A Past Life at War & Health Issues Resolved

A Past Life at War & Health Issues Resolved

Here is a transcript of a past life regression session I facilitated in New Zealand on the on the 13th of December, 2013, using Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy method.

This is a great example of a typical session, but then on average I find that I run into the not so typical sessions!

Sara, in her 40’s, is a healer, psychic, and teacher of a range of metaphysical subjects and had been working in this field for over twenty five years. She came to me with a number of health concerns and was also looking to find answers to questions so that she could make sure she was on track with her life, and that she was making the right decisions with bringing up her son.

Summary of some of the key sections of the session:

  • The emotions and intense moments of living a life in a world war, including key family memories years after and how members of her family in this life were also in the life back then.
  • A knee injury in this life is addressed.
  • Meeting familiar faces after passing from that life.
  • The purpose of specific health issues she has, including one being there to act as a reminder for when she is off track.
  • Information on her diet and how individual food components affect her.
  • Detailed guidance from higherself on bringing up her son.

The transcript below covers one past life, which begins as a young male fighting in World War II. This life directly related to health concerns which dissipate as a result of the session. It’s also found that her consciousness and energy is still attached and lingering within a past life experience — becoming released and let go. Her higherself also answers a number of questions, specifically in relation to that particular life, the upbringing of her son, her passion for horses, her writing goals, and a number of health issues.

Sara comes off the cloud and I ask her what she sees.

Sara: “There are leaves under my feet.”

Laron: “Have you got shoes on?”
Sara: “I feel the crunching leaves under my feet. I think I have boots. They are red and brown. (Do they come up high?) They are tight around my ankles. They may be combat boots.”

Laron: “Like army boots?”
Sara: “Yes. My pants feel like umm… I see a camouflage pattern and canvas type of material — the jacket as well; it feels like an army green kind of colour. I can hear, ‘trump, trump, trump.’ (Marching or drumming?) Marching. It’s just a lot of people. It’s a little bit like marching, but it’s not — they are in the bush. There are lots of boots. We are going somewhere on foot. I’m in my late teens or twenties, or something. I feel young. I might be carrying a rifle.”

Laron: “Are you carrying anything else?”
Sara: “I have to be careful. I have to be quiet. There is something on my back and around my waste. I think there are extra bullets. (Is it a bag on your back?) It might be a little bag.”

Laron: “How do you feel?”
Sara: (Emotional and crying) “Scared. I am scared. It’s scary. I can’t be scared. (Why?) I just come across… I can’t be scared. I have to be strong. I just come across a trap of some kind. There is someone hanging. Somebodies dead.”

Laron: “Are you by yourself?”
Sara: “There are other people on my side. My people, guys that I know. There seems to be quite a group of people, but it’s not clear yet. There is a pit, but I don’t know if it’s our trap or a trap set for us. I just came across it and there is somebody hanging. It’s an Asian person.”

Laron: “When you look around at the other people, do they look Asian?”
Sara: “No. They must be British or western looking; I am not sure as I can’t get this very clearly.”

Laron: “Do you see any emblems on people’s shoulders?”
Sara: “No. I can’t see them. (That’s alright) Somebodies getting out a knife and they are cutting the rope. I just don’t want to see, so it’s hard to look. I can’t quite get the scene clear yet. I think the body is hanging by its foot. ”

Laron: “So they are cutting the body free from the trap?”
Sara: “Yeah, I think it is an Asian person. Somebodies helping them.”

Laron: “Do they cut down the body?”
Sara: “An officer, or someone senior to me… they are digging a hole. It’s one of our people, as it has upset people. I am not sure if it is an Asian person.”

Laron: “The people in your group are sad as well?”
Sara: “Yeah. There is a lot of activity. (Is there anyone talking?) We are going to make camp here and stay. We could have ran into that trap, but we were lucky. There is a net. It is pretty scary. I don’t want to know about any of that — I just want to go home.” {I comfort her}

Laron: “Do you help with making a camp?”
Sara: “Yes. I’m one of the first to help. Something about sticks… I must be getting something for a fire. Tents are going up.”

Laron: “Do you have anyone you are close to, perhaps a friend that you talk to?”
Sara: “Lots of young guys. There are a few young guys. We seem to know each other pretty good, but you can’t really be too authentic because no one really wants to be there. We don’t really want to be there, so we don’t talk about that. We just do what we have to do. I can hear sounds in the sky. (Bombs?) It’s maybe a plane. It’s a motor. I don’t know if it’s a helicopter or a plane. It’s something to be nervous about.”

