in the ranking of soul or spirit evolution, but somebody there may have been asked by their council to go to Earth to reincarnate as human for the challenge. So those six planets go up and down. Earth is on the 4th now. There are some lower than Earth. The lower ones come to Earth… or like how humans channel on Earth, sometimes the lower based dimensional planets channel humans on Earth. Those humans get scared and may see these requests as ghosts, but the lower beings did not come to Earth yet. They would channel that human from their lower dimensional planet, because they are so low and you would say they are quite miserable, in comparison to humans. So they would like to channel from their location. So when they do this, that human would see a ghost. So if humans stay in a higher vibration they cannot be channelled by those.”

At this stage I ask the grid consciousness if the healing has finished which was requested earlier. They report back that it’s still going on, so I ask for a friend of mine to be included as well. This friend of mine hurt the soul of her foot very badly, to the degree where she needed crutches to walk. She was told she probably had a stress fracture. She had this problem for about a week at this stage. A few days after this session, the pain had gone and her foot was fine.

I again ask how the healing process takes place, and they explain in a type of analogy that it’s similar to being plugged in like a phone on recharge, and that was taking place at that time.

The Nature of Time from the Grid’s Perspective

Laron: “I am interested to learn how time works from where you are. For example, it may have been ten minutes since we started the healing. Do you have a time constraint?”
GC: “We have something similar to time. We have sessions, if you call… so since our beginning, we had…”

Laron: “Beginning as in when you came from source?”
GC: “Yes. We had… this is our seventh session. (Would you call it a cycle?) Yes, a cycle. But we understand Earth time. Most of the time we do not know, but we just look at it. If you want a date, we look at the record and tell you a date because we do not feel the time.”

Laron: “Perhaps compare the differences between your time and our time.”
GC: “If you compared all the times that we met until now, only the time we have spent communicating during the sessions, it would be eight seconds for us.”

Laron: “So that would probably be over twenty hours for us, but only eight seconds for you?”
GC: “Yes, after today’s one is finished it still would not be eight seconds completed yet.”

At this stage I end up starting a few questions and then stopping, as I try and compute this inside my thoughts.

Laron: “I’m just wondering how this works, as in eight seconds passes, and then that’s over for you, but it’s not… because it’s really only been a little bit of a second.”
GC: “Yes, we are comparing the cycle with the twenty hours that you have spent with us, so it would be just about eight seconds.”

Laron: “How many Earth years are in your cycles? Within each of the seven cycles.”
GC: {pause of about 17 seconds}”The number we give you is 11 197 483.”

Laron: “Would that be eleven million?”
GC: “Yes.”

Laron: “Is there a connection between your cycles and the cycles of time on Earth?”
GC: “No.”

Laron: “Does Earth go through cycles similar to how you do?”
GC: “The Earth went through cycles. Our cycles have no relation to any movement, as with Earth which goes through cycles. These cycles are based upon its movement around the Sun. Our cycle is more like… this is the seventh time that we have calibrated our functions, which means we have set new intention for our functions. So this is our seventh session. {Cycle}”

Laron: “What happens when that cycle finishes for you?”
GC: “We also choose when to finish, so it’s not a fixed period.”

Laron: “So it does not have to be eleven million Earth years, for example?”
GC: “No. (It could vary a great deal?) Yes.”

Laron: “What happens when you choose to finish?”
GC: “When we choose to finish, planets are rearranged. This is one example (Like instantly?) No, it goes through very slowly in the lower dimensions, because it’s already on course how they are going to be arranged. If you know that Earth is kept isolated, for the best, for its best. (For the development of those on Earth?) Yes. Because if the humans see something, they like to jump, in relation to steps of development. If they had seen higher guidance, they might start creating new religions. (And everything would change) Yes. So, for this reason.”

Laron: “Humans need to live out their karma, their contracts and plans, so that would be heavily influenced if they saw something?”
GC: “Yes, that is right. Also, the Earth’s spirit is going to a New Earth, it has gone. So that in this time, there are two situations going on. The Earth’s and individuals living on it.”

Talking to Dolores Cannon – QHHT From this point on, I ask a few personal questions that Lai brought into the session. Lai and I have a friendly relationship with the GC, because we have been doing this for so long. So I will include this very random question that Lai asked, and the GC’s response to it, which you may not have expected.

Laron: “Should Lai watch the movie Interstellar again?”
GC: “Yes, one more time.”

I couldn’t help myself with the next question. I had already seen it three times, and I was wondering if I should see it again.

Laron: “Should I?”
GC: “Yes, one more time. (Ok!)”

Lai and I ended up going to see Interstellar together, not long after this session. It was the fourth time for both of us.

The New Earth

Laron: “When are we going to the New Earth, fully and consciously?”
GC: “We cannot answer you that because going to the New Earth is an individual journey for humans. We gave you information around how to go to the New Earth, and that looks like it is in your probabilities now. We can see… so you would know that there is a vibrational world, as you are thinking, as a human is thinking to watch a movie, or go to a park. Vibrationally both of the worlds are created instantly. Both are real, but then the human has the free will to experience which one. He will pick the park or the movie, but the vibrational version exists of this choice. We can see these vibrational parts in higher dimensions, other beings can also see your vibrational parts. That’s why sometimes a higher vibrational being, or a human tuning into a higher vibrational being, will know what the human is thinking, and the human will get surprised, as it’s possible to see that vibrational version which is still not manifested in the 3D. For the New Earth, there is a collective vibrational plan of Earth beings right now, we told you everything based on that in the past and looking at that showed us what was going to happen. All the things we ever told you were from looking at those versions. But they can be changed by you. We don’t do those changes. No body creates sufferings from here. Sometimes your spirit guides may put an experience in front of you that looks like suffering, but an experience only to get you ready for another experience. So sometimes that can happen.”

Questions for the Grid Consciousness

Laron: “How many individuals make up the entire grid collective?”
GC: “We cannot be numbered, but for your convenience we can say one hundred and one. Today we are here with our full attention. (Again?) Yes.”

Laron: “Why have you given your full attention again now, while in the past you have not?”
GC: “Because you have reached… a simple word is you have upgraded. That is one. We would have thought that you would not contact us again, because of many sources of information that you have access to, and the many predictions that you expected.”

Laron: “What would be an example of other information?”
GC: “For example, your global climate changes that you asked for predictions about and you have access to others. Other than that, we gave you our full attention because… have you noticed that you are more powerful now, than before. (Me?) Yes. (Us, or me?) You. You are more care free. Your presence is what attracts our attention.”

Laron: “Just to clarify, you thought that I could contact other information, so I don’t understand. Perhaps you mean you did not expect us to be contacting you anymore, because of events that were meant to occur?”
GC: “Yes. We saw an alternate probability where you would give up on your work that you are doing with the blog, or where you would be fearful of making predictions because you have to satisfy so many readers. There was another likelihood that existed where you would not be wanting to communicate with us, and there are so many other sources to connect to. You have become better than the version that existed.”

Laron: “The version of me that was in another plan? {I.e. another timeline/reality} “
GC: “Yes, another plan. And know that the plan is also made by you.”

Laron: “My purpose was not to come here for spiritual growth, was it?”
GC: “On Earth, your purpose was in a way to grow spiritually, but not the same as the other humans. {Regular incarnated souls} It was growing spiritually, by that you mean to feel and experience the lower vibrational struggles and the lower vibrational qualities which would later serve you and which you wanted to taste. Everything new you do, it’s like your growth, but not in the sense like others grow, as they come and evolve to be a better version to avoid karma, or rise higher to a different planet, you are not part of that.”

Laron: “So the primary purpose was as a volunteer?”
GC: “Right. To be a volunteer, you have to get the experience of Earth. All of you.”

Laron: “And I came here to help rise the vibrations?”
GC: “Right, to help it raise you had to first feel and experience the lower vibrations. (To raise myself?) Yes. So you could feel others and that gave you purpose as to why you want to raise the vibrations on Earth. If you did not feel and experience the lower vibrations, then you would forget why you have to raise the vibration on Earth for others. Because you experienced the lower vibrations, you do not want you or others to be there. Somehow you knew there is a choice to be in the higher vibrations. So that is it. ”

Laron: “Is there only one Grid Collective for the entire dimensional Universe?”
GC: “Yes.”

Laron: “How can you look after everything, when there are only a hundred of you, or there is only so much of you?”
GC: “We are very powerful.”

In actuality, the above question was based upon me forgetting that they said, ‘We cannot be numbered…”. Because they gave a number, my human mind focused on that number and that was a powerful thought of mine, as I was trying to work out how only 101 individuals could look after 70 sextillion stars on their own. But I should not have focused on that number, as they said, they cannot be numbered and they exist in a dimension where time is not really relevant to being a problem where they may run into not having enough time, I suspect.

Laron: “Is it because time works differently? So you have the time to do it because time works differently there?”
GC: “It could be. {GC/Lai said this with a sound of humour) We never thought that way. (There are billions, and billions of objects in the Universe) Yes, we can be in multiple places at the same time and multiple times, because if we are following the times of those places, we can be at multiple places at multiple times. (Simultaneously?) Yes. And source is in every place, in every time. And you are in one place physically, but in different times. Those who work with mind, many people call that psychic ability but it’s natural, only. And in their immediate higher dimension, there are people, entities that can be in two places, and two physical places at the same moment, like two molecules.”

