Machu Picchu Rescue, Hollow Earth Mantids & The Consciousness Shift

Machu Picchu Rescue, Hollow Earth Mantids & The Consciousness Shift

I conducted a hypnotherapy based past life regression session with my client in New Zealand on the 3rd of August, 2021. She gave permission to share parts of the session with everyone.

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First Life

After stepping out of a portal, her group attempts to rescue descendants of Lemuria who’ve been living at Machu Picchu for around a thousand years, as the Spanish arrive and attack. The Spanish are tethered to a dark force. Their secondary task is to close down a vortex which is connected into the ley lines and magnetic grid of the Earth, so the dark doesn’t use it to their advantage and/or contaminate it.

Second Life {22:02}

As Arabella, a feline/humanoid shaped being originating from Lyra, she finds herself under mount Kilimanjaro in the hollow earth, on the border of Kenya and Tanzania, meeting with a mantis insectoid beings, and many other races. A gathering is taking place in Earth’s immediate future in relation to the ascension process, in connection to the shift in consciousness / new earth / the event situation. Her mission is to persuade the Mantids to help with the Earth’s ascension process. A lot of information comes up about what is taking place with this frequency rise affecting all of us and how we will, and are, making that transition.

Higher Self {57:12}

After connecting into the clients collective and higher self, we get additional information about the first and second experiences above, including more detail on the shift going on with humanity and the planet Lyra. This information includes the healing and growth that comes as a result of having had the memories of those lives and experiences having came up. A final message is given at the end about what we can do right now during these challenging times.

Apologies for the sound quality as the volume occasionally jumps from low to high from the client’s side and my end is louder than the other.


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