The Hill — A Poem About an Out of Body Experience Laron G. S.

The Hill — A Poem about an Out of Body Experience

A week back I wrote this  speed poem based around a conscious out of body experience that I had in 2012. It was while I was living just west of the Blue Mountains in Sydney, Australia. After you finish the poem, look at the image at the top of this page and think of your head looking up in the sky. Naming a poem always seems to come quickly to me, in this case I titled in The Hill, but writing one takes a lot of time — speed poetry is different as you only give yourself a short period of time, and if you are really strict then you don’t allow your self to change anything after putting it together.


The Hill

Three sets of lights illuminating a hill
lit up the night gently, remaining still.
Curiosity was my first thought;
ought I depart or stay
as the three objects hovered till
who knows how long, on that distant hill.

Earlier, like a journey down into an abyss,
the house filled with darkness and shadow.
Enclosed within a less dense shape,
a fraction of attraction guided my direction.

Beyond glass pane in that empty spare room,
I sensed intention and connection,
but perhaps not my individual will,
yet trust and lack of fear brought me there.

This was no dream, I knew, as that hill —
over yonder — acting as a foundation till
those disc shaped crafts would depart.
Their purpose? I wondered still.
A farewell, I’d say, was sent my way,
as they lifted up, on that distant hill.​


Earlier, before I went to bed, I was laying outside on the grass looking up at the stars for a while, which I did on occasion because it was a remote farm property with a lot of land around it, in a hilly high elevated area — it was perfect for stargazing.

Suddenly while flat on my back, an owl flew over me, only a few meters above. Owls are sometimes screen memories for abduction experiences, but then abduction is not the right word as my understandings of ET abductions are that they are never negative, and always agreed upon, one the truth comes through under hypnosis regression.

I just thought it was interesting that an owl came into my focus, just before I went to bed and had the out of body experience in the house.


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