A Dream Interpretation | A Bridal Road of Ice

Dream Interpretation | A Bridal Road of Ice & A Chicken

One of the services I provide is dream interpretation. Here is a recent dream that was sent in for interpretation, along with my response. In terms of the cost, I offer both a short and long dream interpretation when making a selection here.

The Dream

I was walking alone on a bridle road in a nature area. Suddenly ice appeared that started to crack and I balanced to not fall between the cracks. It was not scary because I was fast focused on a very peculiar and big kind of chicken which looked very similar to a brahma chicken (I had to look after the dream if there existed these kind of chickens and I saw the Brahma). It was grey and white with white dots. It almost bounced, passing the road in then just disappeared at the edge just where water started as there was a channel there to left.

Strait after came an ice bear giving me a big hug and It was like I knew that ice bear and the energy was very light and when I woke up I felt light and like something shifted. The bear was the first spirit animal I met in the astral, but a brown bear.

My Dream Interpretation

So starting off you seem to have clarity within your mind. The road symbolizing your progress in life. So at that point (day of the dream) you’re feeling clearer in terms of where you are heading. The nature can mean freedom, tranquility, restoration, and renewal, so you’re probably feeling pretty good, or are in a great situation, whether you realize it or not.

You said the road was a bridal road, so this means it has a connection to horses. Horses are about strength, power and endurance. So include that into the beginning here, as you are not just clear within your mind as well as feeling free and renewed, but you’re strong and sure of yourself as well.

The ice is about you becoming blocked, in the sense of being stuck with not having thoughts and ideas easily coming through. You may have reached a point, outside of the above situation you have been in, where you are pondering and wondering about your life, or an important situation, and how to proceed, yet you are lost for words, you’re unable to access your creativity or even your intuition perhaps.

Walking on the frozen ice means you are standing on unstable ground, so you are not only feeling blocked, but this is causing a lot of distress. Trying not to fall in between the cracks can mean you’re trying not to lose it, not to step too far away from your peace of mind, your clarity, your position of being so sure of yourself.

The chicken is the key to the dream. So based on the above, what’ is holding you back is your fear, but what is your fear about? A situation(s) in your life which is creating and bringing up fear may help you identify what this is about. You need to overcome this and move past it, and then that will unblock you and release you from what the ice was about. The color grey can represent fear and confusion. White is about purity, perfection, peace and new beginnings, so they are on the chicken in places, as in … marking the chicken as something you need to focus on.

Through working out what the chicken represents, those dots will begin to spread out, covering the grey! ?

Streams / channels of water can be about the flow of fresh ideas. The chicken headed away in that direction, showing you that you can, yourself, head in that direction as well.

Brahma Chicken - Dream Interpretation - A Bridal Road of Ice

A polar bear is about re-awakening and bears in general can be about resurrection. So I’d say that this situation you became stuck in, once you have sorted it, this is not just about something simple to get through, but it’s going to change your life. You are going to take an important step forward here in terms of your profession on the spiritual path.

Once you sort this out and get through this situation of fear, that you may have already overcome, you will be shedding your skin and becoming a new you! Like you said when you woke up, something shifted.

An alternative dream interpretation here is that the dream was showing you did overcome that situation, not that you are currently stick in that situation. So you should understand if you still have something to face, or if you can identify in your life overcoming all this. The fact that you woke up with a shift may mean you have moved past that lesson.

Follow-up & Conclusion 

This is what my client said in response: “Thank you Laron. This made a lot of sense to me for where I am right now and I’m just now in situations where I have to leave situations and people and stepping into a new arena as well as I am developing healing work.

I have felt fear and confusion but not about where I’m heading but which arena to be in, to live and what people I will have in my life. As I have made clear choices for myself there are less and less people.

I think I have just become more realistic about my time and getting older as well? Means I don’t have energy to both work with people’s problems and have people in my spare time with too much problems. One have to be able to just be and have fun and space with people who are more on the same vibration path too right!

Our dreams are very, very powerful in terms of how they can help us in our lives. Because of the wide range of dream types, we can learn so much from them.

I hope this dream interpretation was helpful for you!