The Shift in Consciousness and the New Earth

The Shift in Consciousness and the New Earth

I recently wrote up a detailed reply to a thread over on the community forum I run for, explaining the situation with the shift in consciousness, but also included the new earth situation as well as a few other influences. I thought it would be a great one to share here on my journal, so here it is below!

The consciousness shift is on-going. It had a stronger push back in and around May, 2013. It links into the astrological age which is connected into the axial precession, aka precession of the equinoxes. But the galactic alignment zone, where we also move through the dark rift, influences the shift, which began in 1980, occurred in 1998 and completed in 2016 — the 2012 phenomenon — which also has ties into the Long Count Mayan Calendar.

Coincidentally the Earth’s consciousness is going through a shift, as it upgrades into a new subtle body, hence the new earth information out there. Again, this has an influence on consciousness and earth changes. For more information on this, see the heading “A Conscious Earth” in this long article here I wrote, but see this excerpt below from it.

“The earth is alive. It has a soul. It has an emotional body, an etheric body, an aura, and the potential for all other subtler bodies that are within your own human consciousness. The Earth’s ‘Being’ is Divine in its nature. Its ‘Being’ is immortal. Each planet in the Solar System evolves at its own pace. Each is alive. Each has a consciousness.”
“Each has its own Karmic conditions to deal with. For example, Jupiter will someday become a sun. Its existence is to train for this purpose. Planetary karma is specified or chosen before and being at the very onset of their physical life. Each of these planets has been designed by the Solar Mother-Father energy to serve a special purpose within the Solar Group. The Earth’s purpose is to support life in the myriad forms that exist here now.” ​— Albion

Over the last 12 months I have seen some major changes occurring in people’s lives, in Government, politics, weather, space weather, and climate — all as a result of the above influences. Rally’s, marches, riots, changes in Government policy, refugees, great advances in technology, secrets being revealed (about people in power, or anything really that is a surprise), people making grand plans to do unusual things, and a whole lot more!

In addition to all of that stuff, there are other energetic influences, such as stellar waves of energy, which Physicist Dr Paul LaViolette has expertly outlined in his book, Earth Under Fire. His theory is about the impact far away gamma ray bursts have on us, which occur during a supernova or hypernova. This also relates to energies coming from the galactic center of our galaxy, and how they can influence change.

One way of looking at this is that all of these influences can impact and upgrade not only our DNA, but our seven subtle bodies.

Because everything is energy, and has the capacity to have consciousness, like a rock, tree, star, planet, animal, etc., all these changes are impacting weather on other planets, as well as the consciousness that resides throughout our galaxy.

“All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.”
– Anatole France​

Under the past life regression articles section in the menu on, one of the QHHT sessions I have conducted and transcribed covers additional influences on us. September Frequency Peak, Wave X, New Earth and the Shift in Consciousness | The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 9— asteroids, comets, Nibiru, the Sun, a broadcasting center in space with ETs sending us packets of info, and more.

My sense is that while there was a time when a cleanse was required (similar to an minor ELE), because not enough people globally were ready for the energetic influences and consciousness changes, that is no longer the case and it is a more gradual process as there is enough higher frequency changes within global consciousness.

“It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.”
– C. S. Lewis​

In Dolores’ material, she’s explained that some of the crop circles around the globe have appeared so that Earth’s mantle is stabilized (the plates) as a result of the fragile situation the earth is traversing through and that they are used as a focal point for vibrations and an entrance for energy.

What should we expect in the future? Further changes in life:

  • Each of us noticing more through the veil; psychic faculties developing, latent abilities appearing and a more spiritual atmosphere and space in certain locations around the globe. Existing methods of doing metaphysical things will also be upgraded, changing the conditioned minds we have around how things should work esoterically speaking, and forcing us to accept new ways of thinking.
  • Sudden jumps in science and technology as people gain access to not just secrets being kept, including ET technology, but begin to gain further access to the other side, to receive forgotten and new information about how to do certain things in a third dimensional world.
  • More openness about the ET and UFO presence on Earth. Eventually we will join the galactic group of beings based on where we are at spiritually, but also with technology.
  • Advances in consciousness research, so it will be more common place to have people leaving their body to have experiences, which includes astral projection. The same goes to meditation becoming more common place.
  • Earth changes, and some big ones, as the physical side of the shift continues on. The Earth Expansion theory also applies here, and is equally valid, but fits into everything else occurring. More sink holes, rising tides, tsunamis, earth quakes, storms, temperature fluxuations, a mini ice age, etc.

…the coming through of new energies and beings that humans are not accustomed to seeing. This will cause a great deal of chaos, that only those who are understanding what is transpiring, will keep calm and be a reassurance to those in confusion…One thing is to feel you can understand what is happening. Another is to be in the midst of chaos and keep yourself calm when it’s happening.”
– Via a client of Dolores Cannon’s

  • Changes in what people do in life — while more and more people wake up, each on individual levels, they will begin to realize that helping people is their priority and they will use their best abilities to do this, whether that’s a holistic based energy healing method, to anything really, and money, assets and materialism will not be as common place.
  • Portals will become more known, which can bring beings, but can also transport one out of body, and to other places while out of body. See the QHHT session I conducted with Linda which touches somewhat on this too, Cloud Cities and the Energetic Punctures of War | A QHHT Session By Laron.
  • People will be working together more, they will care more about each other. There will always be people at different levels, so while everything and everyone is getting an upgrade over these years, they are not going to suddenly transcend into a perfect human, as that would defeat the purpose of the entire point of being here and going through the process of spiritual growth. There will be those at higher stages that will transcend in various forms/ways/methods.
  • A greater understanding that all life is precious, and hence humbleness and compassion will naturally manifest more easily in people. This is not an overnight thing, just like most of the above items, but a symptom of the changes.
  • Great changes within economics, so we know the systems are changing, such as with crptocurrencies, but other systems will have to be left behind eventually. This will change the world in terms of how financial transactions take place, and from that change comes additional improvements in the way we live our lives, and how we think about certain things.

There’s a whole lot more that will go on on top of all of that, you just need to think about what goes on right now, and then realize that all of that will change.

I will finish with this quote from Lai Tzu, “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

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