Aquarius Age, New Earth, Reincarnation Trap, In-Between Lives

Aquarius Age, New Earth, Reincarnation Trap, In-Between Lives

My client Lynnette Duncan from Oregon, USA, who’s a life purpose astrologer, energy and ascension coach, and spiritual strategist ( [127k+ followers],, had an online hypnotherapy based past life regression session with me on the 27th of July, 2021. This is most of the recorded session.

You can find more detail on the topics covered below the video, which you can also open directly on YouTube here.

Amelia in Galway, Scotland

In 1540, Amelia, a 15 year old female servant living with a family in Galway, Scotland, gets caught in the rain and becomes ill with scarlet fever, hovering between death and life. While sick, her younger brother who’s passed on comes to see her as she floats in and out of consciousness, until she dies.

Healing the Heart in the In-Between (10:34)

With her young brother Aaron, she leaves her body and goes with him to a meadow where they reunite. While here she reviews her life in earlier years as Amelia. A heart condition that my client Lynnette has back in the room connects into Amelia’s life, which is explained in detail, and which helps with the healing process of letting go of past life trauma.

She learns that Amelia’s brother is a romantic partner in her current life, a soul mate, which brings her answers to questions she’d had about him. She also sees how Aaron died and how she blamed herself for his death.

The Great Beyond (20.00)

Amelia and Aaron head towards a portal to the great beyond from the meadow. She enters the light and experiences downloads of a life review. While there she gets an understanding of why a block in her throat chakra was causing her to cough during the session. She encounters her core soul group. Information on healing from the previous life is brought up and she spends time with her soul mate. Another life review takes place which brings up information relating to more healing and understandings of the links between lives.

The Medicine Woman (33:45)

After study, rest and more reunions, Lynnette starts planning her next life, preparing for incarnation. She sees herself as an oracle and a sage, a young medicine woman in Italy working with herbs and energy. As she recalls the life she learns she was poisoned by a medicine man who was jealous of her abilities—he tricked her as a shapeshifter necromancer after they became lovers. With this past life she recognises links to her current life, including who to allow in, and who to get close to, based on having healthy boundaries thanks to former lives lived.

A Unique Life Review (41:20)

She learns more about her connection with Aaron and how her soul group interacts with her during these moments, and that she’s an advanced soul that doesn’t require a council to help review her life. She finds her soul family is smaller than what it began out as based on soul growth.

HS: Session Scottish Life Review (44:40)

I ask higher self about the life Lynnette had as Amelia and why that was important to come up today. I also ask,

  • Why did Aaron die at such a young age?
  • Is scarlet fever the condition she had in that lifetime?
  • Is there anything else that needs to take place to fully heal the heart?
  • Would you say her boundaries are a bit too high?
  • Is there anything she can to do relax or balance out the boundaries?
  • Do you have any information on the release of the block in her throat chakra?

HS: The Transition & New Earth (55:08)

In regards to major events occurring in the USA, which have a ripple effect on the entire world, I ask questions in relation to it with the answers supplied by higher self. This information connects into the shift in consciousness—the astrological age cycle (Aquarius) that we are shifting into, including information on the new earth.

The answers also include mention of earth changes during this period and what is causing them.

“These separating energies and the weight and the violence of these earth changes will be dependent upon where a person’s consciousness is.”…”Because of the power of the frequency of people’s rise in consciousness, and the manipulation that people are escaping from, the earth will go through massive changes.” ~ HS

I also ask:

  • In regards to preparing for the coming days, what information do you have for her?
  • Is any of that preparation time sensitive—should she be doing anything really soon?
  • In terms of timing, is something going to happen within the next three months with regards to needing the resources?
  • Is it 100% definite that something will happen to require her to have the resources?
  • How long would you estimate the period of time for the transition to happen?
  • After the transition, will things return to a new normal?
  • With this shift and that six week period, are earth changes evolved in anyway? (1:03:15)
  • {I ask about the connection between earth changes and thought forms}
  • Are there any technologies being used to also manipulate, in relation to the earth changes? (1:06:48)

HS: Twin Soul Connection (1:08:16)

Lynnette learns she is a twin soul with Aaron, who is Nathan, a partner back in her current life. I ask questions in relation to their connection including their work together in the future.

HS: Future Merging with Higher Self (1:12:46)

This short section includes higher self explaining about Lynnette becoming more integrated with her higher self and what that means. The location she should be living right now is also covered.

HS: Life Purpose, Other Lives & New Earth (1:15:21)

I ask why Lynnette is here this time around on Earth. It’s said that this is a completion life—one of her last lives on Earth. Information comes up around her soul progression, and information on what she will do beyond Earth. I also ask about star seed lives and simultaneous lives. The topic of New Earth comes up including lots of information on manifestation.

HS: Reincarnation Trap, Soul Matrix, Higher Self & Source (1:30:36)

Information comes through on the entities (Archons) who are in control of the entire reincarnation cycle on the Earth plane, and what exactly is going on. It’s mentioned that many star seeds have not been able to leave the reincarnation cycle until now. We have all agreed to be a part of this and that our souls are aware of the situation, higher self says.

(For those interested in this topic, please also read the book, Higher Self Now! Accelerating Your Spiritual Evolution, by Susan Buhlman and William Buhlman.)

I ask a series of questions around what makes up Lynnette’s higher self and how all of this works. (1:40:51)

HS: Final Message (2:04:13)

A final message is shared by Lynnette’s higher self.


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Benefits of Past Life Regression

  • Finding your life purpose and answers to any questions you may have.
  • Experiencing past lives (and sometimes simultaneous lives), that directly relate to this life to help heal and understand emotional patterns, health issues, gifts and past events.
  • Meeting loved ones who have passed, spirit guides, star seed family and any being, or collective you resonate with and may be connected to.
  • Having an experience that can expand your consciousness and spirituality and that of others if the information is shared.
  • Investigating events of the past to find out the truth that may sit beyond false implanted memories.

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