Laron: “Do you get a sense of what country it is that you are fighting?”
Sara: “I’m just trying to feel the temperature and figure out where I am. I felt like crunching leaves when I first arrived there. I have a feeling it might be like a jungle — it feels more like a jungle now. Let me just try and get the temperature; it’s clammy and sort of damp, warm and wet. It’s not raining, but there has been a lot of rain. I am confused about the autumn like crunchy leaves, like I noticed before, so I am not sure.”

Laron: “Do you finish setting up the camp? Do you eat a meal?”
Sara: “I can smell cooking. (Do you see any food?) Beans. (From a can?) Yes. (In a pot on the fire?) It seems like that. I don’t know if that makes sense. It’s really good to eat; I eat a lot and I eat quickly. It seems like baked beans or something.”

Laron: “What does your rifle look like?”
Sara: “It’s long. (Does it have a cartridge?) I think it takes a cartridge. I get an image like a bayonet. We can’t be very noisy though. The enemy is nearby. ”

Laron: “You mentioned you have a pain or feeling in your chest?”
Sara: “I am anxious. I am tight in here — just very nervous.” {Solar plexus area}

Laron: “Do you know if it’s your first time?”
Sara: “Yeah, it’s my first time here. I am not that old. I’m only 16 or 17, maybe.”

Laron: “Do you think about anyone back home?”
Sara: “I think about my younger sister. (How old is she?) She must be eight or nine, maybe she’s older, maybe she’s 12. She’s in a nice little house. It has thatching. There are tulips. (Is it a two story house?) Yes. It’s got red brick. (Do you miss anybody else?) There is a bear. (Teddy bear?) Yeah. (Crying) I think about my mother. (She comes to mind?) I’m trying to think about where she is and what’s she’s like. She’s jolly and big. I don’t know if it’s England or Europe, I’m not sure. ”

Laron: “Do you worry about your sister being alone?”
Sara: “She’s ok, I don’t worry. I just wish I was home. I worry for myself. This is not a good place to be. I am trying to remember why I am here. (Did you volunteer?) No, I had to go. All the boys had to go. (Drafted?) Yeah. Dad said, ‘you just go.’ Dad went somewhere else; he had to go too. He had to stop what he was doing. I used to play on the streets. There wasn’t a farm. (A little town or a big city?) It was on the outskirts of a big city. There was a railway to run across. There was lots of smoke from chimneys and factories. Not a great smell. A gloomy kind of place. There are some big factories there.”

I move her ahead to another important day in this life.

Sara: “We are all walking together in an open space. (Like in a forest? Is there grass?) It is more open.”

Laron: “Is there less people?”
Sara: “There seems to be more. I feel the same kind of age. I am being ordered to shoot — to attack the enemies. I feel that they are Asian. I think they are wearing blue. They have dark hair. (Blue uniforms?) Yeah. They are over there, and we are over here; we are coming towards each other.”

Laron: “Out in the open?”
Sara: “It’s a bit confusing. I am seeing them coming out of trees now. There is an ambush. We are back in the jungle. They are coming and jumping down. (All around you?) Yes. There is men all around. There are lots of explosions and sounds of guns. I am trying to hide but I don’t want to fight them. I am just letting my gun fire, in and out, in and out — I am shooting randomly.”

Laron: “How are you feeling?”
Sara: “Out of it. It’s crazy. (What happens next?) It’s quiet. Crying. Pain of other people. All the bullets have stopped. Some people are running off. The enemy are running away. I’m okay. I’m shaking. I have no more ammunition. I see more of the enemy running away. I just drop to my knees next to my friend. He’s dead. (Do you know his name?) Sean. I put his hands across his heart (crying) and tell him I’m sorry. I think our officer comes and grabs me. He’s ok. He wants to pull me out of there to get me somewhere safe. Someone is limping on his other side, who he brings with us. It seems like it’s all over, nobody wants to fight anymore. There are a few people on the ground. The officer has to shoot someone.” (Crying)

Laron: “Is there a medic there?”
Sara: “I don’t think so. This person he shot was dying. He needed to be killed. There are some of us retreating, but not many.”

