Death to Life: A Transition to Another Experience

Death to Life: A Transition to Another Experience

The 12 minute video below is from an online past life regression I conducted with a client in New Zealand 2 weeks ago. I’ll be posting the full session on my YouTube and Rumble channels in the coming days. Subscribe to get notified.

In this video the client makes the transition to the other side. This takes place after a life where, as a female, she murdered her 3yo in her early 20s, married later on, and committed suicide from the edge of a cliff around age 60. Abandonment was some of the trauma brought into his current life.

The client had a range of issues, habits and health problems which this session helped to address and heal. Two serious health conditions vanished 2 days after the session.

After this segment — which you can watch in the full session — he returns ‘home’ to re-join beings that have a hive mind. He’s one of their leaders.

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