The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 1 | A QHHT Session by Laron

This is the beginning of a cosmic journey of one individual, one being, one spirit who is trying to find answers, just like so many of us.

Instead of a standard past life on Earth, Lai is shown past experiences on other planets, but not as what we might have expected. Lai finds out where he is from, which I have named ‘The Grid’, and what later will become known as ‘The Grid Consciousness’ in future transcribed sessions.

This session answers some questions around such theories as the seeding the earth, ‘keepers of the garden’ and intelligent design. Lai’s questions are also answered along with his health issues being addressed.

For those who are not familiar with past life regression, especially Dolores Cannons Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique: The client is put through a guided hypnotic process to get them to relax and to bring them to a state where they are then ready to start accessing past lives. Or in this case below, past experiences, simultaneous existence and future lives.

What comes up, and what they see, is meant to be. It has a purpose to be shown. This QHHT process does not randomly choose a past life, or a past experience to bring to the client and the practitioners attention. In the second half of each session, the reason the lives were shown are answered by the higherself, or another group type consciousness depending on how the sessions flows, as there are sometimes exceptions to the process.

The client may come along with health issues, or they may simply want to have answers to important questions about situations and experiences in their life right now, and/or in their past. Examples may be about why someone left them and why they had to go through so much pain., or what was that light they saw on the road years ago, or why are they here, what is their purpose?

They may need guidance, or may simply be intrigued to find out more about themselves. This process is basically limitless with the type of information you can access and what you can achieve. Of course, there are exceptions, limits and lines you may not be able to cross for certain reasons, which may or may not become consciously apparent.

The higherself which is requested to come through, is said to be our uppermost existence in the spirit world, which is a combination of not just our spirit and soul, but multiple spirits and souls.

The higherself is said to be very close to where ‘source’ is, or what some may refer to as ‘God’. It knows a lot of information and has the ability to find out information if the requested information is not immediately available. The higherself can also heal health issues immediately within that session, or it can take some time depending on the circumstances.

For the purposes of this article, this is a quick explanation of what the higher self is, but it is so much more.

Something I find is that some people may wonder why I didn’t ask certain questions. I sometimes leave out questions I ask in this transcriptions, as no useful information came through in those cases. Why didn’t information come through? This is just how the process works. There are reasons why some information is not meant to be seen or accessed and sometimes it can take a while for the client to fully integrate into the scene they are experiencing, so I may ask a certain question again at another point.

Lai speaks five languages and holds a doctorate. He stumbled upon me originally through transients, and travelled a long way to have the first two sessions. Lai is currently one of our moderators on transients’ community forum, The Roundtable, and can also be found on Facebook here. Lai may join us next year in August with our group who are coming together in the flesh, over in Peru for a plant medicine based spiritual journey; you can find more about that trip here.

* * *

The Pillared Structure

Laron – “What do you see below you.”
Lai – “Many things.”

Laron – “What does the landscape look like?”
Lai – “The landscape has green meadows with many flowers in the distance. A lot of green. (What color?) The flowers are yellow and red. I see a structure below me made of white stone. (What’s the shape?) The shape is not really a dome, but it has four corners. It’s steep on top. It’s like a frame with four pillars underneath. (Is it flat across the top?) No, it’s steep but like a pyramid on top.”

The usual process for a past life is for me to ask where the client is standing, or at least to get them to provide a description of themselves, down to as much detail as possible. With this first experience that came through for Lai, and with future experiences following this one I realised that I was never going to get the answers I was looking for in relation to this line of questioning as Lai was sometimes not in a physical body.

Note that I am labelling these as past experiences, not past lives because of the circumstances.

Laron – “Where are you standing?”
Lai – “I am floating. If I want to, I can see the floor of this structure. It is like a shade. A shade with no walls, it has a roof and the four pillars. There is a circle on the floor. (Like a matt, or is it stonework?) Yes, it’s stonework. Everything is stone here. Everything is white.

– “Can you see your body? If you look down, can you see your feet? (No)
Lai – “In the beginning I thought it was somewhere, maybe near the Netherlands. (Are there any people there?) No one.

Laron – “When you look down, do you see a form or energy? Do you feel like your existing as a spirit or?… Or are you just able to see but not able to sense yourself?”
Lai – “Yes. I don’t see a body. I am here. If I look down to the floor, I move down to the floor.”

I decided to move the experience ahead to another moment that was important as I felt we had got all the information we could from that scene.

The Rescue and the Wormhole

Lai – “I see a storm. It’s very dark.”

Laron – “What does the landscape look like around you?”
Lai – “There is water around me and I don’t like it. The water has a grey color.”

