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Tarot Readings

Booking a Session

A full general tarot reading (10 cards with the Celtic cross spread) is US $50 (about NZ $73 & AU $69). I use the Mythic tarot deck.

No interaction is required when the reading takes place. I write up the results and send it along in a PDF attachment, which includes a photo of the cards.

As of November, 2020, I only do readings on the weekends and will contact you to let you know when it will be sent. Please feel free to contact me before (or after making payment) through the contact page here, or Facebook. (Please check your spam folder if we are communicating over email, if I am slow to respond.)


For additional information on Tarot, and how it works, see this article here within the menu.

I occasionally give out free tarot readings via my Facebook page here. There’s a lot of regular feedback in the comments on how accurate the cards are. Below is a list of recent posts showcasing this: