Humanity's Reptilian Influence & Energetic Attachments (QHHT Session)

Humanity’s Reptilian Influence & Energetic Attachments (QHHT Session)

In August 2020 I conducted this past life regression session using Dolores Cannon’s QHHT method, which I learnt from her, including her advanced course, back in 2011 in Melbourne, Australia.

The client did not recall anything that took place in this session, which is an indicator of how deep she went, including the strength and authenticity of the connections to the beings and collectives that came through.

This QHHT session has a strong focus on the reptilian influence over humanity, including detailed information on how they interact and control people.

Topics summary:

  • The fear and cause of the darkness influencing Earth just now, including healing taking place from galactic beings.
  • The multidimensional guardians watching over us and helping, which relates to the various races of positive ETs.
  • A visit to the reptilian leader that considers Earth a slave planet, including info on what exactly is being done to Earth.
  • The ways in which a specific reptilian group influences humanity, including attachments, shapeshifting and changing DNA so that they can have a stronger influence over people.
  • Information on reptilian attachments in relation to a relationship Laron had and how it’s important for people to be aware of this occurring with others, including how to clear them.

This was a free session I conducted for a friend at the time, the second I’ve done with her, with the first being a paid session.

We began the session below.

* * *

Wynter: I’m in a fog that I see all around me. There’s a cliff. It’s green and then has dirt — light brown. If I look over to my left, there’s a large cliff and it goes straight down. I can’t see down there because I’m up high and it’s foggy. But I can move forward along this grassy area.

The Cliff Passage

Laron: So it’s a grassy area?
Wynter: It’s a grassland area. It’s very short. It’s a dark, dark green. There’s dirt and there’s the cliff. I just have to be careful when I’m walking. I see a lot of fog.

Laron: Can you see your feet? ((pause)) Or your body?
Wynter: I don’t have a body. I have the sensation that I am walking, but I don’t see a body, I don’t see feet, I don’t see legs. I’m moving forward.

Laron: How does it feel being there?
Wynter: I feel wind, not the physical sensation but visually the grass is moving sideways to the left. I don’t know where I am.

Laron: Can you see anything in the distance, or is it just fog all around you?
Wynter: I see a path that just keeps going forward. There’s all fog… I feel I’m light. When I look up there’s no light, there’s no sun. I keep following this path. There’s a light brown dirty trail with grass everywhere.

Laron: So there is a trail you’re following?
Wynter: Yeah, that’s what I’m doing, but I don’t have a body. (That’s okay.)

Laron: How does it feel to not have a body?
Wynter: It doesn’t seem strange. It’s normal.

Laron: Are you following the trail?
Wynter: Yeah. I’m into light now. In the distance I can see a figure… a silver silhouette, just black, but it’s far. It’s just white light here now.

Laron: What does the shape of the silhouette look like?
Wynter: It’s not there anymore. It is gone.

Laron: What does it look like inside the light now?
Wynter: It looked like a tunnel and now I’m in it and I’m surrounded by light. It’s white and golden. It’s circular, I’m walking through it.

Laron: When you say circular, do you mean it goes over your head but there is an entry and exist, like a tunnel?
Wynter: Yeah it’s like a tunnel but once I’m in it, it’s just all-encompassing white light, all around me. There’s no feeling the floor, there’s no walls, there’s nothing to walk on but I don’t have any feet to walk with. I’m moving forward. I don’t see anybody and don’t feel alone — I’m alone but I’ve not alone — I’m never alone. I’m just looking around. I’m just in a space of light.

Laron: Are you moving ahead now?
Wynter: I’m just moving forward, there’s no ending in sight. It’s a relaxing place. I can see all around me, forward, backward, below, above. I can no longer see the entrance where I arrived. It’s gone now. Who am I?

Laron: How does it feel to be there?
Wynter: A bunch of nothingness. Not good, not bad, it just is. It’s a very relaxing place.

Fear in the Collective & the Guardians

I move Wynter ahead, increasing time until something changes.

Wynter: I feel a shadow ahead. I’m following it, chasing it. It’s not like I can reach out and touch it, but it’s like a flicker. I don’t know if I’m chasing it or if it’s guiding me. I could shine some light onto it. (Do you want to shine light onto it?) Yeah, it depends… yeah I would. When I shine light onto it, it just turns into light itself. That’s what I’m doing, if I’m chasing dark figures, shadowy figures, I shine light on them. Some I’m able to catch and turn into light.