As you can imagine, the higher up one goes, the more places that one can be simultaneously based on that logic above. Hence the meaning and existence of the higher self, whatever the specifics may mean to us on an individual level right now.

Timelines and our Split Consciousness’s

This discussion that I get into below is a passion of mine to find answers for. I have come to understand from a number of sources which I have learnt to rely upon, that based on our everyday decisions that we make, alternative timelines are created where those decisions are played out. So what this could mean is that there is a primary timeline, with copies of Earth being created every moment, or, every timeline is equal and there is no primary. Based on that situation, an important question would always pop into my head. That question was, “What happens to our individual consciousness’s after finishing each experience, if we exist in all of these different timelines?

Tom Campbell talks about the infrastructure of such a system within his trilogy, My Big Toe. He has diagrams explaining how these copies of Earth and other astral based realms exist from the perspective of the fifth dimension and Earth here. The information in his trilogy is an excellent resource for understanding our system of life, and the consciousness development the average soul goes through, but from a very scientific angle.

Laron: “In relation to timelines, are there other timelines existing simultaneously to the one we are in right now?”

GC: “Yes. Always. (Other Earths running in a different reality and timeline, based upon the theory that these are created when each person makes and thinks up different decisions?) Yes, but they are very far away. (Every single one?) Yes, we have had control over that. In the past there was Earth, this was before the shift, (In consciousness?) yes. (In November?) Earlier, from 2009. Until that time there were different versions of Earth but once this Earth opened, we removed them very far away. Because those timelines… once one of them has gone into shift, now only this one is possible.”

Laron: “You mean this one now?”
GC: “Yes, the shifted one, which is going to shift now, this one can have its own parallel probabilities. But not those ones, they are out of this set now, because of being before 2009.”

Laron: “So right now, this is the primary timeline”
GC: “Yes, for this Earth, and this one has multiple possibilities. (That can happen in the future?) Yes.”

Laron: “Does each decision create another reality or version based in another timeline?”
GC: “No, that is how the New Earth is being created actually. That’s why we are controlling that now… there is no parallel version of this one. Instead, it will turn into a New Earth, and old Earth.”

Laron: “So for example, a nuclear weapon goes off in the world in a big city, but in another timeline, it does not.”
GC: “At this moment in the shift, it doesn’t. But in the past, it was how you said. ”

So what GC means here is that before 2009, there were multiple timelines being created when a decision was made by anyone, but because the shift got to a certain point, as in the shift to a new earth, this is no longer the case for our timeline which has passed 2009. So in this situation I ask about, there may have been another timeline created where it did not go off with relation to my nuclear weapon based question above.

Laron: “Which means there was a possibility of two things. So we are in the one where it doesn’t, so that means there is no other version right now that could be created where it does? Is that correct?”
GC: “Yes, right now no other.”

Laron: “But before 2009 there was?”
GC: “Yes, there was.”

You may notice that there is a lot of detail here to explain the situation, in comparison to other topics I ask about and where I have to really dig to get answers. You may have also noticed that they said they have been directly involved in this situation, around the merging of timelines and the shifting of the New Earth. This may just be why the information flowed easily and I did not have to delve so deep with hunting down answers.

Laron: “So what happens to all those other timelines that were created before 2009?”
GC: “They keep living. There are worse places than now.”

Laron: “Based on decisions that people have made in the past?”
GC: “Yes, some have been destroyed.”

Laron: “Are there versions of us there. How does all this function if we each have an individual consciousness inside our physical bodies, yet we are also living out the experiences in these other timelines which may number in the billions?” {This is probably a very low number to what it would be, so don’t take that number too literally}
GC: “See, you have a higher dimensional version of you also. You do have other versions of yourself in these other timelines, some could be dead. But, is that version serving anything towards your current version now, or not? It would depend on your higher self to choose too.”

Laron: “Is there a primary version, a master version, or it doesn’t matter and they are all the same?”
GC: “All the same, but we would say that the ones going through the shift to the New Earth, this is a very important version.”

Laron: “But you wouldn’t say that this version right now is a master or a primary?”
GC: “No.”

Laron: “For example, in another timeline, why would they not be going through the shift? Would it be because they are… dead, or…?”
GC: “Yes, there are some who have died. If you remember, we told you that after humans fulfil certain conditions, we can say its condition, it’s not conditional, but certain rules that if they finish that, which is like a check list, when they did it, many, many humans, based on certain numbers, then the shift started. So the shift was a grand plan. Does that answer your question?”

