Earth’s Future, The Shift, Life Reviews & Orion War

Earth’s Future, The Shift, Life Reviews & Orion War

Below is a link to an online hypnosis based past life regression video recording that I conducted in August, 2021. The client Linda, from Florida, USA, works in natural health and is currently studying to add to her knowledge on the topic. This session helped to provide important answers, healing, and empowered her for what’s to come. You can also find a description of the session below.

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Orion War

A planet in the Orion constellation. She finds herself as a green male scaled reptilian/amphibian being. War. He’s trying to deliver important information.

12+ years on: The wars over. He’s presented with an award but feels that he doesn’t deserve it. Guilt. They lost a lot of people. The presentation to the crowd is telepathic. He returns home  later where further information comes up.

Last day: In bed dying. A female friend who wanted a relationship is present (but he did not want one). Regrets about not choosing to have a family fills his mind before passing.

Life Review (35:37)

Linda finds herself guided towards a gathering place with a variety of beings — some from the past life, some humans, an Octopus walking on eight legs — where a life review takes place.

Lots of information comes up about what takes place with regards to the review and the space that exists in. As an advance soul, she’s told that she didn’t need help with planning and choosing her current life.

The global situation with the Earth in current times is covered and how they do not want the planet to be destroyed this time around. Info about the memory loss when coming into a human body, including how this doesn’t take place on other planets where memory from past lives is kept.

Other information:

  • Our future on Earth.
  • Question around her finances leads to info about a new medical system on Earth and the downfall of big pharma.
  • The cause of depression from a spiritual perspective.

Higher Self (1:28:14)

After connecting her to her higher self, I go over earlier aspects of the session, first asking about the Orion planet and why she was shown that.

  • The differences between the war in that life and what is going on Earth today.
  • Personal questions because are included as the metaphysical answers are educational.
    • Trouble with earning money, romantic connections, starting a business, depression, energy attachments, her arcturian origin and utilising abilities, her amount of lives on Earth, adrenal thyroid health issues, anxiety and its cause.

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