Healing Abandonment & Queen Semiramis of Babylon

Healing Abandonment & Queen Semiramis of Babylon

Here’s a past life regression session with an online New Zealand client, which is available on YouTube and Rumble.

With detailed memories of the first life, and some help from his higher self soon after, the client was able to clear a pattern of abandonment which resulted in trauma impacting his health, as well as his mental, emotional and spiritual states.

An interesting transition on the spirit side comes up next, and a returning ‘home’ to a group of beings — one which turns out to be Queen Semiramis of Babylon, his partner. He’s one of their rulers.

Two days after the session his sciatica, and another serious health issue, disappeared entirely. He’s since made some major breakthroughs in life, heading in a new, and healthier, direction.

What are the benefits of past life regression?

  • Find your life purpose and answers to any questions you may have.
  • Experience memories to help understand emotional patterns and health issues which can lead to healing, and improved mental and emotional health.
  • Make contact with loved ones, spirit guides, star seed family and any being, or collective, you might feel a connection to.
  • Expand your consciousness and spirituality and pull forth gifts and abilities.
  • Find truth which may be forgotten, or lost beneath false memories.
  • Establish a connection to a higher aspect of self to find information and healing

Below is a summary of the session, along with links and information about Laron.

A Murder of a Child

On a beach with her red roofed house behind her, a friendly black dog approaches. In her early 20s with long red hair, she carries a tomahawk. A long-drop and water tank sits outside. After going inside, walking on old style lino, the client recalls that this female just killed her three year old child with the axe.

Her husband left her a few months prior. “I just felt abandoned,” the client says. He had been violent. She was afraid of him. She’d become angry and bitter overtime. Her mental health suffered. She killed the child to get revenge on her husband from abandoning her.

She kneels down at the fireplace, burning her hand on the embers on purpose and considers walking into the ocean and ending it.

The Milwaukee Store (23:53)

Two years later, she’s on a horse and cart, going past the ‘Milwaukee Store’ on a dirt road. A sheriff talks to her. She gets water.

Married in Stanton (30:36)

At age 30 Martha (we finds out her name) meets a young man named Michael. He works at his parents shop, the ‘Stanton General Store 1873 est’. They are going to get married. She’s looked down upon because of her rank in society but Michael doesn’t care. She blocks out the dark secret from the past. “Would you like to marry me?” he says.

Michael’s Death (40:08)

Michael is in bed dying. The client has feelings of abandonment, despair and hopelessness arise.

Last Day at the Cliff (43:52)

Ten years later she stands next to the edge of a seaside cliff looking down. The abandonment drove her to fall forward, taking her own life.

She floats above her body.

The Transition (48:50)

The client makes his transition after death to the other side.

A craft eventually appears with two beings inside. He’s transported to another planet.

Queen Semiramis of Babylon (1:04:38)

Inside a dome with an atmosphere, as the planet doesn’t support one, he’s welcomed by a number of beings. A woman sits on a black shiny throne in a sea of white. He feels her mind. She holds a sceptre and welcomes him back. He learns about himself, her and the beings there.

He’s able to connect into the group — there’s a hive mind — and sense how they feel.

The queen is Semiramis of Babylon, but they exist outside of time which is explained, so have a variety of experiences, not just related to what is known in Earth’s history.

Higher Self (1:28:05)

The client accesses his higher self. Laron asks him how he’s experiencing that and then asks about the two experiences that came up above. He also follows up with what makes him who he is.


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