Laron: “Well, I have a new question now, but where were you going with that though? {I had to chuckle when saying this} Anywhere further?”
GC: “Once the shift started, because everybody fulfilled their requirements, only in this version, but for the alternative ones, some of them were destroyed, and then there are others that do not need to shift. Other versions.”

Laron: “Why don’t they need to?”
GC: “Most of the time, the other ones {Earth’s} which did not shift… some are highly evolved, but some of the versions that did not make it to the shift, they didn’t fulfil all the conditions. Only five are left, in very bad conditions. And we do not want to tell you if you are dead or alive there.”

Laron: “What happens to the versions of us, where we die? Where do they go back to? The spirits?”
GC: “The volunteers or everyone else?”

Laron: “For example, if I or Lai died in another version of Earth, where does that spirit go back to?”
GC: “They wanted to go back again. They said they were very sad when the Earth got destroyed, because they couldn’t do it. So then after that, because they couldn’t do it, and they know, they have seen you, those in these current versions, still successfully in the shift. (So when they went back to the in-between, or whatever we want to call that, they saw how this version was going?) Yes, and then they decided to not exist.”

This was probably the moment a blank stare came across my face as I took that in. I needed to dig much deeper, as that answer was not going to fulfil my personal requirements around finding the truth of the matter! I was left with the understanding that another version of me, that was equally as much as who I am now, which had existed simultaneously to myself here at some point, decided not to exist anymore.

Laron: “So they decided to not exist?”
GC: “Yes, because they don’t need to go to another. Because it’s the same there. (Because it’s happening now here?) Yes. So it’s erased.”

Laron: “So this version of Earth is more effective?”
GC: “Yes, so it’s like being the same. It was just that, that moment, it was a game, and now…”

Laron: “How can you decide not to exist? Isn’t that… scary?”
GC: “Because you are volunteers, you know time and timeline. So from the higher dimensions, you didn’t have… you don’t want to have life, because your still living here. Because if they are there, they will feel… in another way, it’s like they are erased, so they are just connecting to this version. That’s it.”

Laron: “Can you explain, when they do not exist anymore, what happens. What is the technical explanation?”
GC: “It’s simply that they went back, first they were in the soul in-between. (The spiritual center I call it) Yes, right, the spiritual center. After that, they went back to… you were so eager to help more, but then you found out no other versions of Earth would be created again. These versions were created based on timelines. These are side effects of the time. These versions of you are side effects of the time. That is why it’s not important. You know it. So it’s not important they exist, it’s like alignment to one of them.”

Laron: “So what happens to the consciousness?”
GC: “You get it. You have it.”

Laron: “So it doesn’t just not exist, that is not the right terminology?”
GC: “Right. The consciousness is there, you may… the consciousness exists, but you do not have access to it always. But, sometimes, have you ever noticed that sometimes you are going to make a decision, and you suddenly feel a deja vu of what would happen once you do this, or once you flick this switch. It happens so fast, that you didn’t think it yourself. It’s a readymade memory sent to you.”

Laron: “So like you are doing something, say for ten seconds, and then you remember it and you don’t remember doing it?”
GC: “Yeah, you do something for ten seconds and you instantly know why you should not do it, because you felt experience because the other version did it and left it there for you. (You mean afterwards or before doing it?) While doing it, or before doing it, it can have… (You can get that feeling because it’s already been done?) Yes. And you know how the results were, so you instantly felt it. It’s because it was done by a parallel version that originated because of the law of time, because time and decisions created a different version of Earth.”

Laron: “So the consciousness doesn’t get erased, it would somehow combine with who I am?”
GC: “Yes, it’s like a non-dominant version. It will not… because the one alive, is the most… (Dominant?) Yes, and most important. It will be there, it’s not that it… let’s just say that only there are two of you. The other one is dead on another Earth and the consciousness from that one would not immediately add to yours, it’s like 100, if it was based on a scoring system, you’re consciousness is like 200. Instead it exists, what we mean by erased is that they stop to exist, so they are erased, but it’s there for you to access any time. But it would not come to help you, the memories, only when you are in a higher vibrational state, you will sometimes feel that as if before doing this, you know its consequence. So otherwise it doesn’t exist… actually nothing stops existing, but we say it’s erased, but when you are in a high frequency you can access it through a state of 5D.”

I think that after all those questions and answers, I finally felt comfortable around finding what I wanted to know. But I do feel that I would like to re-visit that same line of questioning one day.

The Big Cheese

Laron: “Are you aware of who Thomas Campbell is?”
GC: “From Lai’s memory, we know from you that he had given ways to give astral projection and has visited many, many places.”

Laron: “He talks about something called the big cheese. He says it has a male energy. Do you know what that is referring to and what he actually means?”
GC: “It’s in another place in 5D where he had been to.”

