Life as an Eagle, Earth Dragons, Multi-dimensional Trees | A QHHT Session by Laron

While visiting the USA in 2016 I facilitated this QHHT (past life regression) session with my friend Henda. This is pretty much the entire session from beginning to end. I consider it important sometimes to include a full session as it builds a progressive story, and journey, as Henda finds out many things in relation to who she is. Fascinating information about what makes up our existence also plays a part of this past life regression session.

I last caught up her in Texas, back in March 2016 and that is when this Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session as conducted. She lives in France and is a energy healer, intuitive, researcher of French linguistics, and holds a PhD in Language Sciences; she speaks Tunisian, French, Arabic, English and Italian.

There are a wide range of topics covered, so I will do my best to combine the more important ones into a brief summary here:

  • A past life in the 1930’s as an artist, based in multiple locations including Washington (US) to Hawaii, over a period of years where a number of things occur which relate to her life now.
  • A Turkish life; married as a teenager to a violent man.
  • Experiencing a past existence as a sea eagle; their communication explained, jokes with the wind, process of hunting, pregnancy and family life, their emotions and the need for them to spend time alone, what it’s like to have eaglets, dealing with aging & death including a unique visual of the death process.
  • The transition from death to the other side for Henda’s spirit that was within the eagle, and a fascinating description — and explanation — of what Earth and life looks like while being out of body.
  • Detailed information about what makes up the consciousness and purpose of trees. It’s explained they are multidimensional, with parts of them containing specific information. They hold a permanent link to other dimensions, plus what their role is with uniting the energies of the universe.
  • The eagle spirit is drawn back to Earth to assist a dragon. The dragon asks for help to stop dragons being killed in the physical; together they go on a mission.
  • Henda’s spirit moves to another plane where she helps advanced souls detach from Earth so that they can graduate and move on to other roles in other planes.
  • How parents dream of their child that has passed, when it is their actual child. It’s also explained how memory recall of previous incarnations work.
  • Karma comes up from a unique angle; one’s own karma can be dissolved by helping incarnated souls while in-between lives.
  • Higher self answers questions in relation to earlier topics, in addition to Henda’s life purpose. Other areas covered: her star seed history with other lives, where her soul energy was created, why she was sent to multiple locations consciously in the astral, info in connection to her being abducted by ETs when she was a child, including some technical specifics on how abductions take place, and a past life as a wolf where Merlin’s spirit helps her move from being an animal to a human incarnation.

I like to always mention that this method of past life regression is unique, as the hypnosis techniques and induction involved takes the client deep enough to bring through their higher self so that it’s talking through the client directly. Other collective consciousness’s sometimes come in who are of a higher vibrational level, so have very accurate answers and information. The higher self has the ability to basically heal a person on the spot and the answers that come through, I find, tend to always be extremely accurate, if it is the actual higher self who is present and not the mind interfering alongside of course.

* * *

Part of the induction takes one to a beautiful location. Sometimes that location is more than just made up in the mind. Sometimes it is a memory or even a simultaneous existence; after all, the word memory does infer the ‘past’, and the experiences that come up in these sessions are not always about the past.

Henda finds herself near a pond, surrounded by trees. From that point on, the next step is to find a cloud, but Henda ends up experiencing things somewhat uniquely. This will have more meaning to those familiar with the induction process, but it goes towards supporting the rest of the session with what we find out.

After she sees a cloud, Henda explains that the cloud is taking her with it without me guiding her. She said she feels like she is the cloud, that she feels one with it. She further explains that it’s like her body is melting with it, as if she is part of it, and settles on her being the cloud in the end. At this point of the session, this showed me that she had a possible memory, or at least familiarity, of existing as energy and that we can experience what it is like to be part of such things, like water, or the Earth’s atmosphere — consciously. After this, I direct her into her first scene where she finds herself on a beach.


Henda: “There is a very big beach, as if it was an island. I am sitting on the beach. The meadow area around here isn’t very big. There is a forest. The sand is white brown, not very brown and not very white—it’s in-between. The ocean is blue.”

Laron: “Is the ocean calm?”
Henda: “Yes, it’s calm. (How far away is it from where you are sitting?) Not so far away. My feet are not in the sea. I have nothing on my feet. (What colour are your feet?) White. I am wearing pants. (What colour?) Blue. They are made from cotton. I have a white t-shirt on. (Do you have any jewellery on?) I have a necklace. There’s a small violet crystal heart in the necklace. It’s very beautiful.”

Laron: “Can you see the colour of your hair?”
Henda: “Blond hair, blue eyes. (Are you a girl or a boy?) I’m a girl. (How old do you feel?) 25. (Do you feel healthy?) Yes.”

