COVID & Vaccines, Lives in Lemuria & a Native American Tribe | QHHT Session by Laron

COVID & Vaccines, Lives in Lemuria & a Native American Tribe | QHHT Session by Laron

Last month I conducted a long QHHT (past life regression) session with a friend which I’ve transcribed below. It’s a very important one because it answers questions around coronavirus and the dangers of the vaccines created for them and fits into the global situation occurring because of the Lemuria life that comes up. You can find a summary of the session below and then the full transcript.

  • Council of Light: Rhea connects with the Council of light and receives answers to many questions.
    • Clarification on a lucid dream relating to COVID which includes information on the council, info on the planetary fear being too high slowing down the transition,
    • Guidance for humanity on the direction we are heading in connection to COVID. Includes mention of timelines that have earth changes and war and how COVID was necessary to stop the earth changes and war so that we could transition (shift/new earth/ascend). Explanation of the transition.
    • Those responsible for the release of the corona virus and why it was released.
    • The health and spiritual dangers of the COVID vaccines and how to detox from them. This includes information on how the vaccines can help the Reptilians control people in mass, rather than just individually through attachments like they have been doing in the past.
    • The resources and reasons why the Reptilians are here and have control over humanity.
    • Answers to why the Mosque attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, took place and its connection to COVID. This includes an explanation of why a war was necessary because of how humans have been consuming resources too quickly and the Reptilians want to control the population this way, such as what they are doing with COVID and the vaccines (reducing population).
  • Life as a young soldier in Lemuria before and after a war breaks out between a group on the other side of the planet influenced by negative Reptilians who are assisted by Atlantian technology.
    • Description of technology and vehicles in use.
    • Crystals used as a power source in the city and with various technology.
    • Farming at sea and a pattern the plants are laid out in to help them flourish without the need for fertilizer, thanks to an alignment with astrological positions, specifically the moon and the energy.
  • Life as a girl who becomes the medicine woman in an American Indian tribe.
    • Grandmother asks her to help a white man who’s living as a hermit not too far from the village, as he’s badly injured, but in secret because the village wouldn’t understand. The angry man doesn’t want to be around his people because he was forced to kill others, and wants to just die.
    • Her people find out she helped the white solider and confine her, even though she is now their doctor. With an intuitive ability she sees her grandma has fallen in the forest and breaks free, goes to rescue her.
    • She becomes a hermit, leaving her people and lives out her life on her own while holding a lot of emotion around how she was treated based on how they don’t see through to the truth.
    • The afterlife and answers to why this life came up and the Lemurian life. 

Note that Dolores Cannon taught me QHHT in person, in Melbourne, Australia, back in 2011 (she has since passed on). I learnt all of her levels of training that she offered. I’ve taught myself different methods of hypnosis and also learnt Michael Newton’s Life Between Lives technique, and couple of other forms of past life regression.

* * *


Rhea: It’s a huge city. It’s in the past, a long time ago.

Laron: Can you see anyone?
Rhea: Very vaguely. Shapes and shadows.

Laron: What is your perspective, what’s around you?
Rhea: I think I’m on the sea. I’m looking towards the city.

Laron: When you look down, are you standing on anything?
Rhea: It feels like a round metal plate. It’s not very big. I can feel the texture of my shoes; they are snugly to my feet and are beige. The shoes are very elastic. (So they fit well?) Yeah. The clothes I am wearing are not modern, but in a way a little to, I don’t know how to describe it. It’s nothing I have seen before.

Laron: How many pieces of clothing are you wearing?
Rhea: It’s something really tight underneath, like snugly, and there’s a poncho or cape feeling, type of floating on the outside. There are people around me who are wearing a similar thing, it’s almost like a uniform. We’re floating on the sea, over the sea.

Laron: So the round metal like platform, is it touching or hovering?
Rhea: Barely. It feels like hovering. I now feel, I think there’s some kind of device under it that is spitting out air. I can see the water splashing, or feel the water splashing. (Is it disturbing the water in some way? Yeah, but it’s not touching the water, it’s just above it.

Laron: How many people are with you?
Rhea: It’s hard to tell. There’s a boat or craft in the middle, I’m on the left. There’s something in front and someone behind. I can’t tell how many people are hovering around the boat.

Laron: Do you mean you are on the boat, or is the boat beside you?
Rhea: No, it’s a boat, or craft. I can see it, but the shape is not very clear. It’s not very deep in the water. The shape is like a jet boat. It’s not smooth, it’s point at the front. It has markings all around it. The marking makes it not smooth, but the material is similar to the metal plate that I’m on.

Laron: Are the people on the craft communicating with you or any of you in any way?
Rhea: No, we are all looking forwards, towards the city. We are heading to the city. It feels like some kind of patrol, or force. I feel a helmet like thing around my face; the material is light but hard, it’s protective.

Laron: What do those around you look like—their faces?
Rhea: I can’t see. People are inside the craft, they are human form. I can’t really see their faces. The people in the front and behind of me all have helmets. I think there is another 3 or 5 on the craft.

Laron: What is your height?
Rhea: Tall. Others are of a similar height. I think I’m some kind of soldier. It’s that type of feeling, like a troop. The metal plate I’m standing on has a stick, or bar sticking out of it. We are holding onto it. It’s a bit like steering, like a scooter type of thing, but the bottom is the metal plate with the stick coming out. It’s similar to a scooter steering mechanism. (Is that how the disc is navigated or controlled?) Yes.

Laron: Is there anything else on that disc, or is it empty? Is it just that one control?
Rhea: I think that’s it. (What about around the edges, does anything stop people from falling off?) No, because the shoes do something to it… it interacts with it somehow. (It keeps you in place?) Yes, it’s quite sturdy. The word crystal, some kind of crystal pops into my head but I don’t know what kind.

Laron: Do you know why the craft next to you and the disc are so different to each other?
Rhea: I’m not sure. The markings on the craft kind of light up. It’s a navigating system. It lights up when it gets closer to the city and then it gets kind of pulled in. The metal plate…I think it’s a short range, but it’s not really, it’s not meant to go long distance. This model (disc) was designed to accompany the craft. As we get closer to the city, there are other types of the metal disc models. There are lots of people going to places, but they are a different model.