Laron: “Would you call it a realm or reality with its own laws?”
GC: “Yes”

Laron: “Aren’t there many of those?”
GC: “There are many. From here, we see there is only one which has many people, many three dimensional humans and others, and fifth dimensional beings. They can land on it, in different areas of it, and they are so remote from each other, they may not meet each other.”

Laron: “Land? Do you mean visit?”
GC: “Yes. Like when you land on a planet and you are completely unaware of inhabitants in other areas.”

Laron: “It’s not a dimension though is it? Would you call it a center? For example, there is the spiritual center, the grid consciousness location, the beehive shaped location, or the resting place after a life on Earth, would it be a center like that?”
GC: “We want to use the example of landing again. It is a plane where you are most likely to land when you are in the fifth dimension. But, it’s very huge. There are many areas in there. And there, some things were existing before. That one was created, this plane, was created unlike the new earth, where you are creating. But that one was created before, but then after that, sometimes these travellers there, they may manifest things there also. They may create their own laws and rules, to help them self to be familiar with that, so they have a basis there, they have a base camp there. That is how some body may describe it later.

Laron: “So who is the big cheese? What is that being?”
GC: “We get right now… because normally we do not focus on this, so we had to look and we see that that is, the big cheese, an energy from the sixth dimension, helping to… the big cheese came from the 6th dimension, to the 5th dimension, and still exists on the 6th still. It came there to help the lower dimensional beings who occasionally go there. ”

At this stage of the session, I was running out of time. With forty minutes left, I decided to move on quickly and see if we could get in touch with Dolores Cannon, who at that stage had passed on a few months before.

Dolores Cannon

Laron: “Is it possible to communicate with Dolores Cannon right now?”
GC: {7 second pause} “Do you want us to communicate with Dolores Cannon or do you want us to let Lai and you travel. We have indicated that you have travelling tools now in two locations that you saw, you can search from there, or would you like us to talk about her, or send you there, kick you there. {Kick said with humour coming from Lai’s voice}”

Laron: “Perhaps send us there.”
GC: “Alright.”

Laron: “But before you do, where is she?”
GC: “Dolores Cannon is in the 5th dimension and she had been doing so much. She had visited the 6th dimension as well, but she is still in the 5th dimension because she wants to do so much there. She is very busy. She had met many friends there which she had known before.”

Laron: “What would you describe the location she is at now?”
GC: “We are very unfamiliar with labels. There is a mountain. There is stairs. (Stairs on the mountain?) Yes, well there are mountains which have homes built into them. So these are like palaces, but outside they are mountains. The purpose is not to hide, but they are like mountains which have been built architecturally to contain palaces. And there is a huge fountain in the center where people rest. She chose to come here, because this was built here by others, like her, who came from Earth. Many could have come centuries and thousands of years ago. The look of the place has a resemblance which reminds people of Alexandria. Some places are like that.”

Talking to Dolores Cannon – QHHT
The Great Library of Alexandria – Wikipedia

Laron: “Do you think the reason would be based on people’s beliefs, and they created that area based on those beliefs, and Dolores had similar beliefs and she went there because of that reason?”
GC: “She had known many people, many entities that lived on Earth before she came here. She had talked with many prophets back on Earth.”

Laron: “When you say talk to them, do you mean through her regression work?”
GC: “Yes. While she was alive. So she chose where she would go. So she is hanging around there.”

Laron: “Is that place based at all on a religion or certain beliefs?”
GC: “No, they made the fountain like that because they liked it there, as one example.”
For those who may have forgotten or have not read any previous entries of Lai’s, I use the label the spirit center, or the spiritual center as the place souls return to between lives on Earth and/or other planets. So this is the location souls would have a talk to their guides after a life, meet up with their soul group, catch up with the council of elders to properly review the previous life, and where future lives are planned or other roles are decided upon to experience instead of returning to Earth.

Laron: “So it’s more like a period of time on Earth that they wanted to manifest and create there?”
GC: “Yes, exactly like that. And what has she been doing? We do not know what occurred immediately after she left Earth, or within the spirit center. After she went there, she went to meet Nostradamus. Mostly she hangs around many people that she knows as prophets in many religions. She didn’t choose all of them, she just naturally went there because she was doing similar work on Earth, so that area attracts her more there. Before coming there, before that in the spirit center which we can now see, she was very worried about that, if she gave everything out for the volunteers, she was also a little bit concerned just before leaving the spirit center, that… how long it will take till everybody can go to the New Earth.”

What I think the GC means above, is that she was concerned about the information she did share with those back on Earth, while having her life there.

Laron: “She was concerned about that?”
GC: “Yes.”