Laron: “Is there anyone else around you?”
Henda: “I am alone at the beach but there is a house not that far away from there. I am not sure who I live with. (That’s alright). ”

Laron: “How do you feel being there?”
Henda: “Good. I was just there to see the ocean and take a break… to smell the ocean, to breathe it in, because I like that. There are many birds in the trees around here. The trees are very high. They are colourful birds, large ones. There are many parakeets. (Are they landing in the trees?) Yes, they are wonderful, there are many of them. I think I have a special connection with them and when I go there they connect with me.”

Monk Parakeets - Life as an Eagle - Earth Dragons - Multi-dimensional Trees
Two Monk parakeets in Florida, USA. (Wikipedia)

Laron: “Do you talk to them?”
Henda: “Yes. (Do you understand what they say?) They are healing me. They are asking me why I did not come yesterday. (What do you say to them?) I say that I was busy and I had some work at home.”

Laron: “Do you know what the work was?”
Henda: “I think I was cleaning at home. I had to prepare some food. (What kind?) Vegetables and cereals. (Was it just for you?) Two people are with me, an old man and old woman. I think they are my parents and that we live together there. I don’t have children. I am single.”

Laron: “What do you do after you sit on the beach?”
Henda: “Well sometimes I go for a walk there. Sometimes I take off my clothes and swim naked. I like that. I have a special connection with the dolphins too.”

Laron: “Do you swim today or go for a walk?”
Henda: “Today I went for a walk, but I swim too. (How far do you walk?) A long way along the beach. (What do you see?) Some boats, not many, there are one or two who I think are sailors or fisherman. (What do the boats look like?) They are not yachts, they are little, just those that fisherman use. (Do they sit in the boats with fishing rods?) Yes. (What else do you see?) I see some children on the beach, not where I was but I am walking now and see children playing on the beach. I think they are children who belong to my neighbours where I live.”

Laron: “Can you see what the children are wearing?”
Henda: “T-shirt and shorts. They are barefoot and are playing on the beach. They are running. They are playing with plastic balls. (How big are the balls?) Not very big. It’s smaller than a soccer ball.”

Laron: “What else do you see when you walk?”
Henda: “There’s a big rock at the end of the beach. That is where I go. I go on the rock and stand in a higher place. I like it. I like to see the ocean around me from up high. That is where I go. (Do the waves come up against the rock and splash?) Not so much today as it’s very calm and quite good with just a little breeze.”

Laron: “Do you think about anything when you are on the rock?”
Henda: “About leaving. (Where?) In a city with other people. Because on that island I feel very alone. I like to be in a city where there are more people. I feel alone there. I don’t have friends but I am stuck there because of my parents, as they are very old and I need to stay with them to help them.”

I decide to move Henda ahead.

Henda: “She has sold her house and she has left. My parents died. I’m about 38.”

Laron: “Where have you gone?”
Henda: “To a city. It’s on the other side of the ocean. I travelled by boat to get there. (Where do you live now?) I am in an apartment in the city. (What does it look like?) It’s not a very big apartment. It has one bedroom and a living room. It’s quite nice. (Can you describe the objects or the furniture?) There are many paintings and artwork on the walls. I like painting.”

Laron: “Can you describe one of the paintings?”
Henda: “I like painting nude women and trees.”

Laron: “Do you get a sense around the time period?”
Henda: “1936”

Laron: “Do you get a feeling of where that may be in the world?”
Henda: “It’s in the USA. Washington I think. It’s close to the ocean here.”

Laron: “Do you live alone?”
Henda: “Yes. (What do you do for work?) I’m an artist, a painter. I am still single. Right now I am finishing up a painting. (What did you paint?) I’m painting the area I was living at when looking after my parents. I think it brings back memories for me. I miss my parents who died. (Are you sad?) Yes. Painting helps me release things. It helps discover what is hiding inside me. Sometimes I need to know what is hiding inside that keeps me from moving forward in my life.”

Laron: “Do you go anywhere after painting?”
Henda: “I sometimes go outside to dinner alone. I am always alone. I don’t like mixing with people. I am very sensitive to the energies of others. I am very self-protective—I am always protecting myself. I am afraid of people I think, because I haven’t been here long, I don’t know anyone. I prefer being on my own and doing what I want to do. I think I have a girlfriend.”

Laron: “Does your girlfriend come to the house?”
Henda: “She comes to see me sometimes. I think it’s the only friend I have. She is younger than me, but not by much. We have the same hobbies and she does painting too.”

Laron: “What are you doing now?”
Henda: “My girlfriend came to see me. She wants to see my painting. (The finished one from before?) Yes. She says it is quite beautiful. She is talking about the colours I was using, she wants me to put more light into the image as it’s a little bit too dark. She thinks more light will make it more beautiful.”

Laron: “Do you think there is too much shadow or just dark colours? {No answer} Does it have a feeling of sadness or depression because it’s a bit dark?”
Henda: “Yes, I put too much grey I think. She was saying I should put more blue, white and clearer colours into it.”

Laron: “What happens after you talk about the painting?”
Henda: “She is helping me to mix the colours so that I can get the best and clear colours for the painting.”