Laron: Is it common to travel on these metal discs there around the city?
Rhea: Yes. There’s a flying bigger one. There’s one like a motorbike without wheels, sort of like a jet ski, but that flies. They have markings similar to the craft {the boat beside the disc}. They go faster. I can see people kind of floating in the city, on them, and there’s a seat at the back so you can have two people on them for transportation and they go faster than the round metal disc ones. They are a little bit higher in the city. The city has lights, they are powered by crystals. The lights are on the street. I see people walking on the streets.

Laron: Do you know why you’re there observing the city? (I don’t know) Were you going anywhere or just waiting?
Rhea:  I’m standing on the port. The craft has docked. It’s weird, it’s like half in the water, half on the dock surface. There’s a surface, a dock surface, I can’t tell the material, and then there’s a space—many spaces—there’s a space for the craft/boat, shaped exactly like the front, so when it gets close it fits right into the dock where it’s locked in. The docking fits half way of the boat {craft} with the other half still in the water.

Laron: Do you get off or stay on the disc?
Rhea: The soldiers and I get off and line up together. The people are taking the metal disc {hover vehicle} and heading into a warehouse type of building and all of them are numbered. The soldiers/troops line up, but we’re waiting for something to come down from the boat.

Laron: To be delivered or brought?
Rhea: I want to say yes, but I don’t really know the purpose of them or what they are—it’s just boxes. The boxes have… the colour is kind of dark green, like a green shade but it’s very dark, almost black. They are glowing. I can’t really tell the colour of the light, luminescent, but not bright. They are rectangular in shape. I don’t’ see any openings. There’s someone at the entrance—the top of the boat directing things. (In charge?) Yes. There’s some kind of glove on their hands and when they touch the boxes, there’s some kind of markings that light up. It’s a very strange language, a language with symbols (the markings on the box?) Yeah.

Laron: Do you know why he’s touching the boxes?
Rhea: He’s telling them where to go. So he’s directing them. There are other people involved in this in the control room. (Do they have gloves?) Yeah.

Laron: Are you male or female?
Rhea: Male. We are still lined up, waiting as guards for as these boxes come into the facility. (Are you carrying anything?) No.

Laron: Do you know what you would do if something happened, to protect the boxes?
Rhea: No… it feels like that the people with me are soldiers or some kind of security guard. We are not asking questions, we are just told to do a job. We are not even allowed to look at the boxes—not allowed, I mean it’s part of the training. We are looking forward and then we just follow the orders, not talking to each other. It’s very serious work.

Laron: So you don’t know what’s in the boxes?
Rhea: Weapons. It feels very… so now I just suddenly feel very sad. Something is about to happen to the city but it’s not in that moment, it’s in the future.

Laron: How do you know something is coming?
Rhea: It’s a feeling at the moment. It’s an overwhelming kind of sadness and then there’s anticipation. With the soldiers, the reason we are so serious is because we know there is something coming. There’s a way of some sort. The people in the city do not know. From a birds eye view, I can see the city is floating, connected to other cities. They are circle shaped, almost perfect, all connected through a bridge for transport, but I can’t see a lot of people or vehicles, it’s really for connecting the power grid.

Laron: Are the cities floating on the ocean?
Rhea: Yes. It’s very busy. There’s almost no farming or rural areas, it’s all city. It’s very high tech. There’s a kind of illuminated glowing light. They come from street lights which I mentioned earlier. The lights have a circle with a pole underneath, connecting them to the ground and then there’s a grid underground that links to a power plant. The power plant is in the middle of the cities but in the ocean.

Laron: Do you know why the cities are not on land?
Rhea: Because if they need to move, they can. It’s easier to move a lot of people in one go. North of the city’s territory, there is a connection to the land, but not really. But they have easy access to land. On the land, it’s hostile; there are people living on the land, some in tents, some in caves, it’s very different to us. They still eat animals. They hunt. There’s no farms. I think those people are in tribes, but we don’t want to have anything to do with them—not much.

Laron: What happens after the boxes are loaded?
Rhea: They came down and are walking, they are being guided into a building. The building is important. We went in, but my troop can only go into the hallway and then we are stopped. A different set of troops with different coloured clothes are there. They each have weapons. They have taken over. They go into a door which closes. We walk to a different part of the building and take off our helmets and capes and go into a resting area. We are allowed to talk now. I don’t know if it’s lunch or dinner.

Laron: Can you hear any conversations? Do you communicate with anyone?
Rhea: Everyone is kind of worried or depressed. (Why?) There’s war coming, but we don’t know anything about it. (Is that meant to be a secret?) People in the city do not know. It comes from the other side of the planet.

Laron: Do you know what’s on the other side of the planet and what sort of people they are?
Rhea: They are very similar, but they have more technology. (More advanced?) In some ways. We both know how to use crystals, like really big crystals. We don’t know, the soldiers don’t know much about them. They want to combine our technology. They want to become one Governance; become one country, but it’s not country.

Laron: Is that why the war is happening because your people don’t want that?
Rhea: Disagreements. The leaders disagree. We don’t want their technology because they don’t treat the people on the land very nicely. Slavery. They slave the land people, which is very upsetting.

Lemuria: The War

I move Rhea ahead.

Laron: What do you see now?
Rhea: Explosions. In a craft. {Rhea is crying now} People are dying. The craft is big. It’s just above our cities in the air. (It’s like a flying craft or ship?) A flying craft. {Rhea is emotionally upset.} The people from the other side are there now. People are dying in the city. There are explosions underneath the city. We are leaving. We can’t save everyone.

Laron: Did you take some people from the city?
Rhea: We can’t take everyone, we took some. There are a lot of people in the air, but not enough.

Laron: What is your role? What are you doing now?
Rhea: I’m on a craft that’s protecting the family of the Council. {Rhea continues to cry}

Laron: Did you leave anybody behind in the city?
Rhea: We are not allowed to tell our family. (You couldn’t help them prepare?) No. They all went down with the city. I have a child there, a 6 year old boy. He was with my parents. My partner died before the war. She died of an injury, in infection, but something that we did not understand as our technology couldn’t heal her.

