Energy Healing Feedback & The Importance Of Understanding Our Energy System

Energy Healing Feedback & The Importance Of Understanding Our Energy System

In this long article I talk about the importance for healers to learn about the energetic foundation of our physical body, as so many energy healing modalities barely touch upon these details. I provide examples of my own education to explain what type of information is involved in energy healing degrees or diplomas, and later include a few examples of facilitating healing with clients based on their feedback.

There are a lot of energy healing systems out there, with Reiki very likely being the most well-known. However, they all have to fit with our energy make-up, as that is the foundation and system that runs our body.

When I say energy healing, I mean the modalities where the facilitator is a conduit for energy to enter through them, or be directed by them, into their client.

With energy make-up, I’m referring to the energy system of the body which is composed of many energy centers including the 7 primary chakras, three central channels, seven subtle layers, meridians and our soul star — what I like to think of as holding our soul essence and consciousness while on Earth.

Most healing modalities barely touch on the actual energy system. This is why it can be so beneficial to find a degree or diploma (a word that means different things in different countries) that focuses on the energy system.

From 2011-2012, I studied part time in Australia, a Diploma in Energetic Healing that was written and designed by Stephen Bishop, a well-known Australian psychic and healer who has run a couple of metaphysical colleges over the past two decades which have employed various healers and intuitives to teach his classes, also some quite well-known.

It’s important to understand the quality of the Diploma, and therefore my knowledge and education around healing, so I will share some information about Stephen. But do note I have also read many books on the topic, had many modalities used on me by healers, and learnt other healing methods.

Stephen was a consultant on Channel 7’s TV series, “The One”, years ago, which ran for two seasons.

On this show, psychics would go through a series of tests over the course of a season, to determine who was the most accurate at what they did. The tests were partly designed by Stephen and he would act as a consultant throughout the series, helping and training the psychics.

A runner-up of season one was psychic medium Amanda Rossetti, a teacher of mine at Stephen’s College, as I did a separate course with her in psychic development. She was very good, so whoever won that year must have been great!

Before Stephen started his colleges, he wrote the material for an Energy Healing Diploma for a metaphysical college in Sydney called Nature Care. I understood at the time that it was one of Australia’s most well-known and respected metaphysical colleges.

So when it came to energy healing and psychics in Australia, Stephen was one of the best people to learn from back then.

The Diploma wasn’t cheap. I paid about $8, 500 for it, but it was worth it. The Diploma was composed of four courses (certificates).

  • Language of the Soul (40 hours + 1 day clinic)
    • Module 1: Finding Your center
    • Module 2: Shining Your Light
    • Module 3: Relating From Soul
    • Module 4: Seeing The Unseen
  • Energetic Healing (40 hours)
    • Module 1: Balancing Through The Chakras
    • Module 2: Balancing Through the Aura
    • Module 3: Balancing And Aligning The Earth Star
    • Module 4: Techniques And Ethics In Energy Healing
    • Practical: Working With Clients Supervised — Day Clinic
  • Metaphysics (90 hours)
    • Module 1: Base Chakra: Exploring Patterns of Relating
    • Module 2: Sacral Chakra: Relationship Through Soul
    • Module 3: Solar Plexus Chakra: Empowered Souls
    • Module 4: Heart Chakra: Unconditional Love
    • Module 5: Throat Chakra: Speaking Your Truth & Third Eye Chakra: Awakening Your Higher Vision
    • Module 6: Crown Chakra: Connection To The Divine & Integrating Your Soul Potential
  • Advanced Energetic Healing (80 hours + home study)
    • Module 1: Philosophy of Healing: The Subtle Energy System
    • Module 2: Soul Focus Technique
    • Module 3: Physical Anatomy
    • Module 4: Healing The Chakra Layers
    • Module 5: Soul-Centered Counselling
    • Module 6: Emotional Clearing Technique
    • Module 7: Energetic Anatomy
    • Module 8: Medical Intuition
    • Module 9: Facilitating Client Wellness / Medical Intuition 2
    • Module 10: Business Studies and Ethics
  • Clinical Practice includes in class & outside class hours (100 hours)
    • Practical: Working With Clients Supervised — In Class
    • Practical: Working With Clients Supervised — Student Clinic

As you can see, a lot was involved. We also covered meridian lines in one of the modules. There was a lot of practical work with the public that would come in as clients for the clinicals. That helped us gain confidence as healers.

The module healing the chakra layers related to the seven layers of each chakra, which is not commonly known. I found energetic anatomy very interesting.

Back to my point, which is that if you are going to be a healer, there are options out there for you to further your studies and learn about all this information that relates to whatever energy healing modality you end up going with as a primary method.

One of the techniques I learnt in the Diploma was using certain energetic healing techniques to send healing into the body. Gentle puffs of energy was one option if I felt the energy center needed a soft touch, and not such an intense flow of energy. We learnt about specific colors and how they were best used when directing energy into the clients system.

I also learnt ways of patting down and repairing the subtle bodies, including detecting where breaches or imbalances are in the fields.

I developed the ability to sense the state of an energy center, based on physical sensations in my hand. I also learnt how to feel the distance of a subtle body from the physical. These are just some of the things of a long list of psychic based healing skills I picked up and learnt thanks to this Diploma.

What I have found  as I have done more and more sessions, I don’t end up using a whole lot of what I was taught, but going with what feels right to do using my intuition. Sometimes the things that I come up with are completely new to me.