I move Henda ahead to another moment.

Henda: “I’m in a forest. (Are there lots of trees?) Yes.”

Laron: “What are you doing now?”
Henda: “I have a little house. It’s one story. It’s made of wooden logs. It’s not a very big house, it’s little, it is just for me. My friend is with me.”

Laron: “How old are you now?”
Henda: “I’m 45. My friend is 40.”

Laron: “Do you think it’s close to Washington?”
Henda: “It’s not near Washington. I see an island. I think it might be Hawaii. (Are there mountains?) Yeah, there are mountains, not very high, all around the island.”

Laron: “Do other people live there?”
Henda: “Yes.”

Laron: “Do you have a garden?”
Henda: “There is forest around. We don’t need a garden.”

Laron: “Do you still paint?”
Henda: “Yes.”

Laron: “Are you inside the house now?”
Henda: “No, we are outside. (What are you two doing?) We are sitting on a bench. We are talking. (What about?) We are talking about our life here in this place. We have been here for about five years now and I like it a lot. We are very happy here. It is very quiet. It is good. It is a very quiet life. My friend is asking if we can move away from here, but I don’t want to move away. I want to stay. (Because you like the isolation?) Yeah, and the island. But my friend, she wants to move.”

Laron: “What do you decide to do?”
Henda: “It is hard for me because I don’t want to be alone, but she really wants to move from there.”

At this stage she is becoming a bit more connected with that past experience, so her voice has changed a little as she feels more emotion.

Laron: “Do you make a decision now or another time?”
Henda: “I just told her to go if she wants, but to come back whenever she wants to.”

Laron: “Has she left?”
Henda: “She’s gone.”

Laron: “Do you have any animals or pets?”
Henda: “Yes. I have a black dog. I have two cats. The dog is not that big, but it’s not a small one. (Do you know the type?) It’s a Labrador. The cats are white, red and black. They are called Kitty and Nitty. The dog is called Francis.”

After moving Henda to another scene, she leapfrogs ahead to a different experience. A pattern with my clients which I am finding is that it’s not so important to look at the full life, including the death scene, as it once was in the past. I find they quickly move from experience to experience, and then onto what is really important for the sessions. But from time to time, I make the decision to take them back to get resolution, only when I feel guided to do so. What I have found is that what is shown is still very much important and tied into their current life. The earlier scenes they have also takes them deeper to help them be higher vibrationally connected enough, to get access to the deeper information, such as through their higher selves.


Henda: “I’m in Turkey. I live in a very big house.”

Laron: “How old do you feel now?”
Henda: “I’m not very old. I am 17 or 18 years old. I am married to a man who is very violent.”

Laron: “What are you wearing now?”
Henda: “Traditional Turkish clothes. I think this is around the 16th century—the middle ages.”

Laron: “What are you doing in the house right now?”
Henda: “Just walking. (How long have you been married?) Two years. (How old is he?) He is much older than me. I think he’s 50 years old.”

Evliya Celebi - Life as an Eagle - Earth Dragons - Multi-dimensional Trees
Evliya Celebi, 17th century Turkish adventurer and travel writer.

Laron: “How do you feel about being there?”
Henda: “I’m not happy with him, but it’s a marriage that has been arranged with parents and family. He has many other wives. (Do they live there too?) Yes. I have my own room and bathroom. It’s a very big house. He is very rich. He is very violent. We are all afraid of him.”

Laron: “Has he hit you?”
Henda: “Yes. He puts me in chains and hits me. It’s not in my room, it’s a location under the house. It’s in the cellar. When he is not satisfied with me, he puts me there. (Punishing you?) Yeah, punishing me like a slave, you see? (Yeah. How does that make you feel when he does that?) He leaves me there and he doesn’t feed me. Every time it is my Mum who comes and gets me out of there.”

Laron: “Does your Mum live in the house?”
Henda: “No. She lives in another house with my Dad.”

Laron: “How many times has he put you down there in chains?”
Henda: “Many times.”

Laron: “Have you got brothers or sisters?”
Henda: “I have two brothers. One sister—I am older than her. (Does she live with your parents?) Yes. My brothers are married and have houses. They have businesses with my Daddy.”

Laron: “Do you know what your name is?”
Henda: “Leila.”

As you will see below, Henda again leapfrogs away to a completely different experience. After discussing the previous life with her afterwards, she said that she saw her husband killing her moments before the scene changed. Her mother in that life would come and unchain her, and try and protect her. She would take Leila back to her home to treat her wounds, but after her mother passed, her death came soon after as there was no one there to look after her. She mentioned that the Ottoman Empire had a connection to what she experienced ( and said that her husband in that life worked as an executioner where they lived.

Henda felt strongly that her current parents in this life were her parents in that life. Without going into personal details, Henda can see the karmic links that tie in from now, to back then. This has helped her understand many things. She also intuitively felt that she had that life with that husband to greatly assist her with transcending karma, as well as providing important healing.

