Roxy (Dog) and Her Anal Glands | A Healing Experience

Roxy (Dog) and Her Anal Glands | A Healing Experience

Today I had a client with a dog that had anal gland health issues. I first connected in with Roxy, seeing my energy hands on each side. I felt the feeling I needed to help her ground while starting to send healing energy.

I moved onto the area in question and spent some time there. What I felt was that there was a connection back to the client.

Often pets take on a health condition based upon the emotional issues of the owner which have not been addressed and healed.

I started to work simultaneously on Roxy, and the client, focusing in on their base chakras.

Near the end of the session I had this visual come to me of flat plates underneath Roxy, and the client. Think of a skateboard with no wheels but thinner and with a degree of transparency. These plates were connected by a chain. Their purpose was to continue on with the healing for them both after I disconnected from the session.

I made sure they were fully integrated before finishing up and thanking my healing helpers on the other side.

When issues arise with the anal area of the body, the emotional situations people find themselves in that create blocks leading to health problems here, can be: difficulty letting go of outdated family beliefs and fears. Feeling guilty, regretful, and uncomfortable with decisions that were made in the past. Holding onto anger toward yourself and others. Fear of loss and abandonment. Inability to forgive and learn from the past. Constant criticism of self and others. Feeling unhappy with yourself and your life. Feeling like no matter what you do, it’s never enough. Trying to control life. Feeling betrayed, that what you thought was true may not be. Believing that you are not worthy of good things in life.

I offered the client a process to go through to work on this area of the body. It’s like a guided meditation of sorts, focused purely on any emotional situations based on the above, to help release, clear and heal. I also suggested that she read through a detailed write-up of the base chakra in my article here:

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