– “Are you standing anywhere specific? Where are you?”
Lai – “Yes, I am standing on something. A vehicle. Something that is floating. Higher than the water. There are many waves in the water. The sky is very dark, there is no color. (From the Storm?) Yes. Something is now coming out of the sky.

Laron – “Is it coming out of the clouds? Or… (Yes) Is it an object or a craft? What does it look like?”

During this scene, Lai is visibly having a reaction to what is going on with his body trembling somewhat, like is either afraid or cold. He later confirms after the session that he was cold.

Lai – 
“It’s similar to a whirlpool. The whole thing is a like a whirlpool. It’s coming from somewhere else. (Like a wormhole sort of thing?) Yes.

Laron – “Can you see what you’re standing on?”
Lai – “A circle above the ocean. I’m on a vehicle. It’s hovering. (Does it have rails around the side?) Yes. They are like rails to hold but not really rails. The floor is extended up like a railing.

Laron – “How are you feeling now?”
Lai – “I’m feeling sad.”

Laron – “Do you know why you feel sad? Do you remember what happened?”
Lai – “Because everything is destroyed here. It was land but now everything is water {emotional} I am sad because I have to leave.

Laron – “Are you alone there?”
Lai – “No, there are two others here. (Are they female or male?) {Amused} They look…”

I get the sense that they do not look human and that he thinks that if he explains what they look like, I won’t believe him. I find that when I provide information to the client when they are trying to describe a situation, event, scene, etc., that I am very tuned in, like I am actually seeing it myself as I seem to simply have a ‘knowing’ of what is going on while they are at that point.

Lai – “They are sitting and controlling the thing that I am on. They are nice. I think they are taking me somewhere. They are saving me.”

Laron – “Do you get a sense of how old you are? Are you young or old?”
Lai – “I am young. (Like a child or a teenager?) Like a teenager.”

Laron – “How are you feeling now?”
Lai – “I feel relieved. I am sad because… now I have to go somewhere else. I think they are letting me see this place for the last time.”

Laron – “Does the thing in the sky have anything to do with this situation?”
Lai – “No, I think the thing in the sky is a good thing.”

Whirlpool - The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 1
Lai’s drawing of the ‘whirlpool’ in the sky

Laron – “Do you now have a sense of what the other two with you look like?”
Lai – “Yes. No hair. Since they are sitting it’s hard to tell their height. Their face is round with a round skull and big eyes. The whole eye is one color, blue. There is no eyeball. Their skin is dark grey. A nice grey. They have brown looking clothes on.

Laron – “Do you feel they are the same species to you?”
Lai – “No, they are different.”

Laron – “Do you know if you had family there? Did you lose anyone?”
Lai – “There were others but I don’t know. Right now, only I am here.”

I moved Lai ahead to another scene and just as soon as I said the word ‘move’ within the process I used, Lai says they just went through that thing in the sky, the wormhole.

The Grid

Laron – “So what you were standing on moved up into the thing in the sky?”
Lai – “Yes, it went into that whirlpool or wormhole and now there is light everywhere.”

Laron – “What do you see now?”
Lai – “I see an oval. The floor is an oval, very big. There are lines on the floor. Like if you intersect the Earth, it would have a concave right? Inside. So here it feels like a conclave and on the conclave side there are many lines, where it’s hollow. There is light all around but there are also many, many lines. The lines are violet. (Are the lines around you?) Yeah, just on the floor. They are grids. (So you can see through the floor) Yes. ”

Laron – “What do you see when you look up? Is there a wall or a ceiling.”
Lai – “The same… I feel like I am inside a sphere.”

Laron – “Do you know how long it takes to go through?”
Lai – “Not long, if I think I am there. All these lines look very thin, but we can enter through the lines to go somewhere. ”

Laron – “So the vehicle follows the lines and that’s how it navigate?”
Lai – “No, not in the vehicle any more. I left the vehicle after going through the whirlpool. I am alone here but not alone… there are others here, they are different. (Are you still inside the wormhole?) After going out the wormhole it’s a different place from where the clouds were.”

Laron – “What do the other ones around you look like?”
Lai – “They look like the two on the vehicle from before. There are others and some are like bubbles. They are working in here. (Do you know what sort of work they do?) They are working using each grid line. Each line has a relation to a specific planet.”

Laron – “Can you explain more about what the grid looks like?”
Lai – “It’s like a square grid, if you put them on a sphere it would not be an equal shape because of the sphere. An intersection of two lines of a square represents a location of a planet.”