After I asked Henda her name, I moved her on and this is what came up next.

Animal Life

Henda: “I’m flying above the Earth very high.”

Laron: “How do you feel?”
Henda: “I feel free.”

Laron: “Do you feel at all connected to the person before?”
Henda: “I am not connected to the person before. I am flying, searching for a place… I am a very big Eagle. It feels nice. It’s an eagle with a white head and yellow eyes. {This would be a Sea Eagle, or ‘Pygargue’ in French.} I have a beak. (Very long wings?) Yes. (Can you feel the feathers on your wings?) Yes, my wings are very big.” (

Laron: “How does it feel to have the wind under them? Do you feel the wind going past?”
Henda: “Yes, the wind is very good. I like it. I play with it. I communicate with the wind. It won’t stop me from flying. (What does the wind say?) It plays with me. (So it does it on purpose?) No, it’s just a joke. It’s just a joke we play every time together. I feel very connected to it, to nature and the elements, you see. I was flying to find a place to settle down.”

Laron: “A nest?”
Henda: “Yeah. I am female. I think I will have babies. I am pregnant.”

Henda later said that she felt very anxious about the babies coming.

Laron: “How do you see through your eyes? Is it different to look through them?”
Henda: “Yes. I see everything. When I fly over the oceans and over the seas, I see the animals. I see under the water.”

Laron: “Do you find a place to nest and settle?”

Henda: “It’s over a hill. My instinct is guiding me to a hill, somewhere on an island. I think it’s the best place to have my babies. (Are you going there now?) Yeah.”

Laron: “How does it feel to fly and be free?”
Henda: “It’s wonderful. I like it. (You can do what you want?) Yes.”

Laron: “Do you go down to the island?”
Henda: “Not yet. I’m going there. I’m on the hill. I landed. I have to find a place on the hill to prepare my nest. I have to go hunting as I need to eat something.”

Laron: “How does the earth feel under you?”
Henda: “It’s vibrating. (Can you communicate with the Earth too?) Yes.”

Laron: “What does the Earth say?”
Henda: “The Earth says to me, ‘Take what is given to you and don’t worry about what is coming.’ That was the message of the Earth. I am now going to hunt fish. There are many where I am. I’m near the beach. I look around there because I am afraid. I don’t want any surprises.”

Laron: “Are you afraid of anything specific or just wary, just careful?”
Henda: “Just careful. I am seeing one fish. I’m flying—it’s better to catch it when I fly. They are then surprised when I come from above. It’s just near the surface now. He’s not seeing me. I’m just about ready to catch it. He’s brown and scaly. He is also white and dark… circles, brown with black and white circles. It’s a big fish, but not too big, I can catch him. (Do you feel happy it’s a big one?) Yeah. That’s okay; I have it.”

Laron: “Are you flying away with it?”
Henda: “Yeah, it’s struggling to get away. I don’t let it go. I took it with my talons. I fly back to the island and I am not eating him. It tastes good, I haven’t eaten for many, many weeks. I have been flying for so long from one place to this one, and it was a very long, long, long flight.”

Laron: “So you have been pregnant for a few weeks?”
Henda: “I have been pregnant during the travel. I was with a mate. I think he’s coming to reach me. He’s coming to be with me. (How does he know where you are?) We are connected. It’s not a mind connection, it’s like… we can speak, talk to each other and communicate. It’s very strong and is like telepathy. He says he is half way there. He is very happy that I found a place for our babies.”

Laron: “Does he know you caught fish?”
Henda: “Yes. He is going to catch a fish too.”

Laron: “How long have you been with that mate?”
Henda: “We have been together for years. We have had babies before. Sometimes we travel separately to places, then we reunite again. (Why do you spend that time apart?) I think we need to separate to be… a little bit ourselves, we need to have our freedom to… it’s eagle stuff. (You need to be alone for a certain amount of time?) Yeah and then we come back together. Even when we are not together, the link is there. (The telepathic connection?) Yes. (So you’re still together anyway?) Yes. I give him news, and he gives me news about what he is doing. ”

Laron: “What happened to your other babies? Did they grow up?”
Henda: “One of my three babies is dead. He fell out of the nest. I think he was caught by a wolf. The other two grew up. We were teaching them to fly. It’s very beautiful because they are very afraid of flying and they want to be on our back and stay there. (Do you still have a link to your babies that grew up?) Yeah. They stayed at that island for a few years, but they used to travel and come back—they don’t stay there all the time. They had babies too, both of them. It’s a female and a male. (Are they the ones you had before?) These are the ones I am having now. (So you are seeing what has transpired after) Yes.”

Laron: “What are you doing right now”
Henda: “I am seeing my mate who is dying. He is old. He is ill. I think it’s natural from being his age. I am with him now. I am looking after him and I feed him by giving him food. I eat it first and then give it through my beak because he can’t chew anymore.”