Laron: Are you leaving on that craft?
Rhea: Yes. We are in space. It’s quite dark around the craft. We are not here for very long, maybe a few weeks. We stayed close to the planet in space, waiting things out because the ocean was inhabitable for a while. Something happened to the ocean. We prefer to live on the ocean, not on the land because of the hostility. {Rhea is sighing, like she is letting out energetic relief.} I see a big whirlpool sucking everything in, in the ocean. It’s sucking the cities in.

Laron: What created the whirlpool?
Rhea: Crystals. It was destabilised. It was deliberately destabilised. We did not know this could be done. We have very advanced technology to stabilize the crystals and the reason why it’s under water is for that reason, to keep them stable. We were caught by surprise. The others had technology that caused the crystals in the middle of the cities to become unstable. They had some kind of remote technology, signals.

Laron: How long do you stay in space?
Rhea: A bit over a month. We have technology to create food, an energy source, so we temporarily sustained ourselves during this time, but we got to a point where we needed to return to Earth. Because of the children mainly, we needed to return, they couldn’t live on that food for too long. We eventually returned through the atmosphere to the surface. We found a colder place, it was a lot colder than our previous location. This time we can only build on the ocean.

Laron: Did you resettle and create another city?
Rhea: Yes and no. We didn’t’ have enough resources. We didn’t have the same kind of crystals as before, we didn’t have the ones that can build things fast. We had a second grade crystal. It took much longer than before. The quality of the city — they are not connected anymore, they have smaller territories. Each territory is powered by smaller crystals by themselves. If we want to go to a different territory we go by the small craft. The setup of the cities are different. We have setup farming. We can no longer trade with the land people.

Laron: Did you previously get farming produce from the people on the land?
Rhea: No, just what they have found. They don’t farm, they don’t know how to farm. Some of them live in tents. They like to hunt and they find things. We have greenhouse with a dome. They don’t grow on the soil. We don’t have access to soil so we grow the plants in the water, and farm fish.

Laron: How does it feel now being there?
Rhea: Deflated. Nothing makes sense anymore. (You were not expecting it to be like that?) No. I am not as soldier anymore. I don’t want to be involved. I went to look after the plants in the greenhouse. Some people in the greenhouse are from the same unit I served in, they have chosen to do the same thing.

Laron: Are you working in the greenhouse now?
Rhea: Yes.  (Do you have any friends there?) There’s someone I know. (One of the soldiers from before?) Yes. A female.

Laron: What is an example of the food that you grow?
Rhea: Leafy. Lots of leaves. (Is it something familiar?) These require lots of water, but they are like kelp, like sea grass. It doesn’t look like it comes from land. They drift in the water. (Ocean water?) Yes, this type. There is a small patch at both far ends of the dome. There’s some kind of pattern to the plants. There’s a specific way they are arranged in the dome. It’s connected into the moon and the energy of earth, and the stars.

Laron: Does this relate to sacred geometry?
Rhea: Some kind. I see the plants arranged in a specific symbol. (Would you be able to draw it later, or is it complicated?) I can’t really tell. There are lines. Because this is circular, the lines are more rigid. They have some kind of break in-between. I can’t remember all of them. The northern line is aligned with a star. It’s not my expertise so I don’t know which one. Because of the alignment they need fresh water. My job is to make sure that the fresh water is available for those plants.

Laron: What exactly does the alignment or positioning with that symbol do for the plants?
Rhea: Help them grow without fertilizer because the energy. When it’s aligned with earth energy, the roots flourish and when it’s aligned with moon energy it helps with the leaves, so you don’t need fertilizer. The plants therefore look very abundant. It’s a self sustaining system as long as the main source of water is fresh. We have people, the workers go to a cold place to get the ice every month.

Laron: Is that on land or icebergs?
Rhea: Big icebergs. It’s very far away from us.

Lemuria: The Auroras

I move Rhea along.

Laron: What do you see now?
Rhea: I’m on an iceberg watching the polar lights. It feels peaceful here. I’m remembering the more abundant times. (You’re thinking back just now while on the iceberg?) I’m thinking about being back in the large city with my family.

Laron: What time of day is it there on the iceberg?
Rhea: I can’t tell. This time of year it is always dark. It’s cold. I’m wearing a big jacket—it’s powered. (To keep you warm?) Yeah. I don’t have long. I have a disease, there’s something wrong with my lungs. I’m old. I’m 120 something. (Do you know what the average age is there at that time?) 200.

Laron: Because of the disease, you might be leaving early?
Rhea: Yes. I’m happy to. That was my wish to go to the ice. (That’s where you wanted to be?) Yes.

Laron: Is anyone with you?
Rhea: My friend. The female from the greenhouse. Her name is Leidana.

Laron: Do you know what you what your name is?
Rhea: No. I did not want to remember.

Laron: Are you talking, or are you just being silent?
Rhea: I’m sitting on a rock. She is holding my hands. We are more than friends, but more so companions that partners. She never had children. She said that it’s her only regret.

Laron: Do you know what age you were when you returned from space to resettle?
Rhea: Late 70s.

Laron: Did you ever think about having children again?
Rhea: No. It’s too painful.

Laron: Is she healthy?
Rhea: Yes. She’s 127.

Laron: Does she like it there too?
Rhea: She loves the lights but hates the cold.

Laron: Did you both go there on your own?
Rhea: We requested this mission to get water, to get the ice from the iceberg. It’s just us. But only she is aware that I came here to rest. (Never to return?) Yes.

Laron: Do you talk to her about anything else?
Rhea: Just about what is going to happen to me after I die, the arrangements for my body. I want my body to be cremated and then scattered in the sea. (Where about?) Close to the ice so I can have peace and quiet.

{I move Rhea forward until her last moments.}

Rhea: It’s so cold. I’m about to go. I just can’t take any more oxygen. (Are you in the same place as before?) Yep.