The Grid - The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 1
Lai’s drawing of the Grid

Laron – “Do you know if you are there temporarily and do you know what your purpose is there?”
Lai – “Yes I am choosing something. I am choosing a grid line. (So you can go there or to work with) To go there, yes. (Is it you making this decision or is someone advising you?) It’s my choice. The others are working and are doing very important work. I am not doing anything important I am just choosing where to go. Then the others who are working, I feel they are waiting for my decision of where to go. And they won’t go.”

Laron – “Are the two that were with you before going with you or staying there?”
Lai – “They were only the drivers of the vehicle. That was their responsibility.”

Additional information from Lai after the session in relation to the Grid- ‘The light is moving all the time, with shades of blue. The beings are moving inside of each other, but still remaining separate. They are light, the grid is filled with them. When I wanted to see them, I then saw a form such as their head transform from the energy. They were gassy looking. 

I will also add that the description of the way navigation is performed within this grid is very similar to what Robert Bruce wrote about when providing descriptions of his astral travel experiences and navigating the astral planes, within his book Astral Dynamics. Here is a picture from his book depicting what he saw.

I move Lai ahead to when he makes his choice within the grid of locations to go to.

The Cat Statue

Lai – “Now I see I have a hand. (What does it look like?) Light, transparent. (How many fingers) {Amused} Four. (Are they long or skinny?) The second finger is very long and thick and funny. The others are short. The second finger is longer. (Does it have a color?) Yes, bluish light, transparent. I am a bit cloudy but not so transparent. If I look closely, I can see through. I am dense.”

Laron – “So you made your choice of where to go? What happens now? {Amusement} Is it a bit strange?”
Lai – “Yeah. I saw that I touched the corner of the grid with my finger and now I am moving towards a planet. I am in a similar vehicle to before with two beings like before, maybe not the same. We are going there quickly. There is no turbulence. ”

Laron – “Can you see the planet from space? (Yes) What do the continents look like?”
Lai – “Green. (Lots of vegetation?) Yes. (A lot of water?) There is a lot of water also. (Can you describe the shape of the continents?) So many angles, very big ones.

Laron – “Do you see any existing civilisation? Power? Or lights?”
Lai – “Yes. I see only people working. Just now I feel I am on the land. I saw a field and I have landed. I am outside of the vehicle and they are waiting for me to say something and then they will go. (Do you tell them to go?) Yes.”

Laron – “Do you know why you have gone there? (No) Can you still see your hand?
Lai – “It looks different. It looks brown, very dark but it looks like a cartoon. I see many women working. They are working in the fields. They all look so happy. They look like a collective, like ants. They don’t.”

Laron – “How many would there be? (About 30) What color are their hair? (Black) Do they all look the same? (Yes, all the same) Do they look human? (Yes). What exactly are they doing?”
Lai – “They are {amusement with a pause}… massaging the plants. (Are they putting their hands on them?) Yes. (Are they directing energy to help them grow?) Yes. ”

Laron – “What do you do next?”
Lai – “They are taking me somewhere. All of them start walking and I go with them. We come to a place where there is a structure here and also huts. (Like a village?) Yes. The structure looks like a tower. It’s green and made of stone. Some parts are golden. Some metals. The tower is the place to gather. The huts are a similar shape to igloos. They are made of mud. (Does the tower look more advanced?) Yes. (It doesn’t look like it belongs does it) Yes that’s right.

Laron – “So what happens next?”
Lai – “So I came here and they are around me. There is someone who looks like a leader. I think it’s a male. I am sitting {amusement}. It feels like they are respecting me, so it’s funny. (You feel revered?) Yes. (Does the leader also react like that?) Yes. The people are gathered in a shape, like a trapezoid around me. They stand on the smaller side of the gathering and I am on the other side. The leader faces me.

Laron – “What happens now? Do you get an understanding of why you went there?”
Lai – “They are not surprised that I had come. They may have been waiting for me. They seem used to people coming here in this way. (Look at your hands again, what do you see?) I am wearing gloves, like made out of a sack type material. Not modern gloves. I brought the gloves with me. I had to get ready to come here, like this. I have boots on, dark brown. They are high boots that come just to a bit lower than the knees. I have a coat on with no pants, which goes down to my knees. The cloak is brown and a bit green.

– “Are you carrying anything?”
Lai – “Yes I brought a bag that is green. It’s like a shoulder bag. Something very shiny is inside the bag, it is not gold. It will fit on the palm of my hand, it is quite big and heavy. (Do you know why you brought it?) {Amusement} I brought it so that they would be happy when I am gone. They will keep this. I feel like I came to do some work that someone else started to do. They remember certain visitors with this statue, not particularly me.