Laron: “Does he die?”
Henda: “He is going to die. But I don’t want to see him dying. He told me to go. (Do you go now?) Yeah. He doesn’t want me to see him dying too. I have flown to a tree, just to let him be alone.”

Laron: “How does it feel?”
Henda: “I saw his soul flying away. I know he is not dead. (He’s just gone somewhere else?) Yeah. I saw him passing. He went to another plane. There’s a telepathic connection during the process, but when he died I saw something coming out of him, it’s like his soul… like a beam of white light coming out of him, and he was then flying. It’s very nice. (You saw him flying along the beam?) Yeah. He looked at me. He saw me.”

Laron: “Does that make you feel better? Do you think about dying too?”
Henda: “Yes. (So you know you do continue on?) Yeah. (Are you getting old too?) Yes. I told him that I will come to see him. (Before he died?) Yes. ”

Laron: “What do you do now and what’s happening now?”
Henda: “I am dead. It was very hard to leave my body when I was dying. (Were you attached strongly to that life?) Yes. I think it was hard because I liked my life so much as the bird. I was afraid that I would not reincarnate into an eagle again. (So you didn’t want to leave because you wanted to keep being one?) Yes. I knew that I should leave.”

In-between and Multi-dimensional Trees

Laron: “What do you see now?”
Henda: “I am flying but I am no longer in my body. I am kind of like energy. It’s like a cloud you know, something very… I feel very… translucent and very light. (Do you feel small?) I am small, but if I want to be larger I can. I can change my form whenever I want. I realise that in that form I am very happy too. I like it.”

Laron: “So you wanted to stay as an Eagle but you now realise it is nice being in the new form?”
Henda: “Yes. I can still see the Earth beneath me. I can reach anywhere I want. (Does it look different now?) The colours are very different from when I was on Earth as a being; the colours are much, much brighter, especially the blue, yellow, red and green—they are wonderful. They are much more… I cannot describe it. They are brilliant, they are glowing. The blue is glowing, the sea is glowing. I see the souls too; I can hear them and see all life there, including the trees. It’s very different from when we are incarnated in a physical body, it’s not the same thing. Everything is talking, everything is alive. I am conscious of life much more than when I was in my physical body as the eagle.”

Laron: “How does that feel?”
Henda: “It’s very beautiful. (Hard to put into words?) Yes, I am trying to find a phrase to describe it, but I can’t. (Maybe you can compare it to something?) It’s vibrating a lot… the vibration is like music, it’s talking to us… you see, Earth is paradise you see, really. We cannot imagine what it is when we are in a physical body, but when we get out of the physical we really see the life and what it is in reality. I will give you an example: When we see the trees in our physical body, we see the leaves, the branches, the trunk, we cannot imagine when we are in our physical body that it talks. Every part of the tree has its own language. The trunk has its own language. When it’s on Earth, inside of the Earth, he has his own language and he communicates with the Earth—directly. This energy nurtures him and helps him to raise the vibration around him and the branches. The branches have the energy of the trunk and the Earth, but they have another language and this language is kind of different, it’s like a kind of communication of its own with the cosmos.  So a tree is not a being which is really in the Earth, it’s something that is connected to the Earth and to the other realms and dimensions. A tree is something huge.”

Laron: “So a tree is even more connected to multiple dimensions in comparison to a human?”
Henda: “Yes. (So it’s more aware of its existence where a human is more cut off?) Yeah. There is much wisdom in the trees. Every branch of the tree has its own knowledge. The branches are linked, but have separate knowledge. (Like departmentalised?) Yes, that’s it.”

Laron: “What is an example of the knowledge the tree might hold?” Henda: “They can communicate with different dimensions. So for example, not all the branches can communicate with the same dimensions, they have different functions. Each branch will communicate with a dimension that is separate from the other one. For example one branch can communicate with the 6th, 7th, or 8th dimensions. ”

Laron: “Do you know what the purpose is of such communication?”
Henda: “It is to unite the energies of the Universe. This is a way to raise the vibration of the Earth, through the communication with different plants. I think it has been on the Earth since the beginning, this communication. It’s very wonderful.”

At this stage I guide Henda back to her existence as the spirit that left the Eagle.

The Dragon

Henda: “I’m going in a cave. There is a dragon in the cave. He’s white. I need to talk to the dragon. I am just a spirit. I am still the eagle spirit. The dragon likes me. It’s a very big dragon, very wise.”

Laron: “How would you explain the dragon? Does it exist in a different frequency?”
Henda: “It’s a cave on Earth but it exists in the fourth dimension—it’s another dimension, I think it’s sixth dimension as I now see six. It’s a dragon that passed away. I see him in a physical form but he is the spirit of that dragon that passed away. (The spirit of the dragon that remains?) Yes. I’m a spirit, he is a spirit. I think he views me at an angle in that shape, but knows I am a spirit.”

Laron: “Do you know why the dragon is still there?”
Henda: “I am asking him why he called me, as it was for a purpose. He needs my help. We are going to do something to help the dragons that are still on Earth, the real ones. They are being killed by humans.”