Laron: How are you positioned?
Rhea: I’m sitting and resting my head on her shoulder so I’m not struggling.

Laron: How do you feel?
Rhea: Peaceful because it’s ending. The pain of seeing so many dead people was overwhelming. {she’s crying back in the room} (Are remembering that now?) Yes. (And you’re referring to the cities being destroyed and the people dying?) Yes. I can feel their pain. The fear and the desperation. I want peace again, not another second of struggle.

Laron: What’s happening now?
Rhea: I’m leaving with the lights. (The lights you were watching?) Yes.

Laron: How do you feel?
Rhea: There’s no shape. I feel very light. I can go anywhere now.

Laron: Does anything look different when you look back at where you were, at where your friend is?
Rhea: She’s still sitting there was my body. She doesn’t know I’ve died. She’s crying now.

Laron: What happens now with the lights?
Rhea: I join with them. There’s some kind of beings in there.

Laron: Do you think they produce the lights, or they just happen to come now?
Rhea: The word angel pops into my head but they are not exactly angels, they are just light beings. They are very peaceful and happy. They look like lights. (What sort of form would they take?) Sometimes they can take a shape but they are just lights, light photos. They are energy. They are consciousness and they shapeshift. They don’t have actual shapes, but move with the energy wave. If they met something, or someone, they would take the shape that that someone knows, not an actual form. (You mean the shape that the being would understand?) Yes. (Such as a human shape?) Yes.

Laron: Do they have anything to do with the lights you were watching when you are alive, or is that separate?
Rhea: They exist in the energy waves. (Would they be what the lights are, such as the northern or southern lights, or just exist in them?) The auroras are them, but they are also in them. Like they are a part of each other. (Like one?) Some parts of the auroras don’t have a consciousness, but these beings do have a consciousness. They live as part of their energy so they can travel to places. (So they are not always there?) No.

Laron: What’s happening now?
Rhea: I’m part of them for a while. I told them I want to stay, I want to be like this for a long time.

Laron: Because of how it feels?
Rhea: Yes. It feels like there is no density. It feels free, but you belong to a group. There are no rules, you can leave anytime. You can just gravitate to your frequency and vibration. There’s no limitation, no limit.

Laron: Are any of the light beings familiar to you?
Rhea: Yes and know. Very vague. I’m not sure if it’s kind of me, as in a part of me, or another consciousness. They are mixed.

Laron: Do you hang around there a while in those lights?
Rhea: Yes. (Is that the Earth?) Yes.

Laron: Do you get a sense of what that energy does to you when you are inside it?
Rhea: It’s healing. It’s very calm. It’s kind of loving, but not in a yucky way. It’s very calming. It’s purple. There’s also orange yellow. It’s kind of a changing colour between yellow and orange, but the energy that belongs to me is purpler.

Laron: What are those specific colours doing to you? Is there a reason they are that colour?
Rhea: Purple is healing. The orange colour is regulating the mood, the emotions.

Laron: Do you know where the colours come from or what’s directing the colours towards you?
Rhea: No, it’s just the way it has always been. I get a message the colours in use are based on my human form.

The Medicine Woman

Laron: After being in the polar lights, where do you eventually go?
Rhea: It takes a long time to decide, but I don’t remember how long exactly, it was a very long time. The earth has changed. There’s a lot more green areas on Earth when I see it now. It’s like I don’t want to take human form again, but, the light beings wanted me to. They told me it’s time. I resisted for a long time again and then put me in a tribe.

Laron: A tribe on Earth?
Rhea: Yes. This is the same tribe that I had. I had been a healer in this tribe.

Laron: Are you in the tribe now?
Rhea: Yes. I’m a female.

Laron: What does the area around you look like?
Rhea: Riverbank, edge of the forest.

Laron: How many people are in the tribe?
Rhea: There are about 40 families here.

Laron: What colour is your skin?
Rhea: Brown, not too brown, brown from the sun.

Laron: When you look at yourself or other people in the tribe, what would the race be similar to if you compared it to one on Earth?
Rhea: Maybe American Indian. They have very high cheek bones, small eyes.

Laron: What are you wearing?
Rhea: Leather. I have long pants on and boots. There’s laces sewed together. I think it’s rabbit skin. There’s furs inside. It’s kind of cold.

Laron: What colour is your hair?
Rhea: Dark black. It’s very long.

Laron: Do you have any jewellery or ornaments?
Rhea: A bracelet. I carry a satchel. There’s some sort of necklace made of bone and fur. The bracelet is leather with carvings on it. The carving has a circle with markings in the middle and feathers all around it—wings, it represents wings.

Laron: What are you doing right now?
Rhea: I’m helping my grandmother to prepare a herbal medicine. Somebody’s son was injured in a hunt and it’s for the wound, but it’s not a bad one. We are just trying to stop the infection. He doesn’t really care to have it, he doesn’t want to be there, and he says it’s nothing. My grandmother insisted. She said it looks like it will turn bad and kill him.

Laron: What is the role of your grandma?
Rhea: Kind of like a doctor but they don’t have doctors. Grandma is like a shaman.

Laron: Does your grandma teach you all these things? Or does she plan to?
Rhea: Something happened to my mother. I think I was left with my grandmother. My mother left the tribe. I’ve been with grandmother since I was very young. I’m just learning from her because I was curious about what she does.

Laron: Do you know why your mother left the tribe?
Rhea: She wants to explore, she’s not a settler. (That’s her nature?) Yeah.

Laron: Have you got any other family there?
Rhea: My father is here but he doesn’t talk to me or my grandmother. He’s some kind of warrior in the tribe. They go out hunting a lot. He doesn’t like me, or he sees me and he’s in pain. (You remind him of something?) Yeah.

{I move Rhea along.}

Rhea: I’m walking in the forest. I’m alone. I’m 23. It’s morning, but the forest is dark, there’s not a lot of light.

Laron: Why are you there?
Rhea: I’m going somewhere. I started going very often, but recently, most of the time in secret. I’m going through the forest. There’s deer but they are hiding—they don’t want to be seen. I’m trying carefully not to make noises. I keep looking back feeling anxious.

