An Example of Intuitive Energy Healing

An Example of Intuitive Energy Healing

A distant healing client today had 3 issues for me to focus on, but after starting I was immediately drawn to her back. This is hard to describe in words and if I was an artist it would be so much easier, but I saw this blob like white layer around the mid to upper back. It was shifting its shape (not static), covering about two thirds of the centre area of her back.

So, I started healing in that area and then after five minutes or so, attended to the rest of the healing.

I just received a response to some feedback I’d sent on earlier which included mention of working in that area, and she said she had forgot to mention her mid back, that it had been bothering her for the last year on and off, especially when she was standing in the one spot.

I thought this was a good example of how intuitive healing works. Typically when you learn a healing modality it’s structured a certain way with specific methods to use, but in the end it all comes down to what goes on with the intuition. I also like to point out that it’s not just me there during these sessions, I have helpers and so does the client. There’s also other parts of me joining in, not just the conscious version of myself down here on Earth.

I offer distant energy healing, online past life regression and distant space clearings, feel free to reach out anytime.

Some benefits of Energy Healing

  • Prevent disease from forming in the physical body.
  • Increase the healing process after an operation and/or injury.
  • Lessen anxiety, stress, and other emotional disturbances.
  • Help release energetic blocks formed in this life, or a past life, which create a physical health and/or psychological issue.

Some benefits of Past Life Regression (QHHT)

  • Finding your life purpose and answers to any questions you may have.
  • Experiencing past lives (and sometimes simultaneous lives), that directly relate to this life to help heal and understand emotional patterns, health issues, gifts and past events.
  • Meeting loved ones who have passed, spirit guides, star seed family and any being, or collective you resonate with and may be connected to.
  • Having an experience that can expand your consciousness and spirituality, and that of others if the information is shared.
  • Investigating events of the past to find out the truth that may sit beyond false implanted memories.