Rough Times, Vaccine Business, Gaia Shockwave | A QHHT With ‘Rhea’

Rough Times, Vaccine Business, Gaia Shockwave | A QHHT With ‘Rhea’

My latest past life regression (QHHT) session is now available on Rumble. I didn’t post this one on my YouTube channel because of the vaccine censorship.

Note that this is a shorter video as I’ve separated the rest of the session into multiple videos which you can find on my Rumble channel, or in this article I wrote which includes them all. (Don’t forget to subscribe for future client sessions!)

There’s a future prediction that begins in April, next month, about an event that will impact specific countries, and eventually the entire world, as well as information on what some may consider ‘The Event’, or the ‘Global Coastal Event’ (Clif High), in relation to the pulse within the earth; this relates to the level of fear with the global consciousness, as if it gets too high, Gaia will send out a pulse that will change everything.

In addition to the above, there’s information on the COVID vaccines, how fear plays an important part of getting an adverse reaction to them, and also some new info on detoxing.

For more information on what’s in the session, see the description under the video here:

Below is what I’ve included in the video description on Rumble.

I start this sessions after a past life as a male living in a village, likely in and/or around the vicinity of Italy and Greece, in the 12th or 13th century.

When young he felt pressured by his mother to work as a soldier rather than a fisherman like his father, because of the financial benefit. He was deployed and was injured in a battle, but survived. Years later, with a leg injury from the war, he lived with his wife and family, working in a variety of areas from pottery and baking bread based on skills he learnt while recovering from his injury in a city.

In his fifties, after losing his mother to a disease and other friends in the village, while he crosses over he notices a darkness over the village. “Hades’ comes to mind.

Part of the life review in the spirit centre involves learning about the influence that the dark played on people in authority in the past life. Healing also takes place in relation to that life.

Rough Times Ahead (11:00)

The Light Council explains that for a short period we will experience a rough time on the planet and that as light beings we need to help people reduce the fear.

A more condensed period of time will be occurring soon. With one event after another, there won’t be a break in-between.

The start of this condensed period will be from April, 2022.

Food shortages will be the main issue. It will be important to stock up on food and water to last two months minimum. Unperishable food and growing food will be important.

This will first impact Russia, China, Asia all the way down to Australia, New Zealand and some Pacific Islands.

‘Human error’ is the cause. Oil supply causes a domino effect of food and other supplies.

Traveling will become a novelty because of how expensive it will be. Initially, this will be six months, but may extend out.

Based on the information, the two months of supplies may be at a later date after April, but April will be when the domino effect begins.

‘War’ would escalate during this time. The collective consciousness will determine the intensity and escalation of the war.

Vaccine Business & Fear (26:15)

The ‘business’ of vaccines will be a failure. It will lose the momentum to go on. They will push out new ones to revive the business but less and less people will believe in them overtime.

Fear has played a big part over the last two years. If people are in fear, the virus has more of an impact.

Reducing Fear, More Vaccine Effects & Detoxing (33:03)

Advice comes up on how to reduce the fear and help others reduce it, and ow to neutralise and detox from the vaccines. For more information on detoxing, see my thread here,

Shockwave Event (42:08)

It’s said that if the collective fear globally continues to be high, where people don’t see hope, and fear based decisions are common, there will be a Shockwave Event. The cause of the wave is from within Gaia, at the core.

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