Laron: Why are you feeling anxious?
Rhea: Someone might find out where I am going. I’m going to a wooden house.

Laron: Do you make it there?
Rhea: Yes. There’s someone in there. They are a very angry person. I’m about to go in the house but I don’t really want to.

Laron: What is the house made out of?
Rhea: Logs, wood. It’s well built. The windows are a square and have something to cover them but there’s no lock. There’s a door. It has a round rusty metal door handle. I yank on it and it opens. The house is very messy inside, it smells. It’s cold. The person that lives in there is angry, frustrated and depressed.

Laron: Can you see him now?
Rhea: Early 40s. He’s Caucasian. He doesn’t’ like me here.

Laron: Do you know what he’s angry about?
Rhea: With himself. (Do you feel a bond with him?) Now I do, but before I didn’t want to be there. My grandma told me to go.

Laron: Have you been there a few times now?
Rhea: About once, sometimes twice, every week. I went there because my grandma said he needs help, he doesn’t want to be with his own people and he doesn’t want to be with us. He’s just there to die, and he shouldn’t. She said he shouldn’t just die like that. He’s got a hurt leg and he doesn’t want it to heal and he’s angry. He doesn’t want to kill people, he was forced to kill people and doesn’t want to be with his own people anymore. One of us hurt him with an arrow, but he was angry and said he doesn’t want to kill any of us. He just… doesn’t know how to get out of his situation.

Laron: How does it feel being there?
Rhea: We don’t know how to talk to each other. (Language?) No, he doesn’t understand me. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. He sometimes shouts at me. I start a fire for me and bring him some food. I tell him to put some medicine on his leg. He’s very angry. An arrow went through his leg and got cut out. He looks quite angry.

{When going through these scenes in the house, she is very much in character and personality to that girl. The way she talked changed into a childlike like voice (even though the girl was in her early 20s) and when I looked at her I could intuitively see an American Indian.}

Laron: Is it healing well?
Rhea: Not really. That’s why the room smells. I don’t want to be there, but, I have to change it for him. (Is he letting you?) Yes. He shouted but he was a bit too sick to stop me or do anything. He just lies on the bed. I wanted to help him but I can’t, I don’t know how to help him to be not angry. I don’t know why he’s angry. I know he’s in pain but I don’t know why.

Laron: So he doesn’t want to get better, perhaps.
Rhea: Yeah, he just wants to die. He’s now gone to sleep. I cook some food for him and leave it in his room. I have to go now because I don’t want anyone to find out as grandma told me to make sure. (Do you leave?) Yeah.

{I move Rhea on}

Rhea: Something happened in the tribe. Something happened to me. People are angry with me because I’ve been helping the white soldier. Especially the warrior guy, someone’s son… the guy we were trying to heal when I was younger. He is particularly mad at me. They put me somewhere so I can’t leave. It’s a tent. They tried my hands to a pole. The tent is pointy. It’s kind of primitive. This is one of the smaller ones. I think they put animals in this tent on rainy days. I’m just sitting on the ground and I’m not happy.

Laron: Has anyone talked to you?
Rhea: No. A few people are guarding the tent so I can’t leave. They tied one of my hands to a pole anyway. The chief doesn’t want to do anything to me, he just keeps me there and won’t allow me to leave. Because I’ve helped many people in the tribe they shouldn’t kill me. (Because of all the good you have done?) Because I am their doctor now.

Laron: So your grandma taught you some things?
Rhea: Yes, and some things I’ve learnt on my own. (Did anyone else teach you in the tribe?) No. I usually go into the forest by myself, sometimes I will see the hunters there. I don’t really talk to them as they think I’m a little weird.

{I move her along again.}

Rhea: My grandmother… something is happening with her. She fell in the forest. (Are you with her?) No. I’m still locked up. I can see what is happening in my head. She tried to go and help the white solider but she fell. I am going crazy because I can’t help her. I cut the rope with my teeth, it was really hard to do, and my mouth is bleeding. I hit the person guarding the tent really hard on the head. I think I killed him. I run.

Laron: Do you make it to your grandma?
Rhea: By the time I get there she has passed. I am angry. I’m angry at everybody. They are just blind, stupid. Stubborn. They don’t see anything. I went to the house. The guy is not doing so well. He’s got a fever. His leg is rotten. Something is eating it. He’s not going to be here long.

Laron: What do you do now?
Rhea: I sit with him. I feel my grandma wanted me to do that. He is leaving his body. (Did you see?) Yes. He said, “Anna”. I think it’s his wife. Someone he loved. And then he’s gone.

Laron: How do you feel about him going?
Rhea: A little bit sad. He’s always angry. Now he’s at peace. I buried him in his backyard. I took my grandmother back to my tribe. They cremated her.

Laron: What did they say to you?
Rhea: Nothing. They didn’t lock me up again. I don’t want to talk to anybody. (Are you angry?) Very angry. I took my things and went to live in the cottage. I don’t want to live in the tents anymore.

Laron: Did you not want to see your tribe again?
Rhea: I still help them. Only the ones who are brave enough to come and see me. I don’t talk to them. I give them the medicine and they leave.

{I move Rhea forward to the last day of her life.}

Rhea: I’m in the backyard. I haven’t eaten for days. I’m in my 80s. I have wrinkles on my hands and I’m walking with a stick.

Laron: Are you starving?
Rhea: I didn’t want to eat on purpose. My body isn’t healthy, I get headaches a lot. Dizzy. Like I can’t stand up. I didn’t want to eat anything. I can’t keep things down either.

Laron: Would you say you are suffering?
Rhea: Yeah. I don’t want to see anyone. I’m in the backyard just trying to sit in nature. Things have changed. There are more houses here in the forest. Our people started trading with the white people, they still hate them but there is peace. I don’t like either of them. They are blind. They don’t see. Both sides are angry a lot, especially the men. It’s frustrating. I just wanted to go.

Laron: {I take her to her last breathe.}
Rhea: I’m lonely but I’m ok with it. I just left my body. I’m now looking back.