The Grid Consciousness then started talking about some information in connection to Dolores and the New Earth. They asked that we do not reveal this information so I have left it out. The information was brief, but an answer was given to a question I was wondering about, but didn’t ask about, which I now have the answer to. So if someone does ask about this particular question in the future, I will be able to answer it.

Laron: “Can you take us to her now?”
GC: “We will take you there, and we will not be present there.”

Laron: “I will say goodbye to you and we will see you next time.”
GC: “Goodbye, have a good trip.”

About twenty seconds later, Lai starts speaking.

Lai: “I don’t know which way to go now. The healing is completed. I cannot find the… I have found a way, it’s just a door.”

Laron: “Do you go through it?”
Lai: “Yes. Here, so I am walking… beside a fountain. Behind it is a palace within the mountain.”
At this stage I am getting some visuals of the scene myself, which happens from time to time and I ask about the fountain to see if what I am seeing is the same as what Lai is seeing.

Laron: “What does the fountain look like?”
Lai: “It’s three layers, on top of each other. The bottom one is bigger than the ones above, similar to the fountains on Earth. There are flowers I do not know, as I don’t know flowers very well. I have never seen these ones before. I am going around the fountain and I see green walls made of plants and I am walking through there. ”

Laron: “Do you know where she is?”
Lai: {Lai answers with laughter} “Oh yes, I know. There are many prophets here.”

Laron: “Are people standing around?”

Lai: “Yes. (In human form?) Yes. I see them as human forms. (Are they wearing interesting things?) Very interesting things. There is like a stage also. This is funny for me, because you know how some comedy movies imitate Jesus, there is a Jesus like that on the stage. Other people are with him. I get a feeling they were all born as humans at one stage, and as prophets. So many of them are here. So what they are wearing, they are wearing golden and dark brown striped clothes. Some others are wearing golden and purple striped clothes. Not pieces of cloth but like a gown with a belt around the waist, and something to cover the head. It’s not really a bandanna, I have never seen something like it. It’s like you suddenly cut off a bandanna and you put some helium gas inside your bandanna and it’s like floating higher. Like a tent on your head.”

Laron: “Are you able to locate her?”
Lai: “I see her as I used to see her. Maybe it’s me, but I perceive her as a human.”

Laron: “What does she look like?”
Lai: “She looks happy and is looking… I feel shy because I have never seen her in real life before. I feel she is looking at me.”

Laron: “Does she look the same age?”
Lai: “No, a bit younger, but all white hair. Her hair is curly and short. She has less wrinkles. She is wearing golden and violet stripes. ”

Laron: “Are there any others around her?”
Lai: “Yes there are others, including the guy that looks like Jesus {Lai says this in a humorous voice as he still finds it funny} There are five people in a circle around there, and Dolores is here standing with someone who is very tall with a white beard. But she is just staring and talking.”

Talking to Dolores Cannon – QHHT
Dolores Cannon (1931-2014)

Laron: “Can you go and talk to her and ask her if she can talk to us?”
Lai: “Yes. She said ‘Yes, but right here in front of everyone.‘ ”

Laron: “Ask if she knows who we are back on Earth.”
Lai: “‘Must be volunteers‘, she says. So I ask if she knows us individually, like names and stuff. She said, ‘Well, I do now.””

Laron: “Ask what she has done since she left Earth.”
Lai: “She says, ‘What have I not done‘, then she said that she has met many prophets, many Earth living prophets and many aliens also. So she met the prophets first. She says ‘There is so much to tell‘, but she hangs out with the prophets at the moment. She said she had to catch up with Nostradamus.”

Laron: “What did her and Nostradamus discuss?”
Lai: “She said Nostradamus was so busy that it took her time to find him, but she had to catch up to talk about what would happen with the Earth after she left. She said she and Nostradamus had things to discuss because he told her things back on Earth, and then she had many things which she never included in her books. So she wanted to talk to him to find out. So that was one of the things she had to do. Here she met… is it meeting or communicating with some Aliens. But, she said she thought that these things were so important, so she was still holding onto such things, but because of holding onto these tasks from Earth, as a result they were giving her pain. She said we should not carry things from Earth here. She said it felt like a duty. She said that because of some of the things she remembered, it was hard, and it was very painful to think of Earth, leaving everyone and now she was in-between, so she gave up those questions.”