Laron: How many are there?
Wynter: There’s an army of them. There is a lot. At this level I can’t see who they are. I just see them as darkness, so when they are all together it’s like a wall of darkness. I just have to keep shooting a light at them. Love. There’s a lot of fear. I just put some light into them, there’s nothing to fear. It’s like a collective consciousness. A lot of people are afraid, a lot. I’m sending them light. That’s what I am doing.

Laron: Where would you say the collective consciousness is from?
Wynter: This would be Earth in present time.

Laron: What would you say the collective consciousness represents on Earth?
Wynter: There’s an image of Earth with darkness around it, with another wall of light around that, and the light is penetrating the darkness, kind of like a drill would drill into blackness, inserting light into it. It’s just chugging away. But they each have to choose on an individual level, not just the fear anymore, it has to be their choice to elevate themselves above it. The fear is contagious. The light has to be chosen.

Laron: What do you think is calling all the fear?
Wynter: Their agendas to keep people in fear to prevent them from ascension. But everyone will ascend eventually. The light is very confident. There’s more being exposed at this time, not that there’s more going on, but that the light is exposing it all. When people see these things, they get fearful, they think it’s happening more, but it’s not. They have to feel empowered to change these things that they are fearful about.

Laron: Do you know where the light comes from?
Wynter: The galactic… the source of all there is. Oh, okay…. It’s a federation of galactic light. “Are you sure?” ((she is talking to herself)) “Okay” The galactic federation of light. They are light beings. Interdimensional beings from other planets. They are different races. They come from all over. They are watching us.

Laron: So are they helping during these times now on Earth?
Wynter: Yeah. Not everybody directly, but they can to ask for help.

Laron: Where are you getting your answers from? Who are you communicating with just now?
Wynter: It is not a physical being, it is a collection of light, of many. Some are in physical form, most of them are guardians.

Laron: What are they the guardians of?
Wynter: Preservation of life ((this is repeated)). There’s a funnel that goes around earth. It’s energetic and is a funnelling of the dark into the light. It spirals around. It’s kind of like a vacuum cleaner, but not a vacuum cleaner. It’s just sucking the darkness and the fear, the lower vibrational energy. But it also goes around the earth transmuting the energy. It’s like a large hula hoop spiral of pure light transmuting the energy.

Laron: So you wouldn’t call it physical technology?
Wynter: No. It’s all on an energetic level. This is not technology they have. This is at the level of creation.

Laron: Would it be high up dimensionally speaking, as in the source of it?
Wynter: Yes. It’s raising Earth’s vibration. We have to do this cleaning process. The Earth now looks like a little marble, like I can pick it up with my fingers.

Laron: Is it just Earth that is being cleared, or is it other places?
Wynter: This is at a galactic level. It is not just Earth but my focus is right here, right now. I don’t see Earth as right now, I see all times right now. This is a collection of energy inside of time, pulling out the lower vibrations. I can see everything that has happened.

Laron: So when you said at a galactic level, is it beyond this galaxy or just this galaxy?
Wynter: They are working at all levels. Too many galaxies to comprehend. It’s going to be a better place. There’s more light around this planet.

Laron: Can you explain what is causing the darkness? Is it affecting more than just Earth?
Wynter: On a freewill planet it’s hard to make changes in terms of not compromising their freewill. It’s important that there’s light sent here, those that live there then then make choices based on their freewill. Freewill exists on other planets.

Laron: So some places are freewill based and some are not. For those that are not, why do they still have problems relating to lower vibration and the darker areas of life?
Wynter: It was a part of the design to see what planets would look like in total darkness, but they don’t want Earth to follow that same path.

Laron: Why would that experiment be allowed?
Wynter: It adds to the collection of knowing, those that are attached and experience the dark.

The Reptilian Leader

Laron: Is there anything specific going on, on Earth right now, which is creating more dark?
Wynter: Yes. Those who have conquered other planets. I’m seeing a very tall figure, very tall. I’m seeing an image of a human of average height standing next to the tall figure, which only goes up to the ankle in terms of height.

Laron: Is it a physical being?
Wynter: Yes. It’s a reptilian being. It’s very tall. It’s white. It has wings. So tall. This is a leader. I see him with a crown, like a royalty crown. I get a sense that he is male but I can’t tell physically.

Laron: Do you know what its influence is on the darkness? Do you know what it’s doing?
Wynter: He’s been in control. There is a reptilian agenda of conquering. The humans have been a slave race. They don’t have that power anymore. The galactic light is asking them to leave Earth but they don’t want to leave, it’s theirs they say. They attach onto humans and influence their behaviour.