The Afterlife, Questions & Healing

Laron: Is it a different perspective?
Rhea: I’m on top of the forest. I went back to the tribe. I’m watching them. I miss them. I’m still angry with the way they treated other people. They can’t see. They are too closed up. But I miss them. There is a small village at the other edge of the forest, white people I think. They are pushing the boundaries. They have farm animals and dogs. I don’t know.

Laron: Does anyone come to meet you?
Rhea: Grandmother and my mum. My grandmother has long white hair, she puts it up on her head, and she’s quite bright. My mum has dark hair, she’s very small. She’s also bright. They look the same as when they were alive, but lighter. They take my hand.

Laron: Where do you go?
Rhea: A place filled with light. There’s light everywhere. (Is it bright?) Yeah.

Laron: Are there any other beings there?
Rhea: I can’t really tell who they are but they are all just glowing with light. They have different clothes. I think there is a male. I’ve never seen him before. He’s walking towards me. He’s wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. It’s a bit odd. Somehow we know each other. He’s very tall. He doesn’t communicate with words but I know what he is thinking, “Welcome back. I’ve missed you.”

Laron: Ask him who he is.
Rhea: He is me, but a different me.

Laron: Ask why you were shown that lifetime in the tribe?
Rhea: I’m a healer, but I’m afraid of the ability. I’m afraid because people may not like me and that they get angry. I’m afraid of the gift.

Laron: In your current lifetime back in the room, you’re afraid of the gift because of what happened in hat lifetime?
Rhea: Too much anger and sadness, yes. I didn’t know how to make it better.

Laron: Ask what you can do now to release that anger and the fear.
Rhea: I need to focus on the healing, not the person. They have too much ego, but I can heal their soul.

Laron: Ask if that by seeing that life, that will help you let go of the anger and the fear.
Rhea: He said I need to forgive and forget the people in that lifetime.

Laron: Ask what the best method is for you to do that.
Rhea: The light is being sent just now. They are taking away some of the anger. (They are helping you?) Yeah. I just need to let go. (Try and do that now, try and be receptive, try and let go.)

Laron: Ask why you were shown that first experience in the floating cities with the war, and why it was important to have that come up today.
Rhea: It’s important because I carry the fear of losing people I love because of that lifetime, with me throughout all my lives. (All since that one?) Yes.

Laron: Ask how you get let go of that fear.
Rhea: From seeing that life, that will help me let go. Some of it was too deep, buried deep in my root chakra. That has to be grounded.

Laron: Can they help you now to let go of that fear and to heal the root chakra?
Rhea: Some but not all, I need to let go of that gradually. I need to meditate more frequently and ground. The fear is stubborn, it’s protecting me but not in a good way.

Laron: Ask if there’s anything else you can do to help with that process.
Rhea: Every time I want to make a decision, to do something different, get out of the comfort zone, I should ground first and release the fear. That will help me make the first step.

Laron: Ask him if it’s fine for him to speak through you directly. Is that OK?
Rhea: Yes.

A Dream Clarified

Rhea had a dream which she wanted clarification from. In March 2020 she had a lucid dream, this was around the time COVID was breaking out in New Zealand. She was in a meeting room with light beings in the dream and was given a message by a leader of the council.

Rhea also asked for guidance around where humanity is heading.

Council: She is part of the council of light. She receives information and messages through us. She doesn’t receive messages very well when she’s awake because her head is too busy. So in the dreams she comes to meet us. We instruct her what to do.

Laron: Is there anything about that message in the dream she got that she needs to know right now?
Council: She’s resisting her role because she’s supposed to deliver messages to humanity, to make people less afraid. She was told the fear on the planet is too high and is slowing down the transition. The problem is that she is resisting to say things publicly, she’s too afraid.

Laron: Do you think she should be doing that because the fear needs to be reduced?
Council: She can do more, we don’t push her. She can do more, she’s doing more in her own circle. She has a way with words and how she delivers messages. She doesn’t threaten people, or people feel less threatened by her. But she is not sure of herself. She wants someone to do it with her. (To share the burden?) Not a burden, just a responsibility, a mission. We give her choices to fulfil the mission or not. She doesn’t see it, she’s afraid. She’s being told on occasions that this mission is going to lead her to a bigger more abundant life.

Laron: Will a person come along soon that she can do that with, that will help her?
Council: If she steps out, she will attract that.

Laron: What can she do to help her remove any fear, or to step out?
Council: She wants the full acceptance of her loved ones because she doesn’t want to be seen as crazy, or uneducated. She is afraid people will think that she is uneducated. But it’s a fear.

Laron: A fear she needs to let go of?
Council: A very deep fear that she needs to let go of. She’s not able to at the moment.

Laron: Will she be able to?
Council: She doesn’t believe in herself, she probably won’t.

Laron: What will help her believe in herself?
Council: She needs to connect with us a bit more. (How?) Meditation and more sleep. She’s too focused on creating the life for her children. But the thing is, as she focuses on delivering the messages, she will get more abundance. Instead she’s focusing on the job she has now. She’s sacrificing health and sleep for her work.

Where Humanity is Heading

Laron: Can you give us some guidance to where humanity is heading this year, and beyond, in relation to the COVID situation?
Council: It was only allowed to happen because humanity needs a crisis. But the problem is that the crisis is sparking more fear than we intended. Humanity can better run its course and then we go through the transition, or the cumulative fear will make something worse occur, a bigger crisis to push us closer to the transition. The goal is the transition.

Laron: So basically, whatever happens there will still be that transition?
Council: Exactly. The goal is the transition on the planet. We were hoping more people would be enlightened and would wake up based on this crisis, instead it’s going in a different direction.

Laron: Based on the timeline right now, does it look like we are heading towards more fear and that the transition will take longer than planned?
Council: At this point, yeah.

Laron: Why was the crisis needed?
Council: Because the climate change was heading towards a mass destruction of humanity. It was leading to war. It was leading to apocalypse. This was in some human’s agenda, but allowed by Gaia. Gaia did not want to see war, didn’t want to see starvation or destruction of humanity, so this was a crisis to push them to awakening.