Laron: “Where does the officer take you?”
Sara: “Back through the bush. There is a handful of us. We walk for hours. We stop and stay for one night.” (Big sigh)

I move her ahead again.

Sara: “Getting off a plane. There are lots of people cheering. (Do you know where you are?) Back in England. There is a flag. (What does it look like?) It seems like an English flag. It has red. It’s moving around. It has the colours of the English flag. (What does the plane look like?) It’s an army plane. (A big one?) Yes. We come out the back. (Does it open up at the back?) Yes.”

Laron: “Is anywhere there to meet you?”
Sara: “There are lots of people cheering. I’m looking. I don’t know anyone.”

Laron: “Do you feel healthy? Did you come back with any injuries?”
Sara: “I can hear but it’s not as clear as it was before. I don’t feel very much when looking at all of that. I feel kind of numb. We might get on a bus.”

Laron: “Do you go back to an army base?”
Sara: “I just want to try and get home. It must be an army base as it doesn’t feel like home. I’m now in a big room. There are other guys that I don’t know, from other battalions, or something. There are people being treated for medical problems. I think there are nurses. They want to look at me. They want to see if I am alright.”

Laron: “What happens when they finally look at you?”
Sara: “I just don’t feel too cherry. I am kind of down. I am thin. That might be the worst problem. I can hear, it’s just not very… I think I might have lost a little bit of hearing. I can still hear though. My knee… something is wrong with my knee. (Do they say anything about it?) My knee is bandaged. They are undressing it. Eww. It’s a bit messy around the knee.”

Laron: “Do you know what happened to your knee?”
Sara: “It’s pretty messy. I am just going to see if I walk properly… I have taken myself to sit down, but my leg isn’t working too well. I am just limping and dealing with it. I think my knee is not so good. They want to just clean it out. I think I have been over there with that wound for quite a while. (Your right knee?) My left one. (Swears) It really hurts now that it’s unbandaged. It has been cleaned up. There was some stuff on it, so wherever I was they must have done something to it and these guys are just checking it out. Part of something, perhaps a bullet, was taken out of it somewhere else. Somehow I can still drag my leg around a bit. They just want to re-dress it and send me on my way, I think.”

When a physical health issue is on the left side of the body, that can help to show the time frame of the emotional link which contributed to its creation. The left side of the body is usually about the past. Sara had been experiencing pain in her left knee, back in her current life, long term, and this past life showed her where the issue originated from.

Laron: “Where do you go after that?”
Sara: “I go and lie down for a bit and have a sleep. I have dinner with the others.”

Laron: “Do you know what your orders are? Or where you are meant to go after that?”
Sara: “No one’s going until everyone is checked out. We have to wait until the rest of our guys have been checked. We sort of wait around. Some are smoking.”

Laron: “What happens when everyone’s been checked out?”
Sara: “It’s time to go home. It’s finished. ”

Laron: “Is the war finished?
Sara: “It’s finished where we were. I think it’s happening in some other countries. We don’t have to do anymore. My knee hurts. I go home.”

Laron: “Can you see yourself at home?”
Sara: “I see myself with my fuzzy bear. (Is your sister there? Yeah. She’s pretty. She makes me smile. She’s grown a little bit, six months or a year. My father is not there. He’s still away somewhere. (Is your Mum there?) Yes, I can’t get her very clearly though.”

I condense time by move her forward.

Sara: “I think I’m sitting in the water. (The ocean, or a river?) Now I have lost that. I see myself receiving a medal. I’m wearing a formal uniform, not a fighting one. Someone is pinning a medal on me. The medal is heavy with a ribbon. (Any colours on the ribbon) It has red and blue on the ribbon.”

Laron: “Do they tell you why, or what, the medal is for?
Sara: “There were five or six of us that get the medal. We trapped a lot of people and were able to kill the enemy. We are rewarded for that somehow.”

Laron: “Do you recognise the person that gave you the medal?”
Sara: “He wasn’t over there with us. He’s the boss of my officer.”

Laron: “Do you know where you are?”
Sara: “Some army training place, or something. I don’t care about the medal. I’m over all this. I just want to go and… something about horses. I just want to get on with what I was doing before. I think I was maybe learning to make horse shoes, or something.”

I move her ahead once more.

Sara: “I’m banging metal on a big anvil. I’m crafting metal. I’m making big horse shoes for big horses.”

