Daily Energy Clearing & Protection for Emotional and Physical Health

Daily Energy Clearing & Protection for Emotional and Physical Health

In this article I discuss methods to clear our energy, and then protect it, based on daily exercises, and the importance and reasons behind doing this.

Our energy system is composed of the chakras which each have an additional seven components, many minor energy centers with larger ones being in the joints, the earth star below the feet, transpersonal point above the head, the soul star which is like our true essence and consciousness, three central energy channels, meridians and seven subtle bodies/layers — in addition to our “aura” — which start with the etheric, emotional mental and spiritual.

All of these areas can be influenced by what goes on around us. What happens to the emotional and mental layers impacts the multidimensional health of specific chakras, and as a result the physical condition in our third dimensional world.

We really should be performing these exercises daily, as they will make a huge difference to us. External influences always exist, based on our proximity to them, which isn’t limited to physical proximity as we pick things up distantly, such as when interacting with someone over the phone, or on the internet.

We should never act out of fear though, as that is not a good mindset to have when dealing with anything. It’s best to approach this from the opposite direction of fear, that being one of an educated and wise mind.

After waking, and before going to sleep, these techniques will help you in many ways. They assist with keeping your energy more pure, as you stop picking up on what goes on with others, which includes their emotions and thought form energy.

Keeping Clear

You can use any visualization you want here, whatever feels comfortable, but make sure you have the correct, and strong, intention behind it that you always set.

With the visualization you go with, set the intention to remove anything that is not natural for you, and not beneficial for your health — which does not serve your best interests. You want to remove all energy attachments, entities, thought form influences, karmic ties (optional, if this feels right), and even implants if you feel comfortable, as implants can be energetic, as well as physical.

You can go with a funnel type visualization, where energy comes down from above, like a twister appearing out of the sky to envelop your body and energy — all those systems I mentioned above. Start with the size covering just your body, and slowly let it grow to take up the entire room or space you are in. So start small and spread it out. Your subtle bodies go out a long way, each one is further out, with the fourth, the spiritual being roughly four to six feet away from the physical body.

The visualization, the funnel in this instance, is coming down and clearing you. It’s going through the ground/floor the same distance you are putting it out to the sides (front and back too).

Twisting around, twirling around, it grabs and takes away all that doesn’t belong.

The purpose here is not for you to pick up on anything intuitively, which you can, but to strongly focus on creating and maintaining this — making it real, existing as energy, but which will become more powerful each time you do this, every day.

It’s your creation and it is real, just because you can’t see it with your eyes, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Life, after all, is an illusion of sorts.

Do this for a few minutes, with 5 minutes being ideal.

An alternative method could be to see yourself under a large waterfall. The water is coming down and covering the area, taking away with it all that doesn’t belong, and then flowing away, wherever it lands. All that energy that doesn’t belong is going with it, yet you are able to stand and remain still, and peaceful.

The same concept applies as with the funnel. You’re using something familiar with, that being water which can be very cleansing. If you have time in the shower, you could do it then, which may help the imagination to visualize a larger flow of water — the waterfall.

Note, as for the colors of the energy creation you have decided upon, this you can do intuitively. Gold is powerful. White light is powerful and please ignore any source of information saying it’s not and consider the quote, “I’ve always believed that the world is what we make of it,” from the book and movie, Contact.

Any color is appropriate based on what you feel is appropriate.

Using blue for water is perfectly fine, as water is blue, but can have shades of blue and green. You may then think that water is also colorless, such as when you have a shower or a bath — use that colorless clear purity if you chose to.

Keeping Protected

As you go about your day, you will now be clearer, and this can help in so many areas of life, which would take up a lot of space to explain just now, but you don’t want to pick things up again, so that is why protection is necessary.

I will again emphasize that it’s important to not have fear as a basis for this, or for clearing, and to step far away from that. Release any fears and replace them with wisdom and knowledge, with understanding and acceptance, as life is not just physical, it’s multidimensional with different frequencies of energy and consciousness flowing all over the place.

You are a powerful being and you have nothing to be afraid of, you can benefit from learning how to do certain things, as other influences come and go, whether they are mischievous, helpful, unhelpful, and perhaps naughty and annoying — including ones that might want use your energy as a battery of sorts — we use batteries ourselves.

Again, there are different options here, and this is where knowledge of sacred geometry can help a lot. Do some research, use a search engine to list the results of “sacred geometry” and find what resonates. Place that shape around you in your mind, three dimensionally of course, so you may need to find an appropriate shape that works three dimensionally. Alternatively, make that two dimensional symbol just shift over your, horizontally. Otherwise a pyramid is a great choice.

So let’s go with a pyramid. Visualize a solid, or transparent, golden sided pyramid that you are inside. Make it a size which encompasses your body and then slowly have it grow larger, so that it’s about six or ten feet away from you, yet you are fully contained in it with the flat surface of the pyramid being below you beneath the ground.

The intention here is for it to protect you from all the same things you were cleansing yourself from. You want to b existing within a natural and healthy state, you don’t want thought forms, emotions (and issues), unconscious psychic vampire like attacks, entities, mischievous beings, etc., coming in, and that is what this pyramid is protecting you from.

Do this for up to five minutes, so in total that’s ten minutes when combining with the clearing process. The more you do this, the more confident you will feel and you won’t have to do it as long, so you may only do this for 2 minutes for the clearing and then two more, for the protection — if you feel that is enough.

Go by what feels right. There is not a hard rule here.


Your belief system, your thoughts are what make you unique, but are also what can determine the outcome of so many aspects of life. If you believe in something, that in itself has a very, very strong power and force that goes towards whatever the circumstances may be. This is why a person doesn’t always heal and get better, no matter what or how “powerful” or effective the source is facilitating the process.

Use the clearing and protection exercises twice a day, but do it three times if you can, around midday for the second time.

I know life can be busy, so it may be easier to only commit morning and night. Do note that you can just quickly think of these two creations at any point during the day and strengthen what you did previously that day, as in do a quick clearing, and then a quick protection within say 30 seconds, and you could do this ten or twenty times a day if you feel you need to; make sure you do this at least twice for a few minutes, in addition to doing it quickly if you chose to do so.

Remember that the world is what we make it.

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