Laron: If the COVID crisis did not occur, would the transition happen with the war, with the apocalypse, with the earth changes?
Council: The transition would occur a different way, only a small fraction of the current population would get to go through as humans. If the war happens, the Earth’s soul will transition as energies, but it defeats the purpose.

Laron: Can you explain what the transition is.
Council: Higher dimension. More conscious based living. Getting back to energy based consciousness.

Laron: Would people remain on the Earth during that transition?
Council: They should. (People will be more conscious and connected to the energies?) They can be. Like their ancestors, like what they were—more connected to the Earth’s soul and each other.

Corona Virus & The Reptilians

Laron: Who’s idea, or what group of people, were responsible for the release of the corona virus?
Council: There’s a group of dark forces which have forms. They’re closer to the reptilian race. They are not exactly the old reptilian anymore, but have very strong reptilian DNA. They are embedded in Governments, big corporates and certain secret forces. They know how to manipulate the human mind and stir the fate of humanity into the direction they wanted.

Laron: When you say embedded, can you expand on that?
Council: They are not the leaders, not in most countries, the people they chose they don’t want in the spotlight because it can be too obvious. They [Reptilians] can be picked up by certain human technology so they don’t want to be in the spotlight. They have people in positions high enough in the closed circles of Government that manipulate the decisions of countries.

Laron: Can you go into detail on how they are embedded in some of these people including the influence, or amount of influence that they have.
Council: It is in their DNA—part of their body and brain structure. They are connected with each other on a conscious level so the coordination is easier. A part of their brain allows them to telepathically communicate with each other.

Laron: Are the humans that are embedded with the Reptilians, are they aware they are being controlled?
Council: They go through an initiation process. They get recruited or initiated before they become an adult. There is some kind of process or ritual they go through to activate that part of their brain and then they get strategically placed in the human system to allow them to climb up the ladder. So they know, they are aware of each other. Sometimes they meet each other physically, but they are aware of each other. Humanity should have that ability too. They don’t know it and it’s a bit different as well—function differently.

Laron: What is the reason that these Reptilian beings created the virus and released it. What was the purpose?
Council: They need things to remain the same. They have invested generations after generations to set up this system. They want things to be the same. They love gold and power. If humanity wakes up they will remember everything; in that case their efforts are gone. They tried to destroy Lemuria where humans had a more peaceful and abundant existence. They tried to destroy the civilization so they could rule the land.

Laron: Is that the first experience that came up for Rhea today?
Council: Yes. That was Lemuria. They paired up with the Atlantians. They stole their technology to destroy Lemuria. They don’t want abundance on Earth so that they could rule.

Laron: Were the Atlantians part of the attack?
Council: Indirectly. Atlantians are a little bit more aggressive. They were drawn to the Reptilians races’ warrior type of philosophy. The Atlantians liked the class system, not so much the class but the tribal side of things. Each tribe was in charge, or responsible, for different jobs—this type of system. They liked the power the Reptilians had and exchanged their technology for power and weapons. The Atlantians did not realise what the Reptilians were using the technology and weapons for.

Vaccines for Coronavirus

Laron: What does the COVID vaccine do to the human body? [When I ask this, I’m referring to the two main American distributed Vaccines from makers Pfizer and Moderna]
Council: It weakens the immune system. It calcifies the pineal gland more, and other glands. From

the glands becoming calcified, our immune system is also lowered. It blocks our connection to higher self so people then make poor choices in terms of things like food and life. It can make people emotionally unstable. Pfizer and Moderna do similar things. The Chinese vaccine enables China to have more control over their population. The Russian vaccine is similar to the Chinese vaccine—designed for more control over their people.

Laron: What does the mRNA do inside the vaccines, such as the Pfizer vaccine?
Council: It binds with our DNA. It stops the DNA advancing.

Laron: Why would the Reptilians want this to happen?
Council: We have more strains. Consciousness is higher. We are going through a DNA awakening. The awakening [shift in consciousness / astrological age cycle / age of Aquarius, etc.] brings more DNA strains and more light, it raises consciousness. We are going through a DNA awakening.

Laron: So the vaccines are a way to stop us and keep us in place?
Council: The mRNA binds with the DNA and doesn’t allow light in unless the DNA has already evolved into something better—has more strains already. If we have 6-7 strains or more, the mRNA doesn’t affect us.

Laron: For a person with more than 5 DNA strains, would they be considered more evolved spiritually?
Council: They would have higher consciousness.

Laron: If evolved souls get the vaccine, they shouldn’t be affected the same way?
Council: They can’t bind anymore, 6-7 or above. (Does it have a negative affect at all?) They damage the receptors, but not as badly. It will slow down their connection to higher self a lot, especially the glands such as the pineal, it will become clouded. It wouldn’t block it completely because the human body has self-healing powers. But with calcifying, it would make it very cloudy. Messages would be very vague and not clear.

Laron: How would it affect the immune system for the more advanced souls?
Council: It does less harm. (Does it still do harm?) On some level, but it’s not as bad. It will destroy some of the receptors of the DNA because it binds with it. The advanced souls would have more auto immune reactions, such as allergies, skin reactions, intolerance of certain foods, but it will not be as bad.

Detoxifying from the Vaccines

Laron: For the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, is there a way to detox after having them?
Council: Physically, lemon or citrus based food and water. A lot of water, a lot of water to wash it out. These things only help with the decalcifying. Apple cider vinegar helps too. The impact on the DNA cannot be helped physically; meditation is required to heal the DNA changes, which will lessen the impact. It will be more difficult to reach the alpha wave, so a lot of effort to allow more light in.

Laron: What about the immune system?
Council: Zinc. Vitamin C. A form of sulphite. These can boost the immune system.

Laron: How much can you detox on the physical level using those methods?
Council: It would take a very long time, years, to fully flush it out of the system. On the energetic level, it can be quicker but will require a lot of effort including meditation daily.