Laron: “Questions?”
Lai: “While living on Earth, she may have planned something, as she did not also know what happens after death exactly. So she held on, and remembered some things to do, just like us volunteers try and remember how we won’t forget everything we want to do on Earth, and sometimes we remember. She in a way, programmed herself to do that but that was really hurting herself as a result, and she said each time she does that, that would also create emotions within her family also, to miss her. So then she gave up those things to do because it’s not her job anymore to raise the vibration of Earth, so then she gave up. So that’s why she didn’t… when she met the other aliens, she had no more questions. But she wanted to meet them to ask things about Earth, but then she had to give up (Let go?) Yes, let go. So that wasn’t good, it was very painful, the existence of those connections there because it brings you… she said that people start swinging, like when you are existing in that place after a life on earth, the experience becomes like a pendulum swinging back and forth from there to the Earth. So it’s not good to keep those memories and attachments.”

Laron: “Can she explain where she is now?”
Lai: “She says, ‘People describe this differently, such as heaven, but it is not.’ I asked her what she is doing here. So this is the place she… I mean, she had cleared her karma, and she wasn’t a volunteer soul. So her karma’s cleared.”

Laron: “She is not a volunteer based soul?”
Lai: “No. She said that.”

Laron: “So she needed to work on clearing her karma after she passed?”
Lai: “Yes, and while she was alive during her life time, she had learnt how to clear her karma. She knows how to do this as she had taught others also how to do this. So it worked for her and she will not have to go back to the 3D Earth again.”

Laron: “She can’t explain where she is, but it’s not heaven?”
Lai: “Yeah, it’s… some prophet, while on Earth, described this as one of the heavens, because there are multiple heavens. (In the 5th dimension?) Yes, in the 5th.”

So what I took from that information is that there are many realms within the 5th which in a broad sense, can be all called ‘heaven’, but no one place would be associated with that word since there are so many and that word did originate from religion after all. Each place can be a realm / location which was manifested by Earth based souls, or others, based upon many reasons, and souls that pass on can be attracted to such places depending on their own state of consciousness, and vibration. So for example, there are some realms which would resemble what a major religion on Earth may describe, but these places are only existing because of the belief systems of many souls on Earth who follow that particular religion.

So in this case, the setting resembled the architecture based on the period of time which had resonance to the City Alexandria in Egypt that was founded back in 331 BC and existed for about a thousand years after that.

Laron: “Can you ask her what happened after she died. What was her first experience when leaving her body?”
Lai: “She said that as soon as she left her body – she is telling me and I am seeing it, it was like an empty space, dark at first and you feel like you are falling. But then you no longer panic, and you don’t fall anymore. It’s only the old belief. So you then relax and at that moment she forgot about her family, as there is so much going on there around this place she felt her self falling. She asked for source to help, as that was the only thing she could think of. She started slowing down and slowing down… and then she was brought to a, I see a white thing, it’s kind of a light. A light cave. ”

Laron: “So she could see a cave, but instead of darkness, it was light inside you mean?”
Lai: “Yeah. Because this place is dark so it’s like the opposite of a cave. She then entered through there and walked in there. Then there are some things I am not allowed to see, she said I am not allowed to see these things because each human may be welcomed differently. Dolores and some others sat down in a room to talk. They then told her she is dead. At that time, she remembered suddenly again, that she has children. For a while before that she did not remember anything. So then she remembered, but now it feels different. It feels like a piece of… it’s a book, right there, but this moment is so important. It’s just over, it feels. The being is so different right now. ”

Laron: “You mean how she felt in that moment?”
Lai: “Yes. Right now in that place. The life on Earth doesn’t feel much. So she realised that at this table with her counsellors. For a while she was given the memory, that she just finished a life. (They reminded her?) Yes. There is a book to see her life but she is not looking at it. It’s like some people have to look at it, but it’s just for her to keep. For those that do the karma, they have to look at it. (More carefully?) Yep. But for her case, so she’s there… and… and then they leave her on her own again, but with the book. And then she cried because she looked at everyone… (Everyone where?) Her relatives, her family, everybody on Earth that she knew.”

Laron: “Did she go back and visit them?”
Lai: “From there she just looked at them. It was like looking at a television screen, a holographic image. (So she could see what they were doing at that moment?) Yes. First she started looking at the old memories, and then finally looking at what they were doing at that moment.”

Laron: “Old memories, as in what they were doing previously after she died?”
Lai: “The old memories, as if… all the old memories she has of them. (She was thinking about them based on her memories?) Yes. And then finally she saw what they were doing after she was dead. And at that time she cried also… then love… and then she let go. She then wrote some requests on a piece of paper. These are requests that she can give to… angels ok. Like, please look after my daughter. (Was that an example?) Yes, just an example. I do not know what she wrote. But she just told me this kind of thing. Many people do that. Because before they go from there, they can leave requests. Will you watch that my son does this or not, all these requests, based on the many kinds of worries, but good worries that we got used to, for being with family. When she was writing on her note, she realised there was not much to worry about. She then made her list shorter. But, in the end, she didn’t leave anything. ”