Laron: “Do you know what the time period is?”
Henda: “It’s before the 10th century. I see 8th century. It’s in Europe.”

Persian Rostam Dragon - Life as an Eagle - Earth Dragons - Multi-dimensional Trees
15th-century Persian miniature of Rostam slaying a dragon

Laron: “So the dragon wants you to help because they are getting killed?”
Henda: “So our mission now is not to kill humans, but to do something so that humans leave the dragons in peace. We know that it won’t be easy, that it will be a hard mission. I think that the two of us have some spiritual abilities—we can play with magic and do something to help. (Combined, you can do more together?) Yes.”

Henda: “I am asking him why he chose me because he could have chosen someone else, or another dragon. He told me that my spirit attracted him. He is telling me that I am much more powerful in terms of spirituality, to do things to help the other dragons.”

Laron: “Do you have to leave there to go and help?”
Henda: “I think we go to find herbs, but then we don’t. When I do magic it’s in my mind. I don’t need rituals with herbs or objects, or things like that. I just put the intent and it’s done. (What does the dragon say?) He is very happy because he thought that it would be much more difficult to find the objects, the herbs and all that stuff—he is very happy with that. He is telling me that he is happy he chose the good spirit for this mission. It’s done. We see two dragons that have been chained in caves by humans, so we unchained them.”

Laron: “How did they chain the dragons? Were they big dragons when they were chained?”
Henda: “It was a mother and her child. They are red dragons. The mother is waiting for her baby. ”

Laron: “Do you help other dragons now?”
Henda: “They were the two we had to help that day. So after we helped them they were very happy. They came to see us… they saw us as spirits and were very happy to meet us. It’s very beautiful to see them flying. They left that place to be safe. (To get away from the humans?) Yes.”

In connection to us helping from the other side when we are not in a physical body, we can develop the ability through astral travel. There have been cases confirmed in the past where incarnated souls have done this. See my article here, which mentions the book, Invisible Helpers, by Charles Webster Leadbeater.

Henda wanted to add that during this experience above she had some strong feelings and information come to her about the function of time. Here is what she said: “Time is not like we think it is on the physical; as spirits we can travel time and space, even in parallel worlds. This may explains these movements from a period to another one as spirits. We are out of time and space, as we are energy.

Assisting Advanced Souls

Laron: “What do you do after that? Do you stay on Earth?”
Henda: “No, I am flying. I think my guides are calling me. I have to go to a plane to assist souls now. It’s a plane where human and animal souls are received after they die. After they die they go here. Those souls that come are much more evolved, in terms of spiritual evolution. I need to be there to receive them and help them, except they are new entities, they are new life as beings of light, because it’s very difficult for them to leave their families in their lives on Earth. They don’t want to forget. (They are very attached?) Yes. My mission is to help them to detach, you see? (On this other plane?) Yes. To help disconnect the links to Earth, because they have to evolve. Maybe if they are ready to go to other planes that are superior in evolution, they can go; it’s not in terms of higher in distance, it’s like new portals. When they evolve they open that portal and they enter a new dimension.”

Laron: “So it’s like a process that is naturally followed? It’s the next step?”
Henda: “Yeah, it’s the next stage. Those souls, if they want to reincarnate on Earth then we can send them. (It’s their choice?) Yeah. It’s very difficult, but my mission is to teach them how to detach.”

Laron: “Have you got an example of one soul that you help, and what you do exactly?”
Henda: “Yeah, it’s a child. He has died from a virus; it was common in Europe during the 14th and 15th century. Many people died from it. They would get flu symptoms and then they would die with a lot of suffering. The boy is attached to his Mum. She is also attached. (Does that make it hard because she is also very attached?) Yes. I have to help the Mum and help the child. It’s very difficult, especially with the Mum. She doesn’t know it but she gets out of her body when she sleeps and she wants to reach her child. She sees him and she thinks she’s dreaming, but she’s seeing him for real. ”

Laron: “Is the boy aware of when the mother comes from her dream?”
Henda: “Yes, the boy is aware. Most of the work is with the boy because he is away from the Earth life, and no longer has the physical body, so I have to work with him. He is the key, you see. He will help his Mum accept his death, but to help his Mum I must help him before. So I am trying to make him understand that he can always keep in touch with his Mum and even with the other mothers in past incarnations too. He does not remember those lives but I told him that he can remember now because he wasn’t in that body for too long. Now he is smiling, so I think it’s ok. (So you have to help him before the Mum?) Yes. The boy is the key, every soul is the key. It’s the soul who is gone, who helps the other ones that are still on Earth. It’s much more powerful this way, they have much more compassion and much more love—they are aware of what they can do.”

Laron: “So the boy doesn’t remember his other lives right now, because it’s so soon after the previous one?”
Henda: “He doesn’t remember what he did when he died before this death, but it will come.”

