Garden of Eden (Future Earth), Animal Healing & Life Purpose | Higher Self Answers

Garden of Eden (Future Earth), Animal Healing & Life Purpose | Higher Self Answers

There’s information that came up from my New Zealand client Jessica’s higher self in a past life regression (QHHT) a few days ago that I wanted to share (with permission).

You can find the video on YouTube here and Rumble here.

First is the answer to why she has an affinity to cats, then I ask about bringing in gifts from past lives, then a question on what’s to come in the future on earth, and the answer to her life purpose.

With regards to the future earth, the consciousness is raising. There’s going to be a clean-up of Earth. The old is dying. It will be rocky as we go through it. New technologies will be used to help the Earth return to a Garden of Eden state.

In addition to the above, we had time for four past lives to come up (including one of her partners), which included life on a planet which had similarities to ancient Egypt, including the pyramids and temples there. There the animals were equals and there was choice around existing physically, or as their light bodies. They all worked together, using energies to heal with the involvement of the animals which they communicated with telepathically.

A gift she brought to her current life relates to the above, where in about three years she’ll be working with animals and certain ‘codes’ will become unlocked that will help many.

Additional benefits of this session related to finding answers around why her horse keeps falling over when being transported in a horse float, her affinity to animals—especially cats, her life purpose, the cause of headaches and fatigue (including healing), the cause and healing of her insomnia, and healing of relationship trauma.

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