Infinite Life Force Virtual Retreat With Laron G. S.

Infinite Life Force Virtual Retreat With Laron G. S.


In September I was invited as one of five teachers/speakers at Corrinda Tailor’s virtual retreat, Infinite Life Force: Reduce stress and supercharge your energy to thrive.

This recording is my session with Corrinda during that retreat which is now available on my YouTube channel.

I covered a range of topics to help reduce stress and increase energy. With a guided process at the end of the session I included energy work, grounding, and meditation with a binaural beat.

Here’s feedback from those who took part in the retreat:

• Honestly all the speakers were top notch! Infinite Life Force was the best retreat!
• I loved all of it… everything resonated with me.
• I loved Laron and Lorna’s talks.
• I really need everything all the speakers can suggest. I enjoyed Bobbie’s talk. I loved everything Laron suggested, and the tapping from Lorna really resonated with me. It’s such a simple and free therapy!
• I loved the session with Laron. The process was amazing.
• I did listen to Laron already and that was very helpful. I also love to listen to his rich voice and his wisdom.

You can find the session with Corrinda right here: (don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!)

For those looking for the free gift, if you are already subscribed to my email list, which is where you will get the link, you won’t be able to subscribe since you already are so just contact me directly and I can send you a link to the gift.