Laron: “Are you making anything else or just horse shoes?”
Sara: “I do other things for practice. There are little nails. I don’t know if I do anything else. That is what I was learning to do before I was drafted. So now I am working. That is all I do. The knee is a bit rough. It’s pretty scarred up. I have a limp. I sit on the horses… it’s not so easy to ride. “

Laron: “You don’t ride as much as you did anymore?
Sara: “No. (Do you feel like you miss it?) Yeah, yeah I do. I am sad about that. Yeah, fighting ruined that. My sister rides. (Does she ride a lot?) Yeah, she does.”

In this life, Sara had a strong desire to get a horse and ride again, leading up to the session. She still does to this day, as I remain in contact with her. Sara also has a fear around riding because of an accident when she was younger, in her current life, but that strong desire to be around and ride horses remains.

I move her along again.

Sara: “I’m in my own little place. I have two or three children. I have a happy wife.”

Laron: “Where are you now?”
Sara: “In a nice little house. I have a breathing problem. I am in a wooden bed. My wife is using steam to help me breathe better. (Is it helping?) I have just had enough now. Something to do with my lungs. I can tell it is about grief to do with the war. I am shutting down. It was pretty hard after the war. I tried to be a good family man but it was just too hard after that. I kind of closed off. I think I was quite sensitive really. I think I just got tighter and tighter. I feel that tightness like I had in the battle. It feels like that emotion just got into my lungs somehow. I smoked a lot too. (So you had to keep it all in?) Yes. I got sick too. It’s pretty tight through my chest.”

Laron: “What happens now?”
Sara: “She’s just wifing. I must be in a bit of a sweat or something as well. I’m wiping my brow. Maybe I have got some sort of disease in my chest or something. So I’m just lying there. I am ready to… I don’t know, ready to die. I am thinking about those guys out there, about what happened. (It’s never left you?) No. I think I just… maybe I have just had enough of all of that now. She tried hard to make me happy, but I could never be happy anymore though.” (Big sigh)

Moving ahead.

Sara: “I’m getting real gaspy. (With your breathing?) Yes. My knee starts throbbing, like a reminder of that bad time. I am tired of thinking about it. I’m just ready to go. I say goodbye to the kids. I tell her sorry. She knows it’s been hard. She’s quite strong I think. I just let go and drift away. I just drift out and see my kids playing. I feel happy about that. I see her crying. I stand behind her and hold her. I wish I could have been… I feel a bit guilty about just letting go. I’m trying to tell her I am sorry I had to go, but she can’t hear me now. I just hope she gets some help. I think she has family that will help her. I just want to go and rest though. It’s just exhausting really. My lungs were a problem for a while, and I kept working longer than I probably should have. I got tired.”

Laron: “Does anyone come to meet you? Do you stay around there?”
Sara: “I see some guys from the army. (Friends?) Yes. They are really happy and bright. Well. Like when we first met. They are very receptive. It’s a warm reception for me. They encouraged me to come, so I go. (It must be good to see them again?) It’s really good to see them. I feel a bit guilty though — guilty for leaving my family and going with them. I’m not sure about that; I’m not sure if I am doing the right thing. I get a bit confused. I feel guilty that I left her.”

Laron: “Do you go with your army friends?”
Sara: “I’m not sure what to do. I’m a bit confused. I probably just want to stay around there for a while yet. I didn’t expect to see them — that’s a bit confusing; I don’t know if I am making that up or not, if they are really there. (How do you feel?) It’s confusing — it’s good to see them but I don’t know if they are real, as they died. I have died, so I don’t understand. So I stay around the house. I keep seeing them. They are very bright and happy.”

Laron: “Do they communicate with you?”
Sara: “Not really. It’s just this feeling that I should go over to them, but I feel a bit wary. It’s a bit strange and it’s not my home. There is a bright and lighter being behind them, I don’t know what that is, but it’s very comforting and nice. It’s being very patient with me because I am now around the children and stuff. So I sort of just hang around.”

Laron: “Do you know how long I hang around for?”
Sara: “A long time.”

Usually a soul will return soon after a life, back to the spiritual centre. In this unique case, I soon find that she never left. This may not make sense, as the question might be asked, ‘how can she be still there, and here in this life now, simultaneously?’