Laron – “Do you know what work you are doing now?”
Lai – “I give them the statue and know they were waiting for a visit from someone like me. I give some intention to the leader and then I go. The craft is waiting there.

Laron – “What does the craft look like now?”
Lai – “It has a ring like Saturn and it’s a round vehicle. It is like a sphere, but more flattened. It is on the ground and does have legs under it. Four. (What size is it?) It’s bigger than a bus, maybe twelve buses but in two rows would be the size.


Laron – “How many of you are on the craft?”
Lai – “Five including me. (How did you get on-board?) On the Saturn ring, something comes down like a ramp. There was a door entry and I went inside. There are no rooms, just one open one. They look like the ones from before, the two drivers. (Is there a reflection anywhere? What do you look like now?) {Amusement} I cannot see properly, it’s like dense fluid.

I move Lai ahead.

The Teachers

Lai – “I am in a place. There is no vehicle. There is no vegetation. There is sand all over, yellow sand. There is a rocky mountain nearby. It’s a desert. From the sky there are small pink things falling. They are like pollen but they are falling, like dust but they are larger. It is daytime.”

Laron – “Is there anyone with you?”
Lai – “Yes, there are three. (The same beings as before?) No, different. They look like, as if a piece of cloth is flying. Like a… you know little red riding hood. So it’s a hood floating, three hoods floating. Inside are there eyes. They are made of light, white light. (Transparent) No. They are very dense. Their hoods are blue and they are floating, hovering off the ground very high up in the year. I have to look up to see them. They are above my head.

Laron – “What are they doing?”
Lai – “They are waiting for me. They are training me. I have a ball, like a crystal ball but white. Not as transparent as a crystal ball and even bigger. The ball is heavy. I can lift it without using my arms. Something is coming out of the forehead, like a ray and then I lift it. I think they were training me to do this and I don’t know for how long.

Laron – “Can you see what you look like?”
Lai – “I am sitting on a rock. I am white. Like one of the florescent lights that kid play with as toys. I am shiny. (Are you wearing anything?) No. (Are you female or male?) I am both. More female… I am female. I have very big eyes. Very blue. Not like human. (Does the blue take up all of the eyes?) Yes. I have a long face, a very long face and very big eyes. I have hair, its silver.

Laron – “How do you feel about being trained?”
Lai – “I feel happy. As soon as I came here I was very happy. The next thing I have to do is… there is a rock in front. On the rock there a seed. I have to grow this with intention. I have to love the seed, I have to tell the seed to grow. I have to ask the seed ‘please grow’. And then when I say that, I have tears in my eyes. The seed starts growing into a plant. The plant grew out of the rock it’s a flower plant. The color of the plant changes. It’s orange, now purple.”

Laron – “Do you know why you are learning how to do these things? Can you ask them why they are teaching you this?”
Lai – “Because I need it. (Is that what they tell you?) Yes. This is what I was designed for. (It’s your purpose?) Yes.”

I move Lai ahead but nothing comes along so I feel it’s time to ask to speak to Lai’s higherself. As you can see from these experiences that Lai has been shown and taken to, there is a pattern forming and a purpose slowly appearing for why these scenes have come along. But to get a clear answer I will need to ask the higher self the question of why.

The Higherself

This is like putting together a puzzle. It takes time and patience. Not everything we expect will come through in each scene or experience shown. Over these two sessions with Lai, the puzzle slowly gets put together as more and more aspects of Lai are understood, and questions are answered. While we think we may have an answer to a question, there is usually a lot more going on that pertains to a particular situation which is not brought forth during an answer, and may later come along, sometimes as a surprise to what was originally suspected or theorised.

Laron – “What was his purpose?”
Lai – “To remind that he chose… to come. To remind him that he chose to come to Earth right now.”

So what I was getting here was that Lai was shown these situations so that he knew he was not just simply a human, and that this right now was his only option, or only experience and existence. That he was so much more and that he had choices.

Laron – “When Lai was being taught how to make things levitate, what was the purpose of that?”
Lai – “It was needed for another planet. He has to remember that memory. He had to create and facilitate growth of life. (Has he done that now, is that an experience he had?) Yes.”

Laron – “What was the purpose of being shown the planet where everything was destroyed?”
Lai – “He was saved. Saved and then he was trained to work with the others, because he was not like the others. He called for help when the situation happened on that planet. He had the ability to call for help where the others could not. Because of the love for Lai, the beings saved him where normally they could not interfere. After taking him, they were not sure what to do, so they chose to train him.”

Laron – “Can you go into more detail of why Lai was chosen, instead of someone else?”
Lai – “Because when he cries, the beings can hear him. He did not know something bad was going to happen on the planet and so it was a surprise to him. Because of the way he did ask for help when it happened, he was saved. He did not know they existed, but he was asking, and they heard. His request resonated strongly and they made one exception. He was the only exception on that particular planet.”