Laron: “Do the memories come in that plane, or does he have to go to another plane for them to return?”
Henda: “Oh, he will remember part of it on that plane and when he regains these memories, he will be capable of going to another plane. It’s like that. If he wants to come back to Earth, or to reincarnate on another planet, he has the choice, or to stay just as an energy of light.”

Laron: “Do you see any karmic links? Is he free from that now?”
Henda: “As he evolves in those planes, karma is dissolved because when he helps his family, when he helps other people on Earth, he helps with dissolving his karma too. It’s another way to evolve. (So it is really tied into his higher level development?) Yes, that is it .We can die with a bit of karma, but we can resolve it after we die as well, when we carry on. I think the best method is to die without karma, but we always hold a little bit of karma with us.”

Higher Self

From here I call in Henda’s higher self and ask why she was shown the lives and experiences on Earth. Not everything we discussed is included because some things were more personal, and therefore private, but also not so relevant to what came up earlier.

HS: “It was very hard to convince her to go back on Earth. (She was reluctant to go back and view the past lives?) Yeah. She is much more etheric. She likes flying and being, as in an energy—she doesn’t like physical bodies. She has karma to resolve.”

Laron: “So it was important to see these lives for karmic reasons? (Yes)”
I ask why she was taken to the American life where she was an artist.

HS: “She was able to live by herself. She had potentials showing her she is able to go forward, anytime she wants to, to move from one place to another and to live anywhere she wants on Earth. She has the ability to accommodate… she has the ability to live anywhere. This is part of her soul, she cannot stay in one place. It is very boring for her, she could die from it. (It could make her sick to stay in the one spot?) Yes.”

Laron: “So she was presented with that experience from that past life to show her that she can move anywhere and do anything she wants to?”
HS: “Yeah, to learn. She must learn because of her karma. She needs to learn to evolve as she is a very old soul. She has been learning too much.”

Laron: “In what way has she been learning too much?”
HS: “She has been learning too much with many incarnations. She is someone who needs to learn all the time. (So you mean she has been learning a lot—it’s not a bad thing?) Yeah, it’s not a bad thing. (It’s part of who she is? It’s normal for her soul?) Yes but it’s not good for… in terms of relationships for humans, it’s not, it hasn’t been positive for her because people don’t like her from knowing so much. (Does it scare them?) Yes.”

Laron: “She was shown a life in Turkey when she was married at a very young age to a violent husband. Why was she shown this?”
HS: “It was her husband. (In this life now?) Yes. (What is the reason she was connected to him in this life?) Her father told her not to marry him during this incarnation, but she didn’t listen to him. (Was she meant to?) She listened to the love she had for him. Even when in that incarnation when she was treated like a slave, she loved him. She loved him again until one day when he began to be violent, she was… we were guiding her to move forward, so that she can leave this karma and learn from it. You see?”

Laron: “So by showing her that past life, that will help her with leaving that karma behind? (Yes) Was there an agreement in this life where she was not meant to marry? Was a mistake made, was she meant to listen to her father in this life?”
HS: “She was meant to marry him. (So everything has worked out the way it was meant to?) Yeah, so she can move from one place to another.”

Laron: “Is that also connected into releasing karma with him? (Yes) So marrying him in this life has helped to let go of the Karma? ”
HS: “Yes. We were guiding her to go there in France because she has lived in France in previous lives and that was a place to experience—not directly—but she was living in other incarnations before. Being in France would help her move too, as if she has been in the country where she was born, then maybe she would not move and leave him. (Henda was born in Tunisia) In France she found a situation that helped her to leave her husband and to move forward. So we created all those circumstances and she moved, and we helped her.”

Laron: “Is her karma cleared with her husband now? (Yes) It won’t be a problem anymore?”
HS: “No, she won’t go back.”

Laron: “Why was she shown a life with the eagle?”
HS: “To show her that she’s always a free soul, that she has wisdom and that she is able to always travel whenever, and wherever, she wants. She has that gift to travel, to fly, and to get out of bad situations. (When you say wisdom, do you mean the spiritual knowledge? Such as with the help she provided the dragons?) Yes. She can help anyone.”

Laron: “Henda has had conscious astral travel experiences to Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades and wants to know why she ended up in those places.”
HS: “It is where she came. It’s where she is. She has been when she was just an energy, like the stars. She’s born in Sirius and was always travelling between Sirius B and Orion B. In Orion she was always with healers there, there are many, many healers there, and temples of healing. We showed her the temple to see where she belongs so that she can be conscious of the way she can help on Earth, because it’s something that is deep inside of her and is with her heart.”

Laron: “When you say born, can you expand more? How was she born there?”
HS: “When she had been created in the cosmos, she was just a light and that light that she was, was in Sirius B, then she moved to the Pleiades because she had sisters and brothers there, but she was travelling between Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades too.”