Our over-soul has a larger amount of consciousness and energy — it remains in the spiritual centre after splitting itself off to have a life on Earth. Sometimes it chooses to have two lives at once, while remaining there, but this can be taxing. This situation can go towards showing how ghosts, or spirits, reside and linger on Earth, which are sometimes noticed by people. Their emotional attachments to their former life can become very strong. This can therefore keep them attached to the 5th dimension, within the Earth realm.

It also helps to understood that time works very differently in the dimensions above ours, so what is perceived as a great deal of time for us here on Earth, is but a very short period of time for a being focused from a perspective above the 3rd dimension.

At this point I try and move her ahead until it’s time for her to leave.

Laron: “Is that bright being still there?”
Sara: “Yes. It says, ‘you can come now,’ but I say, ‘but what about them,’ and it says, ‘they are okay,’ and I say, ‘but how do you know?’ It doesn’t say anything. ‘You can come,’ and I say, ‘I don’t want to leave them.’ Light comes to me and touches me. I feel this warm glow. It feels good. I still don’t want to go. I think I am not doing my duty by not staying. The light being says, ‘it will be okay,’ and I’m not sure to believe that light or not. So I feel a bit nicer and light, but I am still looking back. I’m not so keen on going. I want to see my boys again. They are kind of happy and playful. My sister too. She’s in a bad marriage. I just think there are too many people I got to look after. So I kind of don’t go. I stay. I always see them, and I wait. I don’t really want to go.”

Laron: “You go eventually, don’t you? Do you know what happens?”
Sara: “I just wait. I just try to get close to them again. I don’t go. I’m not going.”

Laron: “As you look at that life you just had, what do you think you learnt from it?”
Sara: “I would be happier if I let go more. I didn’t really let go. I feel quite resentful of maybe my father and maybe the system, or something. I feel resentful. I didn’t learn to let go because… I can’t even let go to be able to. I feel too bad about myself to go to the light or anything. I’m supposed to learn… ”

Laron: “What do you feel the purpose of it was — the whole experience?”
Sara: “Empathy. To learn empathy. I feel that empathy; it was kind of painful, really. The futility of fighting. It was pretty safe — those horses. Something about being disempowered; I had to learn about that. That’s all.”

At this point of the session, I call in her higherself to answer questions, who speaks through her. I first ask the higherself what the purpose was of showing her that life.

HS: “Sara needs to allow others to support her, not feel she has to do it all herself.”

Laron: “Was that the primary reason?”
HS: “She’s allowed to keep the knowledge, share the knowledge. Other reasons for that experience: to remember the fears of letting go. (Are there any more reasons?) Her knee. Her knee stops her from letting go.”

Laron: “What can she do to help let go in this lifetime?”
HS: “Listen to the pain in her knee. Surrender. Stop trying to do it all herself. There is value in the support of others.”

Laron: “So she should welcome the support of others more frequently?”
HS: “Yes, she should.”

Laron: “Was there anyone in that life that may be in this lifetime now?”
HS: “Her sister. It is her mother. (Anyone else?) Friend in the war. {Sean} (Who is that now?) Her husband.

Laron: “Sara has had back pain for a number of years. (Yes) Is there any more information around why she is experiencing that pain?”
HS: “Surrender. Surrender to what it is that she truly enjoys. Her back hurts when she doesn’t let herself do what it is, that she truly enjoys.”

Laron: “Does she know what that is?”
HS: “She wishes to write. Her fears around earning money stop her doing that.”

Laron: “So her back pain is corrected directly to that?”
HS: “Yes.”

Laron: “If she starts to write, will the back pain go away forever?”
HS: “The back pain will be a constant indicator for when she is off track. At this point, writing is her track. That may change. The hip is different. The hip is an indication of being out of alignment with her path. When she is out of alignment with her path that presents itself to correct this. She must adjust diet. And once again, surrender to her inner knowing’s of what needs to occur. (Her intuition?) Yes.”

Laron: “A the moment it’s related to her diet?”
HS: “It’s on many levels. The physical level. It’s being irritated. Sugar. The emotional level, it’s irritated with fear. (What is the fear about?) Trusting that she can support herself from shifting her path, slightly. (Like getting into writing?) Writing is very powerful as a healer for this aspect of Sara’s body. That is all.”

Laron: “Is there anything specific that Sara should be teaching her son right now?”
HS: “To respect what it is he is interested in. And two, to respect others and what they are interested in.”