Now it was time to address the first health issue.

Laron – “Lai had been having tooth pain for a long period of time now. Can you explain why he has this?”
Lai – “Confusions and doubts. Self judgement. Confusions about satisfying everyone and punishing own self. Trying to satisfy everyone without having a personality. He changes his shape and energy with different people. He doesn’t have a personality. He still has the memories of his non-physical body, the other bodies that he had.

Laron – “So because of these memories from these other experiences before this life, he has this confusion and the feeling that he has to satisfy everybody?”
Lai – “Yes. (And that is bringing on the pain?) Yes. (What other reasons? Is there anything else) Depression. Depressed about life on Earth. (About having to be here as a human?) Yes. He’s not good at it.

Laron – “Is he new to life as a human?
Lai – “Yes.”

Laron – “Is this his first time?”
Lai – “Yes.”

Laron – “What does he need to do to stop this pain in his teeth?”
Lai – “The pain is a reminder for him to have a solid personality and to make strong decisions. He analysis every possibility and creates many alternatives. He is an afraid to commit to one decision and after starting one he keeps living in each of them and he can live on all of them because of his body not being solid. He experiences all three options, if he chooses all three options.”

Laron – “Do you mean alternative realities? (Yes) So if he develop a personality of his own, with his interactions with other people, once he has done that, will that take away the pain? (Yes) Is there a way to take away the pain now, now that he understands all of this?”
Lai – “Yes.”

Laron – “Can you do that now? Can you heal the pain? Is that possible?”
Lai – “Yes.”

Laron – “Is the pain being taken away now?”
Lai – “Yes.”

Laron – “How long will it take?”
Lai – “Seventeen days.”

Laron – “After seventeen days, there will be no more tooth pain?”
Lai – “Yes, correct.”

I just wanted to add something that is important for everyone to understand. In the past I had performed distant healing for Lai, before we had met on the pain he receives in his teeth. It helped, the pain lessened strait away and was not so bad.

I also provided him information on what may cause such pain and gave him a process to go through, to acknowledge such situations in his life that may be the basis for it, so that the pain could be taken away on a more permanent basis. He put a lot of time into this process and it did help, as the pain was no longer as frequent and as strong. However, the pain did not go away for good.

The information I gave him was similar to what has come up during this QHHT session, but not as detailed and specific of course. The healing and the process helped, but it seemed that he needed to take further steps to try and rectify the original cause. That is why it is sometimes necessary to have a regression to find the more specific cause of the issue for acknowledgement and to get assistance with removing it forever.

Lai now had a list of questions that I addressed. One of the questions related to why Lai was here on Earth, in this lifetime. What was his purpose? I think it’s important to give this as an example below. Note that the answer to this question is expanded on in the second session (part 2) which is also a very interesting and unrelated answer to this one.

Lai – “Someone needed help and he volunteered. His Mother needed help. She needed power of the soul. Because she forgot what she has to do. She asked for help. She had volunteered and had chosen the most challenging place on Earth to grow up in. She chose this to help a family there. She is not a part of the family and she volunteered to help that family.

Laron – “Do you mean she is not part of the same Soul Group?”
Lai – “Right. The family she was born into has… the rest of the family are different. Different creatures. And she is from another place. She came to help them and then she got trapped. (In the Karma?) Yes. But then she knows she’s not part of them and she feels sad and she has memories from her training but she cannot recall what to do, so she asked for help.”

Laron – “What can Lai do to help her? Or has he already helped her?”
Lai – “He has already helped her. He can do more. He is doing… he is reminding her of… he has to talk to her and when talking, when she talks about her memory, he can confirm or encourage her to keep thinking of those memories. (To find out who she is before?) To find a balance in this life. She is stuck.”

Laron – “What does she have to do to escape being stuck with the karma?”
Lai – “She has to move far away from her family. Her father’s family and also stay detached from her own family. She has to find a balance as she got stuck with the family. She is struggling purpose. She knows she has to do something else but got stuck with the karma, through the family. She has to find the balance point. First she has to detach and then come back to find the balance between the two. From detaching from the family she will remember her soul purpose.”

Another important question was asked in relation to who was helping Lai throughout his life as he had said that from time to time he would get messages come to him.

Lai – “The same people who are in the Grid are the ones providing the information.”

Laron – “Are they what we would normally refer to as spirit guides or are they different?”
Lai – “They are different. Spirit guides can be people who are somehow related but are not physically on Earth anymore.”

* * *

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