Laron: How do they attach on?
Wynter: Shapeshifting. It’s their dark. When some people are said to be possessed, it’s the reptilian influence. There’s been more exorcisms. The reptilians are getting scared because there’s been more light coming in, so they are wanting to attach more frequently.

Laron: Is it the real soul of the reptilian attaching?
Wynter: They do not want the humans to ascend and they cannot ascend themselves. But they think they are going to try to ascend. There’s some reptilians in the galactic federation, but they have ascended and they are different — they look different. They look more human and don’t look like a full on dragon being. So that’s what the hybrid project is about on Earth; they are changing their DNA so they can ascend too — they attach to us.

There’s a collection of different groups. The people here are hybrid; they are a mix of different beings from different planets. It’s a big experiment.

Laron: How many different groups are there?
Wynter: There’s Pleiadian. Acturian. Syrian. Celestial beings. These are the humanoid like beings. It’s important to the reptilians to activate the DNA to synchronise with ascension.

Laron: Can you observe the white reptilian leader again?
Wynter: I don’t like to be close to him. He doesn’t like me around. He feels my presence. He doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like that we are doing this right now.

Laron: Can you find out what the main agenda is, or main mission or goal that it is working on at the moment?
Wynter: Darkness and slave race. Control. “These people are mine.”

Laron: When you say slave race, do you mean the entire Earth population?
Wynter: The humans on Earth he considers his. (All of them?) Yes, they are his. But it’s time for him to leave. They come here physically, but because the Earth is in the ascension process they can’t physically live here anymore. They have had a fair warning that they can’t live here anymore. Their vibration does not match. They will leave because the Earth is ascending. They are causing more problems now, more fear.

Laron: How does the white reptilian feel about that?
Wynter: He doesn’t have feelings. He has a snorty like laugh. We can’t change him. We can’t change his mind, this is how he is.

Laron: How do the reptilians leave the bodies on Earth? How does that process take place?
Wynter: A deactivation… a choosing, to deactivate the reptilian DNA that is in us. An activation of a higher acceptance of the light codes that are being sent to Earth at this time. I see different symbols. I see what the codes look like. This one is a triangle with a circle in the middle and that circle has many triangles around it. It’s an imprint. It looks like a hologram and that goes inside the person. Their energetic level around them, their field, this is not a comfortable light code. It makes the reptilians uncomfortable.

Laron: Who is sending the codes to them, what is the source?
Wynter: I’m seeing a celestial energy source, a divine energy source. It’s very high vibrational. Angelic, from source. A message coming down through light. It’s a code. It’s an energetic code.

Attachments and Shapeshifting

Laron: Do the humans that are part reptilian, or reptilian, know that they are reptilian?
Wynter: Some are aware. The full reptilian non-humanoid are in hiding and they shift so it looks like they are human and they are not.

But the others attach to a human using a technology in the 4D, which we consider a low vibration of 4D. When you get past that technology… it’s a darkness that swallows the human. It’s in their aura. It’s a darkness with tendrils. Syphoning. It eats off of the life force of that person. Their objective is to supress and completely control them until they have no will.

These reptilian beings, they are what some religions would call demonic.

Laron: Are they born into a life, or do they attach to another soul?
Wynter: They have bodies in their own solar system. (Are they born on Earth?) They have been breeding here but they are very old. They don’t need to reproduce like humans do. They are old, some ancient. They go into hibernation. There are other pods that they are in, deep underground on Earth. They control those humans that they find who have a higher percentage of DNA; they are more controllable from being similar.

Laron: Does their soul get born and fully inhabit a human body?
Wynter: No. Their soul does not transfer into the human.

Laron: So there are no humans on Earth right now who have a full reptilian soul?
Wynter: There are some humans that are more reptilian than others because of their DNA. They consider them their star seed children.

Laron: When you say they have more DNA, is it their entire soul that is reptilian, or is there a reptilian attached?
Wynter: It is both. It depends. They have their own genome project of breeding for more pure DNA. They don’t look like us, they just blend in here They have a special 4D shapeshifting technology. How I see it is that they are attached to a human and they tell the human that we will give you what you want ؅— feed into their ego. They will give them what they want as they don’t care. It’s hard to see them at an individual level. I’m seeing the collective. I can zoom in.