Laron: “So she wrote some things down, but she didn’t give what she had written to anyone?”
Lai: “Yes. Many other souls don’t realise this, but she realised that all is ok. ”

Laron: “Is it possible that nothing would have been done anyway, even if she had passed on some requests?”
Lai: “No, they really do go… I just saw one mother, who just kind of recorded a message there. Then two angels, or something came, and they asked, ‘why do you worry about this situation for your son?’ ‘What do you want your son to do at that time, if this happens?’ The mother says that she wants this and this… and they kind of make a record of it, and they say do you want to stay here forever, until he does it again, some say yes and some wait there until they give up, and then they go and they leave recorded message for their children. So sometimes the children on Earth do things, they may suddenly remember their Mum said that, or as if they feel their Mum came to help them in that moment. So it’s bad to make our parents worry also, as it keeps them swaying from here to there. So, back to Dolores, she didn’t submit anything then.”

Laron: “What happened next?”
Lai: “Then she got on a vehicle. (A vehicle? {I say with a surprise} What does it look like?) It’s… round, it has… its very fancy, stylish. It’s like a circle. (Is it like a UFO?) Yeah, like a UFO but it didn’t have windows, it’s just open. It then just goes up. It doesn’t have to travel, it’s something like we may see in an amusement park, kind of like a saucer. (You walk into it and stand in it and it doesn’t have a roof?) Yeah. It has kind of like an umbrella that is very stylish. The umbrella is light blue and white. The vehicle is light blue with white spirals. ”

Laron: “What happens then?”
Lai: “They are then gone and they then come out of the vehicle in another place that is kind of clouded, with clouds. She has to walk a lot now… I am back to the Dolores that was talking to now. She had to walk and she remembered to find Nostradamus. Somebody may have gave her a message that Nostradamus waned to meet her, I am not sure now. ”

Talking to Dolores Cannon – QHHT
Nostradamus (1503 – 1566)

Laron: “Ask her what she is going to do in the future, anything important that we need to know about.”
Lai: {15 second pause} “She said now, that as prophets have sent messages long after their departure, she is hanging around with prophets and learning how to send messages here to Earth, but she does not want people to find her always and ask things. Because that… she will answer only very important things because… she does not want everybody who does regression, to meet her, and ask what she does now and what will she do now, she won’t answer that because maybe there are people trying to do that to her, her students, those that love her, always asking her things.”

Laron: “She doesn’t want her students to do that?”
Lai: “Yeah, not everything, because they are asking everything, instead of thinking themselves. Many of the answers they already have. Of course she wants to help, that is why she is hanging out with the prophets. So she… she will help, she will help, I mean she will feel good that we ask questions, that we cannot find in any of her current material.”

Laron: “Is there any important activities that you can share which she might get up to in the future?”
Lai: “She and the other prophets are working from there, to sometimes open… a kind of hole. What should we call it…? (A portal?) Yes, a portal in-between the two dimensions. So sometimes she will give energy or light, or a lot of knowledge. So be ready to catch the knowledge. (To anybody?) To anybody. It’s open, because once they give it, it’s here, whoever accesses it first gets it. To me, it seems like she is finding ways to help but not in the way that we think. I mean she just said that she doesn’t want people to QHHT and ask her everything, and said this and this… but shes there to help.”

Laron: “Because they need to learn themselves?”
Lai: “Yes, right. Because she said that a lot of those questions are now coming from things that they should have already known, based on what she has taught already.”

Laron: “Ask if she is OK with us contacting her again sometime.”
Lai: “Yes, with the same conditions.”

Laron: “Tell her thanks for answering our questions and that we have to go now. Check if she has any departing message, or anything else for us.”
Lai: “She said thanks to your Mum for contacting Julia. That means she knows you. She said she remembers you. That’s it.”
After Dolores’s passing, my Mother had actually had a discussion directly with Julia, Dolores Cannon’s daughter, who we have both met. For those that may have not seen it, I wrote a tribute based article for Dolores here, back on the 24th of October.

* * *

I met Dolores on about four different occasions over the years, including spending three days with her and our class group learning QHHT back in 2011 in Melbourne, Australia. I felt that during this session her personality was similar to what it was like on Earth. I know Lai has never met her.

I was shocked that Dolores Cannon left us so soon, but Universe does like its surprises. It’s important that we keep on going with open minds. Expectations can sometimes get in our way and slow us down, or even send us stumbling backwards from time to time. We are not always made aware of the decisions which other parts of our consciousness, existing simultaneously to us here, make. There are reasons around why things happen, which we will not always be aware of. But I have come to learn that we are in very good hands, whether those hands may belong to our higher self, our over-soul or even a spirit guide who has the direct responsibility of looking after us while we have this experience here.

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