3 Beside Source: Life Review & Healthy Relationships (Video)

3 Beside Source: Life Review & Healthy Relationships (Video)

My online past life regression client, Rino Murata in Vancouver, Canada, who’s a trauma-informed relationship success coach, with a focus on male clients (https://www.rinomurata.com/), had a session with me back in May. With permission, I’m sharing part of her session where she met with her council to plan her current life and when three unique beings who’re closer to source (part of her council) reveal some interesting information.

In addition to her life review, I pose questions to 3 of the council who are overlooking the others. I find out:

  • They have their own specialty
  • They are extremely ancient.
  • They work in other realms and dimensions.
  • ‘For them, it’s always about balance, harmony, and tuning the harmony of it all.’
  • It’s rare that they come forth and present themselves like this but chose to do this today.
  • The importance of healthy relationships, including loving self, and self-worth.

You can watch the session recording here on YouTube:

Rino came to me with questions such as,

  • What’s blocking her from moving ahead, but also what’s benefitting her
  • Her life purpose
  • A feeling she has about being pulled towards something
  • Advice on her work
  • How she can live more authentically
  • Why her connection is so strong with her husband
  • Health related questions.

She first had a detailed life in Cambodia where she found herself as a priestess, guiding her people while receiving messages from the gods. Her current husband was her partner in that life and there were certain gifts that she brought from the life into her current one.

After this life she merged with her husband energetically, feeling they were always one. “It’s like home. Like it was always meant to be that way, always was,” she said, and went on to say it felt like, “a sense of completion.”

The energy of this ‘one’ felt like a village she explained, “depending on what kind of energy you are. People just tend to gather there, so it’s like a village.”

A very interesting process then took place where the two of them, as one, along with ‘others’, had an upgrade of sorts, some going into training, a bit like climbing the corporate ladder. This ended up giving her more responsibility after integration, as an individual soul, and her energy color changed to a blue purple.

A life review then took place before I asked to see her current life’s planning, which I’ve shared in the video, and then I attended to her questions which were all answered.

I got to know Rino quite well during the four hours we spent together. The information that came through in the session showed me that she is very gifted with her work, including bringing forth abilities from past lives. If you are in need of relationship coaching, head on over to her website for a free consult, https://www.rinomurata.com, and you can find her on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/rinomurata.coaching/

Since 2011 I’ve been helping people heal a wide range of health issues, experience major breakthroughs, find answers to important questions like their life purpose, contact loved ones, and expand their consciousness for spiritual growth using Dolores Cannon’s QHHT method. I’ve also learnt other methods such as Michael Newton’s LBL and studied different types of hypnosis, including clinical hypnotherapy. I’m in Nelson, New Zealand. Most of my sessions are done online now and for these I use a combination of past life regression techniques, which can include soul retrieval, spirit release, entity clearing, and a lot more depending on the circumstances. For more info and to book head here, https://laron.nz/past-life-regression-qhht/