Cleansing the Dark

Laron: What do you see around you now?
Wynter: I see black light. I see them moving away from me. They are not letting me see. (Is there anything important to share right now?) They brought me back into the light. (Is it similar to the tunnel earlier on?) Yeah. It’s a place to come back to and charge. They are giving me more instructions before I go back. It’s a cleaning process. Every time I go out, I’m exposed to different energies, lower vibrations. I’m not able to fully go back into the light until I’m completely… this energetic body is cleansed. It’s like a wall I can’t go past right now.

Laron: You are getting cleansed?
Wynter: Yes. They are cleaning this energetic body of attachments. The reptilians don’t resonate at this frequency.

Laron: Do you feel you need to return back there, or can we move on?
Wynter: We can move on. I kept asking them questions but it was like they just do not want to reveal that information. (When you say “they”, what do you mean?) In the light it’s a collective of light beings. I’m asking them what just happened, what is going on, and I keep thinking and they say stop thinking. “You just had this one job to send the light there” and it’s important that these people don’t fear, and I don’t need to know more.

Laron: Can you ask if they have any other information to share with us today?
Wynter: The collective is sending a lot of downloads to people when they dream. More people are sleeping. They are waking up in their sleep and they are giving them messages — they are downloading. Accept it. This will provide peace.

Higher Self

I connect Wynter with her higher self.

Because of where the session heads, I have to first explain that I had a relationship with a female who I later found out had a strong reptilian attachment.

I haven’t talked about this publically in detail for certain reasons, but it was a traumatic time for me. There were other influences at play including mental health problems that contributed to the difficulties in the relationship.

When reflecting, I must admit, that it’s possible that specific mental health disorders may be occurring because of these attachments, but I did not ask this question in the session.

Laron: Why was it important that we received the information about the reptilians today?
HS: You have got your energy anchored. You have questions and they are going to be answered. This is not something that is just happening to you, it is happening to others as well. We will not let anything come to harm you. It is also brought to your awareness that this is happening more frequently.

Laron: More frequently to everyone?
HS: It is more common right now. It happened to you for a purpose. This is something you need to share as others have had a similar experience. This experience for you has helped you show others how to free yourself. You are not the only one. We chose you because people listen to you. They respect you. You will need to share what happened to you. There will be those that come up to you and say this is happening to me and what do I do? We will give you that information, the words to say.

Laron: Do you want to give me that information now, or another time?
HS: Radiate your light outward. When you feel this happening on your own, with these people, it will help you. We will shine the light on them that is love. We will give you more information when it happens. It will be like a download, an intimate knowing. You will know exactly what to say. It comes from us.

Laron: So when you said I went through an experience, are you referring to the recent relationship?
HS: Yes. This is a very important relationship. We guided you towards this relationship. We didn’t mean to hurt you. We knew you would be protected throughout the whole duration. It’s not just a lesson for you, it’s a lesson for everybody who are experiencing attachments. We can teach them how to transmute it into light. They cannot attach to you. They are of the dark but they are on the same path.

Laron: Who am I communicating with just now?
HS: We are an over soul, as you would call it. We are a collective of higher selves.

Laron: More than one higher self?
HS: It’s us together, it’s everybody. It’s your soul family. It’s your higher self. It’s this body’s higher self.

Laron: Is Wynter part of that higher self too?
HS: Yes. Many others are there.

Laron: Is there any important information that Wynter needs to know right now?
HS: You are not alone. She knows this. We come to her often and help her have faith in the process. She does worry about what she needs to do. Where she’s going. Work. All these human things that are in her brain. We have her hand which we’re holding. It’s important to say yes and not be so sceptical of how we are trying to help you.

Laron: Is it important for us to explore more about the reptilian influence in future sessions?
HS: Yes. This is what is current on the Earth plane right now, but we see, we know how it ends. We know it will end. We can only give you so much assurance, and realise that you are living in it right now, and that it’s not easy. But it’s important to do the work in your time period right now, inside of time. The future is fluid. We see different possibilities. I’m holding her hand.

* * *

I now ask if the client has any questions. They say she is like a question machine and that they just have to keep reassuring her to have the faith, that, she is not in control — she wants to be — but we are in control. We will guide her. She will see it. We can help her see the signs we have been sending her. She just worries too much. The worries are attached to wanting to control the situation. She needs to just surrender all that, send all those worries away. She needs to let us help her and there’s no need to worry.

They go on to say that she won’t remember the session, and they were right.

I ask about any health issues she may have which need addressing. They said they have scanned her body and that she is very healthy, and she knows that, but is just not feeling good. Wynter suddenly says she feels heat on her right foot and that it’s very warm. I ask if healing is taking place and they say a little bit.