We can recall healing techniques from past experiences, but for me it’s never felt like that. It’s like I am just doing what needs to be done using techniques that suddenly are occurring, and which I become aware of through clairvoyance. It’s like there is another me working alongside me.

While at the College I studied other courses, in addition to what was in the Diploma, as there was so much Stephen and other teachers offered.

In 2012, around the time I was finishing up the Diploma in Energetic Healing, I had a session scheduled with Stephen as part of my clinicals, as I was making up hours. He said he wasn’t feeling well so the healing was postponed to another day. That evening, while standing in his kitchen next to his wife, he had a stroke. This was the beginning of the end of his College and an early end to his career as a healer and intuitive. His current students, including me, were able to finish their studies thanks to the other teachers that year.

It was bad — we were worried. A large group of his friends and students came together at the college and we performed a distant group healing on him. The feedback we got from his wife, as he was in a hospital bed at the time, confirmed it was helping him in real time. He had trouble speaking, moving, and all the usual symptoms of a stroke.

His recover after that was very fast. A few months later he was back at the college, but he was a different person. He had trouble formulating what to say when speaking to us.

One afternoon I got to perform that private healing that was postponed. The day after, he came in and I noticed a positive change with his language. Whether it was coincidence or a combination of him receiving healing from others, I don’t know, but healing can be very effective, as that distant group healing helped him so much.

I’ve kept in touch and he recently put out a newsletter inviting people to a meditation workshop he was teaching in NSW, Australia. While he doesn’t run the college anymore, he is still receiving clients and getting back into his work slowly.

In the USA, Barbara Anne Brennan runs a school teaching her own method. In the world of energy healing she is one of the best healing intuitives and teachers out there. Her book Hands of Light is a classic, now with two sequels, Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing and Core Light Healing: My Personal Journey and Advanced Healing Concepts for Creating the Life You Long to Live. I would say her college or school is very worthwhile to attend if you are interested in the deeper aspects of energy healing. Not everyone who attends such training will develop the same abilities that she has, or that other teachers have. People have different gifts, but unless we actually go and take action, which can be a combination of theory and practice, we may never know what we excel at.

“What is in the pencil is greater than what is around it. The talents in you are greater than the environment surrounding you. Your potentials will change your environment.”
― Israelmore Ayivor

For me, my strong ability is actually healing, as in curing/resolving a physical condition, and / or releasing emotional blocks that are stopping healing form occurring. So it’s not diagnosis or sensing and picking up on the emotional event that resulted in the issue in the first place (not yet anyway!). But I have educated myself in many aspects of why a person gets sick, so I am very good at narrowing down what may be the cause, analytically speaking.

I have had much success with my healing sessions, but it’s not always about a physical and therefore practical issue. For example, with Anna, a client I worked with distantly a few days back in Sweden, I helped unblock energy that related to a past life. With her permission, here is something she wrote as feedback and for a testimonial.

“I have experienced the benefits of energy healing before but this was definitely the best and here`s why: Very soon after the session started, my body and mind became so relaxed. I felt like my energy body was floating over my physical body. I also felt grounded and safe at the same time. I saw a turquoise ball of light with a pattern inside, and soon after I recalled a dream from the night before which brought me to a past life — I felt energy blockages suddenly release in my body. It was as if I had lost wings and they had returned, as I felt my energy body swing up and down. The day after I had a lot more energy, but at the same time I felt much more grounded. My dreams became clearer also. This energy healing worked on so many levels and I truly recommend this!”

During the healing I found myself working with what I perceived to be her soul star. I intuitively picked up a sphere of blue energy that I sent healing into and worked with for a decent amount of time. Anna sensed a turquoise ball while receiving the energy, and I suspect this related to what I was working with at the time.

Like I briefly touched upon earlier, you can be taught a whole lot of stuff, but you may find that you leave a lot of that behind as you connect in intuitively and just go with the flow.

With a distant healing client in the USA a couple of months back, who is a female in her 60’s, she approached me with a few issues, including fatigue, but didn’t actually mention the physical condition I ended up working on. During the session I was drawn to work on her right knee and intuitively saw strings of energy coming down through my hand over this knee (I wasn’t creating that flow of energy on purpose — I just saw it), different colors spiraled down out of my hand. I also had an energetic hand underneath the knee. A few days later I learnt that she had a Baker’s cyst behind that knee, one that had been there for years, and which made it difficult for her to walk as there was a lot of pain — now it was gone and she could walk. A month on she confirmed it hasn’t come back, neither has the pain.

The method I found myself using in the above example was not something I learnt. Some people don’t need to become educated, but then may do so, so that they have a piece of paper to show others they know what they are doing. Education can also bring clinicals, meaning the opportunity for confidence to grow.

What I have found based on a lot of feedback over the years, including from a number of intuitives — those that work as psychics with clients — is that when I heal someone their astral body is sometimes guided out so that the healing can be more effective, accessing areas which may not have been as easy to reach with the energy of the astral body being present. While it’s out, I facilitate the unblocking of energy, improving the flow throughout the chakras and subtle bodies. It is not uncommon for a client to fall asleep, and when we are sleeping our astral body is out, whether it’s just residing closely to the physical, or off on adventures. In addition to that, memories of past lives can come in, whether as visions during a session, or through dreams later on, which help release those emotional links.

A past life regression is not always required to resolve those harder to cure health issues, as this process can take place in an energy healing session, as I have seen.

I’ve come to realize that it can be difficult to fit into a world that relies so heavily upon formal education and a high income, when gifts exist inside that you are trying to harness, but then some education—while not so formal—can be of great benefit.

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