Laron: “Sara wants to know if she should start working with horses again, and if she should also ride them?”
HS: “Animals are healers to this girl. She is drawn to the horse, as a healer. It helps her in her own personal healing. Writing is of no consequence — she does, she doesn’t — being with the horse is healing.”

Laron: “Are there any other health issues that Sara has, which could be resolved now, by you?”
HS: “She needs some energy into the womb area. We are happy to do at this point. She is leaking energy, through this energy centre. This is to do with not following her path around writing. Energy drains from the back, drains from the womb. She suffers physically around the spinal area and muscularly through this part of the body .We bring energy in here now and remind her not to leak energy, or waste it where it’s not wanted.”

Laron: “Can you explain the process of what is happening now, with the energy?”
HS: “The energy is coming in very gently, to fill up a leak, from left side, in the centre, leading directly into the back left side. She has a habit of not letting go, and feeling responsible for things that are not her responsibility. Her responsibility is to share her knowledge, the knowledge we bring through, via the pen. Her responsibly is to also support her child to be independent, autonomous, connected to his own passion, his own intuition. Her responsibility is to take care of her body; her energy has been flowing away through the back, to try and prop up and be responsible for the children of others. The school, the centre, the group — this was all a path to show Sara, to allow her own child her responsibility. Leaving the schooling system has done that. Learning in the group, will unfold and flow quite naturally at this point and doesn’t require as much effort. We are bringing the energy back in. Sara must learn to take responsibility for what she needs to do for herself, what she needs to support her child to do for himself. It is not her role to be responsible for her husband, or other children.”

Sara decided to use the un-schooling method, instead of sending her son into the public education system. She was also involved with the creation of an alternative curriculum and school system.

Laron: “With her diet, one of the things mentioned was to remove sugar from it. Was there anything else?”
HS: “Refined carbohydrates. She’s asking about meat. White meat, sometimes she wishes. Whiter meat that is easier to digest, the fish, the poultry. Heavier meat clogs her system.”

Laron: “With regards to her writing, is there anything she can do to help her, such as channelling or automatic writing?”
HS: “She resists the channelling, yet her channelling ability is strong. Channelling is easy for her. (Can she do that on her own?) Yes, she can. (Does she know how to do that?) She just needs to relax and write. She knows how to do that. There is information waiting to be shared. Her ideas and past lives, tarot, and healing — it all comes through.”

Laron: “Are there any other health issues that can be resolved now?”
HS: “The more Sara lets go, the less she needs to clench in the jaw. She wears the mouthguard at night — the clenching — the more she lets go, controlling… the more it eases. That is all.”

Laron: “Is there anything else she needs to know right now?”
HS: “She is more loved than she knows. No mistakes, nothing went wrong. All is perfect. Relax. No hurry. Slow down.”

Laron: “When you say no mistakes, you mean Sara’s life, in general — everything is on track?”
HS: “Yes it is. With the boy in the home, this situation seems to still bring questions to her. Allowing him his time, his space, supporting the joy he finds with the Minecraft that concerns her. (laugh) She worries about the computer too much. He is fine. He learns. He questions. He thinks. That expands his brain. Relax Sara, it’s okay. He is not the computer addicted person. That is fine. (There shouldn’t be a limit set?) No limit needed, he does not stay the day. He does not stay the half day. His mind is with design, with the engineering, with the creation — this is good. The balance comes when you make yourself available and you slow down. You be with him for the reading, for the games. He needs the computer less when you spend more time with him in other places, in the home. That is all.”

Laron: “Does Sara have any other questions to ask the higherself?”
HS: “She is finished.”

While I am going through the process of assisting Sara to detach from her higherself, and all lives and beings of the past to ground her back in this current life, the higherself jumps in. At this point in time, I had never had this occur in a session before.

HS: “We take that energy from her life that was earthbound, we take it away now, to the light. We free Sara of that energy that was getting in her way.”

Laron: “Up until right now, was that part of her still stuck in that life that she experienced?”
HS: “It was, it’s time now for that energy to release. It was interfering with her energy around letting go, and moving on. We have released that energy now, and we recede.”

A part of Sara’s consciousness was attached to that previous life. Through her experiencing and seeing what occurred, she was able to not only heal, but release that attachment. The session was effective with not only confirming and validating her situation in life, but also healing emotional links residing within her energetic make-up.

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