I’m told that a message for me is to start to record my dreams and that messages will be coming to me, that I need to be open to receiving and that I must get back on track.

I continue on with some questions.

* * *

For over a decade, my neck has gradually become more sore and uncomfortable. Intuitively I’ve felt I may need an operation unless I put the effort in to heal this holistically.

Laron: What is the cause of my neck pain?
HS: I see your head down a lot. Rounded shoulders. Posture. Work posture ((Laron currently sits at a computer in a Government IT/content job each week, alongside his holistic work including energy healing and conducting these QHHT sessions)). Exercising will help. Looking up when you take walks, don’t look down. This is not just your problem, so many people are attached to their phones and take walks with their phones and look down. They are always looking down. Your head is heavy. If you look up at the sky, that will strengthen the muscles back up again and help posture.

Tension. You are carrying a lot of tension. You feel like you are carrying the world on your shoulders. You need an energetic clearing. This isn’t just physical work, this is energy related.

Laron: What is the emotional connection, why did the pain start with the neck?
HS: There is an attachment on you. You will need to go to the ocean. There will be those people who can energetically cleanse you in person. Pick a healer in person. Don’t be afraid of what you’ve been going through. You have gone through quite a bit. We’ve seen it all. We’ve been helping you.

There’s cords in your system that need to be pulled out. On your shoulders, it looks like black rope, like tentacles. Your past relationship, it was put by her. She’s syphoning energy off of you. Even at a distance. Even after the breakup. It’s still there. With your awareness and attention you will need to cut these. I see them being cut, but then they grow back again. You will need to look out for a healer in person. You can have distant healing but you need a physical in person session, where you’re at. It will help you. Be open and look for it. You might find one or two, but the one that will help you, your feelings will guide you so you know which is the right one.

Laron: Is there anything else we need to know today before we finish?
HS: We will do this transformation and would like for you to share it. We would like for you to expose yourself and be vulnerable. ((It took Laron four months to share this and be vulnerable.)) It may be humbling, but it’s there to help other people.

Laron: What is the transformation?
HS: ((first word is in inaudible on the recording)) of light transforming, but we will be calling you back home, not too soon, but we will need to clear you. Don’t worry.

Laron: What should I share about the transformation for others?
HS: You’ll know. I’ll be an instant knowing. Write it down. Write down everything. Not everything you write will be for others. As you meet people individually, you’ll be able to reveal certain things to help them. As a light worker it’s important. This information helps light workers who are in denial of the darkness, who think it doesn’t exist at all. This is not why we sent light workers there, to just hide in the light, you are in the darkness, you are part of it, exposing it and shining your light. Don’t hide.

* * *

This was a powerful and intense session for me because of my emotional involvement and impact the relationship had on me.

I’ve had information come through from an unrelated source, a psychic, who also said that my former partner had a reptilian attachment.

Since this session I’ve had a naturopathic scan that showed a specific chakra being right out of balance. A healer picked up on this chakra. They said an attachment was present that was syphoning my power from the solar plexus. Through the relationship I saw it being used in terms of the practical side, where the partner was becoming much more active with their life compared to before, and I was being pulled right down.

While in the relationship I made notes of certain behaviours, not with the purpose of sharing them, but just as a process to journal out my feelings, which can provide a lot of comfort and insight while in such a situation. I get that feeling that I need to somehow share my experience in a fuller way, but there is an issue of privacy because of who the person is that I was with.

I trust that some of the information in this session was helpful to you. I’m currently available for QHHT clients in Christchurch, New Zealand, and I’m working on an online method of regression to reach others. Feel free to reach out to me anytime on Facebook here, or use the contact from here to send me an email. I’ve got a long list of people wanting online sessions, probably around 40 so far, but if you want to be included on the list let me know. For a full list of the holistic services I provide, see my site here.

I run a metaphysical community with the help of friends who moderate the many boards, over on my site right here. This is a spiritual space where we focus on the changing times in terms of the astrological age cycle switching over, and the shift in consciousness. It’s also got a lot of information I’ve posted in relation to spiritual development pinned to the top of some of the boards (categories/topics) it covers. As social media is becoming censored more and more, communities like this are becoming really important.

For a full listing of other past life regression sessions I’ve transcribed, along with a few from other practitioners, see this page here. One of my favourite sessions can be found here, The Pleiadian Homeworld & Sparking Of Souls.

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