Reptilian Resources & Attachments

Laron: Are there any other resources the Reptilians are interested in on the physical level.
Council: Fear. Power. The Reptilian race rules parts of the universe using fear. They always migrate to a less advanced civilization and they enjoy the power they have over other beings with fear. This is similar to how we absorb light.

Laron: On the energetic level, why do they want to control us in this way?
Council: We are like an energy food source. They also want to control the gold resources on Earth. They don’t care about oil, a dead energy, but by controlling that they have indirect control of where the gold is distributed and they need gold to function physically to remain youthful; their body and the way they connect with each other, it allows their unity consciousness. Their skin loses latency without the gold atom. They can absorb gold through their skin. Gold is similar to how humans need light. They remain healthy when they are close to a gold source.

Laron: How do they use our energy as food?
Council: It’s similar to how creativity fulfils us. The fear creates a certain frequency. When it’s a collective energy it’s very powerful to them. It gives them like a zap, like drugs. It gives them pleasure and fulfilment.

Laron: Can some of them attach to our energetic or etheric body, have they got that ability?
Council: Only in close proximity, such as intimate relationships or in the workplace. They have to be very close. They have interactions with the emotional state on the emotional level.

Laron: What happens when they are attached in that way?
Council: They behave in a way using words or behaviours to strike fear into the other person. They behave emotionally, extreme emotionally so the person walks on eggshells and becomes constantly worried of setting the other person off. They use this for control, to have power over the other person.

{Based on my research and personal experience, I’ve found that some people with borderline personality disorder have reptilian attachments/influences.}

Laron: Does the mRNA vaccine help them attach to people more easily?
Council: It allows mass control because there will be a collective fear that will feed into each other. If it’s in a corporate space, they can do that. They don’t have to be in close proximity to people anymore, they can just do that with a message and then there will be massive fear.

Christchurch Mosque Attack & War

Laron: With the Mosque attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, what was the significance of that event on the spiritual level and world stage?
Council: Fear and paving ways. It was like dropping seeds. COVID was in the plan and if it didn’t work, then there has to be something else. This is one of their old tricks.

Laron: The one’s that planned COVID are similar to the ones who planned the Mosque attack?
Council: In a way they are. They belong to different groups but they are the same consciousness.

Laron: Why did some of the victims end up in Rhea’s class?
Council: Healing. She creates a healing type of energy in her classroom.

Laron: They needed her presence to heal because she’s a strong healer?
Council: She doesn’t even know she’s doing it. She doesn’t even know she’s delivering healing in her class, the messages and the energy, including the energy field she creates.

Laron: Why did they carry out the Mosque attack? What was the purpose?
Council: War. By using a white terrorist they can play both sides.

Laron: Did they want to create a war?
Council: Eventually. The population on Earth is too high, too many people and its consuming natural resources at a rate that is too fast. The climate might reset the planet but destroy civilizations and they wanted to control things before that stage.

Laron: So they wanted to create a war to reduce population to help the planet?
Council: To help themselves. They don’t believe that humans can change in other ways to live abundantly together. They know war can control populations faster than other methods. So if the humans don’t comply through COVID and the vaccines, the next step is war so they can control the population.

Laron: Who are they?
Council: The Reptilians. It doesn’t benefit them if the planet is destroyed or if humanity becomes extinct.

Laron: Is this war the war that was mentioned earlier in the session in connection to timelines?
Council: Yes and no. In the Lemuria times they didn’t want Lemuria to get stronger and rule the planet, because they want to. But they didn’t anticipate that by destroying the crystal, it would create so much destruction and damage to the planet. They didn’t want to reset the planet, they just wanted the Lemurians to reduce their population and damage their technology so they don’t rule. This time if they are going to create a war, it’s only for controlling the population so they can remain in control of the natural resources.

Atlantis & Lemuria

Laron: Since Rhea was young she’s had a reoccurring dream about Atlantis and Lemuria. Was that directly related to the life she saw today? (Yes) Where were Atlantis and Lemuria located on Earth?
Council: Lemuria ended up being close to New Zealand and Antarctica after the way.

Laron: Where were they before?
Council: They were in a more tropical place. The Spanish Islands. The coast of Europe — off the Spanish coast. That’s where they were, but the coast now is different to how it was before. The landmass was much smaller before. That’s where Lemuria attached to the land.

Laron: In a social group that Rhea is part of, the topic of Lemuria and Atlantis has come up a few times recently. Was that because of her connection to the past life in this session?
Council: That is because the current timeline may lead to a war. It’s important that she remembered that war. She didn’t remember the war before, only the devastation that came with it. She needed to remember the way so she would get the urgency to do her work.

{Health questions and healing are now addressed which I haven’t included.}

Final Message

Laron: Are there any other messages for us today?
Council: “The timeline is very shifty at the moment. Many people claim that they can predict the future, but there’s no written future, just multiple timelines. The collective energy and consciousness is important. The light workers—the awakened ones—have to deliver their messages in a non-threatening way. The light workers need to hold on to their frequency. The frequencies are every important.

Frequencies are everything. It’s the key to shift the consciousness on the planet. On the physical level, one doesn’t have to actually do a lot to change people’s mind; it’s important work, but not as important as holding on to their own frequency, the higher vibrational frequency, because it is that that will raise the frequency of everyone that they are close to.

Climate change is not a threat as people understand it to be. It’s only a transitional phase. It’s only to stop the way we are consuming resources on the planet. A timeline will occur where civilisation will be destroyed if people don’t change the way they live on the planet. The changes are happening already, not fast enough, but it’s happening, so if you can hold on to the change which is the highest vibrational timeline, climate change will not get worse.

Gaia heals herself faster than we think. It’s like your immune system, like your own healing mechanism, it doesn’t need medicine, you don’t need to do physical things to reverse climate change, you just need to change the way you consume on the planet and Gaia will heal fast. COVID lockdown showed you this, it showed how fast the planet can heal, but not many people paid attention to that because the media didn’t report on it enough.

Lemuria held the key of how to live abundantly by working with the planet, not exploiting it.”

Laron: Any final words?
Council: Rhea needs to know that she needs to heal the part which is angry with people who can’t see. She needs to believe that people can change.

* * *

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