Laron: “Does she currently have a simultaneous life happening right now?”
HS: “It is inside of her. She could not remember before that, but now she is much more conscious. We are helping her to remember this life that she was, when she was there, like an energy of light. We helped her when we brought her there, she was projected there to see what she was. We know it has been very difficult for her to leave these travels, but she couldn’t understand before. She will understand progressively.”

Henda's Artwork - Life as an Eagle - Earth Dragons - Multi-dimensional Trees
Henda created this recently, after this session, based on a vision she had in relation to the information around the multi-dimensional trees mentioned earlier.

Laron: “She wants to know why she was sent to other realms when out of body.”
HS: “So we had to send her involuntarily because she didn’t have the abilities as she was too much linked into her physical body, to be conscious of what was inside of her, of what she is out of her body. So when we took her involuntarily, we gave her the ability to be conscious from time to time, of what she was experiencing, so she could understand the essence of who she is. It’s like an initiation; we want her to learn how to get this link between what she is as a physical human, and what she is as an energy so that when she goes to Orion, Sirius, and when she is in contact with the Pleiadians, she can bring back energies—good energies from there for the Earth. That is what she was doing.”

Laron: “She wants to know if she has been abducted by ETs while in this life.”
HS: “By Pleiadians. They abducted her when she was a child. She was in a very big room which was white. They did something so that she could not remember it. They took her there and did some surgery on her. They did some work with her chest and the back of her neck. They put an energy within both places, like light energy. (Does it still remain?) What they did was to help her remain later, when she would be an adult, when she would regain in spirituality to help her understand who she is and to help her travel out of her body, as well as helping people around her. ”

Laron: “So the energy that was implanted in those places still exists right now? (Yes) Was she abducted physically or was it her astral body?”
HS: “Both. But her body was on Earth too. Now they can do it. They took the energetic body and they also have control of the physical one, so they don’t need to take only the physical, or only the energetic body, they take the energetic but have access to the physical body too.”

Laron: “Was the physical body moved away from its physical location, or did it remain in the bed, or…”
HS: “It remains in the bed.”

Laron: “How old was she then? (Eight years) Did she understand when that happened? Does she need more information now?”
HS: “She saw things when she was a child but she was too afraid to talk about it.”

Laron: “Henda wants to know why she feels the urge to go to the USA.”
HS: “She has had many past lives in the USA. The eagle and the life in Washington there was shown today. Now she is always thinking about painting, but she cannot paint. Something is blocking her from that.”

Laron: “Is it important for her to paint again?”
HS: “Yes. (Can you remove the blocks?) Yes. (Can that be done now? Has it been removed or will it take some time?) It is removed. (Thank you)”

Laron: “She wants to know why she has a link to Merlin?”
HS: “She received the energy of Merlin. (How?) Merlin helped her in a past life. He taught her magic. She was a wolf. Merlin helped her move from an animal to a human incarnation. Her life as a wolf affected her when she was in America. She was always alone living like a wild animal. (So she still has that connection to the wolf life experience?) Yes. She also has the connection to Merlin in France. It was the spirit of Merlin, not Merlin in the physical, just his spirit.

Laron: “Did the spirit help the physical wolf or the spirit wolf?”
HS: “It helped him to grow. When the wolf died, he wanted to incarnate in a human body.”

Laron: “Henda wants to know about her fascination with alchemy. Has she had past lives in connection to that?”
HS: “Yes. Many, many times. (Have you got an example of one?) She was an alchemist healer in Europe during the 14th century. She was practicing magic too and was providing healing, which she was very, very good at as people loved her. When she was in Turkey she forgot about her potentials, that’s why she was always in chains. But when she was an Eagle, she was too, a healer, it’s part of her soul; it’s what she is as an energetic being. ”

Laron: “Henda wants to know why she was sent into this life now, even though she didn’t want to, as she knows she was reluctant to be here. What was the reason to come into this life? Why was it so important?”
HS: “She was sent to lead the new ascension. (The new earth?) Yes. To help with the new Earth, to help the crystal Earth raise up from the present Earth. She has the ability to see that crystal Earth where she is in a specific…. when she is meditating or when she is out of body, she can see the crystal Earth. So we send her to help with raising this energy of the crystal Earth.”

Laron: “So that was the main purpose of her coming?”
HS: “Yes, but she also has to learn from her karma, so that is good. From learning from her karma she gained much more power and spiritual growth, so now she can help with raising the vibration.”

Laron: “When you say learning from karma, do you mean the multiple lifetimes before? (Yes) Would you say that that is her life purpose for this life?”
HS: “Yes, to help others too. She is here to help others to learn as she learned, and to teach them how to evolve in terms of karma, how to heal themselves, and learn how to heal others too. She has magic in her. She is very gifted, but she doesn’t know all of them, she doesn’t realise. Many other gifts will come to her in the future as she develops, as she moves from where she is now—all of those gifts will be released. She will be very happy and will reach many, many people. She will raise the vibration and will be spreading much light around her.”

* * *

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